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November 6, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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November 6, 1997

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Letters to the Editor Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, November 6, 1997 11 Support our mines The Bmmmnk and Jackson families want to thank you for printing the article on oar mines. They are known as the BBJ Rainbow and the Caliente. We are currently in a Public Comment Period that closes November 14, 199"/.  We need letters of support for our mines. With the strin- gent regulation set for mining we could not harm the area. We have protected them all these years. We hate the thought of mining them over to the Death Valley National Park. Their plan is to destroy the road. Hundreds of rock hounders and desert lovers have used the road to see what is over the hill. Our bunkers and the sand dunes are worth the trip. Visitors may not be able to walk the three and a-half miles. The area needs new jobs. Our mines would put people to work. Mining is essential to the economy. Send letters to Richard Anderson, Death Valley National Park, Death Valley, Calif. 92328. Tell him we need jobs, the park does not need more land. The Baumunk and Jackson families Death Valley, Calif. Pahrump gaming market overbuilt? Regarding USA Capital's analysis of the Pahrnmp gaming market in local papers recently, where does USA Capital get, it's funding? Who is it beholden to? Why is the source confidential? What kind of detailed research did they per- form? Some facts from" Reference Nevada Visitors Guide," Nevada Commission on Tourism: City casinos Rooms Laughlin 10 11,341 Mesquite 5 2,702 Beatty 3 222 Pahrump 3 172 Possibly USA Capital of Las Vegas confused Pahrump with Beatty. Last I beard Beatty had a population under 2,000 and is expected to lose 40 percent of its current population when the Bull Frog Mine closes its operation at the end of 1999. Pahrump, has a lot of catching up to do as far as expanding its gaming market. When Pahrump reaches the size of the Mesquite gaming market, then USA Capital can send out an alarm. But Pahr- ump has a long way to go. Is not Pahrump, "The fastest growing rural town in America?" Why did this public report concentrate only on the questionable negative factors and nothing on Pahrump's positive factors? Chuck St. Charles Pahrump Haunted Yard Once again it is time to express our thanks to all of you who came to enjoy and support our "Haunted Yard" in its fifth year. The nuinbex of visitors surpassed our greatest expecta- tions with over 1,200 kids of all ages taking the tour through our display (583 on Halloween night). This is by far the largest turnout we have had and nearly doubles last year's number. In your generosity, you donated just over $600, which will be turned over to the Pahrump Service Assistance Program to help in their efforts of feeding the needy here in the valley. We thank you very much for being so kind in helping out. We would also like to thank all of our friends and neigh- bors who gave of both their time and money in helping us set up and run our display and purchase the treats. Special thanks to Bud Howard and Nick, whose help in providing you with a few startling moments that generated shrieks and scream of delight truly helped make this year a success. It is our hope that you all had as much fun as we did and that you will come and see us again next year when we will do it all again and add a few new surprises. Norrell and Ed Bishop Pahrump New street lights Thanks to what ever committee, group, or persons that were instrumental in the decision-making of installing the new street lights, one on Bell Vista and Blagg, along with three other locations in town. Hopefully, we will be seeing more street lights at blind crossroads around the valley. It's wonderful to visually see our tax dollar's at work for the safety of our residents and visitors to our valley. Thanks for making our valley a little safer and I commend you; for your vision of more lives being saved, by lighting the way. Evelyn Moore Halash Pahrump Simkins Park history Please consider the following information before continu- ing with your contest to rename the park on Simkins road, known as Simkins Park. In 1946, two brothers Allan W. Simkins and Paul B. Simkins, came to the Pahrump Valley :from Enterprise, Utah. They worked hard, loved the land and all that the valley had to offer them, and soon were able to purchase 400 pies acres of ground in the north end of the Pahrump Valley. in 1948, they filed n pap unda the mine "Pahnunp Valley Farms, Inc." and in later years they re-filed and incorporated under the name "Simkins and Simkins Ranch." In 1964 Allan Simkins died, leaving his wife, Zula, two small sons, Terry (Fig) and David, and the brother who came to Pahrump with Paul Simkins. Approximately in 1972 the ranch was split up and a portion was to be subdivided into housing. In accordance to law at the time, a section of the property was set aside to be donated by Paul Simkins to the town of Pahrump, County of Nye, as a tribute to one of the founders of the valley, as a low impact park. This park was to be used and enjoyed by the entire community with regards to the close proximity to the resi- dents of the area and no overhead, grandstand type lighting, no special vending or festival type accommodations. Simply a place to go sit on the grass, have a picnic, pass a football, all in the quite safety of a neighborhood park. Paul died in August of 1995, never seeing the park come to fruition. Then, on May 18, 1996, the f'wst "Simkins park planning workshop" was held by the town board. The following is briefly what transpired. 8.7 acres was to be developed into a low impact commu- nity park. .7 acres would be used as parking to buffer traffic from the playing area. $20,000 in the form of federal grant money was allocated to develop the park, known as Simkins Park Fencing at the north and west ends was to be installed. Signs, I.E. "Slow children at play, no glass in park," wash containers, playground equipment, picnic tables were to be installed. Also, the general agreement among those in attendance was to keep the park as natural as possible to not look out of place in its residential setting. If in fact you feel that a contest is necessary to bring the community together, may I suggest that you start with some- thing that doesn't already have a name, perhaps the youth center or the recreation center. I commend you on your eagerness to help the community but feel you may be overlooking the bigger picture here, that of total disregard for the history of the town's forefathers and the town itself and self pride in not only yourselves but your families and the values brought here by them. Having married into the Simkins family, the love and pride I feel for my husband's family and the interesting heritage is as if I were born a Simkins. The opportunity to turn this into a learning experience is there to be grabbed by the educators of Pahrump by exploring the settlers of Pahrump and its neighboring communities. While not a resident of Pahrump myself, Terry and David both grew up there and Terry (Fig) and I are property owners who pay taxes, shop, eat, buy gas, pay utilities, and subscribe to the local papers to keep up on political and social events as we prepare to make Pahrump our home in the near future. I thank you for your consideration in my casting a vote to keep the park Simkins Park. In hopes there will be a happy ending to this story, I remain respectfully Mrs. Terry A. Simkins (Tamie) Las Vegas Filling the vacancy This October 27, I went to an Amargosa Valley Library Board meeting. I had tried to go to two prior meetings to announce that I had sent my application into the Nye County Commissioners to fill an opening that one of the Commis- sioners had told me had been vacated recently. The two prior meetings had been canceled. I was impatient since I felt very jubilant with what I thought was such good news. I had previously served on the board and was happy to be able to come back to serve again so that Crystal would have some representation. My experiences with the Library Board and the Librarian, who has helped us throughout the year, to set up a library annex here in Crystal, has always been on the positive plus side. I have worked hard with concerned taxpayers here to keep Crystal within the Amargosa Valley Library District. Their main opposition to staying in the library district is that our taxes have gone up considerably since being annexed into it and it is not geographically accessible to us due to the fact there is no paved connecting road between Crystal and Amargosa Valley, other than using Highway 95 which triples the distance between our two communities. I had asked several of the Crystal people to go the meeting last night with me and for various reasons they were unable to. I I was told that I had to walt for the public comment session which follows after the agendized business is taken care of. The meeting stmed at 7:15 p.m. and by the hreak at 9 p.m. I wee ready topack up and go home with my jubilant news stuffed in my pocket. My dans-in-law who attended wiflt me was almost in tears and had to go outside several times to has difficulty dealing with aggressiveness and blatant vi- ciousneuL It neveocetmed to me I would have topma her at a library meeting. I told her I would take her home if she couldn't handle it but I felt I wanted to stay to see where this discussion and lengthy drawn-out meeting was going. She also wanted to stay. I had dismissed previous rumors I had heard about a particular person's behavior regarding the library as possibly over exaggerated or misconstrued since the rumors came from an area that was not in anyway involved with the board, the Library, Amargosa Valley or even Nye County for that matter. I thought that good news would always take prece- dence over bad news. However, I felt pretty deflated trying to calm down my daughter-in-law. My son and she had put so much into our little library annex here and listening to one person persecute and nit pick someone they had worked hard with and had much respect for was distressing. I had traveled with the librarian to workshops for the Library. I have on many occasions, including setting up our Crystal Annex, conversed with her regarding library func- tions and nothing she said prepared me for the vicious onslaught she was experiencing at the hands of what seemed some vendetta motivated and uninspired board member. I was pleased to see about 40 members of the community at the library board meeting. Unfortunately, things dragged out so long that by the time we reached the General Public Comment on the agenda at 1:15 a.m., about two-thirds of them had gone home. Throughout the meeting many people had tried to speak up. All the people there were trying to Woteet the library and the librarian from this pious self-imposed God image board mem- ber who was unrelenting in her persecution of everything the librarian reported. This meeting was still going on when I left at 1:30 a.m. I lmow that everyone on the boardwas tired, I know I was but I took personal offense that, before I could stand up and voice my opinion, I was told by the chairman to keep public response to a minimum. All evening we were told that we couldn't make comments on some of the outrageous accusa- tions until the public comment session. Then, when we were finally allowed to speak, we were told by more than one board member to keep it short. What a gestapo this board has turned into. One person who thinks that they are God and everyone else seemingly afraid to stand up and really show their opinion. I just finished reading an autobiography on Hitler and I was beginning to draw some serious parallel conclusions. I left feeling not at all jubilant. My daughter-in-law cried most of the way home and I ended up laying awake the rest of what was left of the night, wondering how things could regress to the point that they had. I know that I could not have tolerated the progression to that point teither as a board member or member of the interested public, had I been present during this time. You just had to be there to believe it. I have always taken a tongue in cheek view of any situation when differences arise and unless I see it or I hear it myself, I don't take much stock in rock throwing, arguments or hearsay. The distance and as always, the inaccessibility of getting to the meetings due to road factors has been one reason I have not been to many public meetings in Amargosa, and if not for the fact that I had a hit of what I thought was good news, from the Amargosa Library tax paying people in Crystal, to share with the board, I probably would not have gone to this one. At first my thoughts were to withdraw my previous letter of application for position of trustee on the Library Board. How, ever, instead I was wondering if perhaps the board of Commis- sioners might look into thi_s issue and see if anything could be done to resolve it. I think that any effort made would be greatly appreciated by not only the other frustrated library board mem- bers and the obviously harassed librarian but also the general public who cared enough to come to the meeting with an opinion and stayed all night to present iL Sharon Jeasen Crystal The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727-5583. OeO All opinions expressed on the letters page are those of the artist or author dicated. The Gazette reserves the right to edit all letters for length and libel. Furthermore, letters With names withheld will only be published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists.