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October 30, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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October 30, 1997

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Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, October 30, 1997 AA3 ) TVData Promised Land "Saint Diagnosis Murder A mysterious plane crash is linked O KTVN Russell" (in Stereo)  to the Russian mafia and a missing nuclear bomb. O KVBC News  NBC News News  Jeopardy! Wheel of Real TV (In Friends (In Union Seinfeld (In Veronica's ER "Good Touch, Bad Fortune  Stereo)  Stereo)  Square  Stereo) 3E Closet  ]Touch" (In Stereo) Friends (In Union Seinfeld (In Veronica's ER "Good Touch, Bad News Tonight Show (tn Stereo) Jenny Jones Weight-loss Paid O WDIV Stereo)  'Square [] Stereo) [] Closet [] Touch" (In Stereo) []  make-overs. (in Stereo)  Program O KRNV News  NBC News News [] Ent. Hard Copy Inside Friends (In Union Seinfeld (In Veronica's ER "Good Touch. Bad Tonight  Edition  Stereo)  Square lr Stereo)  Closet  Touch" (In Stereo) [] Late Show (in Stereo)  Late Late Show Comic Bill Maher, Mills Lane. [] News[] Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Latar(In Stereo) Late Night (in Stereo)  Later (In Leeza (tn Stereo) NBC News Stereo) [] NighteJde News [ Tonight Show (tn Stereo) i Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later (tn Stereo) Boy Meets Mad About Extra (In Hard Copy Simpsons Simpsons Living Between Video Justice: Crime Star Trek: Deep Space Vibe Music performance .ccess Extra (in Psi-Factor: Chronicles of (1 KVVU World  You [] Stereo) []  (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Single [] Brothers [] Caught on Tape 2  Nine "Favor the 8old" [] by Boyz It Men. Hollywood Stereo) [] the Paranormal [] Kratta' Science Mr. Bean Business Newshour With Jim Elmo Says Boo Elmo Mystery! "Hetty Classical Visions (I,1 Chadie Ross (in Stereo) Great Railwa t Journeys Mystery! "Hetty I KNPB Creatures iGuy Report Lahrer [] visits the Count's castle. [] Wainthropp Investigates" Stereo) (R) (In Stereo) [] Wainthropp Investigates" Movie: ,1/2 "Village of the Damned" (i995) Evil 20/20 A report on colon Detroit INews Nightiine [] Inside American Politically Arthel & Fred Dick Clark View [] ABC World O WXYZ children use mind control over a small town's adults. [] cancer. [] United I IEdition C Journal  ncorrect [] Rock-II News Now (G) KOLO News News ABC Wld News Jeopardy! Wheel of Movie: ,'/2 "Village of the Damned" (1995) Evil 20/20 A report on colon News Nightiine [] Politically Martha Gayle King Paid News [] Fortune []. children use mind control over a small town's adults. [] cancer. [] Incorrect [] Stewart (In Stereo) Program ) KLAS News [] CBS News News [] News [] Ent. Inside Promised Land "Saint Diagnosis Murder A mysterious plane crash is linked News [] Late Show (In Stereo)  Pictionary Late Late Show Comic Tonight Edition .T. Russell" (in Stereo) .. to the Russian mafia and a missing nuclear bomb. [] Bill Maher. Mills Lane. Promised Land "Saint Diagnosis Murder A mysterious plane crash is linked News Late Show (In Stereo) [] Q) rroc Russell" (In Stereo) [] to the Russian mafia and a missing nudaa bomb. [] rd Copy Late Late Show Comic CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) This Bill Maher, Mills Lane. [] Morning's Nightiine  IPoiitically Geraldo Rivers Drug News (R) [] (] KTNV News  ABC Wid News [] News .. Home Home Movie:,  "Village of the Damned" {1995) Evil 20/20 A report on colon News [] l [Incorrect [] ]addicted women. : News Improve. Improve. children use mind control over a small town's adults.  cancer. [] City Going' Up Myeteryl "Hetty  Manflo:The Chadie Rose (In Stereo) Stephen Hewldng's Nova "The Proof" (In Instructional Programming Girls in the (gD WNET Election (R) Wainthropp Investigates"  . Universe (R) [] Stereo) [] Middle Rossanne 'Uving Grace Rossanne Home HO Earth: Final Conflict Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Star Trek: Deep Space Kesnen Ivory Wayans Extra (In Strange Paid Paid ) KAME ]n Stereo) Sine [] Under Fire (in Stereo) Improve. Improve. "Avatar" (In Stereo) "Broken Play'' (In Stereo) Nine "Destiny" (In Stereo) Actor Damon Wayans. Stereo) [] Universe Program Program Fresh Reseanne Grace Grace Seinfeld (in Frasier (In Movie: *** "Arachnophobia" (1990) Jeff Daniels. Cheers [] Cheers [] Keenen Ivory Wayans Police Academy- The Martin (in Strange g} KRLR Prince (In Stereo) Under Fire Under Fire Stereo) [] Stereo) [] An army of lethal arachnids descends on a community. Actor Damon Wayans. Series "Mummy Dearest" Stereo) [] Universe Yankee This Old Backstage Mysteryl "Hetty New Red Yankee This Old Practice! Backstage Mystery! "Hetty Charlie Rose (in Stereo) Business- Business- ) WTVS shop Hom[= Pus SI ...... Law Law Wainthropp Investigates"  Green r Jshap House [] Pass (R) Walnthropp Investigates" (4:00) ,},vie: "Dr. Movie:'**Y2 "The Beast From 20,000 Movie: ,,Vz "The Giant Behemoth" Movie: ,.P, "Gorgn" (1961, Science Movie: "Kronos" (1957) An alien robot Movie: ,t/z "Tubor the Great" (1954, Movie: ** AMC Terror s House" Fathoms" (1953) Paul Christian. [] (1959, Science Fiction) Gane Evans. Fict) Sil Travers. William Sylvester. is intent on absorbing Earth's energy. Science Fiction) Charles Drake. "The Mask" DSC Et ENC FAN INC KMGH Biography "Gary Gilmore: Sea Tales "Blackbesrd's Unexplained "Allen A&E A Fight to Die" (R) Reif of Terror" Abductions" Prime News Burden of Lany King Live [] World Today [] CNN [] Prod (R) [] I00MO COM vuio newcomer dashes with the country club set. Lewis Travelers "Pumpkin Kmge "Strange Planes" Gimps Shelter Festival: Bamesville, Ohio" 'The Pushers" (R) Newshour With Jim KRMA Lahror [] News  Ent. KUSA Ton!ght Living Home KWGN Si,n [] Improve., Medical Without LEARN Detectives Warnin 9 Gold#n Golden UFE Gids [] Gide [] L.aw&Order"Sssd"[] MAX MTV NASH NICK Deity Show Stain's Money Wild Discovery "Wolverine" (R) Biography "Gary Gilmore: Sea Tales "Btackbeard's Unexplained "Alien Law & Order "Seed" [] Movie: *** "The Cotton A Fight to Die" (R) Reign of Terror" (R) Abductions" (R) Club" (1984 Niwndght Ishowbiz Burden of  Larry King Uve (R) [] Crussfire CNN/SPOrta Intama- Newsroom Saturday Night Uve [] Unauthor- Datiyshow Movie:,Y="BiglnooCaulpus"(1989,Comedy)APatd Paid ized (R) psolo(p/student studies a troi,Llik e campus dweller. Program rogram Into the Movie Wings "Eagles of the Justice Files "Psycho Wild Discovery Into the Movie Unknown .Mic (R) Crown""Rapid Reaction" Killers" (R) "Wolverine" (R) Unknown Magic (R) Uncut (R) [Behind the iews Daily Gusdp IMndel (R) Wodd's Best Casinos (R) News Daily (R) Talk Soup Night Stand Howard Howard Melrose Place "And Talk Soup Night Stand [Scenes (R) I Stern Stern (R) Justice for None" (R) Movie:, "The House on Skull Movie: *** "The Shining" (1980, Horror) Jack Nicholson. A Movie: *** "Ghost Story" (198t) Fred Astaire. A Movie: **** "The Big Chill" (1983) Tom Beren,r. Movie: * "The House on Mountain" (1974) Victor French. 'PG' haunted hotel affects a couple and their psychic child. 'R' woman's spirit seeks retribution for her untimely death. A funeral reunites college friends from the 1960s. 