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August 7, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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August 7, 1997

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Pai'mamp Valley Gazette, Thursday, August 7, 1997 11 Letters to the Editor Esmeralda County steps back Goldfield and Esmeralda County took another step back- wards today with the resignation of District Attorney Steve Evenson, who turned in his resignation at the twice monthly county commission meeting. Stove's statement appears on the front page of this issue of the Pahrump Valley Gazette. Why is it that when anyone tries to make a difference here in Esmeralda County, they encounter massive resistance to change from some elected officials and others with their own personal axes to grind? This guy was trying to enforce existing laws regarding property and other issues which didn't sit too well with a few. So now, the rest of the citizens and taxpayers of Esmeralda County will suffer from the actions of these few. . Maybe this will turn out to be a good thing and will hasten -  the changes which are coming. Svein T. Slrnes, aka "Slim" Goldfield Speeding through Pahrump I write this letter as a means of releasing some of my frustration and to bring this subject up one more time, to the powers that have something to do about solving the problem Numerous times during any given week I travel Highway 160 either north to Highway 95 or back and forth through Pahrump. It, as many in the valley agree, is not my favorite road to travel. Unless I am mistaken, the speed from Calvada Road at the south of town to Smith's Grocery at the north is 35 mph of which, most drivers go 45-50 mph. The speed from Smith's to just past Town Hall is 45 mph of which, most drivers go 55- 60. North of Town Hall the speed is 55 and most drivers go "anything above 60 mph." Coming into town from Las Vegas, the speed is 70mph and most drivers go 70-90 mph. Again the speed shifts down to55, then 45 by Winery Road and it is not adhered to. I have also seen, at numerous times, the "speed indicator machine" sitting along the side of the road - why is it there? Unless there is a Sheriffs car somewhere directly after that machine to pull over and ticket those who the machine indicates are speeding, the machine only serves as a reminder to people just by how much they are breaking the speed laws I have been driving for many years and I cannot remember reading in any state's road rules that is not against the law to speed. I also don't remember seeing that people driving cars should not stop at stop signs, nor yield when there is a road sign that says yield. I have always been informed by Police Departments that if you disobey any of the above, you are subject to tickets and fines Do any of these rules pertain to Pahrump and the surrounding areas? I'm really tired of going through town at 35mph and being passed and given the finger because someone else thinks I'm going too slow. I am also tired of being run off the road because omeone cannot stop at a stop sign or doesn't know what "this lane right turn only" means. I am also tired of hating people drive down the wrong side or on the center line and because I am in the correct lane, I have to pull to the herin. I am not saying that I have never exceeded the speed laws and I am sure, if our local Sheriff Department ever decides to issue tickets, I will probably be one of the In'st ticketed. However; I have checked into this issue and found out that 1/ 3 of any ticket money is kept in the town written; 1/3 goes to the county; and, 1/3 goes to the state. At the rate people around here break the rules of the road, if the sheriffs department issued tickets perhaps we could go a long way in either dust abating our local roads or working towards paving some roads with the funds kept just here in Pahrump. Judy Vianna Pahrump Reply to Fidel " Re: A response to HenD Brean's (FIDEL) Editorial which "ran in another paper on August 1. I write this letter in two parts, one, in response to hiding behind the bill of rights, and two, my own opinion. In response to your letter Henry Brean, the paragraph, "I for one am tired of all this babble I keep reading in your newspaper about First Amendment rights. I mean some of those people who write letters to the editor act like they have some inalienable right to free speech or something." Then your question, "How many times, and in how many different ways, does someone have to write about something we already know in our hearts to be true?" Has it ever crossed anyone's mind that if the same question or point is put in the paper or brought up in conversation, that maybe there might indeed be a problem? Could it be, that the reason most problems do not get resolved is because "nobody wants to get involved." And, when someone does, get involved, especially if it has any- thing to do with: County commissioners, the town board, the school board, or the school district, the good ole boy syn- drome kicks into gear, and you are approached, and asked to disassociate yourself, with certain