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October 9, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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October 9, 1997

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Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, October 9, 1997 AAU Kratts&apos; Science Mr. Bean O KNPB J Creatures Guy Spin City Dharma & Drew Carey O WXYZ (In Stereo) Greg  (In Stereo) News News ABG Wld O KOLO News O KLAS News  CBS News News 7 TVData News I News  JCBS News JNews  Real TV (in Cops (In Nanny (In Murphy Puldic Eye (in Stereo) Stereo)  Stereo) I Stereo)  BrOwn  sdChicagSurgery"Hi)e "Brain(in Stereo) New [] Late Show (in Stereo) [] Stereo)Late Late[] Shay ( News (R) r 8 KTVN I I Later (In League Baseball Playoffii: National League Championsttip Series Game 7 To Be Announced Movie: "Barman Returns" (1992) The Catwomsn and News [] Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late t (In Stereo) [] Stereo) [] O KVBC ..Teams to Be k'mounced. If necessary. (Live) g, the Penguin join forces against Barren. (In Stereo)  Program Later (In Leeza (in Stereo) NBG News !O WDIV ..MaJrTeamsLeagUeto Be BaseballAnnounced.Playoffs:If necessary.Natinal(Live)[]League Championship Series Game 7 News Tnight Show (In Stereo) Jennyy; Jones (In Stereo) Paid Late Night (in Stereo)  Stereo) : Nightside MujorLlgueBaeuballPieyoffil:NatlonalLeagueChampionshipSerlesGame7 Ent. HardCopy Muvie:"BatmanRetums"(t992)TheCatwomanand News ITonigit Show (in Stereo) Late Night (in Stereo) 3 Later(in O KR NV _ Teams to Be Announced. ff necessary. (Live) [] + Tonight  the Penguin join forces against Betman. (in Stereo)  I' Stereo) Major League Baseball Playoffs: American League simpeons Simpsons Beverly Hills, 90210 "The Party of Five "Zap" (In Fame L.k "Premiere" ; Vibe Access Extra (In F/X: The Series "Deep (1 KVVU Championship Series Game 6- Teams TBA (In Stereo) ( n Stereo) Right Thing" In Stereo)  Stereo) : Hollood Stereo)  Cover" Business Newshour With Jim Wishbone (In Stereo) 3 Great Performances "Carnegie Hall Foto- Chadie Rose (In Stereo) Crossroads rossroads Crossroads Crossroads Report Lehrer  Opening Night" (In Stereo) Novelas : Gale [] Care  Cafe [] Gate Ellen (In Primetime Uve [] News Nightline  Inside American Politically Arthel & Fred New Faith View .. ABC World News Now Stereo)  Edition  Joumal  Incorrect  (Joined in Pro Iress) Stereo) CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) News ] Nightline  Politically ]Geraido Rivera [] ncorrect [ News Jeopardy! Wheel of Spin City Dharma & Drew Carey Ellen (In Primetime Uve Fortune [] (In Stereo) Grog  (In Stereo) Stereo) News  EnL Inside Nanny (In Murphy Public Eye (In Stereo)  Chicago Hope"Brain Tonight Edition .. Stereo) r Brown  Salad Surgery" (In Stereo) Nanny (In Murphy Public Eye (In Stereo) r Chicago Hope "Brain News Late Sh (In Stereo) [ Hard Copy Late Late Show (In a) W3"OC Stereo) [] Brown [] Salad Surgery" (in Stereo) [] Stereo) KTNV NewsY: ABCWld News[] INews[] Home Home SpinCity )hanna& DrewCarey Bien(in PrimetimeUve lid News , Improve, Improve. (in Stereo) Grog [] (in Stereo) Stereo) () WNET Wishhone (in Stereo) [] GreetPerfomtances"CamogieHall Foto- Chartie Rose (in Stereo) The Windsors: A Royel Family (R) (in Stereo) (Part l InatructionaiPrngrsmming Opening Night" (In Ster. eo). Novshm [] of 2) re. Roseanne Living Roeeanne race Star Trek: Deep Spaos Sentinel "Inside Man" (In Star Trek: Voyager "The Keanon Ivory Wayane (in Vibe Extra (In Strange ) KAME (In Stereo) Single [] (in Stereo) Llnder Fire Nine (In Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Q and the Gray" (It) [] Stereo) Stereo) [] Universe News Nightline Politically Martha GayieKing Paid Incorrect  Stewart (In Stereo) Program News  Late Show (In Stereo)  IPictionary Late Late Show (In This Morning's News (R) Cosby Coshy Show[] Show[] Rose.anne Grnce race Sainfold(In Frasier(in Sontind"lnsideMan"(in Star Trek: Voyagor "The Cheers ICheers KeonenlvoryWayans(In Team Knight Rider Martin(In Dogeorgo (InStereo) LklderFire iUnderFire Stereo)re Stereo) Stereo)[] Q and the Gray" (R) [] I Stereo) Stereo)[ Home Wishbone (In Stereo) [] Great Performances "Carnegie Hall Foto-  Keeping Up Wishbone (In Stereo)  Great Performances "Carnegie Hall Foto- Chadie Rose (In Stereo) Something Something Opening Night" (In Stereo) Novetas [] Opening Night" (In Stereo) Novstae  Ventured Ventured !4:00) Movie: *** Remember IMovie: .P/r* "Cheape by the Dozen" Movie: *** "Spellbound" (1945) A rmpathetic Movie: *** "Cheepor by the Dozed' on of Zorro AMC 'Spel,:und" (1945) WENN [] 1(195o, Comedy) Clifton Webb, psychiatrist helps a troubled amnesia victim. (1950, Comedy) Clifton Webb. Bingraphy:LorattaLynn- AmerfcanJustice 201hCmtury"Oulbreak!: Law&Ordsr"BomBad" Biography: Leretta Lynn- Americen Justice (R) 20thDeatury"Outbreak!: Law&Ordsr"BomBed" Muvte:***"TheJoa A&E Coai Miner's Daughter fle New Plagues" [] Coal Miner's Deuter The New Plagues" (R)  Louis Story" (1953) CNN 3] Iproof (R) [] (R) [] Today [] Proof [] . . (R) [] tional [] Mavie:,"Tronie6-5000"(1985,C) SouthPaltltlk, MO Doily Show -. Stn'$ Saturday Night Uve [] SouthPark OailyShow Movte:**"DotaattveSchonlDropoute"(1986)A Paid Paid COM Two repoers r,astigata Frard(anstein sightins. [R) i- MOOaY (R) {R) penniless private eye tutors a deteofive.noVai kla. Program Program DSC Travelers "Atlanta" Wings "Sea Wings" Gimme Shelter Wild Dilovery "Together Dieonver Magazine Crash of TWA Flight 800- Justice Files "Parole" (R) They Stand" (R) "Aircrashes" (R) "Thunder From the Sea" The Stand' (R) "Aircra.ss" (R) Inveon Wild Dovery "Together Discover Magodne i= (R) IIMO (R) Ne,. IBehind the (RPmetea of lho lST0s News Daily (R) Talk Soup INkjht Stand HowsN Howard Melrose Place "Till Death Talk Soup Night Stand E! ISoanel (R) ] Stern Stem (R) De Us Part" [R) Boyle: *** "Four Friends" (t9811 Craig Wasson. Mavie: ** "Parw, ge of the Nerds" Movie:, "Going saff,'k" (1983, Bovie:** "The Sword aed the sucee+" (1982, Movie: **Vz "Sieves of New Yod" (1989) Besed on ENC our high-school friends come of age durin the 1960s. {1984, Comedy) Rdceit Carrndine. 'R' Comedy) Jn Candy. (in Stereo) 'R' Fantasy) Lee Horsley, Kathlean Belier. (In Stereo) 'R' Tama Janowitz's tale of aspig NewYork . 'R' :30).lABowli. Wonderfut Wodd of Golf ,. lEXtr  1, JNFL'ilRunn 9 : er (UPR)C   (R), ESPN  Challon. (Live) i ; . I I .... i ()  (R) Bonanza: The Lost Carol Carol aitons "The Boy Rom Rescue 911 (in Stereo)  Diagnosis Murder Hawaii F'ive-0 "Murder 700 Club Three Stooges Paid Paid FAM Episode= "Maestro Hose" Bumatt Bumatt ithe CCC" "Reunion With Murder' [] INiin a Golden Touch" [] Program Program Chicago Hope "Brain News ,, Late Show (In Stereo) [] Late Late show (In News (R) CBS Up to the Minute (Joined In Progress) KCNC CBS News News [] Stereo)NannY (In[] BrownMUrly[] Public Eye (in Stereo) [] Salad Surgery" (In Stereo) Stereo) KMGH Jeopardy! Wheel of Spin City Ohma & iDrew Carey IEtie  (in Pflmatime Live [] News  NighUine  I Politically Inside American View [] Peopte's Court (R) (in ABC W'odd Fortune[] (inStareo) Greg[] i(nstereo) IStmo)[] Incorrect [] Edition  Journal[] iStereo).