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November 27, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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November 27, 1997

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Letters to the Editor I I Bank of America has spoken All of you "non-customers" are not welcome. You are inconveniencing the dues paying members, by taking that place in line to cash a Bank of America check. You will be discouraged when you get to the counter Oh yes- "fingerprint please. Next time put your check through another bank and give Bank of America the five day float they want; the use of your funds for five days without paying you interest. As a "non-customer" all I have to say is this: "God bless the money mongers." Ray Mallow Pahrump People of Pahrump register to vote My word processor has been nagging me relentlessly for weeks. It seems I have been avoiding it like the plague. Therefore, I will try to appease the darn thing. Recently, more and more letters, (and columns) have appeared criticizing our County Commissioners and the Town Board. Now folks, this reminds me of a story told to me many years ago about a man who constantly talked about his wife and how dumb she was. Well, a friend, finally tired of listening to this, looked at the man and said, "Do you realize what you are saying about yourself, since you married the lady?" The moral here is (and I would be the last one to try to teach morals to anyone), that since the two gentlemen who are mentioned on a regular basis, Mr. Copass and Mr. McRae, are both in their second terms, there must have been enough voters who approved their performance for them to be re- elected. Now, if you feel Mr. McRae's actions as a Commis- sioner are so inept, I suggest you consider filing for the office in the November 1998 election. Of course, you have to register to vote before you file. Many times, the most vocif- erous have the excuse "I just don't have time to register." The time spent writing one letter, would be enough to go to the county complex or the DMV and become a registered voter. To see how much your registration and vote count, the State Demographer, on June 30 this year, set the population of Pahrump at 18,690. The thing that makes this figure interesting, is the same person in the spring of this year set our population at 14,261. This makes Pahrump the fastest grow- ing unincorporated town in the United States! Now, as of October 31, 1997, there are 10,898 registered voters in the valley. The 18,690 figure (according to the Review/Journal), makes Pahrump's population 10,898 registered voters. How about trying for a 90 percent registration? To steal a phrase from a journalist in one of the valley's leading papers, that's this man's opinion. Bob Coad Pahrump Grading the officials Since there is so much discussion about school taxes and the moratorium, I think it is time to grade our elected officials regarding how they stand on these issues. Remember, the last moratorium stopped construction be- cause it was feared that flooding would overflow the septic's into our wells. The solution to that was a $100 fee to have an engineer certify that the property was under no flood threat. And now we have a new moratorium with Cameron McRae as "perhaps the biggest supporter," because of health and safety concerns regarding water. If Mr. McRae is as concerned as he says he is, maybe he would find out whose decision it was to place the Pahrump dump ABOVE THE TOWN. Any sewer or septic tank pumping, dead animals, and who knows what else, is dumped above the town. How much of this may be filtering down into our wells? According to the local papers, Mr. McRae stated that be was merely the vessel for the issue of the impact fee (tax). However, because the state allows an impact fee (tax) does not mean the commissioners have to impose it when the school board requests it. Cameron, as a commissioner, you have earned an F. Red Copass, you have earned an F for riding the fence, as usual. Steve Rainbolt receives a failing grade because of incon- sistencies in just about every issue that comes before the Town Board. He stated that he did not want the hassle of building permits and inspections in Pahrump like he experi- enced in Las Vegas. In his next statement, he said he thought it was time for a building department and inspections in Pahrump. Regarding the impact fee (tax), he states, "the schools are desperate and most of their problems are due to lack of funding." Then he states be had a few concerns of his own about giving the school board anymore money to spend. He also states that he and his wife have discussed leaving the valley because of the school system. In the papers he states "it's pathetic." Yet, he wants to reward this "pathetic" school system with taxpayers' money by imposing the impact fee (tax). Charlie Grouda gets an F for being a clone of Steve Jr Rainbolt. In grading Bob Little, he has earned an A+. So far, he has the guts to ask the right questions in defense of the taxpayers. Such as, why the roads are in such disrepair when there are thousands of hours, including many overtime hours being paid? Also, why do the taxpayers need to pay more school taxes when there is so much money being misspent? Charlotte LeVar, the chairperson, gets a failing grade for letting Steve Rainbolt be the acting chairperson at every meeting. Gary Hollis will receive an A for remembering the taxpay- ers and stating the impact fee (tax) should he given to the voters to decide. In addition, the town board is moving Ron Williams, the county planner, from Tonopah to Pahrump. They are using the money that was set aside for the youth center to build Ron an office here. For that the town board, as a group, gets an F. If the developers thought they had problems before, just wait until Ron is here to watch over the town of Pahrump. In all likelihood, he will do away with the RPC since they would no longer be needed. I would like to comment on Doug McMurdo's article in a local paper on October 31, 1997. He states, "the bottom line is, the state says the water is an issue, and that should be enough to convince everybody." I can only hope that through experience and time he will learn that not everything any government agency says is accurate or the truth. The taxpayers of Pahrump have been led to believe that Tonopah and the three northern commissioners are to blame for all of Pahrump's problems. I dread the day when Pahrump has enough commissioners to control the county. There is always someone, or a group from this area, wanting to impose new taxes, prohibitive laws, or rules county-wide. In closing, I would like to address the full page ad (propa- ganda sheet) that appeared in a local paper Nov. 5 and will be followed by three more. It is hard to believe that the Nye County School District could find enough private contribu- tors to fund four full page ads. The ad states, "If no one builds a home, then there's no tax to pay." WRONG! School taxes are collected on every piece of property in Nye County whether they are improved or not. Thousands of unimproved lots generate school taxes with no impact to the schools. The projected growth and the regular taxes that will follow will take care of