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October 30, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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October 30, 1997

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8 Thursday, October 30, 1997 Pahrump Valley Gazette Fonlm Pahrump Housesitting Services We provide housesitting services while you are away from your home, We: f Check your house r Feed your animals .r Water your plants Whatever is needed, your house is in good hands 7 days a week Give us a Call 751-2159 Chinese Health Balls A perfect gift of well being. The W W bekved thlt Ch Heath IJs prom wew hs o body,nd  of tht sP- On tod,y by S check or ney Ord or $10 with your n, me& Acickeu to MSn Imlxm SFI67 N.  IIh Lu Yegi NV 89108 Pahramp Valley Insurance Life * Group * Medical 727-5700 Phone & Fax Roger W. Burnley C.L.U. eAHRUMp 00I.IGHTING *L/ght Fixtures *Ceiling tans "Lamps "Bulbs *Intercoms "Central Vats Op Mma. Tu lrrL 8: To 41,:80 861 8. Ig,mattge ltd. Phone: 781-81OO IraX: 751 -FAXX Golden Eagles % Children's Martial Arts [ - } Academy & Supply O4// m,/W, m,.  Pcrsm O" akt, so a,, la z m,,4,, Jw g-W "dgm ('/o) 7-96o9  8. 7,m, Au, aal no tldl )ut Esmeralda by Carol Sirnes PVG Staff Another nippy morning of around 20 degrees above at 6 a.m. This morning and of course the water in the birdbath was frozen. The cute little hummingbirds left a month ago so they should be in a warmer climate by now. Everyone is getting ready for the school carnival on Testing new European car On August 29, a group of test-drivers stopped in Goldfield at the Mozart on their lunch break, toured around town, then got back to business. Hermann-Josef Engler of the Research and Development Diesel Development 1 and Engine Components and Durability Company of Wolfsberg, Germany, was in charge of this project along with 25 drivers testing out two new, very small, box-shaped vehicles (about the size of the Volkswagon Beetle from years ago,) which are being made in Santa Rosa, Spain, for the Europeans and possibly American market. They are named the Volkswagen Polo and Volkswagon Golf. Their test run in the U.S. was from Phoenix, Ariz., to Las Vegas through Death Valley, (Goldfield) Tioga Pass and a return trip back to Phoenix. The passenger side of these cars were completely filled with all their electronic testing equipment and phones, these vehicles may get 60-70 miles per gallon of fuel. All were diesel, and half were stick-shift and half automatic. Writer's note: These are not for large families or a lot of groceries. Halloween dance The Student council of the Silver Peak Elementary School did a lot of work holding fund-raisers in the past few months and earned enough for their school Halloween Dance which was held the evening of October 24. School bus driver Jeanette Kunkel along with chaperone Starla Gumbmann took a dozen Goldfield Elementary students to join in the fun. School Board meeting The Esmeralda County School Board meets the third Tues- day of each month at 7 p.m., rotating with Fish Le Valley, Goldfield, and Silver Peak. City of Sparks declared "Nudear free zone" Editors Note: The next two articles deal with nuclear concerns throughout the country. Following on the heals of Reno's declaration of a Nuclear Free Zone (NF) last December, Sparks Council members and Mayor joined the worldwide Nuclear Free zone movement declaring Sparks a Nuclear Free Zone on May 12, 1997. According to Nuclear Free America, 'The grassroots NFZ movement challenges communities to debate and decide their own role in the spread of nuclear power and nuclear weapons production, independent of congress and the president. "The declaration ofa NFZ is a way for communities to say, 'not here' to the nuclear industry. It is an act of civic responsibility a refusal to dump waste on future generations. It is a decision to support the end of the global nuclear arms race and to replace nuclear power with conservation and renewable alternatives." Worldwide there are 4,600 communities that have declared themselves nuclear free zones. They encompass more than 25 percent of the worlds surface and 15 percent of its population. There are 26 NFZ nations, 19 of which enforce their prohibition. Over 50 percent of the population of Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan and Portugal live in these zones. Sparks status as a NFZ status will be unlikely to stop high- level nuclear wastes shipments coming through next spring, but it can lead to a shift in the U.S. nuclear waste management policy which focuses heavily on dumping high-level waste in Nevada. Joining this growing international movement is an important first step. As more and more communities.join in the movement, international nuclear policy will begin to shift. Sparks and Reno's declaration underscores Nevada AB 222, prohibiting the storage of high-level nuclear waste in Nevada and sends a clear message to Washington that we oppose interim storage as well as Yucca Mountain. In response to the transportation concerns of uhe massive ship- ping campaign that the interim storage legislation would entail, many municipalities, including Denver and