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October 2, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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October 2, 1997

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I0 Thursday, October 2, 1997 ?VdMOf Joe's Cookie Factory bakes 'em better & better Funny how things can come back and bite you in the rump. I learned that lesson a very long time ago. Some- where along the road of life experiences I began to notice how people who seemed obnoxious, repugnant, un- pleasant, nauseating or otherwise disagreeable tend to get their comin' ups somewhere down the line. I also noticed that it requires no work on my part whatsoever;, they usually do themselves in, or, something happens that is so contradictory to this person that everyone notices it and giggles about it. I giggled a lot this past week. A few months ago a writer for another Pahrump newspaper slammed PVGazette Publisher and Manag- ing Editor Mary Ann McNeill. The writer stated she was self-centered, the result of a huge ego, and gave no credit to the people she worked with. The writer clearly left the impression that this was one mean woman to work with. The writer, a former PVGazette reporter, compared his current newspaper with the PVGazene using the simile; "Why would the folks at Nabisco care what Joe's cookie factory is doing ?" When I read this diatribe, I was incensed. I was also surprised that the other paper, for which rye always had respect, would run this editorial. However, I decided not to respond to this writer. "Just wait," I told Mary Ann, "He'll be getting his comin' ups somewhere down the line." Last week it was officially announced that the Pahr- ump Valley PVGazene won an incredible 13 awards from the Nevada State Press Association. Actually, we knew this almost a month ago but couldn't print anything until the award banquet. However, we were also told that "something special has been awarded to you." What this was, we weren't told. Collectively, we put our heads together and tried to figure it out. We thought we had it narrowed down to a certain feature story. We were wrong. The press association literally put us all in a state of shock when it was announced that our little weekly newspaper was the recipient of the "General Excellence" II III I NORTHERN EXPOSURE by Dave Downing award. Governor Bob Miller presented Mary Ann McNeill with the beautiful plaque that now hangs proudly in the PVGazette office. And what, pray tell, did Mary Ann McNeill have to say about all this? This self-centered egotistic bitch that takes all the credit? "I saw what atalented group of people I had working for me and I tried to make them feel their works were Picassos, too. I challenged them to do the very best work they could, often under very adverse conditions. They worked very hard for these awards. It paid off. Almost nothing feels better than recognition from your peers for work well done." Well then, let me say it for her. Mary Ann McNeill is one of the finest persons I've ever worked for. Under her leadership the Pahrump Valley PVGazette has become a leading newspaper in the state of Nevada. She has in- spired the newspaper's staff with projects and goals to turn it in an entirely different direction. Without her leadership and management ability this newspaper would never have been in a position to "sweep" the state awards. Her insight, experience and ability is an inspiration to the entire staff. The PVGazette staff has taken to this direction in a positive manner. This past year has been full of distrac- tions and difficult times. With Mary Ann's insight they have overcome the difficult periods and gone out to do the impossible. The mixture of the awards exemplifies how this staff works together. Awards were received for reporting, photography, advertising, production layout, design. Every single category of the newspaper. That should tell you everything you need to know about this staff. They stand proud. And guess what? They point their fingers to Mary Ann McNeill. "Without her cracking the whips we would never have made it," quotes a staffer. My personal congratulations to every single member of the staff. It is a proud time for this newspaper. Across town, at the Pahrump Valley Times, Henry Brean won first place for feature reporting. I have never met Henry but I've read his stories and rll be the first to say that I'm very impressed with his work. In fact, when he fn'st came on board at the Times I read some of his work and told Mary Ann, "This guy is good. We're going to have a problem here." Congratulations Henry. Keep up the good work. Such good competition is what inspires us to keep working harder. There's one thing that hasn't been mentioned. The awards heaped upon the PVGazette and the Times makes you, the reader, the real winner. The competition between the PVGazene and the Times, combined with award winning reporting at both papers, assures you that you are getting the best newspapers in the state. You, the reader, can be proud of both these newspapers. ICON...a book review Frederick Forsyth is one of my favorite authors. His spy novels have fascinating plots with many twists and turns. However, they are finely crafted, with everything clear to the reader at the