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December 11, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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December 11, 1997

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10Thursday, December 11, 1997 Pahrump Valley Gazette Nye County Sheriff's Ninja Team / watch out/ Reading the letters to the Editor column is, to me, one of the best features of any newspaper. It's always enjoyable to read other peoples' opinion. Sometimes I ROTFL. If you get on the internet and talk with people, that's a term you'll eventually come across. It stands for "roll on the floor in laughter." Last week's letter from Ray Mallow, Pahrump, regarding the Nye County Sheriffs Department had me ROTFL. Ray wrote about a recent photo spread that appeared in the Pahrump Valley Times. It. was a nice feature spread involving the Nye County Sheriffs Department and their emergency response team. Ray wrote: "Sheriff Lieseke: your ninja team to stop terrorism is exactly what Nye County needs." He wrote that line facetiously, of course. Ray also writes, "Wade, this is not Vietnam. This is not the south side of Chicago. This is Pahrump, Ne- vada. Disband your troops, let America breathe." Ray, I really, truly, respect your opinion. I also disagree with it. I've been to Leroy Brown [The South Side of Chi- cago] territory. The folks there will tell you that things didn't seem all that bad at one time. They tended to object to an ever increasing police presence. The police backed-off after many heated complaints and Mayor Richard Daley's concern over the political fall- out of neighborhood complaints. That, plus the fact, he really didn't give a damn about "that" neighborhood. NORTHERN EXPOSURE th/city let that area g t hell, in a hand-/ walk those streets at high noon  II Now, it's certainly true that we're using an extreme example so let's back off Chicago. There's no comparison between it and Nye County any more than there is any comparison between the Nye County Sheriffs Office and the Chicago Police De- partment. However, we have an exploding population in the south county. With exploding populations comes an exploding crime rate. The only reason we haven't seen tremendous increases in crime, so far, in the Pahrump area is because of the foresight of Sheriff Lieseke and his department. He has made his department "visible" through such fine features as appeared in the PVTand, of course, this newspaper also. He is letting those that would take advantage of the law-abiding citizen be put on notice. You don't want to come into this town/is the message. Trust me, Ray, I've seen it happen. Given a weak police presence, crime will move in and take over the streets. Gangs will rule. I do not believe in the slightest that Sheriff Lieseke would ever jeopardize a citizen's rights. I believe the sheriff respects those rights more than most. A proven violation in the courts, our last bastion for justice, would throw him out of office. It is certainly true that there could be a rotten apple in the ba.rrel and some deputy might get a little "power" influenced. The sheriff threw out a lot of rotten apples when he took office. A proven case of abuse by a deputy would not settle well with this sheriff. However, I'll give you this much Ray. If ever I'm doing a couple miles over the speed limit and four helicopters land in front of me, a squad of ninja goons descend on my vehicle and one of them hollers out, "Grrrrn-," and his foot flies through my windshield -- then, we've definitely gone too far. A cure for heroin addiction? For hundreds of years, the people of Vietnam have used opium as a sedative and cure-all. Addiction, especially in the rural areas, is common. But only in the last twenty years has the use of heroin, refined from opium, become a problem...especially in the cities. Heroin addictions are notoriously hard to break. This is why the Swiss provide subsistance doses to hard core addicts. Cold turkey withdrawal can be agonizing and even life threatening. Doctor Tran Khuong Dan is one of Vietnam's foremost herbalists. Ten years ago his father be- came addicted to opium and has since died. Dr Tran set out to find a cure for addiction using natural herbal ingredients...leaves, roots andtree bark. He traveled all over his country, collecting and analyz- ing recipes from other herbalists. (In Vietnam, many people swear by herbal cures over more modern medicines.) Then he set about finding the right mix. Dr. Tran made himself dependent, first on opium and then on heroin. When he broke his addictions, he knew he had succeeded in his quest. Dr. Tran took his recipe to the National Center for Natural Sciencesin Hanoi where the mix of thirteen herbs and root extracts were refined into a sticky, black liquid and given the name Heantos...a play on the words "heat of the sun." Changing Patterns by Richard Reul 00IIIIIII .............. |||||||||i|ii! I|||! iii||||||ii||| Heantos is being utilized in the Drug Rehabilita- tion Center at Hoa Binh, a two-hour drive north of Hanoi. Its ten foot high walls are covered with lurid paintings and slogans in Vietnamese. One message, with accompanying pictures, reads: "Drugs are the highway to Hell." There a five-day course in Heantos is given. The herbal mixture is administered orally, three times a day. It apparently works. The United Nations Development Program is so impressed that it is backing a three-year research project by the Johns Hopkins Medical Research Cen- ter and the Medical College of Virginia Drug Depen- dency Center. Lutz Baehr, a U.N. International Project Coordinator, who now divides his time be- tween the United States and Vietnam, says he has witnessed the effectiveness of Heantos many times. He doesn't understand how it works, but he is con- vinced that it is far superior to the ineffective cures offered in Western countries. The project has the backing of U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annon, be- cause he believes it is important for Third World "recipient nations" to be able to offer something back to the "'donor nations" of the industrial world. It will be a long time before that happens. Tests must be conducted on animals to discover any pos- sible long-term effects. If Heantos does live up to the hopes and expectations pinned on it, the medicine must still be accepted by the Western medical profes- sion. But to the graduates of the Hoa Binh center, there is nothing to prove. Short vignettes It took me longer than usual to write this weekly offering of nonsense on account of me having to do some repairs on the keyboard of our old word proces- sor. The thing is getting on in age and, consequently, the letters which are supposed to be easy to read are getting worn off. And being that I never learned touch typing this causes some difficulty in how the finished stories turn out. Just one letter different makes a big difference. Say for instance a guy was writing about a baseball game describing about how the pitcher pitched a no hit gamd. The lead to the story would be so and so pitched a shut out. What would this have looked like if instead of the U in shut out the I, the next letter on' the keyboard got used? I had better stop carrying on in this vein as I can see where this misplaced letter business could get me into trouble ifI went any further with it. Alhough you could do your own research into this subject maybe turning it into some sort of word game. So before I started this I had to attach some stick on labels on the keys that the letters had gotten worn off. I think I got 'em right. Did you ever notice how many word games and games in general show up around Christmas time and are never heard of afterwards. What I do is wait till the after Thanksgiving day Christmas sales are over and buy up a bunch of these Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes marked down items saving them to be used as gifts when the next X-mas season rolls around. At first I used to leave them intact. But then discovered that. most of the packages opened easily making slipping out the instructions a piece of cake leaving the receiver wondering how the game was to be played or what the rules if any were. And what was even better, replacing them with instruction sheets printed for another game and with all this free trade jazz printed in another language. Well enough of this and I got a couple of more short vignettes to pass along that I heard. Student in a biology class making an observation that it wouldn't have made any difference to me if my grandfather had been a monkey. To which another student replied, "It sure would have made a difference to your grandmother." The bathroom was invented in 1850s, and the tele- phone in 1875. Had you lived in 1850 you could have sat in the bathtub for the next 25 years without having the.phone ring once. Maybe this applies to you or someone you know or maybe even to me. Some people get lost in thought because it's unfamiliar territory to them. Have a good one.