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July 31, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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July 31, 1997

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Letters to the Editor NCEA condems commissioners Today, July 29, 1997, the Nye County Employees Asso- ciation (NCEA), through its President, Shane Lara, released a statement expressing disappointment over and condemning the recent action of the Commissioners of Nye County. In his remarks, Lara clarified the complaint filed by his Association when it grieved the actions proposed by the County Commissioners to layoff many of the employees in the group (bargaining unit) represented by his Association. "We first attempted to work out alternatives to the layoffs, such as voluntary reductions in hours. When all efforts failed, we did the only thing we could do, which was appeal to an arbitrator that the Commissioners use $200,000 in PETI" (Payments Equal To Taxes) funds to stem the move to cut OUnty positions. The commissioners had used PETr funds r many different funding purposes in the past, reminded President Lara, "including employee salaries and benefit Support, so there was no reason to refuse such use this time." Mr. Lara went on to say that the NCEA filed its grievance and then asked the commissioners to voluntarily stay the layoff action until it could be decided by an impartial arbitra- tor "whether the layoffs, in light of the existence of available funding, would violate the lack of work or lack of money standard that must exist before layoffs can occur." Lara cautioned that, not only does the labor agreement require the satisfaction of the "lack of" criterion, but "the state statutes further dictate that such a condition exist." In his statement, Presidnet Lara went on to explain that "our greatest disappointment occurred when the commis- sioners reacted to our request by taking the irresponsible, immature action to empty all coffers of PETI" funds, exclaim- ing that by doing so they could legitimately claim next year that they are broke, that a lack of funds truly does exist. It is our belief that, by effecting such a drastic and clearly unnec- essary motion, the County Commission is purposefully deny- ing many future services to needy communities throughout Nye County, simply to metaphorically 'spank' the Nye County Employees Association and its membership." Mr. Lara concluded his comments by noting that "the voting citizens of Nye County will be the final arbiters in determining the usefulness and value, not to mention propri- ety, of the actions taken by the County Commissioners. We just wanted to set the record straight that $200,000 does not six point one million dollars make." Nye County Employees Association Family Resource Center is tops This letter in respdnse to all of the help that Pahrump Family Resource Center, 2220 E. Nevada West Blvd. Suit C, Pahrump, NV 89048 gave to me and my extended family and children. We had a fire and all of the kids toys, clothes, cribs, baby swing, car seats. Well basically everything was lost. I had the children in my possession and after 24 years, I was not prepared for little ones again. The thrift store gave me Laurie Rogers name and address for help. And believe.me, I found excellent help in the name of Laurie Roger and all of her staff. I cannot express enough the kindness and help that I received from the Pahrump Family Resources Center. We received cloths, car seats, play pen and toys. I did not realize that there was this kind of service in town. But believe me I know now! I was made aware that they are able to run through grants. Hopefully, they will receive all the grants they need to stay working and afloat. This is a service that our community needs. Please be aware that all of the staff are super and that without their help my family would have been in dire straits. I cannot express enough how helpful and wonderful Pahrump Family Resource Center was to us. It was a matter of helping my family or they would have gone without extremely needed items. I will hopefully be able to repay all their kindness in someway. I would like to pay my deepest respect and best wishes for a brilliant job done by Pahrump Family Resource Center and especially Laurie Rogers. For her special kindness in my hour of need. When I'm back on my feet. I will be able to help them all in some small way Any family should contact the center to ask if they may help in some way orto know that if they are in need. There is a place to go to seek help and mental relief for our tragedyies that we may face. It's wonderful to know we have a place to go. Elizabeth R. Harris Librarian Support Thank you Shirley Hoerster and Trevor Dolby for taking the time to write your letters in support of our Amargosa Librarian, Michelle DeLee. I too, feel she is doing an excel- lent job. It is not easy to step into the shoes of a former long-time librarian; but given a chance to prove herself over the years, even Brent may see her as his "favorite librarian." We have a wonderful library and I give Michelle a five star rating and 300 percent of my support. Mac F. Vassar Amargosa Dear Mr. Pitlok Editors Note: Mr. Bogdan's letter was inadvertently mangled in production and is corrected here. The Pahrump Valley Gazette apologizes for any inconvenience or embarrassment this may have caused. Many of us taxpayers of Nye County have become very suspicious of how our money has been mis-spent and wasted, either through mismanagement, fraud, corruption, or all of the above. A myriad of questions have been raised and it is a consensus feeling that we deserve honest and concise an- swers to the following: In a county the size of Nye with approximately 30,000 people, why is the unelected manager, who possesses enor- mous power, paid an exorbitant salary of $117,000 per year? And why does his assistant draw the inflated $100,000? Could it not be for the fact that they just happen to both be attorneys and have been iven carte blanche freedom by our elected, irresponsible commissioners, to spend our money anyway these two see fit, including the setting of their own salaries. When rumors keep mounting that we are going broke and yet, the highest elected official in the state, the governor, is paid $77,000 annually! How long will this outrage con- tinue? Why has the tax-supported Nye County Regional Hospital sucked nearly $5 million in the past three years, over and above its allotted budget, from we tax slaves ? Is it legal for our commissioners to use Payments Equal to Taxes (PETT) money for such bailouts? Moreover, why was a luxurious "Justice Center" built in Tonopah at a costly $14 million ($4 million over budget), knowing full well