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July 31, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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July 31, 1997

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Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, July. 31, 1997 AAll 1997 NING TVData E) KTVN (g) KVBC Ell WDIV IB KRNV IB KWU tB KNPB O wxYz O KOLO l KLAS G] WTOC I) KTNV I WNET 5:00 I 5:30 6:00 News  INews  CBS News News INBC News News Movie: "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?" (1996, Suspense) Tort Spelling, ivan SergeL (in Stereo) [] News[] ]NBC News News[] lent. Extra (In [Access Stereo) [] ]Hollywood Kratts' IScience Creatures ]Guy Grace Coach (In Under Fire Stereo) [] News INews News [] I CBS News Hard Copy ]Mad About [] IYou [] Law & Order "We Like Mike" (R) (in Stereo) [] Newshour With Jim Lehrer ] Primetime Uve Nanny (In Murphy Rimes hosts highiighls and Stereo)  [Brown  from CounUyFest '97. (In Stereo) Naws [] IASC Wed Hews  i News I Family (R) (In Stereo) (Part I (R) ]) KAME Ur.Cooper I:n,,- Fresh Cosby Roseanne I Rosesnne ) KRLR Prince Show [] "Lobocoo" ](in Stereo) Triumph of the Nerds: "The Rise ot Accidental Empires in Silicon Valley" The WTVS F;opie who shaped the PC indust/. (R) (in Stereo) [] Roseanne ] Married:,. ;Star Trek: Deep Space (in Stereo) ]K ;Nine (In Stereo)[] CountryFest LeAnn Rimes hosts highlights and '97. (in Stereo) [] Movie: "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?" (1996, Law & Order "We Like Suspense) Tori Spelling, Nan Sergei. (in Stereo) [] Mike" (R) (in Stereo) [] News ITonight Show (in Stereo) IJenny Jones (in Stereo) [] Movie: "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?" (1996, Law & Order "We Like Suspense) Tori Spelling, ivan SergoL (in Stereo) [] Mike" {R) (In Stereo) [] Movie: "Intensity" (1997) John C. McGiniey, Chyna F/X: The Series "Get journeys deep into the killer's twisted woW. [] Fast (R) 1:30 Late Show (In Stereo) [] Late Late Show (In News (It) Stereo) rm Stereo) Late Night (in Stereo) [] Later (In' " Stereo) [] Late Night (in Stereo) [] L.eeza (in Stereo) NBC News Nght=de Late Night (in Stereo)  Later (In . Stereo)  .... Vihe F/X: The Series "Get Fast" (R) instructional Programming Triumph of the Nerds: "The Rise d Accidental Empires in Silicon Valley" The Chadie Rose (in Stereo) people who shaped the PC dustPj. (R) (In Stereo) [] News I Matlock "The Fatal Seduction" [] urace ) Pdmetime Uve [] Under Fire I Nanny IJn ) CountryFest LeAnn Rimes hosts highlights and Stereo)  I Stereo) rews ILate Show (in Stereo) [] Grace I Under Fire I Charlie Rose (In Stereo) Dinosaurs! (R) (in Stereo) (Part 3 of 4) Sentinel "Special Edition" (in Stereo) [] Late Late Show (in Stereo) Primetime Uve [] Caryl & Marilyn: Real ABC World News Now 'Friends Late Show (In Stereo) CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) Sentinel "Special Edition" (in Stereo) [] Russia's War (In Stereo) (Part 4 of 5) [] Kesnen Ivory Wayans (In Vibe Stereo) Baywatch "Kicks" (In JKeenan Ivory Wayans (In Stereo) [] JStereo) Rise of Accidental Empires in Silicon Valley" The (R) (In Stereo) [] Paid )News Program Late Late Show (In Stereo) This News (R) Great War and the Shaping of the 20th Century (R) (in Stereo) [] Paid iCharlie Rose (in Stereo) Future Taking the Quest [] Lead AMC A&E CNN COM DSC E! ENC ESPN FAM KCNC KMGH KRMA KUSA KWGN LEARN UFE MAX Biomaphy: Arnold Movie: ** Written on the Wind" (1957, Drama) Rock Hudson. 20th Century "Massacre!" L.w & Order "Profile" [] Prime News IBurdan of Lain/King Uve [] Amedc Edge Movie: ** "Carbon Copy" (1981, Comedy) A white ! usinessman discovers he has an adult black son. Travelers (R) Movie ! of the Luffwffe Mimic (R) 0 deOoca emp Nm Oaay (R) :15) Movie: "Duchess Movie: r* "Zechariah" (1971) John Rubinstein. Dbtwter Fox" Two friends seek to become bona fide outlaws. 