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August 21, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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August 21, 1997

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Letters to the Editor Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, August 21, 1711 I I Comstock Park In response to Walt Blohm's letter. I hope this letter does not result in an on going feud through letters to the editor. I can honestly say I am impartial and have not taken sides during the many controversial incidents which have occurred at this park. I have attended a few home owners meetings and discov- ered if one is not in accord with the Board on various issues he or she is a dissident. Nothing could be further from the truth. "Constructive criticism" is not in the Board of Director's vocabulary. During the meeting of Aug. 13, I had the feeling that any input from the homeowners fell on deaf ears. The Board ignored all suggestions made by homeowners if it was contrary m the Board's beliefs. It also appears the Board of Directors have their minds made up prior to the meeting. Walter did not do his homework when he wrote, "The Board of Directors hired the accounting firm for only a buck a month cost to homeowners." How true, Walt. But, you failed to explain to the readers or the homeowners the hidden costs which are written into the contract. Let me explain. Every phone call with the company is $10;' each homeowner will receive a payment book, cost $1; if one sells their home, $75 transfer fee. There is much, much more that the homeowner will be paying, which of course has not been explained to them. After this is read, instead of being a concerned homeowner I'll be pegged as a "damn dissident." The members of Comstock Park Hom0wners Association elected the Board based solely on thei r personal resume. Some electees were entrusted with our monies based on their resume detailing knowledge as accountants, business expertise, banking experience or just plain savvy money handlers. The treasurers of Comstock Park are an insult to the accounting profession. Each individual who held the position of treasurer are the same individuals who managed to put this association's finances in shambles. "Treasurer; one who is entrusted with the receipt, care and disbursement of funds. It's obvious, the :omstock Treasurers failed the homeowners miserably. Let me tell you. Those who held the position of Treasurer present and past are "shams!" I know those responsible will excuse themselves by blam- ing others. The bottom line; The Comstock Park Homeowners Asso- ciation finances are the treasurer's responsibility and they failed .the homeowner. It's a damn shame. August 1 i, 1997, Homeowner's meeting was held. I at- tended. Our secretary informed the audience if the meeting got unruly or boisterous she would cease transcribing the meeting and leave. Believe it or not, at one point she left. Allow me to recap the incident. A past board member had permission to address the board and the members in attendance by use of microphone. This person told the board to change the minutes of April meeting to read as follows. A statement was made as to what should he added to the April minutes. At this point I raised my hand to be recognized and with the board's permission I stated, "The minutes of April meeting were read, reviewed and approved at the May meeting, thus becoming a legal document." I further stated, "How is it possible to make such a request three months after the fact?" At this time, ladies and gentlemen, the secretary left the meeting. Is being factual and precise an offense to be construed as unruly and boisterous? My contention: After three months, who the hell really knows what this person supposedly stated or what bearing the statement had for the future of Comstock Park? I ask. Isn't it ironic that the issue was so insignificant no one on the board nor, I assume, the originator realized at the May meeting the subject was deleted from the mihutes? But, mind you, three months later the insignificant sud- denly becomes relevant. All I can say, "More flim-flam-cover up from an inept board." Get real! Hell fire, Comstock Homeowner's Association has people in trustworthy positions who can't add or subtract and others who change minutes to fit their fancy. And, you thought you had problems! Joe Bancroft Pahrump In response to Richard Reul In response to the article by Richard Reul in the July 24 issue of the Pahrump Valley Gazette. I do not want to get involved in any political argument. I think if you will read the article enclosed, taken from Grit Magazine, you will see that FDR saved a generation of young men by giving them a way to help their families and have hope for the future themselves. Helen Rowland Pahrump Editors note: The Grit article of June 1, 1997. is a story about the Civilian Conservation Corps and Rooseveit's role in starting it in 1933. Violating the law In reading the Causey letter to the editor in the papers, it appears that BailiffRobert Walker has an agenda to target Mr. Causey for harassment. The peculiar actions on July 19, 1996, of Bailiff Walker, to inform Mr. Causey that being a peace officer, he had the authority to arrest him, then called the County Sheriffs Department and signed as a private citizen, therefore violat- ing the law. In Mr. Walker's latest arrest, he did the whole enchilada. Makes me wonder if this gentleman knows his job descrip- tion. Is he, or is he not a peace officer? Does his jurisdiction extend beyond the Pahrump Justice Court? The fact that Mr. Causey was not taken to the local magistrate as per the Nevada Revised Statutes, all action taken by any of the County deputies involved, were also unlawful. Laws enacted by the state legislature are for the protection of all the people of the state, and the accused, until proven guilty of a crime and is also protected, especially from harassment. Due process is part of the protection. Have all our Common Law protections been replaced by Admiralty Law? The State and U.S. Constitutions don't seem to matter any more. They are not taught in our government schools and it's quite obvious that at least one person in place to protect us, has no understanding of their job to protect. Maybe ignorance of the law is an excuse. Jim Lee Pahrump Thank you town of Pahmmp This letter is in response to "Family Resource Center is tops." (PV Gazette, July 31). Thank you for printing such a fantastic letter about the family we helped. The letter ad- dressed only the Family Resource Center so we need to also thank the people of Pahrump. This wonderful town should be complimented on their efforts. Additionally, special thanks to the Mountain View Casino and our local churches for really showing their community spirit. We at the Family Resource Center simply asked for help on behalf of this family and discovered that our town was more than willing to help a neighbor in need. Once again, THANK YOU TOWN OF PAHRUMP. This is just one of the many reasons we love living in our small friendly community. Laurie Rogers and JoDee Beckett Pahrump Family Resource Center Esmeralda Recall Committee An open letter to the residents and voters of Esmeralda County: Perhaps many of you are aware that on Tuesday, August 5, 1997, Steve Evenson gave his resignation from his office as District Attorney to the Esmeralda County Commissioners at their regular meeting. This resignation was to become effective no later than September 1. He also advised the County Commissioners to make it an emergency item to proceed to seek a replacement for him. His resignation letter appeared in the August 7 issue of the Pahrump Valley Gazette. The Recall Committee is aware that Article 2, Section 9 of the Nevada Constitution which applies to recall elections states if he shall offer his resignation, it shall be accepted and take effect on the day it is offered. If he shall not resign within five days after the petition is filed, a special election shall be ordered to be held. The Nevada Secretary of State's Office directs the County Clerks of the State of Nevada as to the procedures to he followed in recall elections regarding when to proceed. In light of Steve Evenson's resignation on August 5, a member of the Recall Committee personally spoke with Pamela Crowell in the Secretary of State's Office regarding the status of the recall election as a result of his resignation. Pamela Crowell said it was not a resignation and the Secretary of State's Office has sent notice to the County Clerk, Steve Evenson, District Attorney, and the Recall Committee that the recall election was to proceed. Pamela Crowell indicated Steve Evenson had until 5 p.m. on Friday, August 8 to present his resignation, efffive immediately, to stop the recall election from proceeding. As of 5 p.m., August 8, Steve Evenson had not resigned his office to take effect immediately. According to the above Article of the Nevada Constitu- tion, Steve Evenson's resignation was inadequate to stop the recall election. By not resigning effective immediately before 5 p.m., August 8, he has forced the recall election to proceed at a cost to all taxpayers. One has to wonder, as an attorney and our district attorney, why Steve Evenson was not aware at the time he presented his resignation on August 5 that since it did not meet the require- ments of the Nevada Constitution, it would not stop the recall process. Or, was he actually aware of the Nevada Constitution requirements and in not meeting them, never intended to resign in the first place, but was only seeking to attempt to manipulate and gain the sympathy of the voters by his resignation? Think about it. The Recall Committee Bill Wright, Patricia Hudson, Francis Lien Cats in cages This is an open letter to the cat lovers of Nye County. Having just recently moved to the Pahrump area and learning of the new animal control ordinances being proposed by the County Commissioners and a man named Clark Wheeler, I decided to do a little reading. My wife and I obtained copies of all the proposed ordi- nances and the one that has been in effect since 1994. Upon comparing the three of them I noticed at least two items that really upset me. 1. Under Bill No. 93-09, signed and approved by the County Commissioners on April 5, 1994, Section 6.20.050 "Running at Large" reads in part, "It is unlawful for the owner of any dog, whether licensed or unlicensed, to suffer, permit or allow the dog to run at large, etc. Nowhere in the ordinance does it say that it is illegal to allow your cats to run at large. Since it's not illegal, by county ordinance, then it seems to me that every time an animal control officer picked up a cat since April 5, 1994 they were doing it illegally. If you have had to retrieve your cat from the county shelter and pay a fee, then that too had to he illegal. Is it really OK for our county officials to break their own laws? No, I should say "enforce laws that are not laws." 2. Both proposed ordinances cite Nevada Revised Statute 244.359 as giving them (the county commissioners) the authority to enact these animal control ordinances, so off I went to the public library to look them up. Section I of NRS 244.359 does in fact give the county the authority (and at this point I want to emphasize the word "authority" because it is a very important word) to enact and enforce an ordinance or ordinances. Section I, subsection A states "Fixing, imposing and collecting an annual license fee on dogs and providing for the capture and disposal of all dogs on which the license fee is not paid." Now remember, ladies and gentlemen, the County Commissioners get their "authority" from this state statute and it plainly states and limits their "authority" todogs. It does not authorize them to license cats or any other animals. My wife and I have spent a lot of our time researching this matter but we can't do it all. Every animal lover in Nye County needs to get copies of the 1994 ordinance and all of the proposed animal control ordinances, call their county com- missioners and research this abuse of the law themselvews. United we stand, divided we allow our futures to he controlled by a handful of men sitting on the County Commis- sion. J.L High Pahrump The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727-5583. twt All opinions expressed on the letters page are those of the artist or author indicated. The Gazette reserves the right to edit all rs for length and libel. Furthermore, letters with names withheld will only he published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists.