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October 23, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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October 23, 1997

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'NR'[] 'R' Nuke waste shipments through Northern Nevada WASHINGTON, D.C - United States Senator Richard Bryan (D-Nevada), has asked Department of Energy Secretary Federico Pena to delay the acceptance of foreign nuclear waste so decisions about transporting the waste through Northern Nevada on its way to Idaho can be given a new review and receive more public input. "I urge you to take immediate action to delay the acceptance of this foreign research reactor spent fuel in order to reopen your predecessor's Record of Decision and to consider alternate transpor- tation routes. The department needs to take action to allow addi- tional public meetings and public participation in the development of this policy, and to take into account the very significant concems raised by shipping this high level waste through California and northern Nevada." Bryan said in a letter to Secretary Pen& The waste is scheduled to be shipped as early as next year from Concord, Calif. to the Idaho National Energy Laboratory. The agree- ment to take the foreign nuclear waste dates back to a program created in the 1950s called Atoms for Peace. At that time, the United States loaned highly enriched uranium fuel rods to foreign countries to encourage the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. Decisions as to the routing of the waste shipments were made by Secretary Pena's predecessor Secretary Hazel O'Leary. "It has become increasingly clear that the department's consultation with local com- munities along the proposed routes, as well as the basis for choosing the proposed route through California and Nevada, has been inad- equate," Bryan's letter states. "The DOE's attitude toward these shipments is typical, everything's fine, there's nothing to worry about," Bryan said. "But to those who live along the proposed transportation route through northern Nevada, these words don't account for much. The DOE has done precious little in the way of preparing communities for shipments bfthe most dangerous substance known to man through their towns. Assur- ances that every- thing is perfecdy safe cannot begin to substitute for00u00 training and preparation in the event of an acci- dent."