the projected needs. This ad states, "If the board of county commissioners decides that the tax should be imposed, it shall notify the Nevada Tax Commission." Since the ball is in the county commissioner's court, please have compassion on the taxpay- ers. Stand up to the wasteful Nye County School District. The fairest way this issue should be handled would be to place it on the ballot. Foye Crooks Pahrump Problem solvers needed We have an unlimited supply of complainers but we desperately need people with solutions to come forward. We need more people like Tim Hafen who defines an issue, proposes a solution and then presses on with it. Our county commissioners have reached or are soon going to reach a real negative cash flow. They have been working desperately to stop the bleeding but during that time we have sustained some bad wounds. We lost the stealth wing at Tonopah, the test site is closing, Beatty mine has projected a closure date, PET]" has no guarantees, our student population has increased and that's going to cost millions. Those are real facts. While listening to the debate over the impact fee the gleaming red rod of reality hits you squarely between the eyes. Will it deter growth, will it incapacitate the building trade, and worst question of all, will it pay the hill? I, myself, am a member of a stagnant pool of retired people. We eat, sleep, buy license plates, buy food and gasoline hut produce no taxable income. For the most part our income is fixed from now on and $100 per year ines in property taxes will be too much in time. In my opinion, we are depending on brothels, casinos, mining and other businesses to support us at the limits and increasing our demands on them might stop them from growing and even eliminate some of them completely. People wonder what's holding Wal-Mart hack, we don't have the buying power. Smith's and Lucky's sell food and we all eat, we also shop at the store close to home. Wal-Mart is comparison shopping and Las Vegas is too close. We pay a price for our lifestyle. The people in the more populated areas ride the bus on a $10 pass and we drive our cars or take acabon dusty roads. Ourproperty taxes are within pennies of the same amount, Chairman Carver and Commis- sioner McRae both reflected on the same issue in their summaries of the hearing by touching on a real fact of life, they both alluded to the question -are we getting back our fair share of the state income Nye County produces or are they dividing it by population? All you have do to get your answer Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, November 27, 1997 11 is to look back at the fine presentation and the real need to have a college in Pahrump and then look at which areas got the most and who got the bone. I certainly don't want to diminish the efforts expended by Tim Hafen and others on the Highway 160 expansion, but we all know the only reason they had any chance was that the road is in Clark County. My education and experience is in engineering, but ifI can be of any help in that field I'm available and I'm sure there are many educated and experienced in business administration in our midst and I'm waiting for their input, give us a break. Bill Bergen Pahrump How does the NCSD spend its money? I would like to comment on the fourth full page ad by the Nye County School District that appeared in the PVT on Nov.14, I997. Number 19. "How will the fee be imposed on mobile homes?" NRS 387.331 states very plainly in (c),"...and devel- oping lots for mobile homes." THE FEE WILL BE IM- POSED ON VACANT PROPERTY. In NRS 387.329 it states, "Lot for a mobile home means any area or tract of land designated, designed, or used for the occupancy of a mobile home..." Yet, the NCSD says in number 19, "As stated in the ordinance, only when the home is set up, connected to utilities and the property is assessed by the county will the fee be applicable." I am totally amazed at the district's inability to understand this law. After researching the laws relating to the impact tax, I find that there is not one statement that corre- sponds to what the district states in number 19. NRS 354.460 states, "...it does not empower board to levy tax to pay indebtedness not created and one merely in contemplation." Number 20. "How does the NCSD spend its money?" Taxpayers have been seeking an answer to this question since the school district was organized. "First, it is important to understand where money comes from." Taxpayers do not need to be reminded of this fact. Number 21. "How much money does the district need to build new schools and renovate the old ones?" There can never be enough tax mone, raised to satisfy the school district. Number 22. "Most of our taxable property is residential and Legislature sets the limits on rates..." The Legislature does set a limit on rates per $100 of valuation. It does not set a limit on reappraisals that raise the value to a new inflated level. There should be a law established to stop this unfair practice of taxing people out of their homes. Number 23. Regarding the issue of bonds: Nye County taxpayers have been paying on this bond since 1989 and will continue to pay until 2011. This bond takes up 44 percent of the school budget. Bonds have been known to bankrupt states, counties and cities. Also, bonds commit 20 years or more to future debt. This can force taxpayer's children to pay them off and at twice their face value or more. Number 24. "Isn't the district going after the residential tax because only five commissioners have to vote on it and a bond requires the majority of voters in the county?" By askingthe eommissiouers to pass this unjust tax, the district is asking them to commit political suicide. Item number 24 points out, in essence, that the district is saying we need the residential tax, a bond, and if the Legislature enacts other enabling laws for securing funds we will go after that also. As previously stateA, there can never be enough tax money raised to satisfy the school district. Number 25. "What will happen if the bond and residential tax do not pass?" "...bad things..." will not happen. This item is written as a scare tactic. There are many positive things the district points out. If they carry through with them then they will be on the right track. It will not be necessary to pursue bonds or raise taxes. In an earlier ad the district stated, "The rationale behind the legislation is that those who create or benefit from population growth should bear a portion of the cost..." Business is the largest beneficiary of growth. Yet, nowhere is the tax aimed at them. It is time the taxpayers take back control of Nye County. We need fiscal restraint and accounting for our tax dollars. DO not put this important issue in the hands of five people. Let it be decided by the voters! Foye Crooks Pahrump H II ]l The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should he brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727-5583. OIO Au ophaons expressed on me ers puge are mose of the artist or author indicated. The Gazette reserves the r_ht to edit all letters for length and IiheL Purthernmre, letters with names withheld will only he published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists. l H II I I I II HII I