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November 20, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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November 20, 1997

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10 Thursday, November 20, 1997 Pahrump Valley Gazette The Millennium--an eschatological dream worm There can be little doubt that today's age is a dream come true to a eschatologist. Eschatology is the study of the end of the world, or how it will end. Saddam should have a couple of these folks under him. How many times at a cocktail party have you heard, "I'm an eschatologist." Maybe they run in their own circles. Maybe they run around in circles. Is there such a thing as a full-time professional esehatologist? Who pays them? Nye County? The closest thing Nye County has to an eschatologist would be Bob Nelson. Bob is the Director of Emergency Management and it's his job to worry about all the horrible things that can happen to Nye County. Earthquakes, volca- noes, radiation disasters, etc. In not sure that the "End of the World" really falls into BoWs domain. I'm part of Bob's team, in a way. As an amateur radio operator I have offered my services to Bob and his radio support group. I'm not able to attend the regular meetings because they are always conducted when I'm working. How- ever, I do get the regular list of training classes in the mail. I have yet to see "End of the World" on his list of training classes. Also, I'm told by very reliable sources that he has never run through the county hallways screaming, "The end is coming! The end is coming." County Commissioner Cameron McRae is big on disas- ter. Well, I guess any county commissioner falls into that category. I mean real disaster. NORTHERN by Dave Downing Cameron is a volunteer fire fighter and is trained in all sorts of emergency responses under hazardous material pro- grams, etc. Is McRae a esehatologist? Depends if he has been trained to respond to the "End of the World". I can just hear him talking to the 911 caller phoning in the end of the world. "How do I get there? he asks. "In your red truck," the caller responds. I'm told that Cameron doesn't care to talk to the Gazette so the Pahrump Valley Times will probably get the scoop. The question here is whether we really care. It would probably miss our deadline anyway. Commissioner Dick Carver might be a eschatologist. However, he thinks he prevented it when he bulldozed the road open in Jefferson Canyon. Actually, these guys would all be amateurs anyway. I'm looking for the professional eschatologist. The guy who's paycheck is based solely on his/her ability to study, and predict, the end of the world. Do you think he/she would have a 401(k) plan? Wonder what their normal work day would be like. Would they travel to every hail storm to determine if one of the seven seals has been opened? Do they scan the skies at night with huge binoculars looking for the comet? Maybe they make regular measurements of the sun to see if it's starting to run out of fuel. Scientists do say that the sun will eventually run out of gas and blink out. Imagine what kind of outlook on life an eschatologist would have. They must walk around in a slump, head down constantly. "The end is coming" constantly running through their mind. Worst of all, when the end finally does come, they're permanently out of work. Sure glad I'm a writer. Oklahoma City...the big lie continues Recently I had the opportunity to view a video that included the television coverage immediately following the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. This was not obtained from TV station files; such coverage had been expunged from its sources. This material had been recorded on their VCRs by ordinary citizens. The initial news concentrated on successful attempts by bomb squads to remove unexploded bombs from the build- ing (at least 3). Even Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, in a telephone interview with a local TV station, stated that one of the "large high explosive bombs" taken from the building was now in the hands of law enforcement person- nel. A terrorist expert in the KFOR studios, Dr. Randall Heather, said in a live interview, "Several unexploded bombs had been defused and taken out of the building. They will be taken apart to determine who made them." Remember that this was raw, live and unedited video as it happened. Then there was an interview with Candy Avey, 48, who had just parked her car at a meter in front of the building and was heading for the Social Security office. When the initial blast occurred, she was blown back, her body was wrapped around the parking meter and her face hit her car. Her arm and jaw were broken. At the Journal Records building across the street, parts of the Federal Building were blown into its facade. Numerous witnesses stated that there were two explosions, about 10 seconds apart. This was later confirmed by two sets of independent seismograph read- ings. Also shown was a video affadavit made by Jane Graham, a HUD employee who was injured while on the ninth floor of the Murrah Building during the bombing. She testified that on the day prior to the blasts she saw two men working around the columns of the building on the third floor, "with putty colored material and phone wire." (Perhaps C4 explosive and detonator wire?) Neither man fit the descrip- tion of Tim McVeigh or Terry Nichols. By 6 PM, on the day of the bombing, TV coverage underwent a remarkable change. The bombs removed from Changing Patterns by Richard Reul illlllllillill |m|l the building utterly disappeared from comment. It