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October 30, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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October 30, 1997

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Letters to the Editor Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, October 30, 1997 11 Halloween Safe Night Again this year, Kiwanis is coordinating the advertising and organization of Halloween Safe Night. However, the student groups from our schools and other student activities within our valley are doing the work and will be reaping the rewards by making money for their various projects. Please support them in their endeavors to provide our kids with a safe place to celebrate Halloween. The student representatives of the various youth groups throughout the Pahrump Valley community are asking for your assistance in making donations of cash or candy for Halloween Safe Night which will be Friday, October 31 at the Bob Ruud Community Center from 3-10 p.m.. Donations of money should be in the form of a check made out to Kiwanis, so the students are not responsible for han- dling cash. These checks will then be cashed and the money used to buy candy and "trick or treat" bags. If your donation is candy, tell the students and a representative will be around to your location on October 27 or 28 to pick up your contri- bution. We wish to thank you in advance for your assistance in helping us make this a safe and fun Halloween for the kids of Pahrump Valley and surrounding areas. We would also like to invite you to the Safe Night on Halloween see what a good time the kids have and just how your contribution is being used. Kiwanis Club of Pahrump Valley Judith L. Vianna, secretary Freedom of choice One of the better parts of being an adult and having my own business is freedom of choice. In the recent debate regarding animal control, I chose to petition against the new ordinance for lots of reasons. Mine was one of the many stores where you could stop in and sign against it. About two and a half weeks ago a man came in and asked if he could have a blank of our sign sheet. When I asked "why?" he said he wanted to collect signatures so I gave him one. On Monday this same person who never identified himself came in again and still had the blank sheet. I started to explain that the ordinance had already been defeated and he (still unidentified) started out by telling me how "stupid" me and the rest of the Pahrumpians are. What iusued from this wasn't one oftbe finest hours in my store. I told him several rasons I was against the ordinance. Agreed, the animal control is necessary as a town such as ours grows, but that whether Nye County liked it or not, we are still part of the U.S. and the constitution still applies. Then he asked if I ever knew what was in the constitution and if I could read. He was carrying around copies of articles of the constitution. At that point I mentioned I might not be the brightest bulb on the porch but I can read. I am an American and I own my own business and I wanted him to get out. And just who was he anyway? He then identified himself as the author of the nightmare ordinance. And he wouldn't leave until he found out just what it was I objected to so strongly. And didn't I think it was my respon- sibility to support the animal control as a citizen of Pahrump? Many words led to many more in which I told him to leave my store. After asking him why he hadn't identified himself when he asked me for the petition sheet and had lied as to why he wanted it, he had no answer. I have been a resident here for nearly 20 years and have been in business for nearly three. During that time I've watched alot of changes in our town, not always to my liking and when I have something to say, I usually say it. But I always make sure people want my opinion and know who I am. Clark Wheeler, to my understanding, is not a vet and has no training as such. He is also not lawyer. He must, however, be hard of hearing or not understand English because after I told him to leave, he continued to stand in my store and tell me how stupid I was for not supporting his ordinance. Pahrump may need a lot of things but I do not believe he is one of them. His last remark was he would never come in again and I asked him if it always took that long to get the message. Helen Tucek Pahrump $1,600 impact fee (tax) It was suggested at the last Nye County Board of Commis- sioners meeting that the public should let their feelings be known regarding the proposed $1,600 impact fee (tax) for the school funds. When my wife and I decided to retire in Pahrump, it seemed to us an ideal place because of the low property taxes. This is fast becoming history because there is always some- one or some group with a pet project or scheme that urgently needs taxpayer support. I listened to the superintendent of schools pleading for more tax money. It seemed to me yet another scheme to raise taxes. In five years my property taxes have more than tripled and the new home I just built is twice what I had to pay in California. Keep in mind in California we had all the bells and whistles. In Pahrump we have the barest of bare bone ser- vices. I knew this when I bought here. But, now we have the high taxes without the services. It is time to call a halt to all these tax schemes. The majority of voters voted against incorporation, the library bond, and the museum bond because we cannot afford the raise in taxes they would have caused. If these same voters are given the opportunity to vote on this impact fee (tax), which would be levied on new home construction, mobile or manufactured homes that are set up, and each apartment suite in new complexes, it would he defeated. If the voters approve it, so be it. I pay over $500 a year just in school taxes. All new construction already generates large amounts of income for the schools. With all this new construction the school fund continues to grow to sufficiently finance the schools without the impact fee (tax). Many, many of the people moving to this valley are retirees and will have no impact on the school system, but will still be required to pay an impact fee (tax). According to a recent report in the newspapers, this year there has been a decline in growth and school enrollment. Do we really need a new $15,000,000 high school? Instead of raising taxes we need a full accounting of how our school tax dollars ar8 being spent. How was this $1,600 impact fee (tax) determined? As unfair as taxes are, at least they are based on some kind of reasoning such as value of property. The school system in this country is probably