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November 13, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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November 13, 1997

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Letters to the Editor Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, November 13, 1997 11 Is this a fair tax system? I would like to comment on the second so called fact sheet (ad) entitled, "Room for Kids to Learn," appearing in the November 7 issue of the PVT. In the television industry this is known as an infommercial. At least they are now calling the impact fee by what it really is, a tax. Item number 7, "we have been able to make good decisions about how to spend very limited money in the past two years." Why not continue to make good decisions with limited money. Item number 8, "Few businesses would operate without a long range plan that helps prioritize desired actions or purchase of equipment, expansion, etc." It is beyond belief to compare a tax paying business to a tax receiving entity. If a business was operated like a school district they would go bankrupt. When a business exceeds its available re- sources they either cut back or go out of business. There aren't any taxpayers to bail them out. Item number 9, "Since 1984 the Nye County School District has had an 85 percent increase in enrollment." They failed to mention that since 1984 taxes have gone up several hundred percent. Also, there are many children being home schooled and beginning to attend private schools in Nye County. These families are still paying school taxes. Yes, even renters. Item number 10, I would like to point out that since 1994 the district has stated a long list of accomplishments without once requiring additional taxes. Item number 11, "Does the residential tax affect every- one in the county?" Yes, it affects everyone in the county. It takes millions of dollars out of the economy and tax- payer's pockets that would be better spent by struggling young families and retired senior citizens that are on fixed incomes. Item number 12, "But not everyone who moves into any town, including Pahrump, has children in school. So, how is this fair?" Even if it were true, and it is not, that retirees are causing young families to move here to meet their needs, these same retirees and young families are all paying school taxes. It is also stated, "We are experiencing a mini version of the Las Vegas growth phenomenon." And the NCSD is requesting the maximum tax allowed by law. Item number 13, "If every buyer has to pay another $1,600, won't the local economy suffer?" This sounds like the perfect pyramid scheme. They are asking the taxpayers to turn their money over to the district. They will use this money in a joint effort to perform community service, such as creating jobs, prosperity and wealth. To prove this they quote the law of economics. Most economists will point out that the main things taxes ever produce are welfare and government waste. The school district is using hypothetical examples for their case. Let me make one. Let's say a family can afford to buy a lot in Nye County valued at $4,000 and finds a used mobile for $5,000. They will now be asked to pay a$1,600 tax. This makes their first tax about 18 percent. Then another person builds a $150,000 home. This tax is about 1 percent. Is this a fair tax system? I would like to point out that I have nothing to gain or lose, at the moment, in this matter. I am just an individual taxpayer that happens to not believe in unfair taxes. In closing, it would be interesting to know who are the private contributors funding these full page ads. I, for one, would like to know if they are being funded by any of our elected officials. If so, then I can arrive at the proper decision at election time. A concerned taxpaying citizen, Foye Crooks Pahrump Wander bankruptcy explanation Editor's note: Wander Telecommunications offers subscribers the following explanation for its recent bankruptcy filing. On October 20, 1997, Wander Telecommunications, Wander Communications of NV. LLC, and Wander Com- munications of AZ, LLC, filed for reorganization under Federal Bankruptcy Statutes, chapter 11. Chapter 11, "reorganization," provides for protection under federal law to allow the company to restructure its obligations with the eventual result of retiring them, while providing for the continuation of the business. This is a positive business strategy which is utilized to allow for the time necessary to restructure, retire debt, and continue on with improving the business and future stabil- ity. Chapter 11 has been used successfully by countless companies to allow for the business to restate its goals and implement the plans to achieve them. Wander management cites difficulties with long-term financing as the principal reason for the action, they also indicate that the move will not affect delivery of service to subscribers, or level of employment in the communities that it serves. In addition, the move will afford the com- pany the opportunity to consolidate operations, increase efficiency, and enhance service delivery while strengthen- ing the company's financial position in the long-term. Wander Telecommunications and its affiliate compa- nies own and operate cable television systems in the western states, and on the west coast where its principal officers are located. Since 1984 the company has grown from an original subscriber base of 2,000 to approximately 12,000 homes served in its various operations in 1997. Wander Telecommunications Alternative school available There has been, for a little over a month now, a new learning center in our midst. The name of this new alterna- tive program is Home Base. Our son is a sixth grader in attendance there. The concept is similar to a one-room school. There are programs covering kindergarten through high school. It has truly been an exceptional experience up to this point, and we are certain it will continue to be so. The environment is one where the children are working on individual levels. They are all praised for achieving their personal best in each subject area. We are quite certain that this program is not