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August 14, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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August 14, 1997

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Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, August 14, 1997 AAI$ TVData O KTVN News r News 3 CBS News News  Real TV (In Cops (In Stereo) l Stereo) : O KVBC News  NBC News News I Jeopardy! Wheel of Real TV (In  Fortune : Stereo) : Movie: "Sweet Dreams" (1996. Drama) A psychiatrist Law & Order "Double O WDIV and his wife victimize a young amnesiac. In Stereo) t Blind" (R) (in Stereo) q jNanny(In Murphy Miss Teen USA The15th annual competitlen in which hiews Late Show (in Stereo) [] Late Late Show (In News(R)[] i Stereo) : Brown [] contestants vie for the tit e of Miss Teen USA 1997, : Stereo) [] Movie: "Sweat Dreams" (1996. Drama) A psychiatrist ILew & Order "Double Mews [] Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (in Stereo) [] Later (In and his wife victimize a young amnesiac. (In Stereo) :: ]Blind" (R) (In Stereo) : " Stereo) [] I TM ] ILeter (In Leeza Lost children NBC Nows ws night Show (in Stereo) nny Jones (in Stereo) Prog,"amPaid Late Night (In Stereo) 1 JStereo) [] returned to families. (R) Nightside ( KRNV News[] NBCNews News[] Ent. HardCopy Inside Mevie: "Sweet Dreams" (1996, Drama) A psychiatrist Law&Order"Doobie News Tunight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later(In Tonight 1 Edition [] and his wife victimize a youn ] amnesiac. (In Stereo) [] Blind" (R) (In Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Extra(In Access HerdCopy MadAbout Simpsons Simpsons Wodd'sGreateatAnimal Party of Five "The IF/X:Thesedss Vibe DearJohn LAPD:Ufe F/X:Tbeserbs O KVVU Stereo): Hollywood  You[] (InStereo) (InStereo) 0uttakss:Unleeehedll Nedding" (In Stereo) [] j"Reun"(R) "lDo, Baby" ontheseat "Reunion" (R) Science Business Newshour With Jim American Experience "The Donner Party" (In Stereo) Best of 5 Encore presentations of some of the most Chadie Rose (In Stereo) Achievement Television Achievement Television O KNPB Guy Report Leh []  :)opuler programs from Summerfest '97. "Health Of America" Drew Carey Spin City Drew cerey Ellen (R) (In Primetime Uve [] News Nkjhtline  Inside American Politir, aily ]Matlock "The Don" (in To Be View ABC World News Now (i WXYZ (In Stereo) (In Stereo) (InStereo) Stereo)[] Editiun; Journal[] Incorrsct[]JStereo)(Partlof2)[] Announced (Joined in Pr iress) [] News News ABCWld News Jeopardy! Wheaiof DrewCarey SpinCity DrowCarey Blen(R)(In PrimetimeUve[] Nero Nightiine[] Pniy NightCourt Paid JNewe ]1 KOLO News [] Fortune [] 'in Stereo) Iin Stereo) IIn Stereo) Stereo) [] Incorrect [] Program I Ent. Late Late Show (In O KLAS News[] CBSNews News[] News[] EnL Inside anny(In Murphy MissTeeeUSAThefSthannualcompetitioninwhich News[] Late Show (In Stereo) [] Tonit Stereo)[] Tonight Edition [] Stereo) [] Brown [] :ontestants vie for the title of Miss Teen USA 1997. [] Nanny (In Murphy Miss Teen USA The 15th annual competition in which ws Late Show (in Stereo)  Hard Copy Late Late Show (in CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) This (DE) w'roc Stereo)  Brown : contestants vie for the title of Miss Teen USA 1997. [] [] Stereo) [] Muming's (]D KTNV News ABCWId News News[] Home ico00h[] DrewCarey SpinCity DrewCarey Ellen (R) (ln PrimetimeUve[] Nows INightline[] Politically Highway Murphy News(R)] Newa Improve. fin Stereo) IIn Stereo) ( n Stereo) Stereo) [] . Incorrect [] Patrol Brown  (g) WNET Unknown Marx Brothers (In Stereo) [] Art Garfunkel Across America A 1996 Eight Weeks to Optimum Health A Chadie Rose (In Stereo) Elvis '56 Broadcast pedormance clips of Sponteneoua Healing A lecture by Dr. concert at Ellis Island's Registry Hall. (R) ecture by Dr. Andrew Well. (in Stereo) Eivis Presley from 1956. (In Stereo) ; Andrew Well (R) (In Stereo) ) KAME Mr. Cooper Roeaanne Roseanne Married... Star Trek: Deep Space Sentinel "Disappearing Star Trek: Voyager geanen Ivory Wayans (In Vibe Strange Extra (in Paid Paid (In Stereo) (in Stereo) W' Nine (in Stereo); Act" (R) (In Stereo) ; ='Blood Fever" (In Stereo) Stereo) Universe Stereo) [] Program Program Fresh Cosby Rossanne Roseenne Sainfeld (In Cheers (in Sentinel "Disappearing Star Trek: Voyager Baywatch "Submersion" Keenen Ivory Wayans (In Martin (in Strange Degeorge Hair ) KRLR Prince Show [] (In Stereo) (In Stereo) Stereo) [] Stereo) [] A.ct" (R) (in Stereo) [] ='Blood Fever" (In Stereo) Jn Stereo) [] Stereo) Stereo) [] Universe ;Home Restoration Scientific American Brain Attack Another America Being Keeping Up Scientific American Brain Attaek (R) Another America (R) Chariie Rose (In Stereo) I Future 21st ( WTVS Frontiers (in Stereo) , Served Frontiers (in Stereo)  IOUeet [] Century Jet' .7_. :J a = -,[,e: r_. QIQI =1 (4:00) Movie: *** "The Remember Movie: "Twelve O'Clock High" (1949) The weight of Movie: **'/2 "Son of Fury" (t 942) Tyrone Power, A Remember Movie: "Twelve O'Clock High" (1949) The weight of Movie: *** "The Four AMC Four Musketeers" (1975) WENN [] command leans heavily on an Air Corps leader, man cheated out of an inheritance plans revenge. WENN [] mmand leans heavily on an Air Corps leader. Musketeers" (1975) 'PC' Biography: Armand American Justice 20th Century "Hurricanes: ILaw & Order "Sanctuary" Biography: Armand ttmerican Justice 20th Century "Hurricanes: Law & Order "Sanctuary" Movie: *., "House of" A&E Hammer: Life-Deception "Eyewitness" (R) Natural Born Killers" (R) e! Hammer: Life.Doception !"Eyewitness" (R) Natural Born Killers" (R) [] Wax" (1953) Prime News Burden of Larry King Uve [] World Today ; porte Moneytine NewsNight Showbiz Burden of CNNiSports Larry King Uve (R) [] Crossfire [CNN/Spur Interna- Newaroom CNN [] Proof (R) []' , Illuetreted (R) { Today ; Proof  Iguatrated (R) [] IIHUetrated tionsi [] Movie:***"GlldaUve"(t980)GildaRadner.Gilda SouthPark Comedy DailyShow Stain's SeturdayNightUve Jeff Allan DatlyShow Muvie:,"SpringFoverUSA"(1989, Comedy)Two IPaid Paid COM Radner's repedoire of zany characters hits Broadway. Half-Hour Money Jamle Lee Curtis, Fixx.  JR) students mix with mobsters and bathing beauties, i Program Program Travelers "Festivals Movie 2end Wings of the Red Star Wild Discovery "Dining Discover Magazine Deadly Duels: "Duels of Wild Discovery "Dining Discover Magazine Deadly Duels: "Duels of DSC Acadiens" (R) Magic (R) "Backfire Bomber" (R) lone" (R) 'Hidden Worlds" (R) Honor" (R) Alone" (R) "Hidden Worlds" (R) Honor" (R) World's Best Casinos (R);News Daily (R) Talk Soup INight Stand Howard Howard Melrose Place "Burned" rsik Soup tNight Stand Howard Fashion Paid Paid Paid Paid E! (R) ] Stem Stern (R) [in Stereo) JR) ] Stern (R) File (R) Program Program Program Program (4:15) Movie: *** "The Movie: ***'/ "Things Change" (1988, Comedy) An Movie: **/ "MO' Money" (1992, Comedy) Two con Movie: ** "Burglar" (1987, Comedy) Aovle: **t/ "Mastermind" (1973, Movie: **'/ "Enemy ENC Brink's Job" (1978) 'PC' Italian immk:jrant is mistaken for a mob kingpin. 'PC' adists get caught up in a major credit card scare. 'R' Whoopi Goldborg. (in Stereo) 'R'  Comedy) Zero Mostel. 