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November 6, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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November 6, 1997

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Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, November 6, 1997 AA9 1997 MONDAY EVENING TVData 5:00 J 5:30 News [] INews [] tD KTVN News [] INBC News O KVBC Suddenly IFired Up (In Q WDIV Susan [] IStereo) [] News [] INBC News O KRNV 9 KVVU World[] IYou[] IOatts' IScience IB KNPB Creatures IGuy Penn & Teller's Home 0 WXYZ le[] ABC WId 0 KOLO News CBS News 0 KLAS (OJ} WTOC Everybody- 10j) KTNV News [] Full Circle (in Stereo) lOB WNET CPad8ofl0) [] Rossenne Living ) KAME (in Stereo) Siogle [] Fresh I Roseenne g} KRLR Prince I(InStereo) Full Circle (in Stereo) ) WTVS (Part 8 of 10) [] 6:00 6:30 CBS News [News [] News [] 'Jeopardy! [] Caroline in INeked the City [] ITruth [] Ent. Tonight Extra (In Hard Copy Stereo) [] [] Keeping Up IBuslneea Report News[] Dateline (in Stereo) [] lewshour With Jim Lehrer [] Cybill (in George & Brooklyn South "Love Stereo) [] Leo [] Huds" (in Stereo) [] Stephen Howking'e Mventurere (in Stereo) Universe [] ',Part 4 of 5) [] Grace IRoseanne Under Rra I(in Stereo) Under Rre IUnder Fire Stephen Hawldng's Adventurers (In Stereo) Universe [] [Part 4 of 5) [] AMC A&E CNN COM DSC E! ENC ESPN FAM KCNC KMGH KRMA KUSA KWGN LEARN LIFE MAX MTV NASH NICK PS SCIFI TEN TBS TCM TNT Movie: **l& Movie: *** "The Sun Also Rises" (1957, Drama) An "(1956) a former love, Biography: Dwight D. Col. Lucius Eisanhower: Commander murdered. Pdme News I Burden of Larry King Live [] World Txiey [] : IProof (R) [] Movie: *** "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (1975, Comedy) Graham Chapman, John Cleese. (R)lModern Combat Aircraft P.imme Shelter (R) "Modem Missiles" (R) Uncut (R) IFashion News Daily File (R) 8:00 Cosby (in Stereo) [] Suddenly Susan [] ws Mly McBeal "Drawing the Lines" (In Stereo) [] Liniveree [] Nightflne [] Dletreo.  tioos Suddenly Susan [] Melrose Piece "A Shot in Lhe Dark" (In Stereo) [] Full Circle (in Stereo) IPart 8 of 10) [] Poftergeist: The Legacy "Fear" (in Stereo) [] Penn & Teller's Home E)eby (in Everybody- /bill (In C,=x & Stereo) [] Raymond Stereo) [] Leo[] [] w$ Late Show (In Stereo) [] Hard Copy Late Late Show Cokie [] Roberts, Anne Rice, [] Home Penn & Teller's Home Improve, edie Rose (in Stereo) Mystery! "Deep Secrets" (In Stereo) [] In the IMolcolm & ood News ISparks (In House [] i Eddie [] e t Stereo) [] in the IMeicolm & House [] [Eddie [] Bein 9 IVicer of Full Circle (In Stereo) Stephen Howldog's Served IDibley (Pad 8 of 10) [] Universe [] Movie: : ,t "Becld" (1956, Richard Widmark. Law & Order Biography: Dwight D. Poirot "Problem at Sea" Miss Morple C. Lucius "Confession" [] Eisenhower: Commander Profheroe is murdered. King Uve (R) [] Saturday Night Uve Anita Movie: Baker. [] Fashion Designers (R) Movie: *** "Cleopatra" (1963, Drama) Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton. An account of the Egyptian queen's Movie:  "Mary, Queen of Scots" Lragic love affair. (in Stereo) 'G' MO. "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" (1997, Hawaii Rve.0 "Small Mystery) Meredith Baxter, Victor Gerber, (In Stereo) [] Brooklyn South "Love Late Show (In Stereo) [] late late Show Cokte Hurts" (In Stereo) [] Anne Rice, [] Carol ICarol Waltons "The Birthday" Bumett IBumett Bonanza: The Lost Episodes CBS Nows INews [] Jeoperdy [Wheel of IFortune [] Newshour With Jim Lehrer [] Uving IHome Extreme Machines Golden IGolden Gidsl " ,Girls[] 4:00) Movie: ** "A Time of Dest ny (1988) Beavis and JBosvle and Country Hank (In Stereo) Hey Arnold! IHappy Days Seaquost DSV "Games" [In Stereo) [] Behind the  Jean Scenes [] Robinson Movie: , Unsolved Mysteries (in LockieaC (In Stereo) [] Stereo) uSteldmn Newidng's Dad's Army niverea [] Dateline (In Stereo) [] Mere [] Stereo) [] Next Generation "QPID" [] Extreme Machines (R) Medal of Honor:, World Movie: "Convictions"  rnother Inbbles for the Stereo) [] IRaymond )[] L=te Lm Show Cokie NOWs (H)L I iRobeds, Anne Rice. [] Late Night (in Stereo) [] Later (in Stereo) [] Jter (In L.eeza (In Stereo) NBC News [ tereo) [] Nighteide ' Late Night (in Stereo) r Later (in Stereo) [] Poltergeist: The Legacy "Fear' (In Stereo) [] Stephen Howldng's Universe [] Arthd & Fred Vlew [] ABC World News Now Gayle King Paid Program Late Show (In Stereo) [] ]Pionarv ILate Late Show Cokie , ,Roberts, Anne Rice. [] CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) This Morning's News [] INiflhtline [] IPoliticallv lGeraldo RJvera [] News (R) [] ncorret L I Instructional Programming Great Lakes Alive (R) (In Stereo) [] Suddenly Rred Up (In Susan [] Stereo) [] "/th Heaven "Do "(tn Stereo) [] Medal of Honor: Wodd War II Movie: ** "Chances Are" (t989) A reincarnated Into his former wife's life. 