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November 6, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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November 6, 1997

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4AA Thursday, November 6, 19D7 Pahrump Valley Gazette 1997 TVData 8 'VN (gl KVBC 6 WDIV a KRNV Q KVVU lO KNPB 0 WXYZ O KOLO O KLAS Q) WTOC IBD KTNV tOJ) WNET KRLR WTVS 5:00 5:30 Nows n= News n= M.rsz iNBCNI (In 9[ Neeh Bridges =f the Sexes (In Stereo) "Revelations" (In Stereo) Players "Con Artist" (In Dateline (In Stereo) [] Homicide: Life on the Stereo) [] Street "Birthday" [] Dateline (In Stereo) [] ,lomicide: Life on the Tonight Show (in Stereo) [Jenny Jones Teens want ]to be exotic dancers. [] News [] INBC News News [] lent. Hard Copy linside Players "Con Artist" (in Dateline (in Stereo) [] Homicide: Life on the [] Edition [] Stereo) [] Street"Birthday" [] Visitor "Reunion" (in "19:19" (in Outer Limits "Tempests" Stereo) [] Stereo) (PA) [] (In Stereo) [] Follow tim McLaughlin (In Business IRaport Money n= Group Stereo) n= 2O/2O [] atte' IScience INews ASC Wid INews Jeopardyl IWheol of News [] I Fortune [] EnL Ilneide Neeh Bridgu "Revelations" (in Stereo) Home IHome of the Sexes Inside American Edition [] Journal [] You Wish (In Stereo) [] Step by Late Show (In Stereo) [] Hard Copy ![] iYOU WiSh Teeo Angel ] I{m bzereo} (n Stereo) ! WBeyond Stateside Newsroom RoyaiAir Cimdie Rose (In Stereo) K;nVAnS Theater ! all Street ' Meltdown Farce ,raca IRoseanne Home IHome Movie: "House of Secrete" (1993) A women's LJnder Fire 10n Stereo) Improve. ]Improve. murdered husband may have returned from the dead. Sainfdd (in ]Fraaier (in Movie: **** "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1988) A Lthder Fire ]Under Rre j e tries to clear a cartoon star of murder. Movie: **** "Casablanca" 4owS [] C WId ows Nselington Nail Slmat Neek Neek :lomnne in Stereo) :rel :losunne dnca r/angton Nail Streat P/eok t/nek Nash Sddgez "Revelations" (In Stereo) Late Late Show Actor Robert Blake. (in Stereo) ZO/20 [] I 1:31] Lale Show (in Stereo) [] Late Late Show Acto( iNews (H)  Robed Slake. (In Stereo) IFdday Night NBC News INiQIltSKle I Prll]l,lV t.xa'a Im lOuter Umits'Tempests" b'tereo) r l(In Stereo)[] Wall Street ISldn Deep [] Wild. Wild IMovle: *** "Robin Hood" (1973) m contort I Sports Bar [In lereol I (In Stereo) Plctlonrv ILate Late Show Antor Robert Slake. (In Stereo) Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (in Stereo) [] [] Late Night (in Stereo) [] Fdday Night (in Stereo) Vibe Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (in Stereo) [] [] Charlie Rose (In Stereo) {Off Air) It's Showtime at the late Show (in Stereo) [] Geraldo Rivere Celebrity News (R) news. [] On Tour (In Stereo) Programming Keeoen Ivory Wayans (In Extra (in Strange Stereo) Stereo) [] Universe n Ivory Wayens (in Viper "Cold Warriors" (In Movie: **** "Casablanca" (1942, Drama) Nazis, C'hadie Rose (in Stereo) clash at a Moroccan nightclub. To Be Announced Hawthorne Africans (Part 8 of 9) [] AMC A&E CNN CaM DSC E! ENC ESPN FAM KCNC KMGH KRMA KUSA KWGN LEARN UFE MAX MTV NASH NICK PS (3:45) Movie: "The Pride of the Yankees" }iogtephy: Fred cMurray (R) )rime News King Uve [] MO: *** "lteW Din" (1991) Ethan Hawke. Mistaken identities turn a first date into a madcap flight. SClFI TBN TBS TCM TNT USA WGN Movie: *** "Daddy Long Legs" (t955, Musical) A Movie: ** "The Mad Magician" fails in love with the orphan he Vincent Price, Eva Gabor. , of ill-fated baseball Grand Tour "The Imperial Law & Order Birephy: Fred kmedca's Castles "The Hotels of Vienna" World Today [] NowsNinht lShowbiz Today[] MOVIe: .ktht "Blind Date" (1987) Bruce Willis. Alcohol Movie: ,1/ "You Can't Hurry Love" (1988) A jltted has a strare effect on a yuppie's beautiful date. man from Ohio heads to LA. in search of true love. Gimme Slloiter (R) IWUd Discovery (R) Dt,"overv ISterm Faogsl "Rivers of Life, I P,k, ers of Death" (R) zoemllp Vldeofash- linaide the Gucd Empire Nowe Weekend (R) ralk Soup ion Wd,/l I(R) Movie: ',D.C. Cab" (1983) Taxi drivers of the Yankees" Movie: *** "Daddy Long Legs" (1955, Musical) Fred Astaire. A falls in love with the orphan he sent to college. rand Tour "The Imperial Law & Order Movie: ,,Jnt "Agnes of of Vienna" (R) "Renunciation" [] Fonda. Larry King Uve (R) [] Future Watch [] Movie:  "Mystery Date" (1991) Ethan Hawke. Paid llateken identities turn a first date into a madcap flight. Program Wild Discovery (R) Storm ath" (R) Wamiogt IJelrose Place "Bye Bye (R) Movie: *** "FI" Mad-school students Movie: "The Ir of Second Avenue" (1975) An Movie: ** "Pons in a Golden Eye" (1967, Movie:, "The Supernaturals" (t987, New Yorker faces the future without a job. PG' Drama) EIb.abeth Tayk)r, Marion Brando. Horror) Maxwolt Caulfield. 