'G' Mine" (1985) 'PC-13' [] ESpN ............... C,oes Di00IR'W"(,) ,u,o,=.,: W,,,= [] Highway to Heaven "An Carol Carol Waltons "The Rescue 911 (In Stereo)  Hawaii Five-0 00 Club Three Stooges Carson Carson Paid Paid FAM Investment in Caring" [] Bumett Burner Moonshiner" Classics Classics Program Program KCNC KMGH KRMA KUSA CBSNews News Nanny(In Murphy Miss Tean USA The15th annual competition in which News Stereo) [] Brown  contestants vie for the title of Miss Teen USA 1997. Jeopard Wheel of Drew Carey Spin City Drew cerey ]Ellen (R) (in IPrimetime Uve [] News [] [] IFortune[] (InStereo) (InStereo) (InStereo) JStereo), I Newshour with Jim Cosmic Travellers: Movie: *** "Carousel" (1956) Gordon MacRae. A Mulberry Lehrer [] "Comets and Asteroids" carny resorts to theft to provide for his family. News [] Ent. Movie: "Sweet Dreams" (1996, Drama) A psychiatrist Law & Order "Double News [] Ton ght and his wife victimize a young amnesiac. (in Stereo) [] Elind" (R) (In Stereo) [] Late Show (In Stereo) ; Late Late Show (In Gordon Bliott Senior News (R) [] CBS Up to the Minute Stereo) [] citizens on the move. (R) I Joined in Progress) Nightiine[] inside Pditically American Personal Rolonda View Edition [] Incorrect [] Journal [] Power Being Charlie Rose (in Stereo) Nova "Shark Attack!" (R) Sharks - The Real Story Matinee at the Bijou Served (In Stereo) [] (R) (In Stereo) Tonight Show (In Stereo) Cheers (in Late Night (in Stereo)  Later (In Extra (in Jenny Jones (R) (in Stereo)  Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Home Home Sister, Smart Guy Wayans Steve News (In Stereo)  Star Trek: The Next Star Trek: Deep Space Martin (In RickJ Lake (R) Honey- I Love Lucy News (R) (In KWGN Improve. Improve. Sister (R)  "Lab Rats" Bros. (R) [] Harvey [] Generation "Man Hunt" Nine "Second Sight"  Stereo)  mooners :: Stereo) LEARN Sea Tel((R) Popular Byzantium - The Lost Volcano - Path of Sea Tek (R) Popular Byzantium - The Lost Volcano - Path of Hometime Hometime Paid >aid Paid Paid Scien.ce (R) Empire (R) Destruction (R) Scmnce (R) i Empire (R) Destruction (R) "Gazebo" (R) Program Program Program Program Golden ,olden Supermar. Debt Intimate Portrait "Bette Unsolved Myaterkm (in Movie: ,r, "Mermaids" (1990) Cher. A teen deals Homicide: Life on the Unsolved Mysteries (in Sisters "Bfinders" (in UFE Girls [] P, ids [] ket Sweep Davis" (R) (in Stereo) [] Stereo) with her first love and an unconventional morn. Street "The Gas Man" [] Stereo) Stereo) [] (4:30) Movie: ** "l"le Movie: **t, "Days of Thunder" (1980) Tom Cruise. Movie: ** "The Dentist" (1996. Horror) Movie: **/z "Eraser" (1996) A government agent Movie: *** "Wattetax" (1973) Richard Pryor. A 1972 "Killer: MAX Wolves" (1995) 'PC-13' A cocky challenger enters the world of stock-car racing. rbin Bemsen. (In Stereo) 'R' [] =rotects a witness from gunrunners. (In Stereo) 'R' [] cod commemorates the black experience. 'R' Journal" MTV NASH NICK PS Music From Motel California (In Stereo Real World ]MocelJennYrt h Dddeilie, IlLreline (in Stereo) Adult (In Stereo) y MTV Videos Life and Times of Roy Prime Tune Country (In The Road Vince Gill, Pea Dallas "Something Old, Dukes of Hazzard (in Clark (in Stereo) Stereo) [] Titlis and Brother Phelps. Something New" Stereo) M2 (In Stereo) Music Vkieos (In Stereo) Prime Time Country (R) The Road Vinse Gill, Pare (Off Air) (In Stereo) [] Tillis and Brother Phelps. Pro Hags of Victor Awarda The greatest athletes of the past year Mlatdlal (R) Fame (R) are honored, From Las Vegas. (R) (4:59) Seaquest DSV Movie: ,V "Voodoo Woman" (1957) A madman Masters of I Seaquset DSV "The Last Movie: ,'/z "Voodoo Woman" (1957) A madmen Paid ]Paid m Paid Paid SCIR "The Last Lap at Luxury" uses a young women to carry out his devious plots. Fantasy[] i,,p.,.. [] Lap at Luxury" (In Stereo) uses a young women to carr  oJt his devious plots. Program r'-r-"" Progcam Program I I' loam Mykm Pmiee the Lord [] Behind the ICroflo A. Precious (,Jack Van Praise the Lord [] TBN Scon. IDogorJr. Memories limps ,rryl e Je,a FugGm Benny Duplsoti= Roever Monree Movie: *** "48 HRS." (1982) Nick Nolte. A convict is Movie: ** "Spies Uke Us" (1985. Comedy) Dan Aykroyd. Che W Movie:**V"Wa'raNoAngeta"(1989)Twoescapsd Movie: ** "The Beet of Timee" (1986, Comedy) A Laaveltto TBS temporarily set free to help catch fugitives. Chase. Two inept ilovemment workers enter a s W training proam, convicts find sanctuary in a rural monastery, high-school football team reunites, seeking lost honor. Beaver Privete Screening With Movie: ,.,w "On the Town" (1949) Gene Kelly. Private Screening Wlth Movie: ,,P* "Kiss Mu Kate" (1953, Musical) Ex- Movie: ,R "The Grest American Movie: ** "Smail Town Gid" (1953, TCM AnnMilier Three sailore on leave search for a su'oway poster gid. Ann Milier (R) spouses co-star in a musleal "Taming of the Shrew." Paetime" (1956, Comedy) Tom Ewell. F4,usical)JenePowefl, FarielGrenger. Movie: **/ "Midway" (1976. Drama) Charlten Heston. Henry Fonda. Japanese and American forces battle Movie: **tr "Shaft" (1971) Richard Roundtree. A Movie: ,.,'/ "Midway" (1976, Drama) Chadton Heston. Henry Fonda. Japanese TNT over a Pacific island, detective searches for a dru ] dealer's daughter, and American forces battle over a Pacific island. Walker, TexeeRunger Movie:"MolanieDarrow"(1997,Orama)Alawyer SilkStaikings"TiUOeath Big Easy "The Gospel Mugnum, P.l,[] Movte: ** "A Night in the Ufe of Jimmy Beardon" AcapulcoH.F.A.T,"Code USA "An Innocent Man" [] accepts her murdered friend's husband as a client. [] Do Us Part" (In Stereo) [] According to McSwsin" [] (1988, Comedy) River Phoenix. (in Stereo) Name: Assassin" WGN Sister, SmartGuy Wayans Steve JNewe (In Stereo) [] BuffytheVompireSiayer NickFreeo: Parent Simon&Simun Paid Paid Hercuies:TheLagendary Xena:WarriorPrincesl Sister (R) [] "Lab Rats Brow. (R) [] Harvey [] I "The Pack" (in.ji z=*'asj='l'']:r-'stereo) [] Tether lll=:l=F'Hd (R) [] Program Program Joumey (In Stereo) [] "The Execution" [] (4:45) Movie:***"DocHoll/w(xxl" Movie: .r "A Vary Brady sequd" Movie: ** "Klds in the Nail Brain Movie: "Subway Stodes" (1997, Perversions Oz"Plan B" (R) (In Movie: , "Under Siege 2: Dark HBO (1991,Comedy)MichasiJ.Fox.'PG-13' (1996,Cemedy)She,eyLong.'PG.13' Cundy" (1986. Comedy) David Foiey. 'R Drama)RosiePerez.(InSterao)[] ofSciunos Stereo) ITerritory"(1995)StevenSeagaL R [] ]Goof Flash Torketson, Movie: **, "The Brave Uttle I:**'q'heComputerWonl Movia: ** "The Shaggy Dog" (1994, Movie:**Y"TheWodd'aGrestestAthiate"(1973) ***"The DSN )ai'n' |=TrP Fonvard[] (thStereo) IToter" (1987) Voices of Jon Lovttz. [] Tunnis Shoes" (1995) Kirk Cameron. [] Comedy) Ed se Jr., [] AcoachvisitsAkicaandretumswifhasuperathiete.[]RescuerV' (4:30) Movie: "The Rkjht Movie:*"TheBkJPicture"(1989)KevinBacnMvie:**``SllverStreek(1976)GeneWiiderA DeedMun'aGunAgeod Fast Tnck "The Race Movie:** Candyman:Farewailto Movie:,Pk SHOW Connecona"(1997) young director finds frustration in the movie business. Iong train ride leads en editor to love and mtdue. 'PG doctorsavesakiUer. Fan" (R) (In Stereo) the Flesh" (1995, Horror) Tony Todd. 'R "Feaf"R' (3:55) Movie Movie: ** "Johnny Handsome" IMovie: *.r', "Body Heat" (1981) A lawyer is Movie: 'Pr "Full Body Moesage" Movie: * "Barb Wire" (1996, Movie: *** "10" (1979) Dudley Moore. A songwriter TMC (1989.Drama)MickeyRourke. R' Jparsuaded by his lovar to murdar her husbend. 'W [] (1995. Dmma) Bryan Brown. 'R' Adventure)PamniaAndarsonLes.'R'[] n a mide crisis pursues his dream woman. 'R' [] Special Discount Installation 1-800-449-1269