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August 28, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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August 28, 1997

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Letters to the Editor Pahrumo Valley Gazette. Thursdav,'Auust 28. 1997 2! Don't criticize volunteers I am writing in defense of the town board members, the Planning Commission Board members, as well as all of the other dedicated people who serve on any of the many other boards and committees throughout our town and county. These men and women serve on these boards as volunteers, not as paid employees. They do it because they have a true belief that they have something to offer the town or association they serve. While there may be a small amount of ego building involved for some, there is no amount of ego or prestige gained that is equal to the amount of aggravation, frustration, and loss of personal time that these people incur. I have been continually outraged at the comments of many in our town who seem to have all the free time to blast away at the intentions and characters of these board and committee members. At the last Town Board meeting Steve Rainbolt brought up the possibility of the town leasing the PEC facilities on the north end of town. The reaction and treatment of Mr. Rainbolt was as 's idea was the absolute worst possible thing a human being 'uld ever consider and what kind of person could even think ch a thing. It was even suggested that he might be receiving a kick back from PEC for this. Where I may not agree that the idea of leasing this facility is a good one, I certainly am very glad to see that someone had at least tried to do something. People have been asking the town to do something about a youth center for many years. It was quite obvious that Mr. Rainbolt had spent many hours researching his idea. OK, so it isn't a good one, but at least it was a valid plan that called for the town to do something. Something more than talk about it. This letter is not only about Mr. Rainbolt and his idea for a youth center. It is about each and every one of the many people who serve as volunteers on the different boards and committees that service our town and other groups. These people give up many many hours of their time from their jobs, their families, and themselves. They spend their own money searching for and finding answers to help others. You could never begin to calculate the investment they make. And they put themselves up for public harassment and ridicule on a daily basis. I believe that we all should exercise our first amendment right to freedom of speech, and give our feedback when it is needed; but I get very upset when I hear someone go beyond the giving an opinion of an idea, or plan, and degrade the bearer personally. Didn't the idea of killing the bearer of bad news go out in the Roman era? I want to say how dare we attack the personal integrity of someone who is willing to do what I am not? He/she is up there. Not ME. I could be, but no, that would mean too much time and work. I can't do that. No, it is easier for me to sit back and criticize than to actually get up and do something. I hear talk a lot about "getting involved." The town needs people to get involved. Without people like Charlotte LeVar, Bob Little, Gary Hollis, Charlie Gronda, and Steve Rainbolt, and all of the others, our town would be sorely missing. Isn't any plan or idea better than none at all? Didn't we each learn to walk by taking small steps and falling down a lot? Isn't that what growth and progress are all about? I think that we each need to say a prayer of thanks to anyone we know who sits on a board or committee anywhere. And instead of going beyond the offering of an opinion to criticism of the person themselves, perhaps we need to appreciate the efforts behind the idea or plan and get involved in finding a better solution or idea. Maybe one way to improve Pahrump would be for each of the citizens to work on improving themselves. Hoping for a better Pahrump Leslie Garrett Pahrump Register and Vote I try to read all the letters in all three papers, and if you do the same, sometimes one can become quite confused as to just exactly what the majority of the population of Pahrump is actually seeking. Some folks seem to have come here because it was a small town with virtually no regulations on construc- tion, usage or other bothersome necessities of a populated area. Some have been upset because the incorporation charter didn't pass, but I think most would agree that down deep, we all want what is best for the valley. Since I am far from the most intelligent soul in the world, I will not try to make your decisions for you, but I do have a few thoughts to put forth. If those of you came for the small town feeling, did you tell your friends and neighbors "back home" what you had found? Utopia only lasts until others find it, then it is katy-bar-the- door! For those who wanted incorporation, please visit some small incorporated towns and speak with the common townsfolk. It has been my experience that the utopia promised by those who desperately (for whatever reason) wanted their way, in many cases, only tell one side of the story. Now,I am not calling names, for this is a political ploy used in political campaigns far and wide and therefore, it is up to the "buyer (voter)," to keep himself/herself informed by reading everything available on the subject. In essence, "Caveat Emptor". With these thoughts in mind, it is easy to understand how, suddenly, utopia has become a sprawling metropolis. Many folks write about the money the county has poured into NRMC, and I feel they have every right to do so, but no- one has come up with a viable alternative, (except to close the facility and leave a lot of people without first class medical care). I, for one, do not profess to play God, nor do I desire to do so. Somewhere out there is someone with the answer or answers to the problem who has, so far, failed to come forth. Please, if you read this, at least write a letter to the papers with a workable plan. In a few short years, you are going to be asked to participate in the census of the year 2000. I plead with everyone in the valley to give the information freely, because we need a true census to participate in funds returned by the U.S. Government, and the State Government. The Rand McNally Road Atlas gives the population of Pahrump as 1,300. This is taken from the census of 1990. I doubt that anyone living here believes there were that few people in the valley just seven and a-half years ago. It is of the utmost importance you stand up and be counted. Maybe we can obtain enough money to pave the roads. Recently, the state demographer was in the valley, and the papers reported this person set the population of the valley at just over 14,000. At the same time, we had almost 11,000 registered voters and approximately 5,000 school children. Add these figures to the fact that many eligible voters are not registered, and you come up with a heck of a lot more people, unless we have the highest percentage of eligible voters regis- PAHRUMP HARVEST FESTIVAL , lth | - $ Advanced Sale Tlckets NOW ON SALE One Day Pass Unlimited Rides ith Chamber of Commerce  Hsrdware en at Plantation Plaza [] & M Wholesale Pipe 6 Supply Mountain View Casino 8 Bowling Center tered anywhere in the country. I don't have the figures at hand, but a rough guess for most of the country would be 60 percent. Since I seem to be in a ramblin' mood this morning, HI get it all off my chest in one sitting. A few weeks ago the papers reported the Town Board had decided to use the $100,000 that Bob Tomaro has worked for many years to obtain from the County Commissioners to get a youth center s "tarted, to build an office complex for the new Regional Planning Commission instead. They went so far as to petition the Commissioners to allow the change, which they did. In my opinion, it would be prudent to hire a certified planner to advise the board before building. If these things bother you and you are not registered to vote, shame on you. I urge everyone 18 years old and above, to go to the County Complex and register. Then, in November 1998, get to the polls and make your voice heard loud and clear. We should be able to muster 14,000 voters next year, and just the registration will have an effect on those incumbents who choose to run. Bob Coad Pahrump Service Forum DON'S RADIATOR SERVICE "THE LEAK STOPS HERE' Complete Cooling and I.leng System Service 751-2000 nouo I060 E. lldrd SL . 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