[] NowsNow Nowshour With Jim Best of National Great Performances "Carnegie Hall Foto- lulberry Bairlg Chadle Rose (In Stereo) .aw for Life Planet Earth The last Earth Earth KRMA Lahrer  Geographic Opening Night" (In Stereo) Novelas  Served great frontier -- the ocean. Revealed ; Revealed Major League Baseball Playoffs: National League Championship Series Game 7 Cheers "1 Cheers (in News  Tonight Show (in Stereo) Cheers (in Late Night (In Stereo)  Later (In Extra (In Ent. NBC News KUSA -- Teams to Be Anncunced. If necessary, (Live)[]. n Sports" Stereo)   JStereo)  Stereo)  Stereo.)  Tonight Nightsids Uving Home Sister, Smart Guy Wayans Steve News (In Stereo)  Star Trek: The Next" Star Trek: Deep Space Martin (In Andy Honey- Honey. Hogen's News (R) (In KWGN Single  Improve. Sister . ( n Stereo) Bros. [] Harvey  Generation (In Stereo) . Nine"Family Business"  Stereo)  Gdffith mooners  mooners  Heroes Stereo) Wondersof SaaTek|l Rescue Squad: Rre end BlsstMaaters:The Wondersof SeaTektl Rescue Squad: Fire end Btast Masters: The Home Home Paid  Paid Paid Paid LEARN Weather (R) Water (R) Science of Expioaio,n (R) Weather (R) (R) Water (R) Science of Explosion (R) Again (R) Again (R) Program Program Program Program Golden l Golden Supertax- IDObl Intimate Portrait "Janet Unsolved Mysteries (in Movie: ** "Alex: The Life of a Child" (1986, Homicide: Life on the Unsolved Mysteries (In Sisters "Dear Georgie" (in UFE Girls [] !GiNs [] ket Sweep I Leigh" (R) (In Ste'reo) : Stereo) Drama) An 8-year-old gid bravely battles cystic fibrosis. Street'u's on First" [] Stereo) Stereo) [] (4:15) Movie: **;/z Movie: ** "Last of the Dogmen" (1995) A modem- Movie: *** "Forever Young" (1992) Mal Gibson. A Movie: ** "2 Days in the Valley" Movie: "An Occasional Hell" (1996) Tom Serenger. "It Lives MAX "Never Too Late" (1996) day trecker finds a long-lost band of Cheyenne+ 'PG' [] f930stestpilofawakensinmedem-dayAmerica.'PG' I1996Comedy-Drama)DennyAielo``RArmerprivateeyeishiredtndaprofessskier Again'."R' MTV Butt-hoed IButt-heed spot (in Stereo) (in Stereo) i++  (R) I IVides Lite aml Times of Buck Prime Time Count 11e Road (R) (in Stereo) ,ee "To Have and To DuofHazzard"Coy PrTimeDountry The Road (R) (in Stereo) (Otter) NASH Owens (R) (In Stereo) Beana Cader. (In Stereo) -tbld" (In Stereo) vs. Vance" (In Stereo) Deana Carter. (In Stereo) Hey Arnold! Wonder Wonder IWonder Wonder IWonde Wonder IWonder Wonder lOich Van Bob Rhoda Mary Tyler NICK (nStereo) Years Years[] lYre[] Years[] IYeare8 fear=[] IYear=[] yea.[] JOyke lewhart Moore[] PS This Week In NASCAR Rugby. Augta vs  Z From Maume, ...... .....  (R).'.+i Seaqest2032"Cheinsof Movie:**"Bloodlust:Subspa<:ieslll"(1983)A rlmeTrax"Selmals Iaque=2032"Che govie:**"Bloodluat:Subspeoiestil"(1993)A Paid IPaid Platdam Paid SCIFI Command" (In Stereo) [] +oman baffles a sadistic vampire for her sisters soul. Missing" (R) (In Stereo) ] lxmmand" (In Stereo) LIt, J +oman battles a sadistic vampire for her sistafs soul. Pr iProgram -'-r Program TBN Scenes [] Dollar Jr. Memories Impe Dupta-tie I I"-" Munroe Movte:**"HademNkjhta"(t989,Comedy.Drama)EdoleMurphy. Movie: ** "Above the Rim" (1994) Duane Martin. Movie: ,* "Which Way ls Up?" (1977, Commy) A i Movie: ** "Above the RIm" '(1994) Duane Martin+ Leveme& TBS Two 1930s nightclub owners turn the tables on a crime boss. Turmoil clouds the life of a talented young athlete, iruit picker skips town after becoming a labor advocate.  Turmoil clouds the life of a talented young athlete. Shidey Movie: ** "Embraceable You" (1948, Movie: **** ''The Search" (1948, Drama) An Movie: *** "Tarzan, the Ape Man" (1932) An Movie: ** ,Gid Happy" (1965, IMovie: ** "The Girl Who Had * "Girls On TCM Drama) Dane Clark, Geraldine Brooks. American so, tar befriends a 9.year-old homeless boy. expedit on encounters a savage raised by apes. Musical) Eivis Presiey, Shelley Fabares. IEverything" (1953) Elizabeth Taylor. Probation" Movie: ** "Uncommon Valor" (1983, Drama) A Movie: ** "Double Impact" (1991, Adventure) Jean-Claude Van Movie: ,/r* "Hamburger Hill" (1987, Drama) An Movie: ** "rhe Beastmoator" (1982, Fantasy) Marc Singer, Tanya TNT father goes after his son, who is missing in Vietnam: Damme. Twin brothers join forces against their parents' killers, airborne division must secure a vital military position. Robeds. An ancient warnor sets out to avenge his father's murder. Walker, Texas Ranger Movie: "Contagious" (1997) Undsay Wagner. Plane ;Silk Staikinga "Partners" Big Easy "The Black Bag" Magnum, P.I. "Don1 Eat Movie: "Contract for Murder" (1993) A detective Acepuico H,E.kT. "Code USA "The Lynching" (In Stereo) assangers fall victim to an outbreak of cholera. [] (In Stereo) (Part 2 of 2)  I(R) (In Stereo)  he Snow in Hawaii" [] matches wits wil a seductive murder suspect. Name: Easy Riders" Sister, Smart Guy /uyens Steve News (in Stereo) [] Beverly Hills, 90210 "One In the Heat of the Night Simon & Simon "Simon Paid Paid lHerculea: The Legendary Xena: Wart'!or Princess , WGN Sister[] (In Stereo) Bros.] Harvey[] Man aedaBeby", "No Other Road"[] and Simon Jr." Program ,Journeye (In Stereo)[] ,'The Furies (In Stereo),, Movie: ** "Weekend at Bernie's Ir' Movie: *** "Duneton Checks In" Movie: ** "Grumpier Old Men" IMovie: ** "The Dogfightera" (1996) Robert Devi, A Movie: *** "The Josephine Bake< Story" (1991, Mr. Show HBO [1993, Comedy) Andrew McCarthy. 'PG' [1996, Comedy) Jason Alexander. 'PG' (1995, Conedy) Jack Lammon. 'PG.13' Itormer Air Force pilot must ext a nuclear threat. Drama) Lynn Whitaid. (in Stereo) 'R' [] (in Stereo) Dinosaurs ]Growing IGrowlng Brotherly IMovie:"BrothorsoftheFrontief' Movie: ** "Homeward Bound ll: Movie: ** "The Raturn of the Shaggy Movie: "Brothers of tho Frontier" Movie: ** "A Wedding DSN : IPains  IPains Love  1(1996, Adventure) Joey Lawrence. [] Lost in San Frandsco" (1996)'G'r Dog" (1987, Comedy) Gary Kmeger.  f998, Adventure) Jney Lawrence.  Ion Waiton's Mountain" + {4:30) Movie: *** "Top Gun" (1986, Muvte: , "Modem Probiems" (1981, Movie: *** "Get Shorty" (1995) A sly hoodlum DeadMun's Deed Man's Gun one Deed Man's lFaat Track A doctor is Movin:,'h"Thescarlet SHOW Drama) Tom Cruse. (In Stereo) 'PG' [] Comedy) Chevy Chase+ 'PG' conspiras to break inte the mcie business. 'R' [] Gun(R) man's fransformation. (R) Gun(R) Jjoinedbyhisfaber.(R) Lettaf'(1995)'R'[] (3:40) MOVIe Movie: ,'/ "Race the Sun" (1996, Movie: *** "Kansas City" (1996) A Depression-era Movie: ** "Original Gangstas" (1996, MoVIe: ,/z "Barb Wire" (1996, Adventure) A beautiful Movie: ** "Body Chemistry 4: Ful! TMC ]Drama) Ha!le BerP/. (In Stereo) 'PG'[] woman kidnaps a political adviser's wife. 'R'  Drama) Fred Willlamson. (In Stereo) 'R' bounty hunter must choose sides in a civi! war. 'R' [] Exposure" (1995) shannon Tweed. + R' Fresh KRLR Prince WTVS $Z5 for 5Z weeks deliveries West of Mississipp00 $30 for SZ weeks (mail deliveries East of Mis00z00'zppi) State Address C00ty Zip Phone $35 for 52 (out, de of con0000ntal Clip and mail this to: P00a, ump 'Udley |nze00t,e P.O, Box 97795, 00/.as Vegas, NV 89193