people, or a lot of negatives are put before you. So my question to you Mr. Brean, is if you or others see blatant wrongs within the above mentioned, how else, are you to get changes made unless you try and get some input, and feedback, from your readers of the paper? Let me ask you Mr. Henry Brean, do you have any children in the district? Do you know what it's like to have your child go through pure humiliation, and be belittled, and constantly slandered by a teacher, and you cannot do a thing about it, because you can not get enough people involved? And you have the nerve to ask why there are so many repeat articles in the paper? I think if there were more involvement with school children there would be less young people running the streets getting into trouble. Sometimes you have to keep bringing up subjects to spark up attention and reaction, especially if it seems things are not getting any better but worse Our family moved here in 1994, and one of the deciding factors was not only from the Chamber of Commerce, but also by talking with some people here on the streets. When we were here looking for a place to buy, we were told, "The school system here is great, it's not so crowded, and the " " C " children will get morene-on-one tame, et. Well we know the truth about that now, don't we? After being involved in a due-process matter recently, I am sboeked how many district employees (in the higher levels) lie, pass the buck, and shift the blame on anyone else, just so they do not have to take responsibility for their own actions. Also, Patricia Cox, in your letter that ran in the other paper last week. "Get Involved," I think it would do you well to see for yourself by doing some checking just what is going on in our school district. You just might be surprised. You stated that the reason people moved to Pabrump was not to change it. However, there are the wrongs that are going on now, and have been for the last few years in lots of different areas. Are we to just look the other way and let it continue, because that's the way it was when we moved here? I think we need a lot of points of views, not just going to one source, and then making up our minds. Try asking some parents some of their experiences, and some of the average working folks their opinions about our board members, and commissioners. Is everyone doing all they possibly can? For two and a half years there has been a public complaint form at the school district office. After over six months of trying to get several matters resolved at the school, I was just informed this form was available. My first question to our assistant Superintendent, Mr. Pekarek was why was I not told ! " ' W l, about this form before? Mr. Pekarek s reply, I don t kntr. See what I mean! I did indeed go down and get a dozen forms, but now several parents have also gone to the district office to get some forms, and for some strange reason, the reply these other families get is. "Sorry! We axe currently out of the forms." Can someone please shed some light on this for me? I have never lived where people are down right afraid to speak up, or stand up and be counted if there was indeed wrongs going on. Here in Pahrump, I am finding this to be the case, and why? Well, the majority I have talked with have the same answers, "What can we do" or, "We can't change anything," or "I have tried and no matter where you go or who you talk to, you always get two of the same answers, (1) "I don't know" or, (2) "why don't you call so and so. " I am finding for the most part parents and citizens just get so frustrated with being bounced around and the red tape if you will, they just throw their hands up in pure frustration, and nothing gets changed, and guess what? Business is back as usual. I really don't understand. There is a lot of wrong things going on and some have been proven but nothing changes. I really feel that if you are not lucky enough to be part of, or within the good ole boy circle, you do not stand a chance of getting any changes, even if your family and friends were most definitely wronged. I also find it frustrating to send a letter to the editor or write an editorial, and have it run in two papers, and send the same to the third paper, and it is not run. Why is that? Could it be because I am bringing up some issues that the good ole boys don't want brought up? I thought we had freedom of speech, or is it that certain press is dictated to what will be allowed to be run or not? Please tell me, do I have it all wrong? Not because it's my editorial, I am talking about, but the nature of the editorial itself, would have been a little more constructive, and talks about real issues that should be looked into, and dealt with, rather than a play letter from a fake Fidel, in Cuba. The publication isn't a fantasy paper is it? Mr. Henry Brean, you are a reporter, are you not? Then why in the world can't you see there are some legitimate concerns that need to be dealt with, and are run several times because people are indeed getting the run around and no one wants to change anything? It's easier to pass the buck? It seems. I've