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August 14, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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August 14, 1997

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Letters to the Editor f Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, August 14, 1997 11 In deepest appreciation We would like to thank those who helped in support and in spirit and saw us through our Due Process Hearing. We would like to thank our five children for their understanding, Larry Beckner (Stop DUI coordinator), his wife Heidi and their children, Mr. John Espana and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Dimings and family, D. J. Rourke (The Computer Doc), his wife Lorena (The Maltese Country Club), Mr. and Mrs. Ron Burke and family, both of our families, MaryAnn and staff, and all those who have to remain nameless, Thank you! Mr. and Mrs. Couture Arrest procedures questioned On July 19, 1996 Bailiff Robert Walker of the Pahrump Justice Court initiated an arrest of Kenneth Charles Causey :r presumably having no driver's license. BailiffWalker had ,',6 firsthand knowledge at that point in time that this was so. He was basing his presumption on information that was three to six months old. Walker threatened Causey with arrest and obstruction ifCausey didn't answer his questions concerning whether he had a driver's license. When, in fact, Causey wasn't even driving. He ordered Causey out of a local conve- nience market. Causey challenged Walker's authority to arrest him and Walker claimed he was a peace officer and had the authority to do so, but he called a sheriffs deputy to do the arrest and signed the citation as a private citizen. According to NRS 171.126 a private citizen can only make an arrest for a public offense or a felony being committed in his presence. Then, again on July 15, 1997 Walker accosted Causey on private property in Smith's Food King parking lot and arrested him on the spot and took him to the Pahrump jail on an alleged warrant instead of taking him before the local magistrate per NRS 171.178(1). Causey was never taken before the local magistrate and instead was informed he had warrants out for him in Clark County and within two hours of being arrested was loaded into a van belonging to the Nye County Sheriff and driven to the City of Las Vegas jail and was held for eight days before he had any kind of hearing before a judge or magistrate. Then, Causey was held another eight days and then was transported to Henderson on another so-called warrant. Cansey has yet to see any of these alleged warrants in Clark County. According to NRS 171.1845 (1) If a person is brought before a magistrate (this wasn't even done) under the provi- sions of NRS 171.178 or 17,1.184, and it is discovered that there is a warrant for his arrest outstanding in another county of this state, the magistrate may release him in accordance with the provisions of NRS 178.484 or 178.4851 if: (a) the warrant arises out of a public offense which constitutes a misdemeanor; and (b) the person provides a suitable address where the magistrate who issued the warrant in the other county can notify him of a time and place to appear. (2) If a person is released under the provisions of this section, th magistrate who releases him shall transmit the cash, bond, notes or agreement submitted under the provi- sions ofNRS 178.502 or 178.4851, together with his address, to the magistrate who issued the warrant. Upon receipt of the cash, bonds, notes or agreement and address, the magistrate who issued the warrant shall notify the person of a time and place to appear. Why does the state legislature bother to pass statutes and publish them? This is a waste of the taxpayers' money and their time since none of the officials including the courts and sheriffs, police etc. ever abide by them. They just make up their own laws as they go along and whatever is expedient to them at the time for collecting revenue. Why was the court and sheriffs office so anxious to ship Causey off to another jurisdiction, if in fact he had a warrant out here in Nye county? :;Kenneth Charles Causey Evelyn Florese Cansey Pahmmp Nye County Animal Ordinance I just picked up the new, proposed Nye County Animal Ordinance, and the revised, Nye County Animal Ordinance. There is a lot of reading between the two. rm not a lawyer or a politician used to the legal word, but these can be a real treat for everyone. In reading these "books" I thought, why have we stayed in Nye County? It is the phrase, country life. That is what brings many of us to Pahrump. Country, according to "Webster is rural, rustic, rural regions; as opposed to a city or town. Yes, we have livestock, dogs, cats, and kids. We also have a few junked cars my husband swears will run with a little gas. Both our families have raised livestock on large and small scale, as far back as either of us can remember. We take pride and care with what we have. Yes, we render our own animals. It is done with respect and care for the animal, with as little pain as possible. The many years we have lived here we have taken in starved, abused and neglected animals, some were thrown away, just like trash I personally feel all animals deserve the right to shelter, food, water and respect. We are all "God's creatures." But after reading these ordinances, I think it oversteps our rights of choice. From shelters, cages, materials used, painting, drainage, it leaves it totally up to animal control. To start off, who was the "legal wizard," who put these together? Who is Mr. Wheeler, and where did he receive his legal training? What about our "Bill of Rights"? Even the police must have a warrant to enter your property. Yes, our place is posted. No my dogs are not vicious, my kids, maybe! But when we aren't home our dogs know their jobs. This ordinance gives animal control the right to enter, and be judge, jury and executioner if they deem it. They need no vet or brand inspector to do their job. It's their call solely. That's not right! I don't think Animal Control (AC) are licensed vets or brand inspectors. Excuse me, next the ordinance states, fowls are any edible bird. It says fowls must not run at large within county limits. They must be in sanitary coops at all times. So, I may not turn them loose in my yard? Then, it states this does not apply to farms or ranches. Again, it's up to AC. Watch out guys, it's not a dog, bobcat, or coyote, it's AC with a net! We sell our excess sheep and goats to buy winter hay, some we eat. After all, our neighbor's dogs can't be all wrong about the taste. There is no provision for "rendering" our animals. It states, only AC or a vet can put down an animal. You think I'm crazy or I'm going too far? No, all it takes is one complaint. Guess who is to say if it's right or wrong, not you, AC. Do I have to get a professional animal handler's permit? Notice folks, it says animals, not just dogs or cats. As for my dogs, they work. It's not always logical to chain them in our truck or when they follow our horses. They obey or I wouldn't have them. They protect us. True, not all dogs are trained like them, but do I have to get a special permit for them? By the way, they are chained when we go on the highways. Now I must carry a pooper scooper and baggies when we ride our horses? Should I get license plates too? Where do I hang it? As for vicious dogs, it states that I must prove they were provoked to bite. How do I prove this if I'm not home? We are posted here. My dogs are fairly smart, but they haven't mastered the English language yet. So, it's their word against people. It's up to AC to decide. Animal Control, do you talk to people about giving away puppies and kittens at local businesses? Some people I've seen again and again. Maybe take their names, ask about the possibility of spaying or neutering. Accidents do happen, but come on, some people are there over and over again. I asked one gentleman, Haven't I seen you doing this before? He stated, "yes she (his animal) should be able to have sex if she wants!" I was told the county has a vet working for them. Is it true? Did a bid go out? What's the vet's background? I know it's hard to destroy healthy animals. I've assisted AC. It's terrible for all involved. But these, "lawyers" of laws are insane. We are tired of being told what is good for us. This is a rural county. It's going to be tough to enforce these laws, and they seemed to be aimed at Pahrump. Enforce the Nevada Revised Statues. That could be a start. The Pahrump Commit- tee, put together, PTO 18, maybe look at it. It's not so hard to deal with and still protects animals. You are going to "snow" AC under with this new ordinance. They are stretched as it is. With a little common sense and enforcement, animals can be protected without flooding us with new laws. By the way, must I muzzle my donkey? She brays at sirens. It's under the heading, noise. It states, "frequent barking, yelping, braying, or other noise." Do we muzzle Roosters? Some people get city mixed up with country. I walked my horse down a dirt road and I was told I make dust, or, we leave hoof prints in the desert. Be real. I urge everyone to read these ordinances. Pick them up at the County Commissioner's Office. It's not just Pahrump, folks, it's for all of Nye County. Call your commissioners, talk to them. Next write your thoughts. Get your levers to the commissioners soon. Next meeting is August 19. Be there. Do sometfiing. You and I have to live with this law if it goes through. Attention all of Nye County, it will be a law if passed. Yvonne Smith Pahrump Clarify the facts This letter is in response to your articles regarding the Comstock Park Homeowner dispute appearing in your paper recently. Perhaps it will clarify the facts giving rise to this dispute. Financial condition of Comstock Park: There are rumors being spread that Comstock Park is broke. This is another lie. Even a member of the Board of Directors is spreading them. The truth is that Comstock Park has in excess of $50,000 in U.S. Treasury notes and in excess of $40,000 in cash. How many of your readers wish they were this broke? How many of your readers believe this lie? Spending by the Board of Directors: The Board of Directors voted four years ago, in a meeting which was open to all, enough funds to purchase a tractor- driven lawn mower for approximately $6,000. This is used to mow the grass in our green area. This benefits all residents - even the dissidents. How loudly would they complain if they had to mow it with a hand mower? How loudly would they complain if it were not mowed at all? The Board of Directors, in a meeting which was open to all, voted to buy an air compressor. This is used to keep the tires of our machinery properly inflated and to provide additional air pressure to properly clean our vehicles. It cost approxi- mately $250 and can save more than this if we had to pay to have this done commercially. Hiring a Bookkeeping Firm in Las Vegas: This spring, our office manager resigned after giving the board of directors about one day's notice. There was nobody available to take her place. My wife, Wanda, was requested ' by the president and vice president to assist in the office until a replacement could be hired and partially trained. She found errors in our financial records which she attempted to correct. After a short time, a new office manager was hired and now is working. There is a rumor, spread by the dissidents, that the cost of the Las Vegas bookkeeping service is $50 per lot, per day. This is another of their lies. This service costs only $1 per lot, per month. This is about equal to the difference paid to our first bookkeeper and the present employee. The l, as Vegas firm does a much better job of taking care of our financial matters. This firm was employed by the board of directors and was confirmed in an open meeting. How many of you believe the ravings of the dissidents? Yes, the dissidents deserve an "A" in complaining and an "F" in constructive work. Resignations of the board demanded by the dissidents: The dissident group has demanded the Board of Directors resign and not run again for five years. I suggest that another election be held. The members of the homeowners association favoring the present board as well as the dissidents may nominate their candidates and the election be held by secret ballot (the same as last year's election). Both parties must agree that the losers will not run for the board of directors for five years. Nothing could be more fair. I doubt that the dissident group would agree to this. Walter Blohm Pahrump Let's be positive In response to Larry Beckner's letter, Pahrump Valley Gazette August 7, 1997, I do agree we need to be involved in our school system and our kid's life. Parents need to be involved without a doubt. The point I was trying to make in my previous letter to the editor, Pahrump Valley Gazette, July 24, was we need more people to be involved. And don't try to change the place you moved to. Pahrump is in the desert, don't complain about the dirt. We are a small community not a city. This town is growing every day with wonderful people, We need to have positive attitudes running around. Just be happy you're alive and grateful for what we have. The more people that are happy and positive the more the community will feel like one. The businesses are trying to change with this positive attitude, so if there was a bad experience years ago or with one company, don't blame the whole bunch, we are trying. We are the new breed of being positive. Patricia Cox PVCC Marketing Group I r- The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727-5583. liO All opinions expressed on the letters page are those of the artist or author indicated. The Gazette reserves the right to edit all letters for length and libel. Furthermore, letters with names withheld will only be published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists.