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August 28, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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August 28, 1997

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Legals Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, August 28, 1997 27 Continued from page 26 FOR THE LICENSING OF DOGS; PROVIDING FOR THE COLLEC- TION OF DOG LICENS- ING FEES; PROVIDING FOR THE ISSUANCE OF RECEIPTS AND LI- CENSE TAGS FOR THE LICENSURE OF DOGS; PROVIDING FOR THE RENEWAL OF DOG LI- CENSES; PROVIDING FOR THE KEEPING OF A LICENSE REGISTER; SPECIFYING THE EX- CEPTIONS TO THE  PROVISIONS OF CHAP- ,WTER '6.04; DELINEAT ING THE USES FOR THE LICENSE AND IM- POUNDMENT FEES; PROVIDING THAT IT IS UNLAWFUL TO RESIST OR OBSTRUCT AN ANI- MAL CONTROL OF- FICER; PROVIDING FOR INSPECTIONS; PROVIDING FOR A RIGHT OF ENTRY; RE- STRICTING THE NUM- BER OF CATS AND DOGS PERMITTED IN ONE HOME; PROVID- ING FOR A PET FANCIER'S PERMIT; PROVIDING FOR A COMMERCIAL KEN- NEL LICENSE; SPECI- FYING RESTRICTIONS ON THE KEEPING OF FOWL; SPECIFYING RESTRICTIONS ON THE KEEPING OF LIVESTOCK; REQUIR- ING RESTRAINT AND SANITATION; PROVID- ING FOR THE IM- POUNDMENT OF STRAYS; PROVIDING A RELEASE PROCEDURE FOR IMPOUNDED ANI- MALS; PROVIDING FOR SPAYING AND NEUTERING IN CON- JUNCTION WITH RE- LEASE; PROHIBITING THE RUNNING AT" LARGE OF ANIMALS; SPECIFYING THE DUTY TO IMPOUND ANIMALS WHICH ARE RUNNING AT LARGE; REQUIRING THE USE OF NON-LETHAL MEANS OF CAPTURE; PROVIDING FOR THE KEEPING OF AN ANI- MAL BITE RECORD; PROHIBITING THE KEEPING OF VICIOUS DOGS; PROHIBITING THE RELEASE OF THE ANIMAL OF AN- OTHER; PROHIBITING THE PERMITTING OF AN ANIMAL TO AT- TACK THE ANIMAL OF ANOTHER; PROHIBIT- ING ABANDONMENT OF ANIMALS; PROVID. ING FOR PROTECTIVE CARE BY OFFICERS; PROHIBITING POI- SONING OF ANIMALS; PROHIBITING THE PLACING OF DANGER- OUS SUBSTANCES ON THE GROUND; REGU- LATING THE CON- FINEMENT OR CARRY- ING OF ANIMALS IN VEHICLES; PROHIBIT- ING CERTAIN TYPES OF CONFINEMENT IN VEHICLES; REQUIR- ING THE REPORTING OF FOUND ANIMALS; SPECIFYING THE MOTORIST'S RESPON- SIBILITIES AFTER IN- JURING AN ANIMAL; FORBIDDING THE FIGHTING OF ANI- MALS; PROHIBITING THE INJURY AND OVERWORK OF ANI- MALS; REQUIRING THE PROVISION OF FOOD, SHELTER OR MEDICAL CARE FOR ANIMALS; PROHIBIT- ING DANGEROUS CAGES, FENCES, LEASHES AND PICK- ETS; REGULATING THE TRAPPING OF ANIMALS; REGULAT- ING THE DISPOSAL OF TRAPPED ANIMALS; REGULATING THE CRATING OF ANI- MALS; PROHIBITING THE USE OF ANIMALS AS TARGETS FOR AMUSEMENT; PRO- VIDING THAT EUTHA- NASIA SHALL BE PER- FORMED BY CERTI- FIED PERSONNEL; PROHIBITING FOR KEEPING OF EXCES- SIVELY NOISY ANI- MALS; PROVIDING FOR THE ISSUANCE OF A PROFESSIONAL ANI- MAL HANDLER PER- MIT; SPECIFYING THE FEE AND INSPECTION FOR SAID PERMIT; PROVIDING FOR THE NON-TRANSFERABIL- ITY OF THE PERMIT; PROVIDING FOR RE- NEWAL OF THE PER- MIT; REQUIRING PER- MITTEES TO NOTICE THE COUNTY OF CER- TAIN CHANGES; RE- Q'UIRING COMPLI- ANCE WITH LAWS AND REGULATIONS; PRO- VIDING FOR A RIGHT OF INSPECTION; PRO- VIDING FOR THE NO- TICE OF VIOLATION; PROVIDING FOR COR- RECTIVE ACTION RE- LATING TO NOTICES OF VIOLATIONS; DE- LINEATING DOG SIZE CLASSIFICATIONS; PROVIDING STAN- DARDS FOR CAGE CONSTRUCTION AND SIZE FOR USE BY PER- MITTEES; REQUIRING CERTAIN RUN CON- STRUCTION AND SIZE FOR PERMITTEES; SPECIFYING THE CA- PACITY OF CAGES AND RUNS USED BY PERMITTEES; RE- QUIRING A CERTAIN HEIGHT ON CAGES USED BY PERMIT- TEES; SPECIFYING PERMISSIBLE CAGE SIZES; REQUIRING SEGREGATION OF SEXES AND DANGER- OUS ANIMALS BY PER- MITTEES; PROVIDING HOUSING AND DIS- POSAL REQUIRE- MENTS FOR PERMIT- TEES; MANDATING FEEDING AND WATER- ING OF ANIMALS BY PERMITTEES; RE- QUIRING THE PROVI- SION OF HEALTH CARE BY PERMIT- TEES; SETTING CON- STRUCTION STAN- DARDS FOR FLOORS; REQUIRING SAFE STORAGE AND RE- FRIGERATION; RE- QUIRING HEATING BY PERMITTEES; RE- QUIRING VENTILA- TION BY PERMITTEES; SPECIFYING STAN- DARDS FOR THE INTE- RIOR SURFACES OF PREMISES OF PERMIT- TEES; REQUIRING DRAINAGE BY PER- MITTEES; PROVIDING FOR THE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION OF VIOLATIONS OF CHAPTER 6.04; PRO- VIDING THAT NYE COUNTY ORDINANCE 188, CODIFIED AT NYE COUNTY CODE CHAP- TER 8.30, ENTITLED "RABIES CONTROL" SHALL BE MOVED IN ITS ENTIRETY TO BE- COME THE NEW NYE COUNTY CODE CHAP- TER 6.08; SPECIFYING THE AUTHORITY FOR RABIES CONTROL; PROVIDING DEFINI- TIONS FOR CHAPTER 6.08; NAMING THE RA- BIES CONTROL AU- THORITY; PROVIDING FOR THE VACCINA. TION OF CERTAIN ANI- MALS; PROVIDING FOR THE ISSUANC E OF A CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION; PRO- VIDING GENERAL RE- PORTING REQUIRE. MENTS; PROVIDING REPORTING REQUIRE. MENTS FOR HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS; PROVIDING REPORT. ING REQUIREMENTS FOR MEDICAL LABO- RATORIES; PROVID- ING REPORTING RE- QUIREMENTS FOR MEDICAL FACILITIES; PROVIDING REPORT. ING REQUIREMENTS i ii NOTICE Pursuant to NRS 244.085 (5), the Nye County Board of Commissioners will hold its second meeting of September on Tuesday, September 16, 1997, at the Beatty Community Center located at Corner A Avenue and Knight Avenue, Beatty, Ne- vada. The meeting will begin at 8:30 a.m. Publish 8/28/97 & 9/4/97 _ ] FOR SCHOOLS AND OTHER FACILITIES; PROVIDING REPORT. ING REQUIREMENTS FOR ANY PERSON; SPECIFYING A DUTY TO COOPERATE; PRO. VIDING FOR INVESTI- GATIONS RELATING TO RABIES; REQUIR- ING THE DISCLOSURE OF CERTAIN PER- SONAL INFORMA. "lION; PROVIDING FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF ANIMALS WHICH HAVE BITTEN; PRO- VIDING FOR THE MAN- AGEMENT OF ANI- MALS IN CLOSE CON- TACT; PROHIBITING CERTAIN ACTIVITIES; PROVIDING FOR THE IMPOUNDMENT OF ANIMALS WITH RA- BIES; PROVIDING FOR THE ENFORCEMENT OF CHAPTER 6.08; PROVIDING FOR THE KEEPING OF RECORDS; MAKING VIOLATIONS OF CHAPTER 6.08 A MIS- DEMEANOR; PROVID- ING FOR THE REPEAL OF NYE COUNTY CODE CHAPTERS 19.16 AND 20.08; PROVIDING FOR Continued on page 31 BEFORE THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF NEVADA In the Matter of TECOPA HOT SPRINGS TRANSPORTATION, INC., operating as a common carrier in the transportation of passengers and their baggage between Pahrump, Nevada, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Docket No. 96-11010 In the Matter of Administrative Citations and Verified complaints issued pursuant to NRS 706.771. Citations Nos. 01327, 01553, 01976 01977, 01978 NOTICE OF HEARING Docket No. 96-11010 is a petition and complaint filed with the Public Service Commission of Nevada ("Commission") by the Regulatory Operations Staff of the Commission ("Staff"). Staff filed the petition and complaint pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes CNRS") and Nevada Administrative Code CNAC") Chapters 703 and 706. The petition and complaint request that the Commission issue an order that Tecopa Hot Springs Transportation, Inc. CTecopa"), and its President, Carroll Wallace, appear before the Commission and show cause why they should not be directed to cease and desist from operating in violation of the scope of Tecopa's Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity No. CPC A-2410 ("Certificate"), Tecopa's approved tariffs on file, and applicable satutes and regulations and why Tecopa's Certificate should not be suspended or revoked. The petition and complaint further request that the Commission order Elite Limousines, Elite Limousine & Body Guardsman Services, Inc., and Elite Limousine by Tecopa (hereinafter "Elite") and Elite's President, George N. Helm, a0oear before the Commission and show cause why Elite and Mr. Helm should not be ordered to cease and desist from operating a common carrier limousine service under the ostensible authority of Tecopa's Certificate. Staff further requests that the Commission order Elite to discontinue all common carrier limousine service in Nevada until such time as they possess a legitimate Certificate from the Commission. Citations Nos. 01327, 01330, 01976, 01977, and 01978 are citations/complaints issued to George N. Helm and Elite for allegedly operating as a common carrier of passengers within the state of Nevada without first obtaining a certificate from the Commission, in violation of NRS 706.386. The above entitled dockets were consolidated by the Commission's order dated February 24, 1997. On March 4, 1997, the Commission ordered the proceedings bifurcated into a first and second phase. The first phase would address the scope of authority of Tecopa's Certificate and the second phase would allow for consideration of all remaining issues. By order dated July 25, 1997, the Commission completed the first phase of the proceedings. The Commission has legal authority and jurisdiction to hold a hearing in this matter pursuant to the provisions of NRS 706.166, 706.331, and 706.386. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Commission has scheduled a HEARING on the second phase of this matter as tbllows: MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 1997 10:00 a.m. Hearing Room B Public Service Commission of Nevada 555 East Washington Avenue, Suite 4600 Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 at which time interested persons may appear and be heard. The hearing will continue through Tuesday. September 16. 1997 at the same location. If necessary, this matter will be continued to a time to be determined at the hearing. In accordance with the provisions of NRS 706.166, 706.331, and 706.386, the Commission will consider evidence pertaining to (1) the nature of the transportation provided by Respondent, (2) the circumstances surrounding the provision of transporta- tion, (3) whether the transportation is intrastate or interstate in nature, and (4) whether the transportation constitutes a violation of the provisions of NRS 706.386. At the heating, the Commission may also consider other issues related to the provisions of Chapters 703 and 706 of NRS and NAC, may discuss public comments, and may make decisions on the procedural and substantive issues raised at the hearing. The Commission may vote at the hearing (1) to find that the transportation is interstate in nature or that therefore the complaint should be dismissed, (2) to find that the transpor- tation is interstate in nature and to take appropriate action, or (3) to take such other action as it deems appropriate under the circumstances. This notice has been posted at the county courthouses in Carson City, Reno and Las Vegas. By the Commission, Clayton L. Holstine, Commission Secretary Dated: Carson City, Nevada (SEAL) 8/19/97 Publish 8/28/97