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September 4, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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September 4, 1997

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"1- Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, September 4, 1997 AAI1 4 (O TVData 8 KT&apos;VN Hewar News'e" CBSNews News RealTV(In Cops(in Nanny"The Movie:***"2"Presumed'lnnocent"(130, Drama) Harrison Ford NOwsl Lste Show (in Stereo) [] LateLatosh(in NOm(R), Stereo)  Stereo)  Boca Story" A married prosecutor goes on trial or his lover's murder. [] Stereo) [] O KVBC News€ NBCNews Hews'e" Jeopardy! Wheelof RealTV(In Movie: "She Cried No" (1995. Drama)Acoliege Law&Order"Deaeat" Hewsl Tonight Show (in Stereo) LatoNigbt(inStereo)X Lster(In Fortune : Stereo) _ freshman fights to bring her rapist to justice. "e" (R) (In Stereo) € l Stereo) [] Movie: "She Cried No" (1996, Drama) A college Law & Order "Deadbeat" News Tonight Show (In Stereo) Jenny Jones (In Stereo) Paid Late Night (in Stereo) ;¢ JStereo) '€ Nigtaide IDI WDIV freshman fights to bring her rapist to justice. X (R) (In Stereo) X X __. Program tLster (In Lneza (In Stereo) NBC News (E) KRNV Newsl NBCNews Nows ontlight HardCopy Inside Movie: "She Cried No" (1996, Drama) A college Law&Order"Deadbeat" NewsX ]Tonight Show on stereo) Lste Night (in Stereo) [] Later(In :€ Edition "e" freshman fights 1o bring her rapist to justice. :€ (R) (In Stereo) 3E Stereo) [] Boy Meets Mad About Extra (in Hard Copy Simpsons Simpoons Beverly Hills, 90210 "Aloha Beverly Hills" (Season F/X: The Series "Zero Vihe Access Extra (In F/X: The Series "Zero O KVVU World ;e" You [] Stereo) []   "Lisa on Ice" Premiere) (In Stereo) 3 Hour" (R) IHollywoud Stereo) 3€ Hour" (R) Krstte' Science Waiting for Business Newshoor With Jim Voyage of the Matthew Duplicating John Cabot's 1497 journey to North America. Chorlie Rose (In Stereo) Reading i Arthur (In Wishbone Mahh I[ KNPB Creatures Guy God Report Lshmr [] (in Stereo) 1 liobow :¢ Stereo) [] (In Stereo) Bus Draw Carey Spin City Drew Carey Ellen (R) (In Primetime Live :€ News Nightline 1 Inside American Politically Arthel & Fred To Be l/low ABC World News Now O WXYZ IIn Stereo) (in Stereo) (In Stereo) Stereo) l Edition  Journal I Incorrect I Announced (Joined in Progress) [] O KOLO Mews Hews ABCWId News Jeopardy! Whoelof DrewCarey SpinCity DrewCarey Eilon (R) (In PrimetimetiveJ[ News Nightline[] Politically Mertha GayleKing IPaid Hews I Fortune (inStereo) (inStereo) (InStereo) Stereo). Inceeraetl Stewart (inStereo) Program O KLAS Hews[] CBSNOws News Nows' nLght Inside Nanny"The Uovie:***2"Pmsumedlnnocent"(1990. Drama) Harrison Ford News[] Late Show (in Stereo) [] JudgeJudy Late Late Show (th Edition [] Boca Story" A married prosecutor goes on trial fu his lover's murder. " (in Stereo) Stereo) [] Naony"The Movie: ***l/2 "Pr lnnocent" (1990, Drama) Harrison Ford News Lste Show (in Stereo) X HardCopy LsteLatoshow(in CBS up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) This (El) WTOC Boca Story" A married prosecutor goes on trial for his lover's murder. [] : Stereo) [] Morning's I I Home ICoach(in Drew Carey Spin City Drew Cerey Ellen (R) (in Primetime Live :e" NOwsX INightline'Poly IGeredoRiv.[] NOws(R)[] liD, KTNV Nero [] News WId News X News [ Improve. JStereo) : (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (in Stereo) Stereo) X Incorrect  ] Voyage of the Matthew Duplicating John Cabot's t 497 journey to North America. Chedie Rose (In Stereo) Great Performances "El Gato Mantes" With Placido Instructional Prooming g) WNET (In Stereo) [] Domingo, Veronica Viflarroel and Justino Diaz. (R) ) KAME lib. Cooper Roseanne Roanaone Married.. Star Trek: Deep Space Sentinel "Warriors" [] Star Trek: Voyager "The Keonen Ivory Wayane Vibe Extra (In 00ang, Paid Paid • (In Stereo) (In Stereo) With Mine (In Stereo) [] Gift" (in Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Llmverse Program Program Fresh Roseanne Grace Grace Seinfold (I Cheers (In ;entJnd "Warriors" X Star Trek: Voyager "The Beywstch "The Trophy" Ksenen Ivory Wayan.s Martin (In I'o Be Dege,ge Pr,/chic ) KRLR Prince fin Stereo) Jnder Fke Under Fire Stereo) [] Stereo) :E Gift" (In Stereo) I (In Stereo) (Pad 1 of 2) [] Stereo) [] Announced Home W'TVS We Have to Be? LuPone performs Broadway show tunes. We Have to Be? We Have to Be? LuPone pedorms Broadway show tones. I ,,e,_ :] = ===: r_,,= =,gl =t  (4:15) Movie: ,k, Remember Movie: ,*** "The Silver Chalice" (1955, Drama) Paul Newman. A Movie: ** "Tarzan's Desert Mystery" Movie: **, "Loving You" (1957, Museal) An agent Movie: *** "The Silver Chalice" AMC "Loving Yon" (1957) WENN [] freed slave designs the chalice used at the Last Supper.  1943, Adventure) Johnny Weissmulter. pumps up a gas jockey into an overnight sensation. I1955. Drama) Paul Newman. [] Biography "Bugsy Siegel: American Justice :20th Century (R) Law & Order "The. Biography "Bugsy Siegel: American Justice (R) 20th Century (R) Law & Order "The Movie: ,.** "Four • A&E Gambling on the Mob" (R) Srpent's Tooth" [] Gambling on the Mob" (R) Serpent's Tooth" [] Friends" (1981) CHN World Today ( ine HewsNight ]showbiz ICtpo Today [] Proof [] IHustrstad (R) [] IHustrstad tionai ] COM DSC E! ENC PrimN, eurdenof LamsKeUver [] Proof (R) r Movie: **'h "Young Einstein" (1988, Comedy) A Tasmanian farm boy rocks the scientific community. Travelers "Cheong Chau Movie Beyond Bun Festival: Hong Kong" Magic (R) 2000 ESPN FAM KCNC KMGH KRMA KUSA Soth Park Make Me Daily Show Stein's Saturday Night Live (R) Lau Money Eddie Murphy. [] Planes "Eyes in Wild Discovery "Deep Discover Magazine (R) Water, Deadly Game" (R) "Origins" (R) Sex on the riviera (R) News Daily (R) TaikSoup INightStand Howard Howard MelrosePlaoe"t01 1'aikSoup INightStand Howard IFashion I Stem Stem (R) Damnatians" (In Stereo) (R) t Stern (R) ]File (R) Program Program program . Program Movie: *** "Silver Streak" (1976) Gene Wilder. A Movie: *** "Stk' Crazy" (1980) Gene Wilder. Two Movie: *** "The Laughing Policeman" (1973, Movie: ** "The Survivors" (1983, Movie: *** "Experience Preferred... long train ride leads an editor to love and ue. 'PG' innocent inmates spend their days plotting escape. 'R' Drama) Waiter Matthau, Bruce Dem. 'R'  Comedy) Robin Williams. 'R'  But Not Essential" (1982)'PG' Majorl.eagueBasebaii:ToamsloBeAnnounced.(Uve)[] Sportscenter[] IupCIose Racsherse IVmaiFour Fin, Four FinaiFour i I<R)I Digest(R) Hil Bonanza: The Lost Card Carol Waltons Erin becomes the Rescue 911 (in Stereo)  J Hawaii Rye-0 "Jury of 700 Club Three Stooges Carson ;Carson Paid Paid Burnett Bumett town's first pinup gid. One" ; Classics Classics Program Program Burden of  Larry King Live (R) [] Crosslire Intema- Nowsronm SouthPark DailyShow Movie: , "spring Fever USA" (1989, Comedy) Two Paid (R) (R) students mix wh mobsters and bathing beauties. Program Program Ultimate Stuntmon: A Wild Discovery "Deep Discover Magazine Ultimate Stuntman: A Tribute to Dar Robinson Water. Deadly Game" (R) "Origs" (R) Tribute to Dar Robinson Paid Paid Paid Paid CBSNOWS Nows Nanny'q'he Movie:***"Presumadlnnncent"(1980, Drama) Harrison Ford. Hews Boca Ston]" A marriad prosecutor goes on trial for his lover's murder. [] Jooperdy] Wheel of Drew Cerey Spin City Drew Carey Ellen (R) (In Pdmetime Uve [] News : Fortune [] (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (n Stereo) Stereo)[] Newshour With Jim 1'riei of Adoff Eichmenn A decmentery about the Exodus 1947 [] Mulberry Lehrer [] 1961 prosecution of Nazi SS LI. Cot. Ad Eichmann. News [] En-t. Movie: "She Cried No" (1998. Drama) A college Law & Order "Deadbeat" News [] Tonight Ireshman fights to bring her rapist to justice. [] (R) (In Stereo) Late Show (In Stereo)  Late Late Show (In News (R) CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) Stereo) [] Mightfine  Inside Politically i American View People's ABC World News Now Edition : Incorrect [] 'Journal  Court (R)  (Joined in Pro gress) [] Being Chadie Rose (In Stereo) Law for Life Seasons of Ufe (in Earth Earth Served Stereo)  Revealed [] Revealed Tonight Show (In Stereo) Cheers (In Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later (in Extra (in NBC News Nightside Stereo)  Stereo) [] Stereo) Home Home Sister, js00.c00y Wayons J Hews (in Stereo)  Star Trek:TheHext StarTrek:DeopSpaoe Martin(In Honey- Honey- ILoveLucy News(R)(ln KWGN Improve. Improve. Sister [] __ Bros. (R) [] I'-"-Y  meration (in Stereo) ; Mine "The Collaborator" Stereo)  nr'h mooners  mounera 3 Stereo) IPopular Humen Experience redmospy (R) Hometime Hometime Paid Paid Paid  " LEARN Sea Tek (R) ScienceP°pular (R) ;'Unexpbinad"Human Expedonce(R) Teclmospy (R) Sea Tek (R) I science (R) ='Unexplained" (R) "Garages" (R) Program Program Program program Golden Golden  JDobt intimatoPortrait"Debbla UnsoivedMystertes(in Movie: "Terrer in the shadows" (1995) A deranged Homicide: Life on tho Unsolved Soap Opera UixIste Awerds (R) UFE  [] Grla [] ---------r I  & Canie Rshe" Stereo) woman seeks out her late baby's adoptive father. Street "Justice: Part One" Mysteries (4:30)lBovle:,r Movie: *k*½ "Awakoniog=" (1980) An experimantal Movie:***"FranldeondJohony"(t991)Anex.con Movie:***"ExeoutiveDe¢ieton"(1996)Ateamd Movie:,½"TneMeogler"(1995,Horror)Aleund MAX "Akplanel"(1980)'PG'[]dnlrevivesvictisofsleepirsickness.'PG-13'[] triestobreakthrougha.waitress'sicyveneer.'R'[] specialaQentsmustre.daimahipckedaidiner.'R'[] machineispossessodbyabloodthiretydemon/R'0 10n Stereo) , MW I I Life and Tne of Anne Canm Count Music AwaMI Canada's top Dalies "Dark at End Danadion Country Music Awerdl Canada's top rhe Road Emmylou (Off Air) NASH Murray (R) (In Stereo) country music pedormers are honored. (In Stereo) Tunnel" (In Stereo) country music pedormers are honored. (R) (in Stereo) Harris, Larry Stewart. (R) .,CK Happy DaylHoppy Days I.lDaYslDiekVan Bob ,,l'xia(Part Paid 00o..u,vlTasi[] (PaitlofJ) I(Part2olJ) (PartJofJ)IDyke Newhert J2of2) ProFam PS ; S¢oroflrd Ceral Scorebonrd Cerdral ord=oard Cecdrai Cycling: id Horsewodd (R) Rodeo: Brs Only. Geadest. From Laramie, Wyo. (RI; Movie: ,k "Bad Channels" (1992) Pad Hipp. An Crash of Inside Seaqnest DSV "The Movie: ** "Bad Channels" (1992) Paul Hpp. An Paid Paid Paid [Paid SCIR alien expands his cogection of tamale earthlings. 2000 Space [] Sincerest Form of Flattery" alien expands his collection of tamale eadhlings. Program Program Program IProFam Seh, ICro Po=, JJ,zk Von JPrmtho LOrd  Jerry Jesse Full Goopai Benny Hinn Dave JMldes Praise tho Lord ; TBN Sonnet[] JDdlerJr. Memories Imp( Savelie Dupiantis Ronver Munrne Movie: *,*, "The Running Man" (1987) Arnold Schwaenegger. Movie: ** "Braddock: Missing in Action Ill" (1988, Movie: **lh "Conen the Barbarian" (1982, Fantasy), James Earl Movie: **' "Red Sonja" (1985, Adventure) A sword- TBS Ahlates hunt convictad prisoners on a sadistic game show. Drama) Chuck Norris, Aki Aleon]. Jones A warr fights snake worshipers to free a pnncess, swinging heroine sets out to depose an evil queen. Movie: ,.P* "Confidential Agem" (1945) Fascists Movie: *** "Mayerling" (1936) Chades .Bo,/er. A Movie: *** "Barefoot in the Perk" (1987) A sedate Movie: ,***', "Gaslight" (1944) Charles Boyer. A Movie: ,,1/ "Gaslight" TCM threaten a Spanish loyalist's mission in London. doomed Austrian prince has a tragic love affa=r in 1889. lawyer and his exuberant bride adjust to marriage, diabolical husband tries to drive his wife insane. (1940) Anton Walbrook. Movie: *** "The War Wagon" (1967, Western) Two Movie: ** "The Way West" (1967, Western) Kirk Douglas, Robert aitchum. Movie: **/ "Mockenna's Gold" (1969, Western) Gregory Peck, Movie: ,,'/ "Shootout" (1971, TNT genmen jofn forces to rob a gold.filled a,norad wagon. Pioneers make a gruellog trek from Missouri to Oregon. Omar Sharif. A shedff hunts for a mythical vatley of gold. ]Western) Gregory Peck, Pat Quinn. Walker, Texas Ranger Movie: "Clover" (1997, Drama) Elizabeth McGovem. Silk Staikings "Working Big Easy "Son o' Megum, P.I. "Missing Movie: ,½ "Switching ChanneLs" (19) A news Acapulco H.E.A.T. "Code USA "Toer's Eye" (In Stereo) A black girl adapts to life with her white stepmother. [] Girl" (R) (In Stereo) ; McSwain" (In Stereo) : MekxJy" [] director schemes to keep his ex-wife from remarrying. Name: Pedeot Specimen" Sister, Smart Guy Wayans Steve News (in Stereo) [] Buffy the Vampire Slayer 7th Heaven "Dangerous Simon & Simon "For the Paid Paid IHercuies: The Logendary Xena: Warrior Princess WGN Sister []  Bros. (R) [] Harvey [] "Prophecy Girl" (in Stereo) Liaisons" (R) : People" Program I:'ro [Journeys (In Stereo) [] "The Price" (In Stereo) [] II "J ;i =h',l Ill,', -" Ir-"l I mi: I HBO (4:00) Movie Movie: **', "Conehoads" (1993, Inventors' Special (R) (In Movie: **'/z "The Arrival" (t996) An astronomer Movie: ** "The Silencers" (1996, Movie: *½ "Jade" (1995, Suso) David Caruso. AIMovie: ** ;omedy) Dan Aykroyd. 'PC' [] Stereo) [] detects evidence of impending alien contact. 'PC-13' Science Fiction) Jack Scalia. 'R' rosecutor's former lover is implicated in a murder. 'R' J"Mercy" 'R' Chip'# onfTroop Rash Terkeisona Movie:"Doulde, Donbie, Toiland IFamons Movie:**"Pse-wse'sBi9 Movie: *** "Dead Men Don't Wser Movle: ** "Do Not Dtsturb" (1985, comedy) Madcal: DSN Dale [] Forward [] (In Stereo) rrole" (1993) Mary.Kate OIsen.  JFred (R)  ]Adventure" (1985) Pee-wse Herman.  Plaid" (1982 Steve Martin. 'PG' adventures in England threaten a couple's marriage. (4:30) Movie: "Daisies in Movie: ** "Canadian Bacon" (1995) A restless, Movie: ,' "The Fan" (1996, Suspense) A slumping Dead Man's Gun Pursued Fast Track Movie: ** "Snow White: A Tale of Terror" (t987) A IMovie: * ½ SHOW December" (1995) ost-Coid War America declares war on Canada. 'PC' baseball star is stained by a psychotic admirer. 'R' [] by a posse. (in Stereo) (In Stereo) Ireacnerous srepmother plots against a y( ung beauty. I"Sodety" (4:45) Movie: *** "Top Gun" (1986, Movie: *** "GoldanEye" (1995) Pierce Broanan. James Bond iMov,: "National Lampoon's The Don's Analyst" Movie: ** "Mary ReBy" (1996) Julia Roberts. Dr. Movie: *** "Flsttiners" TMC Drama) Tom Cruise. (In Stereo) 'PC' [] kwades Russia to retrieve stolen weapon codes. 'PC-13' [] l(1997, Comedy) Joe Bologna. (in Stereo) 'R' Jekyll's maid is drawn to the doctu's evil alter ego. 'R' (1990) Klefer Suthedend. 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