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October 30, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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October 30, 1997

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Ladder" T''" (4:55) Movie: **,/r,+ 'Lady Sings the Blues" (1972, Biography) Movie: ** "Fled" (1996, Adventure) Movie: ,Vz "Barb Wire" (1996, Movie: ** "Species" (1995) Ben Kingsley. A IRoger Corman Presents "Wasp m Diana Ross, , A singer's rise to fame ishindemd by drug addiolior. 'R'. ....... Laurence Rshbume. (in Stereo) 'R' [] Advture) Pamela Anderson Lee. 'R' [] genetk-.alty engineered creature may destroy mankind. ]Woman" (R) (in Stereo) I I r Nevada Day celebration swings into gear by GeoffKreis 'small town parade in the west." governor's mansion between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Friday. Cake PVG staff With the parade there will also be a salute to International and punch will be on hand. While the rest of the world will be celebrating the goblins of Operatic star, Emma Nevada from Austin, Nevada. "We are having something for everyone," said Ed Blanchard, Halloween, Nevada will also be celebrating its 133rd anniver- Emma lived between the years of 1859 to 1940. She became a Nevada Day General Chairman. "We welcomebothour visitors and sary this Friday, October 31, marking the 59th celebration to be famous opera singer and traveled the world singing to captive our Nevada citizens to the most bealtiful capital city in America." held in Carson City. audiences. She had once been invited to appear before Queen Blanchard announced that in 1998, Nevadans will be asked to This year's Nevada Day theme will be "Nevada, The Land of Victoria where she sang the "Rose of Sharon." vote on an advisory question for the Nevada Day celebration to Music," whichwillfeatureoneofNevada's mostpopularsinging Other events that will take place include fine art shows, a always be on the last weekend in October and will be deemed a i acts, The Gaylords. They area also the Grand Marshals of the II ceremony. I The celebration will include a large scale parade. The parade I is the main attraction of the weekend long celebration. National travel agents once honored the Nevada Day Parade as, "the best 11 I III I I "Midway of Fun," the 23rd Annual World Championship Single permanent three day weekend throughout the state to allow all | Jack Drilling contest, the 1864 Grand Ball, the Warren Engine Nevadans the opportunity to participate. 1 Company No. t water fights and a presentation of the famed Nevada "The celebration belongs to the entire state," said Blanchard. I State Railroad Museum, "Steam Up." "'We would like to be able to enjoy the admission day celebration I Governor Bob Miller will be hosting an open house at the every year." l I