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September 4, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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September 4, 1997

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Letters to the Editor Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, September 4, 199711 Managing funds With the Pahrump Valley owing at the rate of roughly 15 percent a year, thereby increasing the tax base, it is absolutely outrageous for the school board and the county commissioners to entertain the thought of imposing an extortion tax of $1,600 on personal homes to be built to cover their ineptness at managing school and county funds. I would suggest to parents to check the ratio of adminisu'ators to students for a start to see where the money is being wasted and/ or mismanaged. Then, abolish the Department of Education in Washington, D.C. It has only been in existence since 1979 and there is no good reason to send money to Washington just to have those bureau- crats disperse it according to their whims. Margaret Lawson Pahrump Ticket prices increase at Pahrump theaters Effective September 5, Pahrump theaters ticket prices will increase. Adults will now pay $6, Children and seniors will pay $4 and the matinees will increase to $3.75. The ticket increases are due to a less than average in summer sales. While most theaters make the bulk oftheirrevenue during the summer months, Pahrump did not. The additional cost of just bringing the films to Pahrump has also added to  increase. Pahrump is out of the main delivery system for film distribution. Finally, the increase in minimum wage was just another factor to cause ticket prices to increase. We have decreased sales in some of our concession items and found a better tasting popcorn, which we did not have to pass the added cost on to the customer. Our ticket prices are still lower than most Las Vegas theaters. We thank the community of Pahrump for supporting the Pahrump Theatres and hope they will continue to do so. Remem- ber to find out what features are showing and when, call 751- 2300. Paul T. Miller Pahrump Theater Manager Pahrump Marion Berry recipes Does anyone around here in Nye County raise Marion Berries? If so I'd like to buy some plants. Marion Berries are named after Marion County, Salem, Oregon, where they originated and I've never seen any in other are.as. Alice Mac Ummen HCR 69 Box 439E Amargosa Valley, NV 89020 EditorsNote: We doubt anyone raises marion berries around Nye county, but thought the recipe sounded good. As the story said, you can substitute rasberries, boysenberries or any other berries for the fruit in the recipes. Sound off Nevada .Those nuclearindustries still insist on dumping nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain. As I mentioned in one of my articles, a politician from another state said that it is OK to dump nuclear waste in Yucca Mountain since not too many people live in the state of Nevada. How do you like that? rm asking you, the residents of this state, to join the fight against nuclear waste in Nevada. Write to your congressman, your senator, to President Bill Clinton and tell them to keep the nuclear waste out of Nevada. Guido Marzullo Pahromp An open letter to Mr. David Glass President aml C.E.O. Wal.Mart Corporation Dear Mr. Glass: A Wal-Mart Store is needed in the Pahnlmp Valley Area because: This is a trading area that includes towns in California; from Baker, to Shoshone, and Death Valley, and in Nevada from Tonopah, Silver Peak, Gold Field, Beatty, Amargosa Valley, to Pahrump. When the Smith's grocery chain opened their store here they had their biggest opening day volume for any store in their company. Grocery carts had to be comandeered at the unloading point to shop with one. Pahrump is a community that sprawls over a vast valley that houses between 24 and 30 thousand persons, depending upo n the info source. The extended trading area contains  15 to 25 thousand pcrns. And I suspect a Wal-Mart store here would attract buyers from further afield than Tonopah, about 250 miles north of Pabrump. Your Wal-Mart stores in Las Vegas are well patronized by their vast market area, however from the Pahrump center they are at least 65 to 75 miles on two lane roads. Shopping at Wal-Mart is something we do when and if we are in the Las Vegas area. So naturally, we do most of our day by day shopping for the products WaI-Mart sells at local outlets, paying more than we should but less than the cost of a 130 mile round trip. The buying public would certainly patronize a Wal-Mart Store in Pahrump. There is plenty of room for the town to grow and for WaI-Mart Store to profit. Very truly Fred M. Schultz Advocate for the honest freedom-loving people of Nevada A true advocate for the honest freedom-loving people of Nevada has finally come onto the scene. His name is Aaron Russo and he has begun his campaign for governor of our state. Already, more than a year before the general election of 1998, his supporters have started informing the people of Pahrump by distributing hundreds of informative flyers which contain a photo of Aaron displayed over his excellent printed platform. That platform will correct several serious problems already harming Nevadans and some threatening to. The key elements of his platform are: As governor, he would protect privacy by prohibiting federal usurpation of the rights of Nevadans. He would stop broad federal pre-wired "tapping" of every telephone in our state, and he would refuse to allow imposition of federal I.D. cards (slated to be imposed viabar-coded drivers licenses with social security numbers and fingerprints). Furthermore, he would deny the government and others access to our personal, medical and business records without our knowledge. Future Governor Russo pledges to go to the U.S. Supreme Court to stop current IRS taxing of tips because gifts are not taxable unless over $10,000. And, because he believes the Department of Motor Vehicles should he nonprofit, he will slash the cost of registering all motor vehicles. This candidate feels very strongly that violent criminals must spend their full sentence in jail. No more parole! As governor, he will see to it that Nevada schools are controlled by parents in local communities and thatourchildren's records will not be supplied to government databases. What's more, Governor Russo will stand for your individual choice of medical care whether conventional or holistic. A resident of Reno, he has campaign headquarters located on the corner of Wilbur and Tropicana, in Las Vegas, between Paradise and Maryland Parkway. Pahrump will be able to meet candidate Russo on September 12, as he will participate in our Harvest Festival Parade. A campaign for governor is a great undertaking which requires beginning more than a year before the actual election. Aaron will seek the Republican nomination in the fall 1998 primary in order to be placed on the ballot in the general election. Between now and then he will be constantly speaking to all the people of Nevada in person and on television. Radio interviews will also make him available to the citizens all over Nevada. With Aaron as governor, nuclear waste will not be dumped in Nevada without citizen approval. He knows this is not a decision for Washington's politicians. Another critical item to be halted by this strong new governor will be the terrible waste of time and money inflicted upon Nevada business owners and citizens by government regulation. In order to be elected governor, Aaron needs you to register Republican and vote for him in the primary next year. Then we can save Nevada from government insanity by electing him in the general election in November 1998. Let's do it! Working for Nevada, Paul J. Miller Pahrump Law of the land In Sam Francis' Column Aug. 4, in the Spotlight he referred to article 6, clause 2, when he writes, "The Constitution holds that treaties shall be the law of the land and tbe judges in every state shall be hound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding." What that means, says Sam, is that if the federal government can get a treaty that alters federal or state law, it's valid. How could he write such an inaccurate statement if he has read the referred to clause? The clause reads "This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land;" and it continues as written by Mr. Francis. I understand it to mean that all laws and treaties must be made in the persuance thereof, the Constitution. If that is the case, then most, if not all, of the treaties made in last 67 years are not valid Read it again Sam, Please. James Lee Pahnunp Self-Determination and Government A great cry for self-determination is coming from citizens all across this great nation who are oppressed or victimized, even by our own government. Some are openly protesting in the name of the Lord for honesty and integrity in government at all levels. And many others are also yearning for something better than whatthey have in the way of a government, perhaps what they are reaching out for is a more God-governed life. We, as citizensofGod's world, can resist the temptation to feel powerless or apathetic toward oppression. We can do something about it by turning to God in prayer ourselves. The almighty God does govern all his creation right there, and now, and every- where. The power of prayer is more than equal righteous government. Prayer shows us that because man is created by God, he is subordinate to God alone. Self-determination, or the right of a people to determine the way in which they are governed, is vital to mankind's freedom of thought and expression. But self-determination is unshakable only as it is based on an understanding that man is spiritual. As we are able to recognize that because God is our father, our own true identity is that of blessed children of GOd, we begin to experience happiness, and holiness of living under God's true government. We see more of his government in our individual lives only when we are willing to accept his divine laws. And as we see more and more clearly that God governs all of his creation, then oppression and corruption that are so rampant at all levels of government in our nation will begin to yield to responsibility and integrity. There is, in reality, only one true form of government: God's government. His government can include no oppression, no abuse of any kind, no lying, no cheating, no taking of bribes, no breaking of oaths, no false witnessing, none of those things that violate his established laws, rules and regulations. As we begin to fashion our private lives and form of government after his truths then, and only then, will spiritual freedom, harmony and brotherly love prevail throughout the land. Whatever fosters reliance on God as the law giver speeds mankinds progress toward just government throughout the nation. As mankind continues to plunge headlong down his current path of destruction he can only acheive his ultimate goal, that of absolute self-annihilation. I am of the opinion that it is probably too late to change direction, and that the total destruction spoken of in scriptures will soon be fulfilled. Bill Ballew Pahrump Save our entitlement programs This letter will be sent to every local independent newspaper in the LISA. It is a wake-up call. We must plug two huge leaks before the next millennium. I am the author of the Thomas Payne Caslander Amendment. I wrote that proposed Constitutional Amendment back in 1995, when I learned that Congress owed Social Security more than $2 trillion. Every year Congress borrows our Social Security sur- plus money and fills our trust fund with their worthless IOU's. My amendment is necessary to plug that leak. I recently learned about a second hole that is bank_rupting all our entitlement programs including Veterans pensions and other benefits. I learned from the Washington based American Immi- gration Control: 400 thousand immigrants who never worked one day in the USA are collecting $54 billion a year from our entitlement programs. I am in contact with former US Senator Simpson of Wyo- ming. He chaired a committee that investigated Social Security, Medicare and and all entitlement programs. He concluded the following: * "By the year 2003. Entitlements and the interest on the national debt will account for 72 percent of the federal budget. * "By the year 2012, entitlements and the interest on the debt will consume all the tax revenues collected by the federal government." My point is if we plug both major leaks we can save all our entitlement grams for the next millennium. We must demand that Congress does the following: - Plug the first leak by raffling the Thomas Payne Caslander Amendment. - Congress must reform the eligibilty requirments and apply the $54 billion surplus to save all our entitlement progrm. Anyone who wants a summary of Senator SimF'n's report should send a self-addressed stampext envelope to: Thomas Paynbe Caslander Amendment. 123 Lionshead Dr. W. Wayne. NJ 07470 I The Pahru_mp Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by eamng 727-5583. OeQ All opinions expressed on the letters page are those of the artist or author indicate The Gazette reserves ] the right to edit all letters for length and libel Fu letters with names eld will only be published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists. -d