'R' Ed Sunivan All-Star Comedy (R) Bride. INto [] :'Revelations" (In Stereo) /20[] News[] Adventurers (In Stereo) As Tim [Part2 of 5)[] Goeo Sy Homicide: Life on the News [] Gtreet "Birthday" [] e lame :Movie: **'Jr "City Slickers" (1991, Comedy) Billy Crystal, Daniel iNe (In Stereo) [] [] Ixove. ] Stem. A mie crisis join a cattle drive. I BS Nnm lime[] Cd Cammnl'a Battle of the Sexes (In Stereo) ool)w I tqeei of iabdna- 3oy Meets "ortum [] ch odd [] Hew With Jim iVuhlngton 'tete of L.ehrer [] IVeek :dorado [] [] I :.nL Pieyem "Con Artist" (In Hawaii Rve-O "Bones of Contentk)n" [] :Late Show (in Stereo) [] Late Late Show Actor :Blake. (In Stereo) qightline [] Cherlie Roee (In Stereo) Skin Deep [] Tonight Show (in Stereo) Cheers (In Late Night (In Stereo) [] [] Stereo) [] Heaven's Breath: "Etemal Real America: 48 Houri Unved U.e,'ies (in Stereo) (in Stereo) :oeeanne later Trek: Deep in Stereo) iNine "Return to Grace' [] iNeaven's Sreath: "Eternal ITIde" (R) Movie: "Moment of Truth: Cradle of Conspiracy" (t984, Drama) Denica McKellar, Dee Wallace Stone. Maren (In land,/ Stereo)[] JGmfith Home IHome Again (R) IAgain (R) Homicide: Life on Street (In Stereo) [] Dallas (In Stereo) "(In Stereo) [] )ebt Movie: *** "Star Trek Vi: The Undiscovered Country" (1991) William Shatner. orls end music festival. (In Stereo) Movie: * "Money Train" (1995) transit cap's foster brother Lovellne (R) (in Stereo) Stereo) Horror) Psychic the 13th: The Night Stalker"Vampire" [] Praise A Than Condnm Praise A Than Movie: ** "Medicine Man" (1992) Sean Cannery. A y IIr' (1982, Drama) s a researcher's work in the Amazon. *** "A Woman's Secret" (1949) A woman (1994) Andrew Stevens. A on the men who ruir:l her life. t Hilltk 90210 In the Heat of the Nkjht "Odessa" (In Stereo)[] Master I1" (1990, Honor) Psychic Friday the 13th: The Series "Jack-in-the-Box" Praise A Than Continues e.  aa L  rhree Stooges Paid Paid Program Program All News IAil News All News Nit People'e Court (R) (In In Concert Stereo) [] (In Stereo) American Cinema "The Signal to Noise: "Life Edge of Hollywood" [] With Telav sion" [] Friday Night (In Stereo) tExtnz (in INSC IStereo) [] INiteide Honey- Honey- Hogan's INews (R) (in moonere [] imonne [] tHereeS IStereo) [] Paid ]P,id IPaid tPaid - Prram IPmgrom Pron, ilrom ]Program Place (in Stereo) Place (In Stereo) Mattrock Weekend (R) (In ITop 20 Video Countdown Stereo) J(in Stereo) (Off Air) I Love Lucy ITaxi "Jim's rk)'s" [] Moore [] H ( otre Dame. Boris Karioff Presents Boris Karloff Presents Thriller "Fk)wers of Evil" Movie: *** "TwflkjN Zone: The Movie" (1983) Big- IMovle: **"Daady Friend" (1986, Horror) A brain- Laverne & screen adaptation of Rod Serling's TV series. Ideed patient is given a computerized mental unit. Shirley Movie: *** "in a Lonely Place" Movie: *** "Ginger and Fred" (1986, Drama) Mar(elk) Movie: *** "Carefree" (1938, Musical) Mastroienni. Two aging hoders reunite to pedorm on a TV show. Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers. , 1983)A iMovie:** DeethofaCenterfoid:The policewoman poses for a natJona men s magazine. IDoroy Stratten Stow" (1981, Movie: ** "last Call" Movie: , "Famine Fonteine: IQlier Babe for the Sim a Simon (1983) A Texas "Matchmakers" ; martial arts to nab arms smu "The Profelonai"  Hews (in Stereo) [] HBO DSN SHOW TMC "The Night Rier" (1997, Movie: , "The Surgeon" (1995, 'R' [] Isabel Glasser. (In Stereo) 'R' , Reunion: A Raiative Nightmare" Kind Metlssa Joan Had, Jason Marsden. [] (1980) Richard Dreyfuss. 'PG' r Fell" (1996. n the Set: !StatUte SG-t The SG-2 ** "Extreme Measures" (1996) An ER doctor 'Blood- Sar Jessica Parker. 'R' [] leader runs em (R) [] e death. 'R' [] 1993, Drama)An Nick Nofte..AR, Movie: ":I'M Last Rond"(1997,,NR, Drama) Movie: , "The Surgeon" (1995, Isabel Glasser. (in Stereo) 'R' Looking for Somet,hing?? There is a new Appliance and Tack Store coming to Pahrump New store but familiar faces.