'PG' [] Behind the MTV 500 Live {R) (In Stereo) Prime Time Country (In Stereo) [] Wonder IBettched Years [] Keaosn Ivory Weyane (in Extra (In Strange Arthel & Fred Stereo) Stereo) [] Universe Modin (In IStrange Stereo)  [UnJverea Adventurers (In Stereo) hedie Rose (in Stereo) Taking the Taking e (Part 4 of 5) [] Lead Lead (1957, Drama) An Law & Order Movie: *** "Framed" 'Confession" [] interne- INowaroum tionel l[] Paid IPaid seekiog the Real Jesse James (R) Melrose Place (in Stereo) :Soup lNigh t Stand CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) Penn & Teller's Home View [] Pene's Court (R) [] Mepp & Lucia Western Weatem L, and to Landfill: A Tradition [] Perspective Late Night (In Stereo) [] Extra Stero] Ent. Honey- Honey. e mouners [] moonera [] Paid Stair Brown. A Homicide: Life on the Street "Bop Gun" [] Movfa: **/z "Used Cars" (1980) Kurt Russell. A glib Movie: ,, "The Ex" (1996, Butler. 'R' [] "Above the Law" (1988, Drama) A CIA- sponsored dt g cadel is uncovered by a  ,nraQo coo. ;alesman tries to protect his late bess's car lot. 'R' Oddville, Loveline Musician I, out Mettrork Daily (In Stereo) Mter Hours (In Stereo) Matthew Sweet. (It) i.n mmo Dallas (In Stereo) Dukea of Hazz rd "Go Pdme Time Country (R) Stereo) [] Forever Knight "Fetal "The Crash" Seaqueat DSV "Games" Forever Knight"Fatal Mistake" (in Stereo) [] (R) (In Stereo) [] {in Stereo) [] Mistake" (in Stereo) [] Chedoma IJesse Praisethe Lord [] Now IDoplantie Jac0bs 1992) Brian ause. Evil Movie: **V "The Serpent and the Rainbow" (1988) Movie:  "A Return to Salem's Lot" (1987, Horror) ** "Jimmy Hdlywoud" (Off Air) ILoveLucy Taai[] Newhert[ IMarvTvler [] I Moore LW] Paid Paid Paid Program Program Praise the Lord [] Horru) Adrienne Berbeau, Hal , hoffor comics of the 1950s. IHillbillies USA Movie: ** "Belle of the Yukon" (1944, ,dvanture) Dinah Shore. I blereo uve Walker, TexaS Ranger 'Patriot" (In Stereo) [] WGN Heaven "Do Stereo) [] (t936, Musical) An opera Movie: **** "On the Town" (1949) Gene Kelly. Movie:  "The Loved One" (1965) Based on MoVIe: *** "Juarez" (1939, star falls for the Mountie trailing her brother. Three sailors on leave search for a subway poster ! Paul Muni, Belte Davis. Movie: "Assault on Devil's Island" (' Movie: *hr "2010" (1984, Science , Soheider, John luur uano Carl Weathers, (In Stereo) [] U.S. and Russian scientists torts Highlander: The Series Paid Paid "Band of Brothers" [] Procjram iI-'rooram News (in Stereo) [] Beverly Hills, 90210 Simon & Simon "Harm's  Danza. An n Stereo) [] inmate on death HBO DSN SHOW TMC Movie: Day" (1996, Movie: , "A Time to Kill" (1996, Drama) Sandm Bullock. A Movie: *** "Michael Collins" (1996) Liam Neeson. [] rebel steps up the fight to break British rule, 'R' Dinosaurs Growing urowmo I ** "Tom and Huck" (1995)  Frontier" ]Movie:  "Robin Hood" 0991) A daring Saxon IMovle: *** "Cowboys D,,,'t Cry" m Paine P=ns t 'PG'[] 1996, Adventure) Joey Lawrance. [] Ileads his peopie against an oppressive pnnca. [] l(1988,Dreme)RonWhita. NR' 14:30) Movie: "Rad('s Movie: "The Defendere: Peyback" (1987) Lawyer IMovfa: *** "Things to Do in Denver When You're Movie:, "The  Cage" (1996, Movie: *** "Jack & Sarah" (1.,995,, vav Home" Lawrence Preston defends a man who killed a rapist. (R) [] II)osd" (1995, Suspense) AMy Garcia. 'R' ISuspense) Charlotte Lewis. 'R' Richard E. Granl. R' r4:05) Mum Movie: ** "Qaea of 1999" (1990) Experimental IMovle: ** "Original Gan( flea" (1996, (Movie: , "Warhead" (1996, [Movie:, "Bullet" (1997) Mickey Rourke. A released (1 androide whip futuristic students Into shape. 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