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August 28, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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August 28, 1997

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Letters to the Editor Pahrump'Vali'ey'Gazette, q'hiJtsaay, August 28,' 199"Yll" Where are our priorities? Regarding Manse Elementary schools unfinished build- ing: Take the kids across the parking lot to the "Dodge-Mahal," so they can eat their lunches in air conditioned comfort and luxury. Not outside in the heat and flies. Where are our priorities? Gene Griffith Pahrump Recall McRae and stop the new unconstitutional animal control ordinance Prior to the Nye County Commission meeting on Tuesday, August 19, I was passing the closed Express Lube shop owned by County Commissioner Cameron McRae. Cameron as obviously present, so I stopped in to speak with him /oncerning the contents of the newly proposed Animal Con- rol Ordinance, to be designated as replacement for the current Nye County Code Title 6. I was already aware that he supported it. This title is so eaten-up with foolish, incompetent and grossly unlawful nonsense that it is hard to know where to begin in describing it. It is shot through with improper, unlawful and arrogantly unbridled statements which are nothing short of insane or directly criminal. When I approached Cameron, in an attempt to discuss the constitutional legalities of some sections set forth in the proposed revision of the Title in question, he displayed a hostile attitude toward this most sincere constituent. This is not unusual for him, as many of you who have had face to face dealings with this man will recognize. McRae, in violation of his oath of office, has on numerous occasions demonstrated that his constituency means little or nothing to him. It is my firm belief that McRae, for reasons of self-aggrandizement and other reasons personal or otherwise, abuses his official sworn position That Cameron chooses to serve a small group of insiders and politicians bespeaks his contempt for the public. I feel, as do the vast majority of his constituents, that it is now time that we recall this failed public servant People from all walks of life indicated they are ready and more than willing to sign a recall petition. This petition will be circulated in the near future. We ask that you will sign, and restore some semblance of Woper representation to this district. In making this recall effort we tully expect to encounter attempts by the opposition, especially amongst officials, to unlawfully stifle our efforts, as was encountered by those who worked so hard to recall certain Pahrump Town Board Mem- bers last year. At that time, recall workers were driven from the proximity of public facilities such as the Post Office, the Pahrump Medical Center and the Senior Center by represen- tatives of the Sheriff's Office acting unlawfully under color of law. In addition, various businesses around town were con- stantly harassed by phone until some gave in and asked the recall workers'to leave their premises. They simply found it hard to do business while being hounded. Getting back to a few of the specifics regarding the proposed Title revision, lets start with proposed Section 6.04.120 entitled, "Unlawful to Resist or Obstruct Animal Control Officer." The text of this section is, "It shall be unlawful for any person to resist or obstruct any animal control offcer in the exercise of the duties imposed by this chapter." The problem is that the duties must be lawful not simply having the appearance of law. Since this chapter is loaded with fantastically unlawful flights of fascist fancy which reject a large portion of higber law up to and including the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, as well as similar protection afforded by the Nevada State Constitution, the poor animal control officer is cast into a sea of confusion. He or she is tasked with enforcing that which is not law but which may look, to the ignorant or lonfused, as a nearly typed "real' law. It has long been true that it is a crime to resist or obstruct any sworn officer in the performance of his or her lawful duty. It has also been very true and long established that any person has the right if not the obligation as a duty to oppose anyone, official or not, who acts unlawfully. Whenever any official does act unlawfully to apply force to anyone, it is called Oppression Under Color of Law or Authority. Remember, all private persons have the right to self-defense and the ostensible title or status of an official does not grant to him or her lawful power to break the law. I call your attention to the Los Angeles officers who robbed a jewelry store and ended up in jail, or to the two different occasions in California when Highway Patrol offic- ers sexually assaulted and murdered women while on duty. And, many more similar incidents. Perhaps you haven't been aware of occurrences such as these. They are very real. It would be a sorry state of affairs indeed if any person could put on a uniform and be instantly unleased upon the public to break any law or violate the rights of any other person. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The higher law always prevails in legal contemplation. The proposed revision to Title 6 is a dirty snowball of unlawful incursions against the people of the county and some of the most pious principles of Law in the United States. The people must always oppose "official" crime just as they would oppose any common crime. There are several shockingly unconstitutional specific sections contained in the proposed Title amendment, a copy of which I had already obtained when I spoke with McRae. If it were to be "enacted," a seriously unlawful "law" could be used to terrorize the people of Nye County. I have already addressed Title 6.04.120. Also, of special interest are three more Sections, 6.04.130, 6.04.140. and 6.04.200. Section 6.04.130 concerns and is titled "Inspection," In it is clearly pointed out that an Animal Control Officer must have the consent of the owner or occupant of the premises in order to enter upon the property. Must we construe this to mean that a ten year old child or a baby in diapers could grant permission? Never mind. An official who does not care to go to the trouble to seek and obtain a lawful warrant needn't be interested in "requesting permission" in order to "inspect" anything. Perhaps with a little intimidation applied to a person who is shy or reticent to claim his fights the officer could expedite satisfaction of his curiosity? What do you think? If proper grounds for an honest warrant do not exist, I suggest that the officer go about his proper business else- where In any case, why would an "inspection" be in order? People generally are well aware of their own property and do not need or appreciate "inspections." I have heard that in some other countries officials act as overseers over the people and those monitors surely do "inspect" constantly. I suggest that we here in Nye County and the United States in general not allow our homeland to be converted into such as those. Section 6.04.140 is titled "Right of Entry" is a direct unequivocal circumvention of the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States as applied here,just as when taken in similar context to phrase "Unlawful to Resist Animal Control Officer," which is part of 6.04.130 addressed above. When any official acts in violation of the basic rights of Americans, this is to say to oppress under color of authority, they commit a felonious crime and any person is lawfully within his rights as well as his duty to oppose that official. Simply drawing up and printing unlawful nonsense does not constitute a negation of higher law. Often confused local officials erroneously conclude that they can enact any foolish ordinance and then enforce it with impunity. Not true! Due process, from issuance and service of a lawful warrant, to a proper trial is essential in Nye County as well as in the rest of the country. Juvenile yet savagely fascist local "laws," such as this so-called Animal Control Ordinance promulgated by impudent amateur political public servants are very danger- ous. Some believe these false "laws" can be slipped in on the average Joe and he will be so impressed with the "appearance of law" that he won't have a clue as to the fact that is in reality no law and void. So many people have forgotten, I hope temporarily, how to be real Americans that the door seems wide open to those with an oppressive mentality to take all the power they can stuff down their weasel gullets. Section 6.04.200 is entitled, "Restraint and Sanitation." Also, a mass of confusion. One item contained therein is the statement that, "It shall be unlawful for ...any animal..to excrete any solid waste upon any real property under the control of or in the possession of any person..." So, it would be a crime for your dog to do his business in your backyard. Shame on the downs who wrote this. The totality of the nonsense within this proposed Title revision would be painful to restate here fully. So I won't restate it any further. This threatened "legislation" is actually a clear diversion from the terrible financial crisis which is mounting in Nye County due to the incompetence and/or criminality of the Nye County Commission. County Commissioner Cameron McRae and every other person responsible for the above described attempt to harm the people of Nye County should be dismissed forthwith from our employ. Let's start by recalling Cameron McRae! Re- member, Pahrump is a rural town, not a high density, high tax, highly regulated, madhouse called a city. May freedom and peace reign here for a bit longer at least. Thank you for your patient attention. Bill Bailew Pahrump Vegas to Reno race It's time for the second annual Vegas to Reno race. After a very successful first year everyone is looking forward to the longest off-road race in the United States. Some of the most successfull motorcycle and quad riders along with car and truck drivers will be competing in this challenging race. We are always looking for volunteers especially volun- teer EMT's. If you would like more information, contact Best in the Desert at (702) 457-5775, or 727-0757. Stormy Weathers Pahrump Harvest Festival Fair entries There have been some changes made this year! Please read the "Exhibit Hall Schedule" on page five of the 1997 Pahrump Harvest Festival and Fair Book. Entries for everything (except foods and horticulture) will be judged on Wednesday afternoon. If you bring entries for arts and crafts, etc. on Thursday or Friday, it will be too late for judging and will be accepted for exhibit only. Fair Exhibit Chairman, Mertice Foti, and her committee have tried very hard to make improvements this year. Change is good, but it causes confusion. Please don't miss the opportunity to have your entries judged because you didn't want to take the time to read the official rules. Pauline Moore Pahrump Waste of taxpayer dollars The people of Pahrump and Nye County need to be made aware of what seems to be a misuse and waste of taxpayer dollars. Robert Walker, bailiff of the Pahrump Justice Court has been observed on several occasions driving around town in the Pahrump Justice Court vehicle during his lunch hour. He has been observed in this same vehicle stopping at Smith's Food King to do his shopping. The other employees of the Pahrump Justice Court who have been observed driving around town on their lunch hour use their own private vehicles. Why is Walker en- titled to use county property for his own personal use? Is he privileged over other employees of the court? And, while we're on the subject of Robert Walker, does he think he is a comedian or the court jester with all his supposed cute little remarks he makes before the justice comes in? It's anything but professional and all the people who have observed his clownish actions think he is just showing his ignorance. Kenneth Charles, Causey Evelyn Florese, Causey Pahrump Thomas Payne Caslander Wayne, New Jersey An open letter to Mr. David Glass President and C.E.O. Wai-Mart Corporation Dear Mr. Glass: A Wal-Mart Store is needed in the Pahrump Valley Area because: This is a trading area that includes towns in California; from Baker, to Shoshone, and Death Valley, and in Nevada from Tonopah, Silver Peak, Gold Field, Beatty, Amargosa Valley, to Pahrump. When the Smith's grocery chain opened their store here they had their biggest opening day volume for any store in their company. Grocery carts had to be comandeered at the unloading point to shop with one. Pahrump is a community that sprawls over a vast valley that houses between 24 and 30 thousand persons, depend- ing upon the info source. The extended trading area con- tains another 15 to 25 thousand persons. And I suspect a Wal-Mart store here would attract buyers from further afield than Tonopah, about 250 miles north of Pa,hrump. Your Wal-Mart stores in Las Vegas are well patronized by their vast market area, however from the Pahrump center they are at least 65 to 75 miles on two lane roads. Shopping at Wal-Mart is something we do when and if we are in the Las Vegas area. So naturally, we do most of our day by day shopping for the products Wal-Mart sells at local outlets, paying more than we should but less than the cost of a 130 mile round trip. The buying public would certainly patronize a Wal-Mart Store in Pahrump. There is plenty of room for the town to grow and for Wal-Mart Store to profit. Very truly Fred M. Schuitz The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. 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