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December 11, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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December 11, 1997

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" r Letters to the Edlto Pahrump Valley Gazefle,Thursday, December 11,  1997 ll[ 1 TO: Nye County Commissioners FROM: Town board members of the unincorporated Town of Pahrump Gentlemen: We are sure that you are aware of our recent and intense discussions regarding the composition of the Nye County Commission. We are further sure that you are familiar with the unprecedented population growth here in the Pahrump Valley. Demographically, we of the Town Board are convinced to a certainty, that the population of the Pahrump Valley now easily exceeds sixty percent (60%) of the total population of Nye County. We have debated publicly the pros, cons and desirability of bringing legal action to have Nye County redistricted and/or reapportioned. We feel in our hearts that spending taxpayer money to procure a right that is so inherent to the public is both repugnant and a waste of taxpayer assets. We are, therefore taking this one last opportunity to speak to you directly as public servants to public servants. For this is the heart of this controversy - public service. We have watched with interest while members of your board have confronted the federal government with constitu- tion in hand, professing publicly to be the jealous guardians of the public's "constitutional rights." What greater constitutional right is inherent to the public than equal, fair and proportional representation? How can you, in good faith, profess to preserve the constitutional rights of the percentage of the population of the Pahrump Valley which is currently unrepresented at the County Commission? We challenge you now to serve the public as is both your duty and your responsibility. Over 200 years ago this nation emerged from the simple issue of taxation without representa- tion. Our representative form of government was constructed and designed to see to it that never again would citizens be liable to a government in which they had no say. Now, as then, we expect that those elected to serve the public will make the moral, ethical, and, often times, difficult decision to exercise their duties and responsibilities as public servants. We, therefore, make this final appeal to you to voluntarily reconstitute the Nye County Commission in a way that fairly and proportionately represents citizens of Nye County. If you truly cherish the Constitution that you are so fond of quoting from there can be no other decision on your part. Sincerely, Pahrump Town Board Enlightening Mr. Kurth I would like to respond to the letter of another local paper, Nov. 22, that was written by Paul C. Kurth, He stated that he was new to the Nye County School District. He doesn't appear to be aware of the many and continuing problems of the Kingdom of Nye County. He stated, "I find it difficult to understand how anyone can be so adamantly against the future of this community..." I would like to point out why the taxpayers are so adamantly against the impact tax or any additional taxes, so in the future he will be better informed. He probably isn't aware of the past problems that have plagued the county. A few years ago the school district was entrusted with building a new school in Nye County. Before the building was finished, it was discovered that the construction was so bad that it would not meet health and safety codes. The district was able to salvage a part of it at high cost to the taxpayer. Also, the Dodge Market purchase. It was bought at an inflated price and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to remodel. The superintendent and staff wanted a quiet place for meetings when traveling between Tonopah and Pahrump. The school district was offered a private bus service, at a savings to the taxpayers. The school district turned it down and opted for their current and more expensive service. The taxpayers are very familiar with the Nye Regional Medical Center in Tonopab that has almost bankrupted the county. Pahrump also has its hospital district that is subsidized with taxpayer money at approximately $500,000 a year. Then there was the Beatty fh,'e truck fiasco. The town leaders and commissioners were unable to purchase something as simple as a fire truck. This fiasco cost the taxpayers $55,300. When Mr. McRae was confronted he said, "One issue that shouldn't be overlooked is the role of the consultant." If Mr. Kurth was here during the last big rain, he would have been made aware that next to the Nye County School District, the Nye County Road Department is the next most wasteful tax funded entity we have in Nye County. The road department management and engineering department are basically nonex- istent. When doing roads, they pave the ones with no houses on them and leave alone the ones with several houses. Some of these roads are nearly impassable. They dust coat roads several times and others never receive any coating. These roads could be chipped and sealed for almost the same cost and then he maintenance free for several years. When paving roads, at each intersection deep holes are dug, making dips that have no avenue of drainage, which makes them impassable during high water. They then go to the state for more tax money to correct the flood conditions that this caused. Drainage ditches and flood control seemed to never to he considered in their plan- ning. Space doesn't permit me to detail all the waste in Nye County. Mr. Kurth's point seems to be that bigger and better build- ings would solve being ill-prepared. What does this have to do with teaching policies? Maybe he doesn't understand that Nye County is one of our largest employers and has the highest pay scale available. To support this system, the county is made up largely of elderly and retired incomes, many on limited in- comes. With no industry here to create high paying taxable jobs the children that the district is educating will he forced to move or enter the tax funded jobs supplied by the county. If an economist analyzed Nye County, he or she would discover why the county is continually near bankruptcy. In another local vapor, February 19, 1997, Principal Hill stated, "..,the key element in developing the model school is already in place." "It's our very energetic and very forward looking staff." These statements were made back when the school board and district had not yet considered the impact tax. According to the article, the board seemed impressed with Hill's proposal and member Rick Scanlan asked him what he needed to proceed. Is this when the idea was conceived for the impact tax and future bonds? Mr. Kurth stated that ":..I asked for some colored paper this fall, and received one ream of ugly brown paper probably from the sixties." He also stated,"...we don't have enough novels to hand out to our students so they can read them at home." He is talking about nickel and dime items while the district is wasting a million here and a few million there. Mr. Kurth, just so you and others will know, a few years ago the school district demanded the commissioners institute the impact fee and used the same reasoning as now. Through the wisdom of the taxpayers, the commissioners were convinced to turn the district down, with no adverse effect. Mr. Kurth stated, "As a teacher I am tired of hearing how bad our schools are, and that our students are failing." If this bothers you, then you need to talk to Principal Hill about the negative statements he made in the above mentioned article. Maybe in some small way I have been able to enlighten Mr. Kurth as to why taxpayers seem to be hostile and bitter with our elected officials and tax funded entities. Please forgive us if we don't welcome all of the unnecessary, unfair and unjust tax schemes with open arms. Foye Crooks Pahrump Internet service I recently contracted internet access from a local business. The name of that business is Sanford Industries. I had major service problems from this business. I purchased internet equipment and went to Sanford for local internet access. I was told that I had to bring the equipment to him so he could make the connection. I subscribed to his most expensive plan so that I could use the equipment with unlimited access. When I attempted to use the equipment, I was unable to connect to any of the sites on the internet. The biggest reason I chose him was to have local support in the event of problems. When I called him and told him the problem, he was abrupt with me and told me that there could be a dozen reasons why the connections could not he made. After making dozens of phone calls to the equipment manufacturer, the store where I bought the equipment, to other internet providers, I was told by all of them that the problem was with Sanford Industries. When I tried to talk to Sanford, he denied the problem and blamed everyone else. At that point, I decided to use an internet provider in Las Vegas and pay the long distance charges. When I changed providers, I had no problem using the equipment. When I then spoke to Sanford about refunding the deposit I had given him, his answer was that the deposit was actually a setup fee despite the fact that his ad stated that there was no set up charge for the plan that I had chosen. I am disabled hnd living on a fixed income and $60 may not he a lot of money to many people, but it is to me. I am sorry that I decided to use a local business. What is really sad is that Sanford Industries feels that its reputation is only worth $60. I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has had a problem with Sanford Industries. Sue Natlis Pahrump Mainstream America I was amused at Larry Henry's front page cover story in the Las Vegas Sun on October 27 on Aaron Russo, Republican candidate for governor of Nevada. Mr. Russo must he doing something right, to be smeared by a hate group that monitors hate groups, with Larry Henry being the pipeline to spread the smear. It was accurately noted how Mr. Russo polished his image for a campaign commercial. Have you seen many campaign commercials in dungarees or shorts? I knew, as soon as I heard that Aaron Russo was running for governor and pledged to uphold the Constitution for the United States, he would be maligned by the fascist left and every move he makes will be monitored. What does Mark Potok know about mainstream? I think Mr. Russo is definitely mainstream. Why is a hate group in Ala- bama concerning itself with politics in Nevada? Mainstream America as far as real Americans are concerned are loyal to the United States, the 50 states, our government and its people. Not in the American mainstream are: hate groups, self-styled monitors of hate groups, elected officials that vio- late their oath of office, domestic enemies in control of our most sensitive government departments, giving away the store to foreign interests and those standing at the ready to prevent real Americans from gaining any semblance of power, enough to throw the money changers out of our temple. Mr. Russo, you don't enjoy the same equality as an Ameri- can as you would he as a socialist, so understand, that when you want to talk to some one, ask a hate group monitor if they approve. Groups that monitor other groups also monitor indi- viduals. Mainstream America, if they vote their conscience, will elect you, so drive on. Jim Lee Pahrmnp Central Committee meeting November 15 in Tonopah, the Independent American Party of Nevada held its second Central Committee meeting this year at the Station House Casino and Hotel. Before the delegates could attend to normal party business, the State Vice-Chairman chaired the meeting because of the resignation of the party Chairperson, Teresia Avila, who was not in attendance. As the new Chairman, Joel Hanson, immediately chal- lenged the seating ofEd Ylst, the Chairman of the Independent American Party of Nye, over the Nye County charter and independent status under statutes. The State Chairman also challenged the seating of the Clark County delegation for the same reason and made an attempt to replace the Clark County delegation with one that was formed in the law offices of Joel Hansen on August 5 in violation of the State charter. Amid restrained violent silent protests the state chairman was forced to convene a State Credentials Committee made up of the State Executive Committee who would determine who would repre- sent Clark County. The Nye County Chairman was not recog- nized to make a presentment before the Credentials Committee but the State Chairman did recognize the Clark County Chair-. man, Niki Hannevig, who made an appeal before this commit- tee. National Committee Delegates and the State Chairman refused to answer questions from the Credentials Committee, causing a number of Credential Committee members to abstain from voting on the question of who was to represent Clark County in the State Central Committee. The State Chairman requested a caucus of the two factions of the Independent American Party of Clark to resolve the question on their own. The Credential Committee was then dissolved. This action was supported by an opinion from the Nevada Deputy Secretary of State for Elections, which identified this problem as an internal matter of the State party. The two Clark County delegations agreed to work and cooperate together and defer all issues to the next Clark County Convention to be moderated by the Chair- man of the Standing Committee for a County Convention, who is the Vice-Chairman of the Independent American Party of Clark under the Chairmanship of Niki Hannevig. When the announcement was made to the State Chairman, the agenda was completed and the Nye County Chairman had to be recognized. When the business was concluded, Nye County presented its Charter to the State Secretary of the Independent American Party of Nevada. November 16; the Nye county Executive Committee 0fthe Independent American Party of Nye met to review the events of the LAP of Nevada Central Committee. By unanimous opinion, the State Central Committee meeting ended in a victory for all registered Independent Americans in Nye County. The local lAP of Nye has declared its independence and won its right to self-determinatiou in all political matters. No longer will regular people by barred from direct participation in the political dialogue because of religious beliefs, ethnic back- grounds, manner of dress or personal expressions of outrage against the abuses of government. The party i's open to allviews and opinions, young or old, to achieve full political expression. Philip Belanger Secretary of the Independent American Party of Nye Tonopah The Pahrump Valley ] Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be | brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling I 727-5583. I All opinions expressed on th; letters page are those of I the artist or author indicated. The Gazette reserves | the right to edit all letters for length and libel, l Furthermore, letters with names withheld will only l be published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists. ] J .......  ,,f i I Ii / i i It  ,