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September 11, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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September 11, 1997

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--Tr r Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, September ll, 1997 AAII TVData O KTVN News Newsl CBSNews Newsl RealTY(In Cops(In Nanny(In Movie: *** ;'A League ofThair Own" (1992, C(o) Geena News Late Show (In Sterao) ] Lato Late Show (in Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Stereo.)  Day s. Based on the stoff of the all-gid baseball league of 1943. r Stereo) [ Later 0n El KVBC News 3 NBC News hiews [] Jeopardy! Wheel of Real TV (In Wings "The Final 3rd Rock From the Sun Law & Order "Corruption" News [] Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) r Stereo) [] r Fortune [] Stereo) [] Approach" (In Stereo) [] Dreamlike episodes. (R! [] (In Stereo) r r [Ton I [Later(In Leesa (In Stereo) NBC Nero Wings "The Final 3rd Rock From the Sun Law & Order "Corruption" News ight Show (In Stereo) Jenny Jones (In Stereo) Paid Late Night (In Stereo) [] [Stereo) [] Nigh (QI WDIV Approach" (In Stereo) [] Dreamlike episodes (R) ' (in Stereo)  [] Program Neunt (R) News . NBC News News  Ent Hard Copy Inside Wings "The Final 3rd Rock From the Sun Law & Order"Corruption" Nows  ITonight Show (in Stereo) Late  (In Stereo) r Later (In El KRNV Tonight [] Edition [] Approach" (In Stereo) [] Dreamlike episodes. (R) [] (In Stereo) . I[] Stereo) [] BoyMeete MadAbout Extra(in Hardcopy Simpeons Simpeone BevsdyHilis,90210 Party ol Five "What a F/X:Thesades"RequiemVibe Access Extra(In F/X:TheBedas"Reduiem El KWU World [] You [] Stereo) [] ' (In Stereo) (in Stereo) "Forgive & Forget" .T Drag" [] lot a Cop" Hollywood Stereo) [] for a Cop" Kratts' Science Mr. Bean Business Newshour With Jim Live From Lincoln Center "New York Philharmonic Life and Times of Alien Chedie Rose (In Stereo) Science Science Instructional El KNPB Creatures Guy Report Lehrer  Opening Night Gala" Works by Prokofiev and others. Ginslerg: Masters Guy Guy Proej'emmin 9 Drew Carey Spin City lDraw Carey Ellen Primetime Live  News Nightline : Inside American Politically IArthel & Fred To Be View [] ABC World News'Now El WXYZ (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) "Moving On" Edition [] Journal [] Incorrect [] [ Announced (JOIned In Progress) r IDI KOLO News News ABC Wld News Jeopardy! Wheel of Drew Carey Spin City Drew Carey Ellen Primetime Uve  News Nightiine [] PoliticaBy Mart.ha Gayle Kin 9 IPaid News [] Fortune  (in Stereo) (In Stereo) (in Stereo) "Moving On" Incorrect [] Stewart (In Stereo) IPr O KLAS News CBSNews News Naws Ent. Inside Nanny(In Uovie: ,t, "A League ol Their Own" (1992, Comedy)Geena News Late Show (ln Stereo) [] TEight Late Late Show (In Tonight Edition [] Stereo) [] Davis Based on the story of the all-girl baseball league of 1943 [] ereo) [] Nanny {in Movie: ,,, "A League of Their Own" (1992. Comedy) Geena News Late Show (in Stereo) : Hard Copy Late Late Show (In CBS Up to the Minute (JoIned In Progress) ]'his G) WTOC Steo)  Davis. Based on the story of the all-girt baseball league of 1943. [] 3r Stereo) [] '= [ [ INightiine [] IPolaity Geraido RNera [] Nn (R)[] (J]D KTNV News  ABC Wld News  Pews [] Home Coach (in Drew cerey Spin City Draw Carey Ellen Primetime Live [] News  ] ]incorrect [] News Improve. Stereo) [] (In Stereo) /In Stereo) (In Stereo) "Moving On" Uve From Unoth Center "New York Philhermenic Life and Times of Allen Chadie Rose (In Stereo) Question of Genes: Inherited Risk= The athical, Instructional Programming r g) WNET Opening Ni Gala" Works by Prokofiev ..... and others. Ginsberg: Masters moral and medical irnpltJons of genetic testing. [] I i, g) KAME Mr. Cooper Roseanne Roseanne Grebe St= Trek: Deep Space Sentinel "Tee Point St= Trek: Voyager Keenen ivory Wayans (In Vibe Extra (in Strange Paid Paid (in Stereo)  Under Rre Nine (In Stereo) [] Shot" !In Stereo)  "Nemesis" (In Stereo) re Stereo) Stereo) r I.Iniverm Prognwn Program Fresh Roseanne Grace Grace Seinfeld Cheers (In Sentinel "Three Point St= Trek: Voyager Beywatdl "Sandcastles"  Ivory Wayana (In Martin (In ToBe Paid Paid KRLR Prince (tnStereo) UnderRre UnderFire "TheStall" Stereo)r Shot" (in Stereo) r "Nemesis" (In Stereo) r= In Stereo) [] Stereo)[] ku'tounul h'egrm Pregrm Uve From Lincoln Center "New York Philharmonic Life and Times of Allen (4:00) Movie: "Tarzan IRontembe" Movle:"ThoPieasureofHiscompany"(196t)A Movle:.,"TheARxenticeshipofDu.ddy Movte:***"TatzanandHiallkde"(1934)Hunters Movie:***h'rhePieesureolHie AMC =HieMaW'(t) WENNr fattomtestopsdeter'sws,*pns. K,,=t (tB4.C.ornedy)Ri,',,'dDreyuss. i rnaTarzanleedthemtotheepi,a'.veyrd. Comp='.(tl)FrAstm. 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Now (R) l Stern Stem (R) Are Off" (In Stereo) (R) Stern (R) IFiie (R) P Proffom Prolrm =''v--" Movie: *** "Pure Country" (1992i George Strait. A Movie: ,.kit "Same Time, Next Year" (1978)  Movie: **V "Peter's Friends" (1992, Mmde: ** "Wildcats" (1986) Go[die Hawn. A woman Movie: **Vz "Tide Boy's Life" (1993, ENC country singer struggles with the burden of stardom.  i adulterous couple gets together for annual flings. 'PG' Comedy-Drama) Kenneth Branagh. 'R' is chosen to coach a rowdy inner@ football team. 'R' Dmn',a) Robed De Niro. 'R' [] (4:30) Major Leage Besebail: Teams to Be Announced. (LiveJ [] eajor  Beseball: Teams to Be Announced. (Live) [] Sportenter IUpC Ruorse ESPN [(R) m=(R) Bonanza: The Lost Carol [Carol Wations "e Tailspin" Rescue 91t (in stereo) [] Hawaii Five-0 "Draw Me a 700 Club Three Stooges Carson Carson Paid IPaid FAM Episodes "Ride the Wind" Burnett iBurnett Killer"  Classics Classics ,Program IProgram CBS News News  Nanny itn Movie: *** "A League of Their Own" (1992. Comedy) Geena News  Late Show (In Stereo)  Late Late Show (In News (R) CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) KCNC Stereo)  Davis. Based on the story ol the all-gift baseball league of 1943. _, Stereo) [] Jeopardy! Wheel of Drew Carey Spin City Drew Carey Ellen IPrimetime Live  News [] Nigh'dine [] Inside Politically American View  People's Court (R) (In BC World KMGH _ Fortune  (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (In Stereo) . ' Moving On t Edition [] Incorrect  Journal ] Stereo) [] tw$ Now wshour With Jim Evening at Pops "Rhythm Jve From Lincoln center "New York Philharmonic Mulberry  Charlie Rose (In Stereo) Law for Ufe Seasons of Life "Early Earth Earth KRMA Lehrer  Is My Business" Opening Night With Zubin Mehta and Jessye Norman" Adulthood (Ages 20-40)" Revealed [] Revealed [] News  EnL Wings "The Final 3rd Rock From the Sun Law & Order "Corruption" News  Tonight Show (In Stereo) [Cheers [] Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later (In Extra (In NBC News ghtaide KUSA Tonight Approach" (in Stereo) [] Dreamlike episodes. (R) ' (in ste!eo)   ] stereo) [] Stereo) [] Home Home Sister; Smert Guy Wayane Steve News (In Stereo)  Star Trek: The Next Star Trek: Deep Space Martin (in Honey. Honey. Hogads  (R) (In KWGN Improve. Improve. Sister [] n Stereo) Bros. [] Harvey  Generation "The Hunted" ine (In Stereo)[] Stereo) [] nr' meoners [] moonere  Heroes Stereo) [] LEARN a Tek (R) i Popular Goinesvilie Future Fantasc"Rdt" Sea Tek (R) Popular ! Gainesvilte (R) Future Fantastic"RolxK' Hometime Honme Paid Paid Paid Paid Science (g) ificial intelligence. (R) Science (g) Ntificial inter. (R) "ROCk" "Roofit" Pro(rsm m .. ProQram. Prolram =ofden Golden kS u.l..]Debt IntimetePortralt"Brett Unved Mysteries (in Movie: ** "Jack Read: One of Our Own" (1996, Itomicide:Ufeunthe UneolvedUysterias(In Sisters "A Lullaby for My UFE ids [] Girls [] _..__,.  Butler" (R) (in Stereo) [] Stereo) Drama) Brian Dennehy, Charles 0uttn. Street (in Stereo) [] Stereo) Father" (in Stereo) (4:30) Movie: "same Movie: *** "Threshold" (1981, Drama) A cardiac Movie: ** "Screamers" (t995) Peter WeUer. A Movie: ** "Maximum Risk" (1996) JMovle: * "Farmer & Chase" (1995) Todd Reid. An "Mas- MAX Kind of Wonderfur [] surgeenimplantsamechamcalheadlhawoman.'PG' ;listant pleners defense system tums on its creators. an-ClaudeVanDemme.l:l'[] . [ag thiers son helps him pull or, e more bank robbery. [ ,seuse"'NR' Musk Videos ('n Stereo) Real(in Stereo)Wrld JAustin[stodea l/dville, ILoveline (In Stereo) I,.l  I (In Stereo)  Videos (in Stereo) MTV !UfeandT, nesofthe Prime Time countty (In ThoRond&Dunn Dailes"TheSonNso Duke= of Hazzard "The PdmeTimecoe.-Vy(R) The Road Brooks & Denn, i(OffAir) NASH Oak Ridge Boye (R) Stereo)[] Lari White. (R) (In Stereo) Rises".(InStereo) FugiUve"(InStemo) IIn Stereo) [] Lari While. (R) (in Stmeo) IHey Amoldl iI Love Lucy Odd Couple Taxi[] I Newh Ie[] Jl)yke Pr [  NICK (In Stereo) PS "   ......  ...... SeaquestDSV"Dead Fddeythe13th:Tne Amazing JMastersof SeaqueatDSV"Dead Forever lOdght"Dying to Friday the t3th: The kl SCIR End" (In Stereo) [] Series "Bed Penny" [] Stork[ IFuntasy@ End" (In Stereo) ] ',now You" (In Stereo) [] "BedPerr,[] Program Behindthe {CrofloA, Preolous JackVan PraieotheLord Dino Jesse FullGospal JBennyHinn Dave Myles Praise the Lord O TBN Scenes [] Jcollar Jr. Memories mpe Duplantie I Reever Munme Movie: k, "Oumb and Oumber" (1994, Coedy) Jim Carrey, Jelf Movie: k'r "Jumpin' Jack Flesh" (1986, Comedy) Movie: ** "Dumb and Dumbed' (1994) Xwo witiess Movie: ** "Caveman" (1981) Ringu starr. A ' IHllllll TBS Danlels. Two witless wonders take a oash-ieden brlelcase to Aspen. ,compu!eroperatorbeoomesinvolvedinespienage. onderstakeacash-ladenbrieloasetoAspen. NeandeflalmtleaveshistffceandlearnstothinlL [] Movie: ***'/ "The Miracle Worker" (1982) Fact- Movie: ** "Seven Women" (1966) Anne Bancroft. Movie: ** "Garbo Talks" (1984, Comedy) A man's Movie: ,,'/z "The Gid in Black Movie: *** "Silk stockings" (1957, TCM based story of Helen Keller and her dedicated teacher Missionaries in 1935 China are menaced by cutthroats. centric, aging mother dreams of meeting Garbo. stockings (1957) Anne Bancroft. Musical) Fred Asteire. Cyd Chatisse. Movie: *** "An Officer and a Gentleman" (1982, Drama) Richard tMovie: **** "Terms of Endearment" (t983, Drama} Shirley MacLaine, Debra Movie: t*** "Kramer vs. K,,'amer" (t979, Drarra) Dstin Hoflman, IMovle: **th "l.ko at TNT Gere. A hardened loser enlists in the Naval Aviation Corps. JW*nger. A domineerin mother and her daughter spar fo years. leryt streep. A divorced couple batUe for custody of their young son. JLarge" (1980) John Ritter. Walker, Texas Ranger Movie: ** "Where's the Money, Noreen?" (1995) Silk Stelkings "Hot Big Easy "Platinum J Maom, PJ. "On tie Fly" Movie: **, "New York stories" (1989, Comedy-Drama) Nick Nolte, USA "WarZone" An ex.con daims she doesn't have her stoien cash :' Rocks" (R) (In Sterao) [] Binnd" (R) (In Stereo) [] 'quette. A trito/ o( short stodes set in the BiQ /ko0le. (in Stereo) Sister, ]SmattGuy Wayans ]Steve News (In Stereo) [] WiS__y"stalrwayto In the Heat of  NIght Sir, o.&Simo. .Paid ]Paid I,=,:Th,IX,,,:W,=,--. WGN =.,.,= .l(,nStereo, .,=.. i.=. I 00.00(inSte.,o, Movie:** Eye of the Woff" (1995) Jeff Fahey. A One Year ln the RgM Movie: ** "The Great White Hype" Movte: ** "The Ro=KI Killers" (1995, Ikn:dr FrmLJL (1996, C=nedyHour. Damon Hoagie HBO wild dog taces off against man a[d lhe eiements. [] AgainstDrulS. . It996,.Come)SamuelLJadson.'R' Suspanse)ChristopherLambert'R' 'veoture)KudRussaiL'R'[] wi=yans-StIIl. 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J(inStereo) JfomedIntoashotnweddingwithawnmoll,'R'r "lty' TMC (4:00)Movk Movte:**"Otllinger"l1973,Dram=,)ChroniclestheMovie:."TheTmThatBinds" Movle:**"DevBinaBlueDrss" :***"DroesedtoKiB"(1980)Asuburban JMovie:"lfhtTetrord'(1993,Horror) infamous gangster ,p to hs final shool, out.'R' ' (t995,Suspense)DeHannah.'R'[] J(1995,1jstery)DenzelWashington.'R' housewifeisbrutallymurdemdthanoleva.'R' JRoOertEng.(inStereo)'R' -o Pahrump Valley F=replace & Accesso Featuring TrailBlazer Wood/Pellet/Gas Stoves Full Lne of Zero Clearance Fireplaces & Accessories e:e Best Time IL00LAZER tO Cu|! Evenings 7-9 pm olid Fuel Stove=; 751-0106 Tested and approved to UL SAFETY STANDARDS, and rigid EPA and DEQ EMISSION REGULATIONS. Each TRAIL- BLAZER model has been certified to meet all applicable safety and environmental codes. An inktry leader, comned with tl TRAILBLAZER HVE YEAR WARRANTY program for your assistance of dependable and comfortable heating unsurpused by othen.