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November 20, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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November 20, 1997

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Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, November 20, 1997 II ist. the I'm IO'S and ke. ," of arS see ;un list ! Swan Song by Mary Ann McNeill PV Gazette Publisher For those of you who are watching this, you must admit that this is better than a soap opera! In trying to decide what to title this final piece I had to choose between "sayonara" and "swan song" so I looked up sayonara. My dictionary merely said, "good-bye" for sayonara. But for swan song it said, "1. A farewell or final appearance, action, or work. 2. The beautiful legendary song sung only once by a swan in its lifetime, as it is dying." I liked that! It adds drama! And to clinch it, I looked it up in my Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. The term, "swan song" comes from Plato's Dialogues in which he said: "Will you not allow that I have as much of the spirit of prophecy in me as the swans? For they, when they perceive that they must die, having sung all their life long, do then sing more lustily than ever, rejoicing in the thought that they are going to the god they serve." I really liked that! It really adds drama! (If Doug can have all that fun citing quotations, then so can I!) No. I'm not going to die. I'm just going away. You see, I've been terminated from the position of publisher of this newspaper for the second time in a year. It's a business decision. It happens. No big deal. But, I do feel like a Mom who has to leave her kids to let them go it on their own in the great big cruel world. This staff knows what I did for them, and I know what this staff did for me. The only thing that can really matter at a time like this is our feelings for each other. And for all of you in this community who have touched me during this time! What an incredible group of people. Even though some of us may have had differences at times, wn i * Letters to the Editor we usually have managed to work through them and tell the story that needed to be told. Even Douglas has managed to come forward and tell me that he is sincerely sorry for all the nasty things he said about me and how much he cares for me and this staff. If that is true, then anything is possible. And I am truly sorry that I can no longer tell the stories for those of you who need me to be your responsible voice. That does hurt. But I think I will bein a much better position soon to be a bigger and more positive voice for this community. It has been an adventure. (Note: I have taken quite a few journalistic liberties with this by not explaining and giving background for some of the above, for those of you new to the community. Please forgive me. And please just know that it cannot be explained within this space.) Incorrect information Editors Note: Sorry, with all the spelling differences we got confused. We're just happy this all worked out. The November 13 edition of your paper just arrived at my home in Las Vegas. Under the town board notes - the information on the Simkins family is incorrect. Terry Allan Simkins is the son of the late Allan W. Simkins. Allen Estates is named after Allen, who died in 1964. Paul B. Simkins was Allan's brother and Terry's uncle. Paul is the one who donated the property to the town for the park, in Allen Estates, in memory of his brother Allan. The entire Simkins family would like to thank you and your staff with getting the facts out so that the town board would be aware of the circumstances regarding the park so the name would not be changed. I appreciate your dme and thank you for considering the corrections noted above. Mrs. Terry A. Simkins Las Vegas Afterthoughts of Veteran's Day Editors Note: Art Jones of the Pahrump Disabled American Veterans submitted this poem. The author was 12 when he wrote it. "Uncle Dennis" He's just a boy still in his teens, but now he's wearing amy greens. He got shipped off to Viet Nam, he went to fight the Viet Cong. He fought to protect you and me, but how could be fight what he couldn't see. He left this country with thoughts of glory, to take part in a horror story. With his M-16 close in hand, he helped take on a foreign land. He fought to kill the enemy but he lost his life and all for what "cause after all is said and done his mother still has lost her son. He fought to spread democracy, but now he's just a memory. This sacrifice people didn't appreciate, until ten years later, ten years too late... Joseph Jackowski Age 12 Is impact fee (tax) needed? I would like to comment on the third full page ad in local papers by the Nye County School District dated November 12, 1997. Number 14. "Won't the residential tax make it harder for people to qualify for a mortgage? Won't that mean a decline in growth?" The school district used Churchill, Douglas and Pershing counties as examples of why this tax won't impact growth. To compare these sparsely populated counties to the booming area of Pabrump is ludicrous. The school district is suggesting that this tax be added to your mortgage. This will possibly triple your $1,600 tax, depending on your interest rate. It also states, "The additional fee of $1,600 still makes housing in Nye County far less expensive than in other areas.," How does this justify an additional tax? Number 15. "How will the fee be collected?" "Fees can be added to tax bills when a property is placed on the tax rolls or collected at the time a permit is issued if applicable." All property is already on the tax rolls. Permit and plan check fees will soOn be applicable and along with the impact fee (tax) will add hundreds of dollars to the cost of construction. Number 16. "What is the "capital projects" fund? What is the difference between operational money and capital money?" "(about 84 percent of our expenses are for salaries)". Since the school district doesn't mind asking the taxpayers to take a cut in pay, maybe the school superintendent and other adminis- trators could take a cut in pay. I understand that at this level the