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August 28, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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August 28, 1997

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(4:15) Movie: , "The Movie: *** "Under the Hula M_oon" Movlo:***"Alqdane]"(1980, Bovie: ** "No to Run" (1993) Mavie: "Movtng Target" (1996, Drama) Movie:"TbaDenor"(1995)Aatutman]"camouur RrstTime"(1969)'M' (1995) Stephen Baidwin. (In Stereo) R' Comedy) F Hays. PG [] Jean-CieudeVanDemme.'R'[] MichaelDudikofl.(InSlereo)'R' atmggies to find out who stola his k.13" HI Pahrump ValleY00e.0000.00Firepl.aCeTrailBlo00.ez. & A.ecesso I Wood/Pellet/Gas Stoves Full l, fne of Zero Clearance .00replaces & Accessories Best Time .:. ,o ca,, IL00LAZR J00oenzngs 7-9 pm Solid Fuel Stoves 751-0106 Tested and approved to UL SAFETY STANDARDS, and rigid EPA and DEQ EMISSION REGULATIONS. Each TRAIL- BLAZER model has been certified to meet all applicable safety and environmental codes. An industry leader, combined with the TRAILBLAZER FIVE YEAR WARRANTY program for your assistance of dependable and comfortable heating unsurpassed by others.