'GP' Win-Stetn'e Wild Diecove7 "Ocean Petit (R) Howard IHowaN e  "Dead Movie:  "A River Rune Through It" (1992) A relationship between a preachers sons. , Takes a Vacation" (1962, I James Stewart, Maureen O'Hera. (R) Larry King Live (R) [] MTV Mewshour With Jim L iews  EeL Home " Home Improve. Improve. ,ea Tek (R) ,olden " Golden irls [] Gads [] Pdmetime Uve [] Ih, e Tear, l IHzveh I P, abbl Harold Kmlhner: How Onod Do We Hove to Be? Law & Order "We Like Tonight 8how (in Stereo) ISter Trek: Deep SIpece Con (In Stereo) [] plane"Duet" (In Stereo) [] Electric Sides (R) Sea Tek (R) PoJlar Earth's Fury Destructive Eleotflc Skies (R) sauce (R) (R) Unsolved Mysteries (In Movie: "Abducted: A Father's Love" Lunden" (R) (in Stereo)  Stereo) aovie:, " E=j  () y Is aasser. A  a covert plot to altack Cuba. F-I Beach MTV (in Stereo) L.oveline (in Stereo) In Stereo) Prime Time Count/(in  Road Ntson auss, Dollas "Return to Dukes of Nezzard "One. (R) Stereo) ] Armed Bandits" n Stereo) [] NASH NICK PS SCIR TBN TBS Music From Motel California (in Stereo) TCM TNT USA WGN HBO DSN SHOW TMC [Seaquest 2032 (In Stereo) Movie: "Armitage llr' (1994) Animated. A Sosquest 2032 (in Stereo) . [] ipolicewom investites robot murclers on Mars. [] Sehtnd ICraoA. IPrado== IJackVan IPreisetheLod[] Jerry s== IJr. ,IMomn, limp= ] ,, Sevolle Movie: ** "Captain Roe' (19, Comedy) A boozing Movie: **0 :erbosrd" (1987, Comedy) Go)die Hewn, Kurt skipper pilots a Chicago family on the hi(jh seas Russell. An amnesiac milliormiress is duped by a curtain! Movie: *** "Cape Fear" (1962) Grory F h (1955) A Movie: ** "Rye Card Stud" (1968) Dean Martin. ex-convict terruizes a lawyer who testified a Each of the pleyers in a pd(er game turns up dead. ovie: ** "Written on the Wind" W11de of Tdbas ,Paid Movie: *** "Only When I Laugh" (1981, Drama) Marsha Mason. 'R' Rolonda (R) [] tony Jonas (R) (in. ereo) [] _ ,ova Lucy INew (R) (In dd IPaid' 'oFam IProFam Sisters "Blood Is Thicker Than Water" (In Stereo) [] Movie: ,k** "Woodstock" (1970, Documentary) Jimi Handrix. An [Oscar-winning accoJnt of.the three-day music festival (In Stereo) 'R' IIn Stereo) I ] llII J MoVIe: ** "Silver Bullet" (1985, A boy and his II Walker, Texas Ranger Movie: "The Ticket" (1997) Shannen Doherty. Crooks "Bordertine" {in Stereo) [] ticket. [] New (In Stereo) [] IPrOGram I Movie: *** "Rider on the Rain" (1970, Suspense) Charles Bronson. A Frenchwoma n becomes ensnared in a murder mystery. J Movie: ,k**"Home From the Hill" (1960, Drama) Robert Mifchum. | Infidelity and illegitimacy plague a Texas family's ties. I Horror) Adrienne Berbeau. Hal Movie:, "Death Valley" (1982, Drama) A mother and Movie: **., "Creepshow" (1982, Horror) Adrienne Barbeau, Hal r hOrrOr comics of the 1950s. son encounter a homicidal maniac. HolbrooE Five tales inspired by horror comics of the 1950s. Movie: ** "Dying to Remember" (1993) A woman [Acapulco H.E.A.T, "Code past life. [] [Name: Stalemate II" In the Heat of the Night Simon & Simon "Family Movie: ** "The Cassandra Crossing" (1977, "Quick Fix" {in Stereo) [] FOrecast" Richard Harris. (4:45) Movie: *** "Ghost" (1990) Patrick Swayze. A ;hip 'n' 5oofTroop IRash rorkeieons Movie:, )ale  Forward [] 'in Stereo) (4:45) Movie: *** "Hiroolima" (1995, Movie: *** "HIroshima" (1995, Kenneth Welsh. 'PG' Drama) Kenneth Welsh. 'PG' 3:50) Movie Movie: *** "Dominick  Eugene" '1988, Drama) Tom Hulce. PG-13' [] Movie: "Murder in Mind" (1997, Oz "Straight tile" (R) (in Movie: *** "Die Hard With a Suspense) Jimmy Smits. 'R' [] Stereo) [ Bruce Willis. 'R' Movie: ** "EmeM Saves Movie: ** "The Ghost and Mr. "Return From Witch Mountain" (1978} Two r"Ernesto ') Don Knotts. pace baffle evil forces on Earth. 'G' Icamn" (1996, Comedy) A washed-up Movie: ** "Aces: Iron Eagle II1" (1992, Movie: **, "Panther" protege. 'PG-13' ) [] Adventure) Louis Gossett Jr.. 'R'  (1995) Kedeem Hardison. "(t 981) William Hurt. A Movie: "TMas From a Plmlllal Movie: ** "Cemetery Men" ( 1995, r'Pear m a Universe: Eating Pattern" (1997) 'R' =) 'R' Horror) Rupert Everett. (In Stereo) 'R'  IBleo I.r" ENJO v OUR SCRUMPtiOUS BAR MENU Join us foir A Mini Buffet served 3:30pm tel 9:00pm Homestead &Thousandoire 727-4474 . II I I I . I II I