'R' Skull Mountain" (1974 ) Up Close ]Coflp Football: North caroline at : (R) IGeia Tech. (R) Bonanza:  Lost ISUlx, rstars and Their Wailons "The Actress" Rescue 911 (In Stereo) [] Movie: "Crocodile' Dundee" (1986) An Australian 700 Club ;Three Stooges ]Paid Paid Epi. iMom (R) hunting legend braves the wilds Of Manhattan. IProam Program CBS News News [] Promised Land "Saint Diagnosis Murder A mysterious plane crash is linked News  Late Show (in Stereo) [] Late Late Show Comic News (R) CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) Russell" (In Stereo) [] to the Russian mafia and a missing nuclear bomb. [] Bill Maher, Mills Lane. ]] Jeopardyl Wheel of Movie:, V "Village of the Damned" (1995) Evi/ 20/20 A report on colon News r Nightiine [] Politically Inside American View [] People's Court (R) {in ABC World Fortune [] children use mind control over a small town's adults. [] cancer. [] Incorrect [] Edition [] Journal [] Stereo) [] ]News Now Dieover America: The Mysteryl "Hetty Gar oyies" Guardians of Keeping Up Being Chadie Rose (In Stereo) I, Claudius Discovering Discovering Dealing With Diversity !Western States Wainthropp investigates" the  " Served Psychology Psychology Age issues, I00o. IChee,,0000n Late Night lin Stereo/[] La00l00n ,=,00orne 00a(in NBCN00, !Friend=Stereo) [](In ISq um  Stereo)Setnfdd(In [clesat]Vernica's[] Touch"ER "Good(in Touch,stereo)Bad[] News [] onight Show (In Stereo) ]Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Nightaide Movie: ** "Taking Care of Business" (1990) An News (in Stereo) [] Star Trek: The Next Star Trek: Deep Space Martin (in GriffitAndYh Honey- Honey- Hogan'a News (R) (In ex- assumes the identit r of an ad executive, Ganarati ,Devil's Due" N'Uttle Green Men" [] Stereo) [] " ' mooners [] rnooners [ Heroes Stereo Qu '? ;lUest(R) NeuntingsAtros= Modini, [Without. 'Quest - "]Q(R) NeuntingsAcroes Home f Home Paid IPaid  Paid  :;Paid '''' "Boot"(R) America(R) Detectives ,Wami(R)"(R)] /er(R) Aain(R) Again(R)Program jPrram. Pagl'am Program Suparmar- Debt Intimate Portrait "Anna Unsolved Mysteries (In Movie: "The Haunting of Liss" (1996) A mother Homicide: Life on the Unsolved Mysteries (In Sisters "Sleepless in ket Sweep Rice" (R) (In Stereo) [] Stereo) seeks to unravel her daughter's psychic visions. [] Street (In St reD) [] Stereo) Winnetka" (In Stereo) [] Movie: *** "Surviving Picesso" 0998) 'R' [] {4:00) Movie Movie: *** "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" (1989) Movie: ** "The Presidio" (1988) Sean Coonery. An Movie: ,, Y "The Return of the Uving Movie: ** "Ricochet" (1991. Indy's hont for his missing father leads to the Holy Grail. 'PG-13' [] Army provost helps solve the murder Of a guard." 'H' [] Dead" (1985, Horror) Clu Gulager. 'R' Suspense) Denzel Washington. 'R' [] Bnavis and Beavis and Sports & IRock N Jock B-Ball Jam (R) (In Stereo) Oddville, Loveline Nadia Dejani. (R) lSingled Out Mottrock Daily (in Stereo) MTV Live (R) (In Stereo) After Hours (in Stereo) Butt-head Butt-head Music I MTV (n Stereo) I(in Stereo) hempR0deo Prime Time Country (In Todey'sCauntry(In Dallas "Out of the Fryin9 Dukes of Hazzard "Dead Prime Time Country (R) Today's Country (R) (in (OffAir) Br0nc and bulldd Stereo) [] Stereo) Pan" (in Stereo) and Alive" (In Stereo) (In Stereo) [] Stereo) PS SClFI TBN GearlusSt 2032 "Weapons f War" (in Stereo) [] Movie: ,/z "To Die For" (1989) Brandan Hughes. An Time Trax "The Dream ancient enemy vows to kill a vampire's new bride. Team" (R) (In Stereo) [] I Addoms , iMory Tyle r "Haunted"Happy Days Muneters AddamsFamily Odd Couple DykeDick Van Newhart [] Happy Days Family IMoora Pro VUl  Cuei s= This Week hi NASCAR Motomporta H0ur (R)  ..... of,, (R) ,, , , : Of wSlUeSt 2032 "Weapons Movie: , "To Die For" (1989) Brandan Hughes. An Boris Karloff Presents Paid Paid at" (in Stereo) [] ancient enemy vows to kilt a vampire's new bride. Thriller Program Program R. laenny Hinn Intelligence Mario Praise the Lord Wilkersoo [ Briefing Murillo TBS TCM TNT USA WGN HBO DSN (4:30) Movie: "The Patlffinder" (1996, Movie: ** "Moatllls Pert lr' (1984, Movie: *** "The Shining" (1980. Horror) Jack Nioholsm. A Pick.A41ick Votes from viewers determine which SHOW Drama) Kevin Difion. (in Stereo) 'PG.13' Comedy) Richard Mulligan. 'PG' aunted hotel affects a couple and their psychic child. 'R' popular film will receive an encore presentation. Movie: ** "The Run of the Country" (1995) Moert Movie: *** "The American President" (1995) A Movie: ** "Striptease" (1996) Demi Moore. A Miami Movie: *'/r*, "Nosferatu the TMC Finney.Atean-agelnshrunawaydiscoversfirstiove. U,S.presidentrlskshlspoliticalfutureforiove.'PG.13' mother beoornes a st,'ipper to ralse some quick cash. Vampyre"(1979)KieusKinski.'PG' Mavie:,"MoximumOverddve"(1986,Horror)A Mo'Ae:*"GraveyerdShlft"(1990,Horror)Late-night Movie: ** "Silver Buliet" (1985, Horror) Gary Busey. Movie: * "Maximum Overddve" (1986, Horror)A IBeveriy ILaverne& ,'omel'steilbringslnaateoteotstoviotente. Kkers lind herru in a textile mifl basement. A boy and hie uncle ge alter a bloodthirsty werewolt comet's tail brings inanimate oh]sots to violent life. ] Hillhillies [] JShlrtay Movie: *** "The Girl of the Golden West" (1938, Movie: ** "The Shopworn Anger' (1938, Drama) Movie: *,/dr "Too Hot to Handle" (1938) Clark Gable. Movie: ** "Stronger Than Desire" Movie: , "Kiss Me.Again" (1931, Musical) Nelson Eddy, Jeanette MacDonald. n antertaer shows a naive soldier the time of his life. Rival newsreel photoQraphers assist an aviatrix. (1939, Drama) Walter Pidgeon. Comedy) Walter Pldgeon, Bernice Clak. Movie: *P/r "1he Horse Soldiers" (1959, Adventure) John Wayne. IHo.gh cut Movie: *** "Two Mules for Sister Sara" (1970, Western) Clint IRo.gh Cut Movie:**"Deadly F ond"(1986 Horror) A bra": ' . " - AUnionoffioerieadsemissiontodastroyandepot. I(,nStereo) Eastwood.Agunsliogerhelpsawhiskey-,illingnreachMex. ](inStereo)deadpatientise-narioomputerizedme.ntelunit, n Movie: *h"The Monster , Club" (1981) Walker, Texas Ranger Movie: , "Lionheart" (1990, A(k'eoture) An AWOL Silk Stalking= "Crush" (R) La Rmme Nikita Magnum, P.I. "Thicker Movie: *** "Superman Ir' (1980, Fantasy) Christopher Reave. IFacts of "The Retum of LaRue" [] legionnaire hecornas a modem Jladiator in New York. (In Stereo) [] "Choice" (R) (In Stereo) [] ThanBioed"r Thres criminals from Krypton take over the United Staies, [] ILite Movie: ** "Rre Bird=" (1990) Nicolas Cage. A pilot Simon & Simon "Love Paid Paid trains to battle South American ,,,,, desJers. Mews (In Stereo) [] Beverly Hilta, 90210 in the Neat of the Night Columbo Columbo journays to London to observe = ==.,../,,,-. :r_.+l=l,, F Movie: * "Ladybugs" (tgo,., Comedy) A girls soccer Mavi .t* "Top Gun" (t986) Tom Cruise. Navy Movie: "Acts nf Betrayai"1997) Maria Perversions ..... ;{InStereo) Arlies(In Movle:**"TheDentlst"(1996.Horror) coach devisss a davious way to rack up wins. 'PG-13'  iote take to the skies to compete for h hoors. 'PG' CochitaAloeso.(inStereo)'ag'[] of Sdence Stereo)[] 3orbinBemsen.(inStereo)'R'[] Dinosaurs Growing Ipnso Brotherly (R),SOObY Doo Moats the Boo Brothers Movie: "Su. O" (13. Fantasy) Movie: ** "The Watcher in the Movie: **** "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" (1977) A [] Pains [] Love [] Justin Whale. (In Stereo) 'PG' [] Woods" (1980) Detta Davis. 'PG' [] lineman's obsession with UFOs leads him to Wyoming. 'PG' [] Movie: ** Lord oflllu=dons' (1995, Horror) Scott Bakula. (In Stereo) 'R' Roger Corman Presents "Hailfire" (R) (in Stereo) I I I $25 for 5Z weeks (mail deliveries West of Mis,00ssippi) Pa.l's, ru, mls 'g'&lley &zet,o $t0 f0r52 (mail del00e00es Nt o00Mis00ssippO Name for 5Z (ouNde oJ condnental Address City. State Zip. Phone Clip and mail this to: Paheua'np Vnlley luette P,O, Box 97795,/.as Vegas, NV 89193 II I