end. Even more impressive is his encyclopedic knowledge of the intelligence community both here and abcoad. No matter where in the world his actions occur, the descriptions of the areas are amazingly detailed and up-to-date. ICON mostly takes place in Russia, in the year 1999, but there are numerous flashbacks to World War H and the cold war. Igor Komarov is the leader of the ultra right wing Union of Patriotic Forces party, financed by the Dolgoruki mafia. Boris Kuznetsov, American-educated, is his Propaganda Chief and Anatoli Grishin, a ruthless former KGB colonel, is his Chief of Security. He also has two private armies...the Black Guards and the Young Combatants. Komarov is a charismatic speaker and Can be all things to all people. In the crime-ridden turmoil  is Russia in the 1990's, he promises to reduce inflation, provide jobs, stop crime and bring back normalcy. He is considered a shoo-in as president in the upcoming national elections. Komarov has prepared a secret manifesto of what he really plans to do as President of the Russian Federa- tion. This includes genocide of Chechens, Jews and other minorities, along with ruthless repression. He passes the manuscript to his confidential secretary for review. Through a series of incredible but believable errors, this Black Manifesto falls into the hands of Jock Changing Patterns by R/chard Reu/ 00'i/llllilll[liiiiiiiiiiiiii Macdonald who is the SiS Head of Station at the British Embassy in Moscow. At first, it is considered a forgery, but when three people die because of it, informed opinion changes. Neither the British nor the American government feels that it can act, either officially or covertly. It is the Council of Lincoln, a private Anglo-American group of wealthy and influential people, that finally sanctions the "destabilization" of Kamarov, the Russian icon. It is reasoned that he can not simply be assassinated, or someone will take his place. He must be thoroughly discredited. Sir Nigel Irvine, the former head of the SIS, is in his mid-seventies but he drafts the plan and participates in it. Jason Monk, a former top CIA agent, is forcefully recruited by Sir Nigel to play a lead role. Monk is embittered by the treason of Aldrich Ames who, while in the CIA, sold the identities of several Russian moles Monk was running and caused their execution by the KGB. The plan has many facets and even involves the Russian Orthodox Church. Information and disinformation flow freely. Colonel Grishin is soon aware that Irvine and Monk are his adversaries but they stay one step ahead of him, striking at Komarov's vulnerahilities. The action builds to a fantastic climax, after which an epilog he nearly ties up a few loose ends. This novel is notable for the skill with which real people and fictional characters are merged. The char- acters are superb, defined by their spontaneous actions rather than the author's words. The plot is magnificent and the suspense horrendous. ICON is a great story! ICON is available at the Reading Oasis book store in Pahrump. Greeting cards for all occasions Does the merethough of an expensive romantic birthday diner put you in the mood for love? How's that for an opening column grabber? Life and this column writing business just got easier for me. The opening tence was on the front of a birthday card I got. Before I get to the punch line, I'll drag this out a bit and explain what I mean about things getting easier for me. This card opened up a whole new world of material that I can use. I imagine this has happened to you. You're going along happy in your own little world when all at once it dawns on you that this is so an so's birthday, anniversary, graduation, release from prison, etc. Forgetting the first two can lead to difficulty, espe- cially if you're married to the person involved. The etcs, and prison releases ain't as impoRant. But what rm getting at is most stores have racks and racks of cards for just about any occasion and some you've never heard of or want to. Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes So all I gotta do is just browse through them as there's all sorts of comic versions on the common themes and I got me another column written. Sometimes when I'm flush and we're outon the road, I will buy a bunch of cards that I have randomly plucked off the racks and mail them off to people that I hardly know or somehow have gotten their addresses. Just putting some illegible initials and a cryptic note. Leav- ing the recipient wondering just who it was that sent them a card from this obscure place. Oh the punch line that was on the card I got went, "Great! That'll be a lot cheaper than the real thing! Happy Birthday." I got to watch it as it has been said that after people have been married a while they start displaying many of the same traitS. The above card came from my bride. Maybe if I use a little whiteout I can give it to her if she ever has another b'u'thday. Gals don't seem to have as many birthdays as us guys do. I'm not going to reveal my age other than to say that I'm middle-aged. One thing I have noticed in this middle-age period is that my pantS are showing differ- dnt patterns of wear. It used to be that it was the knees on my britches that would wear out first, now it's the seat. Have a good one. j