offering our teacher, Mrs. Kim Johnson, nor her experienced aide, Mrs. Lisa Kohley the same salary they would draw elsewhere in a public school setting. However, their efforts on behaif of our children have not gone without notice. Keep up the great work! You have both been great motivators, as our children have been encouraged to reach for the moon, gathering stars along the way. We thank you for your efforts and encourage any other interested parents to investigate this alternative program for their children. We would be happy to speak to others about this "school." Home base is a home run. .... Herman and Dawn Payne Pahrump Amargosa Valley Library Editors note:The Amargosa Valley Library offers the following update on their services to help with busy lives as the hectic holiday season approaches. Aft county libraries offer similar services. The Amargosa Library has thousands of books, maga- zines, videos, and audio tapes to help you with just about any aspect of your life. Whether you prefer to learn by reading, listening or watching, we can help you find what you need. Our collection of audio tapes has many helpful topics, including stress management and money management. Audio tapes are great for the long drive into Las Vegas. We hope you will take advantage of these new resources to learn quickly and easily. In addition to our self-help audio tapes, our collection of non-fiction audios includes Bible stories, poetry, his- tory and more. We also have dozens of audio tapes of popular fiction for children and adults. Some of our books-on-tape come with the book, and others are just the tape. We have some sets that are specially designed to help beginning readers practice their reading skills. We also have several sets that are in English on one side of the tape and in Spanish on the other side of the tape. The book contains the words printed in both languages, so whether you are learning Spanish or learning English, you can benefit from these book-and- tape sets. There is no charge to borrow videos, books, magazines, or audio tapes from the library. If the item is returned late My compliments and best wishes to Sheriff Wade Lieseke and all the deputies of Nye County. Guido Marzullo Pahrump New Worm Order Is there anyone in this town besides me that have strong concerns about the New World Order and its consequences? I'm referring to the article in a local paper October 4 by Dr. William Campbell Douglas regarding the World Health Organization's "Codex," to establish worldwide standards for food, drugs, pesticides and just about everything that relates to something we may consume, their distribution and trade. Just think about that for a moment or two and you'll realize, as I did, that this controls completely our health and well being. What a brassy bunch of ba@#$%A&*!! This pack of vultures are really serious when it comes to protecting us from ourselves. I think that they have actu- ally taken leave of their senses. Can you imagine, being told where, how and whether or not you live? It may not be so difficult to accept, though, since we've been denied drugs that cure, forced to use toxic drugs that kill and attacked by the troops of the F.D.A., D.E.A., F.B.I. and the A.T.F At least we'll know what to expect. The enforcers are already in place and have been very active in most of the states, especially California, Ruby Ridge, Idaho, Waco, Texas, Montana and Ohio. So the alphabet agencies of the states agent (United States) have been in training for the new world order. Better known as the fast tract. I've made sarcastic reference to these would-be mas- ters, but time is running out on us, we're down to our own 10-yard line and unless we force them to fumble the ball, recover and play for all it's Worth, we'll lose the game, in spite of the fact that we are the only legitimate team on the field. Jim Lee Pahrump Life, liberty and property "The rights,of fife, liberty and property entail all that is important m our early life, thus all political conflicts between people and governments have centered around this concept. As tyranny, oppression and usurpation become more commonplace in America and throughout the world, one begins to see a war being silently, yet diligently, waged against God, the bible and Christianity. Like the political war against rights, the religious war is waged by our enemy with the aims of destroying the protections that guard the rights of life, liberty and property. "It must be remembered that one who does not under- stand the law, does not understand his rights, and is thus no better off than one who has no rights, as it has been said: 'None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.' " Johann W. Goethe German Poet, 1749-1832 "The principles of justice would seem to require, that the law should administer its benefits to those who are vigilant in exercising their rights, and not to those who sleep over them." Justice Story Richard vs. Williams 20 U.S. 59, 116 (1816) "Ifa nation expects to; be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." Thomas Jefferson (1816) If you see the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in the land, marvel not at the matter" For the highest regardeth; there will be higher than they. Ecclesiastes 5:8 Bill Ballew Pahrump or damaged, you may he asked to pay a small fee. Any adult , , may borrow up to seven audio tapes for seven days (and f The Pahrump Valley 1 may renew twice for an additional seven days each time). 1 Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be 1 The AmargosaLibrary is located between the clinic and /brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling [ the community center n Farm Rad in Amargsa Vailey" / 727-5583. / Call (702) 372-5340 for information. I All opinions expressed on the letters page are those of | NCS O : Keep up the good work / theartistoranthorindicated. TheGazettereserves 1 | the right to edit all letters for length and libel. 1 According to a recent survey, the sheriffs office of Nye [ Furthermore; letters with names withheld will only 1 theCuntYstateiSofSlvingNevada.mre crimes than the other counties in Lb e published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists. ,J