got an idea. Why don't you do a little reporting and go talk to some parents and their children about some of the issues that have surfaced recently? I think you would find some surprising facts that have been long over looked. And, lots of people were hoping that some of these facts would never be noticed or brought to the surface. All the above is indeed just my own opinion. However, I do think there are some of these issues mentioned that, unfortunately, are true. I do hope in the future you can stand up and state your own opinions, rather than hiding behind someone else's name. And if you do not get your proper amount of drugs or medications for that particdar hour or day, I think you should keep that to yourself. Larry Beckner Pahrump Kid's baseball problems From some ads placed this week, I received a few phone calls on our pager for the presently forming (and so new we don't even have letterhead yet) Pahrump Valley Baseball Association. None more interesting than the one from Sally Holzer, President of the Pahrump Little League. I thought of some ideas I wished to discuss with Ms. Holzer (although I couldn't afford to go into them at length on the cellular) and subsequently some ideas I wish to communicate to others I have encountered so far in this brief, yet eventful life of the PVBA would be best accomplished in an open letter to Ms. Holzer. In addition I figure that this might interest the "non- athlete" element of our community since the culture revolv- ing around sports is such a reflection of our whole society. Dear Sally: This letter is in response to your phone call concerning your opinion about a line I included in an advertisement for the formation of the PVB A. Before I could get a word in edge- wise you began lecturing me about how the inclusion of something that you stated cast a negative light on the little league. I didn't have the ad in front of me when we spoke but now looking, I figure it's the line: "If you gave up on Little League..give us a try!" Assuming I am accurate,4et me offer you the following. At the end of our conversation, you were trying to picture who I was since we have not met formally. Once you placed my face, (having seen me around the sportsplex), with my voice on the phone, you asked me with what appeared to be a combative tone, ff I was new in town, Yes, Sally I am new to Pahrump. I moved here with my business in March. I love it here and I plan to stay as long as this place doesn't become like Clark County where a controlling few decided the busi- ness of the rest of us. On that note let me explain the benefit of including that potent line in the ad. Was the line put in there to cast aspersions on the Pahrump Little League as its own packaged structure? No, it seems the majority of those involved like it. Was the line put in there to poke at you and your board for the job you have done? No, For a town of only 25,000 or so (mostly seniors), it's amazing how good the facility is! Was the line put in there to attract the attention of the few kids (and/or their parents) who have become disillusioned because of their perception of the cronyism, rigidly structured, extremely regulated, mono- lithic and homogenized personality, institutionalized, au- thoritarian, yet so politically-correct organization American Little League has evaporated into (and maybe PVLL is a little guilty of)? Yes, because what if by chance, these people exist and they're right? And out there with no outlet of expression? You had the opportunity to let me know how you first encountered me. Please allow me to tell you how I first came to know who you are. I was watching a 12-year-old "majors" playoff game between the Dodgers and the Orioles. I was rooting for the Orioles who, with the help of a boisterous crowd, got to the Dodgers starting pitcher to the point where he couldn't buy a strike. Their manager replaced him with a pitcher who threw at about half the speed of the starter. The- Orioles next batter was a big kid who for some reason uses a bat that is for the average 10 year old. I yelled to him, "Hey so and so_get abigger bat!" This kid throws real slow." A few pitches later, whereas our side of the stands is going nuts, a dictum comes from you, that we are not to yell our negative remarks. We are allowed to say only "positive" things. I about fell off my bleacher seat as I looked around at everyone. We were stunned at first by being collectively clneless for which we were being scolded, but, once we all figured that it was my comment that was being targeted, I offered up, "What, are we in Russia? Doesn't anyone around here remember the ft amendment?" With an air of ridicule ad complete disrespect forthe authority which governs our little league. Harmoniously, the group was in tune. What a great reflec- tion that our side of the stands didn't cower like a group of submissive Eastern European peasants to the Little League commissars, in fact it fired us up even more and we helped the Orioles go on the defeat the obviously more talented (I believe I heard: six all-stars) Dodgers. Unfortunately, you seem to fit Continued on next page