one of the most wasteful systems in government. My wife retired from a school district where she worked in the finance department. One of her jobs was to inform all department heads when there were funds remaining in their budget at the end of the school year. These funds had to bc spent to receive the full budget amount for the next school year. In all government agencies the term is, "use it or lose it," needed or not. Three of our county commissioners are against most of the tax schemes that originate in Pahrump. For example, incorpo- ration, a building department, zoning, and now the $1,600 impact fee (tax). This week an impact fee (tax) for schools. Next week what? Foye Crooks PahrumD Repealamend land division moratorium ruling The Nye County Commissioners on, Wednesday, October 23, passed a nine month moratorium on all land divisions within the Pahrump Regional Planning District. This morato- rium is to become effective on December 1, 1997, and last at least until August 1, 1998, but may be extended. This was agendized by Planning Director Ron Williams who cited that his request was based on public safety and health reasons. He made reference to the water supply and possible contamina- tion. None of these "health and safety" issues have been, or can be, proven or substantiated by anyone. It was the public's understanding that everyone would have at least until January 17, 1998, when the Interim Land Division Policy would expire, which is what had been previ- ously agreed to. A request for an action decision to either repeal or amend this moratorium ruling was agendized for this next County Commissioner's meeting. This meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday, November 4 in Tonopah at the County Building on Radar Street. This meeting has been called in order to gather support to have the county commissioners either repeal in its entirety, or amend the start date of this moratorium to January 17, 1998. A repeal or amendment is still a possibility at this time, and is certainly a more financial and economical alternative than litigation. Please let others know about this meeting and be there in support. We will also be asking people to travel to Tonopah for the commissioner's meeting on November 4. If you are not available to attend either this meeting or the one in Tonopah please send us a letter/fax to show your support. The more letters/faxes people we have to support this, the better our chances. For more information or to help: Lisa Mendel (727-4506) Ron Murphy (727-6090) Ed Hensley (751-2113) Fax: (727-7450) Water rate increase After attending the consumers meeting on Tuesday, Octo- ber 28 regarding the water rate increase by Desert Utilities, I noticed there was not one of our town board members or town officials present to speak out against the proposed 731.60 percent increase in the water rate for Simkins Park. This increase, if passed, will affect all taxpayers. That evening, we attended the Town Board meeting, where it was on the agenda to rename Simkins Park. They voted to have a contest to pick a new name. It was also mentioned that the park should not be named after someone still living. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. That land was dedicated to this town by Mr. Paul Simkins before he passed away to be used as a park. why would there be any question in anyone's mind to name it anything but "Simkins Park." Mr. Simkin's family was one of the early developers in this valley, and I would think that would have some historical value to the people that live here. Sue BeHemore Pahrump Thanks to Cancer Thrift We at the Family Resource Center would like to thank everyone at the Cancer Thrift for everything they have done for us. They have helped us with many things ranging from clothes to medical supplies, whenever we have needed their help, they have been very supportive of our needs. So we at the Family Resource Center would like to take the time to say thank you to everyone there from all of us. Laurie Rogers Pahrump Family Resource Center Rock Return requested I need your help in finding a special rock. I purchased this at the auction in Quartzite, Ariz. five years ago and it has traveled with me ever since until it was taken from my yard this summer, along with other rocks. The approximate size is eight inches long, three to four inches deep at base, and eight inches high. This is a picture rock with "giraffes" galloping across the front. Starting at the left, they are 1/4 inch high and at the right edge they are about one inch high. This is a tan and brown rock. Please return this to me in the silver trailer house at 4951 Pahrump Valley Boulevard. Leave it day or night and no questions asked. Mac Ondracek Pahrump Twas the night before T'was the night before Christmas and all through the house... Yes, it's time again to ask for your continued support of mar annual Christmas party for ,the children, also the annual Easter Egg Hunt. Every year the children of our community look forward to visiting Santa and receiving a gift. For many this is the only brightness of the holiday season. Let's not disappoint them this year. All donations, large or small, are greatly appreciated. We try to spend $5 per girl, plus candy, popcorn, punch, cookies, etc. and of course the gift wrap. This is really not too much to spend on bringing happiness to approximately 550 children at Christmas. Just think of all the happy, smiling faces and dig deep. Your support is greatly needed. Thank you for your most generous past donations, they were greatly appreciated and the children thank you also. May god bless you, your families and businesses. Love of children is what it's all about In the spirit of Christmas, Janet R. Picketing Secretary Children's Community Service Organization Wander Cable I do not know if you are aware of the great asset you have in the crew (Dawn, Linda, B.J. and Wes) under your employ in our area of Tonopah. They certainly are polite, considerate and most helpful and at some times when I am sure it is most difficult, especially at the times when programming is not forthcoming. You should thank your lucky stars you have them. Zelinda K. Lang Tonopah Ed Note: This customer had trouble with her TV reception and chose this method to thank Wander Cable when they fixed the problem. . I The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727-5583. OID All opinions expressed on the letters page are those of the artist or author indicated. The Gazette reserves the right to edit all letters for length and flbel. Furthernmre, letters with names withheld will only be published if a legitimate fear of retriimtion exists.