was claimed that a Ryder truck containing ANFO (an ammo- nium nitrate / fuel oil mix) was detonated in front of the building. The amount of explosive escalated, day-by-day, from 1,400 pounds to 4,800 pounds. (At McVeigh's trial, racing nitro-methane was substituted for the fuel oil.) The May 1, 1995 issues of both Time and Newsweek carried line drawings era 30 foot wide, 8 foot deep crater in front of the building (presumably left by the truck bomb). But in the unedited video, there was no crater. A fire truck stands where it was supposed to be. Also remember that the only surviving portions of the alleged Ryder truck were the rear axle (from which a VIN number was allegedly obtained) and a piece of wood with ammonium nitrate particles. Where did the engine, the transmission and the wheels go? Numerous explosive experts have stated that there is no way an ANFO bomb, in a truck outside the building, could have caused the observed damage. They are unanimous in their opinion that bombs had to have been placed on or adjacent to the supporting columns. The 60 or so feet of airspace between the truck and the columns would have greatly attenuated the force of an ANFO blast. These experts include Robert Frias, President of Frias Engineering of Arlington, Texas, Alvin Norberg, a licensed professional engineer with 50 years of experience on over 5,000 con- struction projects and Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (USAF Retired), former Director of the Air Force Arma- ment Technology Lab. A classified Pentagon study in early 1996 concluded that the Murrah Building destruction was caused by five separate bombs that had a middle-Eastern signature. Stephen Jones, Tim McVeigh's lead defense attorney, was forbidden by Judge Richard Matsch to bring in any of this evidence to Tim's trial. (I have read Stephen's rejected brief in detail.) The Government's case was totally con- trived and McVeigh was convicted long before the jury brought in its verdict. It remains to be seen whether Terry Nichoi's trial, now pending, will have a different ending. Michael Tigar, his lead attorney, has a well-earned reputa- tion for fearlessness. The most chilling thing about this whole situation is the utter compliance of the mainline media with an absurd Government scenario. These are the people we have relied on to keep the Government honest. Most, however, are now controlled by those who are seeking Government favors. Even the police bomb squads who participated, most Okla- homa politicians and involved private citizens have been oppressed into silence. The big lie lives! 121 days off I see by the calendar it's only six more days to Thanks- giving give or take a few days, depending on when this gets in print, or when .you read it, 35 days to Christmas. Five days later is New Year's Eve. Also we have six Saturdays and six Sundays making a total of 15 days off in the next 40 days. Subtract the day before each of these holidays and the day after to recuperate and there's an- other six days down the tube. Leaving us with 19 days of work.and 21 days not working. No wonder I don't get anything done during the holiday season. I think the most practical thing would be to just take the whole month of December off. Move Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day from November into December and we could have it made. Getting into this calendar thing got me thinking. There's not much that does, but this did. I got the calendar off the wall and started counting all the days we have off during the year. I came up with 121. This is counting weekends, different national holidays, religious ones and my birth- day. Doing a little math work, I found most of the working populous worked about two thirds of the year and were off one third. Sfim Sez by Slim Sirnes Being a creative sort, I manage to take off more days than the average. Looking back to my salad days as a bachelor, I did even better. Come Monday morning, when I was supposed to be on my way to work, you would find me either in bed, or if the weather was exceptionally nice, on the way to the beach. If the weather happened to be bad, I would remain firmly ensconced in bed. My only form of transportation was a motorcycle and one tends to get wet riding in the rain. This lack of punctuality did cause. concern among employers and greatly widened my expe- rience field. I had more entry level jobs than you can shake a stick at. In later years I was able to cite many examples in fields I was proficient at. Food Industry, specializing in: Culinary Sanitation (dishwasher), Material Handling (garbage man), . and Publication Distribution (passing out advertising fly- ers) were just a few of the prestigious positions I could include in resumes. By the time whoever hired me got around to checking up I would be on my way to another position. So, I guess I grew into the habit of not working regularly. Looking at these 121 days off I can see this would be a boon to people like myself. It could be set up where one group took off another batch stepped into their vacated positions. Actually there could be three shifts; one working, one on vacation and one on unemployment insurance, four months each. Instead of 121 days off everybody gets 240 days off each year. I think I will run for president! Have a good one[ byl PV( Fq that Ir choc sayo sayo appe song I: A Quol Diah prop percl /n Edit got c "E home infer Tt Simk 19 Pau par you wou COlT Mrs L A E A 12 w ,l H bt H h bL H to W he 1-11 what " hi: Hq bu 1"t ulq Josei Age : /s Iv paper 12, I! Ni peopl in grc Persh growl boom sugge possil rate. l housi N added collec prope will s, will a Nu