salaries are outstanding." Number 17. The district states that they did not use , operational money to purchase the Dodge Market. They used tax money from the Motor Vehicle Privilege Tax. It still came from the taxpayers. They state that they "bit the bullet," and purchased the Dodge Market outright. No, the taxpayers bit the bullet! The price that was paid for this property, its condition, and the amount of money it toolcto remodel it is no crowning achievement for anyone to brag about. The district said it best when they stated, "...that it might be an issue that would raise eyebrows and be viewed by some as frivolous..." Number 18. "The impact fee will be collected in the same way that the ad valorem tax is collected." The struggling taxpayer doesn't care how the tax is collected. Most will wonder why it needs to be collected. "Don't we already pay a portion of our property taxes for schools?" This question makes the taxpayer seem unable to read his tax bill. Number 18 s t that about 44 percent is for existing debt, 38 percent is part of the operational budget, and the remaining eight percent goes into the state general fund. Is this a typo or have they lost 10 percent? The district states that 44 percent goes to pay off existing bonds. In the real world people don't commit 44 percent of their budget to debt. This unfair tax should not be passed! If it is to be consid- ered at all then let it be decided by the voters. Foye Crooks Banking's not a right, it's a privilege It seems that arecent editorial regarding Bank of America's fingerprinting policy for non-customers set off some emo- tional opinions of a least one Pahrump Valley resident. It's unfortunate this individual feels picked on and perhaps singled out because of this new policy. As one of Nevada's leading corporate citizens, Bank of America would like to take this opportunity to help enlighten this person to the facts of running a business in an imperfect world. First, losses due to check fraud in this country amount to more than $10 billion every year. While the person who wrote this editorial wouldn't think of doing something illegal, there are a lot of people who would, and do, every day. That is why we had to implement this new policy. Businesses should have every right to protect themselves as individuals do. Law enforcement agencies and district attorney offices statewide have all informed us that fingerprinting is the best deterrent and the only sure way to prosecute individuals guilty of this crime. Second, there are inherent privileges of being a customer of Bank of America versus being a non-customer. One of those privileges is not being fingerprinted when cashing a cheek. If you're a non-customer and don't want to cash acheek drawn on a Bank of America account at your own bank because of the holds they'll plaice on that cheek, then youql have to abide by our policy if you choose to cash them at our bank. Furthermore, it costs us money to have non-cnstomers stand in our lines and inconvenience our customers who expect and deserve to be treated differently than non-custom- ers. This is the way businesses operate, provide your loyal customers with advantages and benefits that make them want to do business with you versus your competitors. Third, it is a bit naive and somewhat comical to think that we're going to make money offof this policy. To the contrary, it is costing us money to implement this program, and if there's any money to be made it will be in the cost savings area in preventing check fraud. Likewise, how many companies stay in business if they lose money. Not many. Just because Bank of America wants to protect itself, its customers and the communities it serves doesn't mean we're not upstanding, flag-saluting, freedom-seeking human be- ings as stated in the first editorial. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but gathering all the facts can provide people with the information they need to make more intelli- gent choices and decisions. We hope this response has helped in this area. Helga Truman Pahrump Branch Manager Bank of America Join in reestablishing the democratic process The Churchill County Democrat Central Committee is very concerned that a small minority representing large casinos, corporations, and wealthy individuals are in the process of deciding for all the voters in Nevada who will be our next governor. We are asking everyone to join in reestab- lishing the democratic process by doing the following: 1. Urge Frankie Sue Del Papa to get back in the race for governor 2. Join a grassroots campaign for Frankie Sue Del Papa. 3. Write every elected official and demand meaningful campaign finance reform that gives all voters an equal say, not only in who wins public office but also who runs for public office. Please join us in our campaign to bring back the demo- cratic process by making sure we have more than one candi- date for governor in the November 1998 general election. Richard Eyde, Chair Edith Isidoro-Milis, Secretary Diane Ridl, Treasurer Reul is right I liked your recent column entitled "Marijuana..the winds of change." It was all very logical and accurate as to the reasons for legalizing marijuana, however, you did not men- tion one important point. It is just not feasible in this country due to the high level of corruption. So much money is being made off the sale of this drug with payoffs to politicians, judges and cops, do you really think they will kill the goose laying the golden eggs? Trish Ripple Wal-Mart where are you ? To Phil Franklin, "a Wal-Mart" staffer who is hiring for Winnemucca. Hope you have your Long-Johns with you. What's wrong with Pahrump? We need you (Wal-Mart) here! I've shopped in "Runamuck" as we all called it years ago. Best thing there is the Basque Food. Helen Johnson The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes, Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727.5583. ttOtt All opinions expressed on the ktters page are those of the artist or author indicated. The Gazette reserves the right to edit all letters for length and abel. Furthermore, letters with names withheld will only be published if a legitinmte fear of retribution exists.