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October 23, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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October 23, 1997

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Chili competition winners were Third Place for $200 - Norm Gaul from Las Vegas, Second Place for $300 - Bob Dyer from California, and First Place for $500 went to Susie Baumberge from Las Vegas, winning with her "Fire in the Hole Chili" and qualifying for the Virgin River Cook-Off to take place in Mesquite, Nev. on June 6, 1987. All chili winners were given a cash prize and also received gifts purchased by Saddle West at Pahrump Valley Vineyards. Salsa competition winners were Third Place - Jim Watson from California, Second Place - Mike Ford from Orange County, Calif. and First Place with a cash prize went to Jim Harvey from Las Vegas. Tim Bassett with Karaoke Kountry won Mr. Hot Sauce and Eloise Seliga with No To Abuse took Miss Chili Pepper. There was also a Shoot and Holler compe- tition that made for a lot of tequila and loud noise. Saddle West would like to thank Gary and Dawn Nehf; Fred and Lea Wieland, our local chili experts for all their support and hard work, Pare Ross with Karoke Kountry for all the great entertainment and Lynda Roberts with No To Abuse for showcasing the beautiful horses, what a sight to see! Thanks to all who participated and helped make this an all around community event. Special thanks goes out to all the local businesses that contributed to the fund raiser for No To Abuse.'h was great see- ing them in their first Chili Competition. If you missed the Cook-Off festivities, we sure hope to see you next time. It turned out to be a great day and a lot of fun.