that our county seat, with a population of about 3,000 is 170 miles from Pahrump, which contains probably 23,000 residents and a tiny justice court? Could there have been financial gain, by those responsible for that wasteful decision through kickbacks and bribery? If it is true that Nye County is on the verge of bankruptcy, why do we have a dozen county employees stationed at the landfill in Pahrump, the lowest paid, who earns $13 per hour and who's job is to take license numbers of entering vehicles? But because of federally mandated Environmental Protection Agency rules to save us from illegal dumping, so the alibis run, then why don't our "leaders" negotiate with that outfit for less stringent dictates? After all, even the much feared IRS is known to compromise. Finally, why not place a fee on each truckload that the local disposal company dumps? It would at least help to alleviate some of our tax burden. Since starting this letter I've learned that your office is conducting an investigation of Nye County's financial condi- tion. It is my fervent hope that this will include a complete and thorough audit, as has been reported. The taxpayers deserve no less, for we are sick and tired of irresponsible alibies and phony cover-ups. I cordially welcome your joining in this serious endeavor and wish you a most productive conclusion. Please don't hesitate to call me if I can be of any help. Thank you. Sincerely Yours, Vince Bogdan Comstock homeowner dispute Tl-ds letter is in response to your article regarding the Comstock Park Homeowner dispute appearing in the July 24 edition. Perhaps it will clarify the facts giving rise to this dispute. How is the Board of Directors formed? Any property-owner of Comstock Park Homeowners Association may be nominated for membership to the five- person Board. Proxies are mailed to each and every property owner in sufficient time for them to vote either in person or by proxy for the candidates for the number of vacancies on the Board. There are 668 lots and each lot gets one vote for each position open on the Board. The elections are held annualy. What happened in the past election? The candidates who advocated continuation of the excel- lent management of the Park as well as a small group of dissidents who demanded a radical change of management both nominated their slates of candidates. Both parties campaigned for their nominees. At a democratic election featuring secret balloting and neutral custody of the mailed- in proxies, the dissident group was soundly defeated. The vast majority of the electorate desired a continuation of the sound management of their park. Pahr-mp Valley Gazette, Thursday, July 31, 1997 11 Are the Board members professionally qualified for their positions? Although the members of the board do their best to provide direction and leadership for the operation of the Park, occasionally a minor error is made. Possibly the secretary, in the confusion during the discussion of subjects discussed in a board meeting neglects to include in the minutes an event of some importance. The dissidents, in a excellent effort of nit-picking, have seized upon these errors to loudly complain of "gross errors and illegal actions" of the board. The reason for their making mountains of mole hills could he their reluctance to grace- fully accept their defeat in the past election. They still desire to make trouble in any way they can for the board. Compensation for the board members The Board Members are not authorized any salary or other compensation for their service. They donate many hours of time, knowledge and labor for the benefit of all members of the association freely and willingly. All their decisions are fully and openly discussed at monthly and special (when necessary) board meetings which are open for everyone to attend and to make comments. Like all elected boards (i.e. the Nevada State Legislature, the Nye County Commissioners and the Pahrump Board of Directors) only the elected members may vote on any item. The dissidents have demanded on many occasions to vote on items being voted upon by the board of directors. They know this is illegal and yet they demand to be allowed to perform an illegal act. Other Volunteer Services in Comstock Park The Board, on many occasions, have asked for residents to volunteer their services for jobs which would benefit the park as a whole. These jobs include opening and closing the swimming pool, cleaning the pool, painting, cleaning the edges of the streets in the park, vacuuming the clubhouse and other relatively easy things. The dissidents are notice- ably reluctant to volunteer their services to benefit the park. They deserve an "A" in complaining and an "F" in volun- teering. If any reader (or staff member) of the Gazette desires to see for themselves what transpires at a Board meeting in Comstock Park, they are invited (and indeed urged) to attend the next monthly meeting. It will be held at 7 p.m. on August 13, 1997 at the Comstock Park Clubhouse. Walter Blohm Pahrump Apology accepted I, Margaret Thomas, accept the apology offered by Irene Osterhoudt, site director of the Amargosa Senior Center. A lot of people are aware of controversy at the Pahrump Senior Center, so it does not seem to me to be necessary for Irene Osterhoudt to continually point out in her articles for her center that there may be a problem in Pahrump. As sure as there is a God in heaven, it is not, and I repeat, not the assistant director in Pahrump as Osterhoudt im- plies. Simply put, if each site manager would manage their own respective centers and leave the business of the Pahrnmp Senior Center in the very capable hands of its assistant director, Pahrump's center will he managed in an orderly and very professional manner. Margaret Thomas Las Vegas Good Samaritan I want to thank Sam Stringer at Desert Pumps (who also works with Pike's Drilling) for coming to the aid of the widow of one of my recently-deceased patients. This lady's water pump went out Saturday morning (July 26), and she was having a difficult time getting help due to financial problems. I called Sam pleading for help since this lady had no water, and therefore no swamp cooler in this heat. He drove a long distance to go to her home to investigate the problem, and then returned on Sunday to fix it. She and I are very grateful to you, Sam. Louise M. Felton, RN Family Home Hospice Pahrump The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727-5583. 9tilt All opinions expressed on the letters page are those of the artist or author indicated. The Gazette reserves the right to edit all letters for length and libel. larthermore, letters with names withheld will only be published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists.