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September 4, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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September 4, 1997

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Here comes George [ .... making his rounds to check ! all of us one last time before he turns in. He'll be back early in the morning to feed us. Then he'll check us to be see if we're all feeling well and ready to perform. George never sends us out if we don't feel good. It's different with him. He is here, doesn't matter how he feels. He comes early, stays late and is here most of the rest of the time. Sometimes, he even misses his dinner to make certain we have ours. Sure wouldn't want his job. My job is just right for me. I got lucky. George and Cecil discovered me, and I heard they paid a lot of money to Louie who thought he owned me. I never much cared for being owned and even less for what Louie called being broke. Some said I have an untamable instinct. I'm not sure what that means. I just know I don't want a piece of metal in my mouth and definitely will not carry people around on my back. Whenever anyone tries to ride me, I jump into the air, arch my back, kick out my back feet and come down as hard as I can,. I've perfected a mean twist, too. Some part of that usually has the cowboy leaving my back real fast on his way to the ground. When it doesn't, which is seldom. I just do it again until the rider is airborne. It never takes very long. George says I'm a real athlete. What I know is I like to buck, and I'm the best. George and Cecil say I'm as good as Tornado, maybe better. They say he was the best bucking horse in the whole world. Tornado had quite a reputation. All the cowboys respected him, few ever stayed on his back the required eight seconds. He'd been buckin' a long time and there was some talk of retiring him when they bought me. Tornado didn't want to retire, He liked bucking better than any- thing. Then at the big rodeo and stock show in Denver, O1' Tornado twisted his leg funny, and it broke when he landed. That ended his buckin' days. What happened to Tornado was one of those freak things. George and Cecil were saying a survey was taken at 28 PRCA rodeos in 1993-94. The injury rate for the 33,991 animals that entered the arena was less than one in 2,000. Good odds for me. Cowboys aren't so lucky. The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) has about 60 rules to protect all rodeo animals. A cowboy can be disqualified and fined for breaking any of them. b, Both cost him money, and usually he's riding to earn it not lose it. Besides most cowboys like animals, even TOP ATHLETES-Rodeo horse and cowboy give their best effort. The horse bucks because he enjoys bucking, maybe better than the cowboy likes riding. photo by Patti Babcock Bishop Veterinary Hospital  Tonopah Clinic Dr. Linda will be in Tonopah September 17 Front downstairs office- 42 Belmont St. Appointments/tnfo, Call 482-6458 after 5 p.m. Dr. Linda will be in every olher Wednesday 8 a.m.- 1 p.m.: Dogs, cats and other small animals, including spays, neutering, dentistry, minor surgery, etc. 1:30 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.: Horses, cows, etc. J "  Tonopah 5:30 p,m to 7:30 p.m. t Round Mountain: 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. [ Same dates as Tonopah Clinic bucking horses. Sometimes there is a strange cowboy. The one who has a brain about the size of a pea. I've heard that said about horses, but I never met a horse that dumb. Anyway, I got that pea brain at a rodeo in Cheyenne. He wore illegal spurs and raked my shoulders just as the gate opened. Legal spurs are dull and have blunt rowels (the star shaped wheel on spurs) so they can't cut us. They usually only ruffle the hair. Us athletes don't need to be spurred to buck with all our heart. Anyway, the pea brain was disqualified and fined, right after I gave him a high ride through the air with a hard landing. Never saw that fellow again. A flank strap, it's a sheepskin-lined strip of leather that fits behind my rib cage in the flank area, is put on me and other buck- ing horses at rodeos. Some people think it hurts, but it doesn't. Folks think it makes us buck harder to get rid of it. Sometimes the quick-release buckle, a regulation for all flank straps, lets go. I buck just as much either way. After all I'm a top athlete just like George says. George and Cecil know about as much as anybody about rodeo animals. They are professional stock contractors. They spend a lot of time finding the best animals suitable for rodeo and pay high prices for us. They make certain we have the best veteri- nary care, the right food for the work we do, good grooming and a healthy place to live, and they like us. I think I'm their favorite, but that big Brahma bull, Lightning, brags that he is. He likes to buck, too, Still, you know what he's full of, so I don't pay much attention to him. They say we're a big investment. I don't know much about investment, but I know I'm treated the best since I've been here. All the other rodeo animals who live here say the same thing. We like to perform and try to beat the cowboy. Usually, we do. When we're traveling, I see a lot of horses just standing around in small corrals with nothing to do. Many have no protection from the sun, wind, rain or snow. I hear some of them only go out for a ride once or twice a month and many not even that often. Sounds horrible to me. I wonder why those folks who are always worrying about the treatment of rodeo animals, aren't worried about those miserable beasts. Rodeo animals have been protected by PRCA rules since 1947 and are much too valuable to mistreat. Still, some people miss all the fun, entertainment and great sport of rodeo because they think we animals have a bad life. I wish I could tell them how happy I am here with George and Cecil and how much I like being a star athlete. Well, enough of rambling thoughts. Time to get some sleep. I have a big day tomorrow. I get to be a star at the rodeo. ( i " [Cleaning Not Your Thing;! Call Mrs, Clean Commercial Residential Seal Grout Carpet Cleaning Clean -up & Windows and cleaning more .... Senior Discount  t Iteled i i Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, September 4, 1997 7 1-1022 DON ALSTON r31DC Education DianYork Klmiohnson 727-8679 751-0227 Engraving WUwn ] 140 E. Nicholas Way ] Wed- Fri 10-4 i Sat - 10 - 3 727-1655 , ,,,,