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October 20, 2016     Pahrump Mirror
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October 20, 2016

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MIRROR - Thursday, October 20, 2016 17 Someone said to me the other day that we are, as a community and nation, angry. You don't have to look far to see this is true. While we do have a lot of great things to be happy about, it seems that most people are just focused on the bad. There is little trust in government at the fed- eral level and a lot of that has now spilled over into local government. I believe the last time this nation was so polar- ized we ended up in a Civil War. As for me, I still believe in the Republic that the founders set up. We, the people, do not run the government but it is run by people we elect. If we find that we can no lon- ger trust them or we do not like the way they are running the government, then we have the power to vote them out. We have a "few angry men" who show up at the commission meetings that seem to be constantly pissed off. They rail against government in all forms until they want something done. They shout about not wanting any planning or zoning and then they call for limits on new construction. They cry about losing our "rural" life and then complain because their road is not paved. Now I do understand the anger and frustration with national politics. Look at our choices for Presi- dent. A lifelong politician that has always dreamed of being President at any cost and a developer who is as angry as the rest of the population. Hillary recently wrote a book titled, Better To- gether. Funny though that it has been her party that has been dividing us for years and years. Have you ever filled out a government form that asks for race, ethnicity and all the other things that categorize us into neat boxes? I usually look for the box that says other then, I write in "human." We have been pitted against one another for so long we are now at a place where everyone feels isolated. Isolation brings fear and distrust and that has been the key to national politics for years. There is a song recorded by Noel Paul Stookey called, "The Means are the Ends." One of the lyrics i's, "You can separate the people by hunger, Separate the people by war. Try to heal the people with mon- ey, then you simply separate more." The point of the song is the common ground for us all is love. There is an old saying that goes, "Put one hundred people in a room. While they may not elect a leader, they will pick someone to hate." How true this is. Ramblings of a Madman by Dan Schinhofen 2016 We do seem to love to hate. But while we are wast- ing our time and energy on hate we miss opportuni- ties to accomplish good. I know that this one column will not fix the na- tional mood, but here locally I am hoping that anger will not be the driving force any more. Those you elected to do the business of government for you all live here in the same county and/or community as yourselves. While you may not like my given deci- sion we make please understand thatwhatever it is we have done can be undone. Eithe by the same board that enacted it or by the next qected board. Oh yeah, and anything we do enact ve also have to live with. Douglas Adams, one of my favorite writers, once wrote, "DON'T PANIC!" These are the words on the cover of his book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. One of the lines in that book is, "A man's got to know where his towel is." Whether it's a towel or something else that gives you Comfort, I think it is past time we gin down the anger and maybe, just maybe, we start to concen- trate on those things that unite us instead of always looking for what pisses us off. Instead of calling each other names like, "psycho- path" maybe we should get all the correct facts be- fore engaging in political dialogue. I gotta tell you that the other old phrase, "Life is too short," is also something that has been on my mind a lot lately. So let's all take a collective deep breath and look at this nation and our county with a new sense of hope. Of course, hope can be. the most dangerous of emotions if unfulfilled but still I would rather look for solutions than just rail against the machine. Oh yeah, and that machine is made up of people just like you and me. Those we elect are, "of the peo- ple." And yes, most of us understand we are doing this job, "for the people." While the answer to all our problems may not be that simple, I sure would like to see us try, at least, for more understanding and problem solving than to just live in constant anger and fear. Reacting out of fear never leads to a good result. Instead, let's make sure we are engaged in the voting process and get- ting people elected who think like we do. There are a lot more people who don't show up to these meetings than do, and that is why I do not get swayed just because a "few angry men" show up each week to call us names. Unfortunately, it seems that lifelong politicians care more about keeping their seats than they do about getting things done. If we can put aside the anger and work together to solve our problems then we might just might, see the anger dissipate and hope be rekindled. These may just be the Ramblings of a Madman. ul To the Editor: We citizens are in an unusual position as we ap- proach the presidential election. It seems to many that they should vote for the least objectionable can- didate or not vote at all. Stop and consider how a single result of this elec- tion may affect the life of our Republic. One candi- date plans to appoint strict constitutionalists to the Supreme Court. The other favors a court that will modify the way the Constitution is interpreted and will appoint Justices accordingly. There seems to be only one choice. If Donald Trump is elected and is judged to be unqualified, we, the people, can change that in four years. If Hillary Clinton is elected and it doesn't work out, we can also change it in four years. However, the damage that will have been inflicted upon our Republic will take decades to recover from! As always, the choice is ours! Robert L. I-Ieriza Baker City, OR Huge tax spike I've been re-reading the ballot measures and needed clarification of Nye County Question 1. Under the heading "A 'yes' vote would allow Nye County to... impose.., increases to the taxes.., in an amount not to exceed in each year a total of 7.8 per- cent for every gallon sold in Nye County..." Had me scratching my head. Could it be? So I called around and verified it, yup! I was right. HUGE TAX IN- CREASE!!!! This question allows the increase of a 7.8% tax EACH year and by the end of 10 years, if my math is correct, could add a 78% tax increase All opinions expressed in the Letters to the Editor page are those of the artist or writer indicated. The Mirror reserves the right to edit all letters for length and possible libel content. Those letters that do not carry the name of the writer will not be published unless a justified reason for withholding the name exists. to EACH gallon of gas you buy. Not something that makes me happy even if it all went for upkeep of our roads. I'm voting no. Butch Dole Pahrump