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October 2, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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October 2, 1997

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12 Thursday, October 2, 1997 Pahrump Valley Gazette Service Forum Pahrump Housesitting Services We provide housesitting services while you are away from your home. f We: ,at Check your house ,,,l r Feed your animals .,,.. ,a. Water your plants  " Whatever is needed, your house is in good hands 7 days a week Give us aCall 751-2159 Chinese Health Balls A perfect gift of well being. The lmcicnt Mmclulns believed that Chincse  ldls Pahramp Valley Insurance Life Group Medical 727-5700 Phone & Fax Roger W. Burnley C.L.U. *Light Fixtures *Ceiling Fans *Lamps *Bulbs *Intercoms *Central Vacs Open Mort. Thrl FrL 8:30 To 4:80 Ho]nood Ptua 381 S. lqrontage Rd. Phone: 751-8200 Fax: 78 I-FAXX ,3rowth, progress and 3rd grade math Any economic system based on growth is doomed to failure over the long-term. This is a truth that is so self evident that large sums of money, manpower, time and energy are continuously spent to keep you from realizing this fact. The driving force behind the lie is human greed and all who participate, whetberknowingly or unknowingly, exacerbate and add to the sum of the prob- lem. The vast majority of the populace is ignorant of the ex- tensivepropagandathat is spoon fed to them on an ongoing basis in order to maintain that igno- rance. The words "growth" and "progress" are frequently inter- changed with each other in a synonymous manner and the listener or reader is led to believe that this is a complimentary, somehow good thing, that is unstoppable in a linear time frame if a society is to remain economically viable and continue to prosper. The truth that a cancer progresses as it grows is a subject that is not addressed. But just as money that is invested in a manner that will assure 10 percent per annum rate of return will double in a little less than seven and a half years, so too will a population. The problem is, that although throughout history considerable fortunes can and have been built up over considerable lengths of time using this method, each and every time that a population base has been allowed to grow unrestrained it has ended in abject failure with accompanying horrors that are not pleasant to contemplate. Although we have all of history to learn from the insatiable greed of most of mankind, when placed in a position of unre- strained power, has proven time and again that those in such a position are more than willing, even eager, to sacrifice the good of the whole in order to consolidate and amplify their advantage. As one example of multitudes I could choose from consider the fate of Calcutta, India. The failure of that metropolitan area to sustain a rate of growth that would allow its citizens to prosper and maintain any semblance of a quality of life broke down many centuries ago. Today, everyday, 365 days a year, enormous carts THIS MAN'S OPINION by Brent Mathewson Mortgage Life pulled by draft animals comb the city streets before dawn. The function and purpose of this activity is to pick up and dispose of the dead bodies of people who had died in the streets during the night. This ritual has been going on for so long that not only in no one's living memory has it been any different, but also all written history of this once great city refers to this practice. Closer to home lets take a ca- sual glance at Las Vegas, Nev. Since I grew up in that valley, I have been able, or forced if you will, to observe the population growth that has taken place in this metro- politan area in the last 50 years. B e - cause a sustained growth rate of 10 per- cent will double a population in s e v e n and a half years, it just so happens that in 45 years of this type of growth a population willincrease by 64 times of its starting base. In 1950, - the population of Las Vegas Valley was about 17,000 inhabit- ants. 64 times 17,000 is one million eight thousand and eight hundred people. In 1995, the population of the Las Vegas Valley broke one million for the first time. If this rate of growth continues through 2010, as it shows every indication of doing, then the population of that valley will exceed four million by that date. And still the city fathers of the Las Vegas Valley go on beating the drums of growth. If this is not insanity then the word has no definition. All the catch phrases being used in Nye County, and espe- cially the Pahrump area, about the need for controlled growth are nothing but more of the same by people both well meaning and otherwise. While our growth is being controlled, illegal land parceling laws, rules and regulations are in place to insure that as housing development take place it will be of the highest density possible thus maximizing the available level of profit. As this shell game continues to distract your attention, the tap on the waste of taxpayer funds out of the Nye County treasury is being opened wider and wider. As an example the Nye County Road fund spends well in excessoffive miUion dollars ayear.A few weeks ago in Pahrump at a Nye County Commissioners meeting it was revealed that only one road in Pahrump had been paved using Nye County funds during the last 12 months. This was a repaying of Home- stead Road. In addition, 53 miles of Pahrump roads had been treated with magnesium chloride as a dust suppressant. The question as to whatever happened to the rest of Pahrump's share of the road fund account could perhaps best be answered ifa legitimate audit were ever conducted whose express purpose was to uncover and detect fraud and or misappropriation of Nye County funds if and wherever it may be taking place. This is an action that would be most unlikely to happen considering the present makeup of the Nye County Commission and high level Nye County Administration. That is this man's opinion. copyright 1997 by Brent Mathewson Red Carpet Kawasaki. Polaris Hohda (702) 451-1121 "We will not be undersold on any ATV, Watercraft or Motorcycle in stock by any local dealer." ' -&NeR'98 KX's 's in stock '98 KX 500 - $4,899 CR 80 Expert - $2,899 XR 600 R - $4,099 4260 BoulderHighway /.as Vegas, Nevada 89121 Fax (702) 451-6858 I ItlH II tltl t t! t t t