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November 13, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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November 13, 1997

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10 Thursday, November 13, 1997 p aey Gazette "Lost World" --a primer for visiting California I recently had the pleasure of watching the movie "Lost World." The movie was directed by Steven Spielberg and based on the book by Michael Crichton which was a sequel to the smash hit "Jurassic Park." When the book first came out Crichton stated that it was the first time he had written a sequel. It should also be his last. This was one of those very rare times that I liked the movie more than the book. Spielberg turned it into something of a modem day King Kong. He brought a T-Rex back to the United States and let it romp and play in the streets of San Diegd. As stupid as the movie was, it was kind of a fun thing. The T-Rex was only given one evening in San Diego. Actor Jeff Goldblum came to its rescue and got it out of there before California could have much effect on it. The movie gave the T-Rex a degree of affection. You almost felt sorry for it as it ate half the population of Southern California. It was, after all, only searching for its child. The baby T-Rex was in the hands of people that wanted to exploit it in a new park. Pretty bad situation for any parent, I guess. Imagine the terrible thoughts running through the father T-Rex's mind. Your child is lost in San Diego. This poor thing could wind up joining a gang and wearing colors. What's worse, it could begin snorting all kinds of strange powder. Heck, the father had already got a buzz-on just eating the populace. I Ill NORTI-IERN EXPOSURE by Dave Downing Imagine the cost to keep an addicted T-Rex in coke. The drug cartels would be rich beyond imagination. On the other hand, it might solve the problem of drugs since there wouldn't be any left for the people. Wouldn't much matter to baby T-Rex, Californians are for food. Wouldn't be long before baby T-Rex is a 50-foot teenager cruising the boulevards in a pink Cadillac with a fox-tail hanging on the antenna. We would know what happened to the rest of the fox. All of this isn't so bad but imagine the horror in daddy T-Rex's mind at the thought that his child might become a California state legislator. Grrrr. If the T-Rexs' decided to make Southern California Marijuana...the winds of change I subscribe to a free service on my computer. An organization provides articles from newspapers around the world on the status of the drug war. Pro and con, these articles arrive in my E-mail at an average rate of 20 per day. Mostly I scan and delete; occasionally I print one out. A pattern that seems to be emerging is that Western world governments are under strong and increasing pressure to decriminalize marijuana use. Despite offi- cial allegations that marijuana is a "gateway" to hard drugs like heroin and cocaine, the evidence tends to show otherwise. Alcohol and Valium can be consid- ered gateway drugs, with equal validity, and mari- juana is far safer than either. It is not addictive and no one has ever died from a marijuana overdose. Another reason for treating this drug differently is its ready availability. It grows almost anywhere, outside and inside, and the mature buds have only to be dried to be ready for use. Under Canada's relatively lenient pros- ecution, production in the Ottawa valley and British Columbia is thriving. One mature marijuana plant sells wholesale for $1,000 US and the demand is horrendous. The economic incentive is undeniable. The Mexican drug cartels have virtually stopped smuggling marijuana into the U.S. because of its bulk. It is far easier to grow it in California, in well hidden patches under Mexican control. So they lose one occasionally to the cops.. The profits from the others are more than enough. The Netherlands has long allowed its coffee shops to sell small amounts of marijuana for recreational use. A decriminalization debate is currently raging in Great Britain. Lord Bingham, the Lord Chief Justice, has called for open debate on legalizing cannabis. According to a subsequent poll, 64 percent of Britons approved this stance. Around 80 percent of British drug arrests have been for marijuana possession. II I I Illll I Changing.Patterns by Richard Reul ;lI|;lll|IIIl; Ill ........... Illllll Here in the United States, marijuana offenses consti- tute the vast majority of drug cases. (More than 600,000 last year.) The drug was demonized by Harry Anslinger, many decades ago, when he was a federal narcotics crusader and the label of "reefer madness" has stuck. Current battles in Oregon and Washington State reflect the current division of opinion. The drug warriors are afraid that the decriminalization of marijuana will open the doors to the acceptance of cocaine and heroin. Informed medical opinion believes these concerns The cost of Ivory It's funny how you can take a lot of things for granted and not give them much thought. This was brought to my attention today as I was waiting for the P v G to arrive at the Gloryhole in downtown Gold- field. This store has some nice chairs tucked away in a comer and they don't object too much if you fall asleep in them. A customer came in and was looking at some carved ivory pieces and a comment was made on how expensive they were. It was here I learned that the high price for ivory was not due to the fact that the animals which produce ivory (elephants, walrus and the likes) are becoming extinct and occupy a place on the endangered list. It was the danger involved. A Walter Mitty-type vision danced before my eyes and I could see myself lurking under a bush waiting for an elephant to come close enough for me to remove its tusks, or creeping up on a sunbathing walrus armed with a pair of pliers. After viewing this whole matter from a different perspective, I now see the reason for the high cost. A guy would have to be pretty slick in order to make a living at it. I did have a business partner back in Los Angeles who probably would have done real well in this line of work. This guy was so slick that you could be going through a revolving door with him following and he would meet you on the other side. Think he went into politics. After viewing him in action, he would have fit right in with our present bunch. I get a big kick out of some of these minor promoter- Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes types we have up here. Most of them claim to have problems with their C-phones and so prefer the use of pay phones, such as the one in front of the courthouse which seems to get a lot of action. I guess it's a more prestigious location. A guy learns fast not to come around these wheeler and dealer types with any spare change in their pockets cause it sure won't be there after they find out about it. On the news lately, been a lot of comment about the power company's wanting a rate increase. Some ques- tions have been raised about the executive's expenses including a new pair of glasses for the company presi- dent so he would look better on TV aglpearances. Another concerns the advertising blitz the company their home there would have to be some changes made. First of all, since there are only two of them and they are both males, the Endangered Species Act would have to kick into effect. As they went out for dinner the federal government would have to offer them protec- tion from rival gangs. They might make an occasional trek to Los Angeles to attend a Spielberg cocktail party. Needless to say, that would require about five Olympic size swimming pools f'dled with scotch and water. Who knows? Spielberg might offer them a bit part. Or is that a bite part? Fortunately, all of this is avoided. After a brief attempt at playing basketball with a Union 76 sign, the father and baby are reunited in the cargo hold of a ship. The father helps teach baby T-Rex a little about hunt- ing by offering baby the jerk that owned the park. You can almost hear the father say, "Don't play with your food." CNN had complete coverage of the entire San Diego "disaster." To add realism to the movie they had CNN make a mistake by stating the T-Rex was sedated for the trip back to his island. Actually, it was still buzzed from eating all those Southern Califor- nians. are groundless. For many people, marijuana provides a euphoria, mellowness, decreased tension and a sense of time passing slowly. Other effects can include heightened sexual pleasure, increased appetite, sleepi- ness and thirst. Its medical benefits are well docu- mented. Marijuana alleviates the nausea induced by chemotherapy treatments for cancer. It relieves the eyeball pressure of glaucoma victims and the burning symptoms of multiple sclerosis. It also revives the lagging appetites of "wasting away" AIDS patients. Petitions have passed in California and Arizona to allow its medical use. Studies are now underway to determine the interaction of marijuana with the pro- tease inhibitors used to control AIDS. Driving under the influence of marijuana remains an open question. It affects driver reactions far less than alcohol. Cannabinoids are fat soluble and traces can be found for 30 days, long after the psychoactive effect has worn off. Current testing devices will have to be improved in order to be effective in weeding out motorists who are driving while under the influence.. In summary, decriminalization of marijuana could eliminate about 75 percent of U.S. drug arrests and incarcerations. It would make room in our prisons for real, violent criminals. A vast amount of drug intercep- tion expenditures could be eliminated, The incentive for pushers to introduce marijuana to students would be greatly reduced. It is certainly worth thinking about. was putting out so we would know what a good job they were doing and let them have their rate increase. The company claimed the cost of this advertising was borne by the stockholders and not the company. Where did the money come from in the first place? These ads go on to talk about the great savings that will come about by use of energy-efficient coal. All ads lead to another news item about the state conducting studies on the effects of acid rain on Lake Tahoe. I guess we don't have to worry to much about this, as our prevailing weather patterns carry everything East. Maybe this is why some of the Easterners want to send us their nuclear waste in return? Well, now that in a few short words I have taken a shot at ivory prices, mining promoters, politicians, power companies, the coal companies and nuclear waste. I may as well take the rest of the day off and watch the guys building on the lot across the alley from me. Maybe I will do a little thinking on how to redesign the wheelbarrow. I was watching the wife use ours the other day and she had a bit of difficulty handling it. Maybe I'll have to cut down on the size of the side- boards I added so she could move bigger loads, or maybe not. Have a good one.