Philadelphia, have declared themselves NF zones. Over 200 cities and counties and 70 Indian Nations (representing 20 million Americans) on nuclear waste transportation corridors have declared themselves ones. In addition to joining with other communities in the U.S. and 1420 E. Sgage Hifhw W 37 ,89O41 Y October 30, then yours truly will be attending the Death Valley Fall Festival in Shoshone this coming weekend. Should be a little wanner there but no matter what the weather, it's always great visiting with friends and acquain- tances you don't see too often, and see what sort of hand-crafts they have been working on all year. in the world to effect nuclear waste management, the resolutions passed by Reno and Sparks help to educate the public on the health and safety risks inherent in waste transportation. It can also focus attention on the foreign reactor spent fuel shipments coming through northern Nevada next spring. Passing these resolutions at the local government level may assist the state in getting funding to train and provide tools for emergency re- sponse to deal with the foreign reactor spent fuel shipments. Recent worldwide events suggest that the world is waking up from the insanity oftheNuclear Age. But we are still just rubbing our eyes. By stopping the production of nuclear materials that can be used to make nuclear weapons, we can begin to promote a more sustainable world. By joining the NFZ movement, the city of Sparks and local governments nationwide can make their mark in making the world a safer place for us, our children, and future generations to come. This artide was taken from thesummerissue of Cit/zen Alert Pubfication and written by M. Lee Dazey. Avoidable sources of radiation exposure Evidence continues to mount regarding the health effects of long-term, low-level exposure to radiation, and the prognosis is not encouraging. Credible evidence has shown that the hazards of chronic low-level exposure may he greater than those of a comparable, one time acute exposure. Figures as low as a few hundred millirems (mrem) per year above background levels have been cited as potentially causing significant health effects. But the good news is that some common sources of radiation exposure can be reduced, lessening the cumulative effect of those sources which are not so easily controlled. A good average figure for total radiation dose to the public in the United States, including such sources as natural back- ground radiation, heightened cosmic radiation due to airline travel, radioactive pollution of the environment, and medical exposures, is about 360 mrem per year. According to the U.S. Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 55 percent of that is due to radon gas. Radon is an odorless, colorless, radioactive gas caused by the decay of radium in the soil, which can build up in indoor air, causing lung cancer when breathed in over a long time. The amount of radon in the air varies widely by location due to differences in the soil composition, and the extent of the problem can vary from home to home, depending on the kind of construction and ventilation used. People occasionally talk about radiation exposure from building materials such as granite, but this is not usually significant. The average dose from the building materials in wood frame houses is about 10 mrem per year, while the average for masonry structures is about 13. A more serious threat from home construction has to do with site selection. For example, homes built on or near abandoned uranium mine or mine tailings (as happened in Mesa County, Colorado) can receive significantly heightened levels of both terrestial radia- tion and radon gas. Another source of radiation exposure, certainly the largest for many people, is medical diagnostics and treatment. This is a trade-off where the potential benefits can clearly outweighed the risks. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to find out if your doctor or dentist can suggest any alternatives that will not compromise your diagnosis or treaUnent. Another significant source of radiation exposure that many people overlook is tobacco smoke. Tobacco plants readily absorb lead 210 and polonium-210 from the soil, which is passed on to smokers when the leaves are hurned. Polonium is plentiful in the high-phosphate fertilizers used in modern agricultural production, and as a result, a pack-a-day smoker can subject the sensitive tissues of his or her lungs to an organ- specific dose of 16,000 mrems of alpha radiation per year. This represents an annual effective whole-body dose equivalent of 1900 mrem (more than five times the national average dose from all other sources combined) but the impact on the lungs is even more severe than a whole body dose of 1900 mrem would be. Researcbers are actively studying the link between lung cancer and the radiation in cigarettes, acting by itself or synergistically with the non-radioactive carcinogens in the smoke. This artide is taken from the summer issue 1997 of Citizens Alert Publications and written by James Quinn. , Cactus + for your I landscaping needs. Hours 97-5pm [ Wednesday - Saturdays ] 751-5750 3391 W. Fritz Lane.l