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July 24, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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July 24, 1997

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Letters to the Editor l),)J:) T)Jh:'! qrr.,trl)lRq \\;'- I ,ge 'ltJt .7buffl" O[ Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, July 24, 1997 11 Libertarian speaks his piece Dear Editor, I'd like to share with you and your readers, a letter that was sent to the Republican National Committee Chairman, Jim Nicholson in response to a membership renewal letter that was mailed to Republicans all across the country. The letter was written by David Shaffer of Gettysburg, Pa. He has given his permission to reprint the letter. I think it's very interesting. Dear Mr. Nicholson, For my entire adult life I have: Voted Republican, walked door to door for republican candidates, donated the maximum mount of money possible to republican candidates, worked at polling places for repub- licans, ferried voters to the polls to cast republican ballots, tried to recruit new republicans from the ranks of democrats pand independents, and suffered the enmity of my friends for ,flvocatmg a lmuted constatuuonal republic. You can therefore, imagin my elation atthe election results of 1994. Yet, here I am in May, 1997, a proud, new, card carrying member of the Libertarian Party. I presume, therefore, that you will wish to withdraw my nomination as a sustaining member of the RNC. Should you, for some inexplicable reason, choose not to withdraw, I, nevertheless, do not accept. If you will take instruction from the defection of so long a loyal and energetic party member, then I am only too anxious to offer it. To it, I did not expect the continued deployment of U.S. troops overseas following the Cold War victory. I did not expect that the defeat of Clinton-care would be followed by Kennedy- Kassebaum and now Kennedy-Hatch. I did not expect the "end of welfare as we know it" to include continued federal taxation to support welfare as' we know it now. I did not anticipate the promised deregulation would place tobacco under the FDA. I did not dream that the demise of politically correct speech would be succeeded by proposals to censor the internet. I did not expect the dismantling of corporate welfare to be blocked by republicans. I did not think that the equal protection of the law meant that parents are more equal than the childless in structuring the tax code. I did not consider that the arbitrary powers of the LSC, ATF, IRS, S, NEA, NLRB, FDA, Export/import bank, EEOC, and on and on would continue as if no change in legislative control had ever happened. I'm, still amazed that no shrinkage in the number of cabinet departments has occurred, that the number and complexity of the forms that I must" submit to the federal government in order to operate my small business has not decreased, but increased. I certainly hoped that the republican majority would not continue to permit the war on drugs to justify assaults on liberty (RICO, asset forfeitures, forceful entry and destruc- tive searches of property without compensation to innocent targets). I do not understand why there is a war on drugs in the first llace (apart from educational and rehabilitation efforts which can all be done voluntarily), and particularly why this war should be a federal one. I do not understand how it is that the agents of the federal government who caused the loss of innocent life at Ruby Ridge and Waco, not only were not prosecuted, did not suffer the loss of employment and benefits, but were instead pro- moted. I am dismayed that the group who rightly attached liberal democrats for forcing secular humanism down our throats should find no contradiction in forcing fundamental Chris- tianity down our throats, regardless of its benefits when taken voluntarily. No one can prevent a person from praying to his God, short of killing him, and I have as yet had no report of a teacher taking this step. I have read the U.S. Constitution many times, and more ( i ooks on the constitution than many Americans have read books, and nowhere do I find an enumerated power of the national government to concern itself with crime and drug use amongst our children, our adults or anyone else. I did not, after all, choose the republican party as a political vehicle simply to conserve fuel on the "road to serfdom." I could continue in this vein but I won't end. I hope many of you will be able to relate to this gentleman. Sincerely, Jim Lee Dear Mr. Pitlok Many of us taxpayers of Nye County have become very suspicious of how our money has been mis-spent and wasted, either through mismanagement, fraud, corruption, or all of the above. A myriad of questions have been raised and it is a consensus feeling that we deserve honest and concise an- swers to the following: In a county the size of Nye with approximately 30,000 people, why is the unelected manager, who possesses enor- mous power, paid an exorbitant salary of $117,000 per year? And why does his assistant draw the inflated $100,000? Could it not be for the fact that they just happen to both be attorneys and have been given carte blanche freedom by our elected, irresponsible commissioners, to spend our money anyway these two see fit, including the setting of their own salaries. When rumors keep mounting that we are going broke and yet, the highest elected official in the state, the governor, is paid $77,000 annually! How long will this outrage con- tinue? Why has the tax-supported Nye County Regional Hospital sucked nearly $5 million in the past three years, over and above its allotted budget, from we tax slaves? Is it legal for our commissioners to use Payments Equal to Taxes (PETr) money for such bailouts? Moreover, why was a luxurious "Justice Center" built in Tonopah at a costly $14 million ($4 million over budget), knowing full well that our county seat, with a population of about 3,000 is 170 miles from Pahrump, the lowest paid, who earns $13 per hour and who's job is to take license numbers of entering vehicles? But because of federally mandated Environmental Protection Agency rules to save us from illegal dumping, so the alibis run, then why don't our "leaders" negotiate with that outfit for less stringent dictates? After all, even the much feared IRS is known to compromise. Finally, why not place a fee on each truckload that the local disposal company dumps? It would at least help to alleviate some of our tax burden. Since starting this letter I've learned that your office is conducting an investigation of Nye County's financial condi- tion. It is my fervent hope that this will include a complete and thorough audit, as has been reported. The taxpayers deserve no less, for we are sick and tired of irresponsible alibies and phony cover-ups. I cordially welcome your joining in this serous endeavor and wish you a most productive conclusion. Please don't hesitate to call me if I can be of any help. Thank you. Sincerely Yours, Vince Bogdan Chivalry is still alive Chivalry is still alive. I want to extend a huge "Thank You" to Larry Young of Tom Terry Homes. I was parked in front of their office when a tire went flat on my truck. I got out the jack and tools but didn't know bow to remove the spare tire from underneath the truck. I went into Tom Terry's office and asked for help. Larry Young immediately came out and not only helped, he did the whole job. In the hot sunshine. Again, Thank you, Larry Young! Ann Nusbaum Pahrump Library is your friend It's hard to believe a man as intelligent as Brent Mathews on is still crying over a late book notice his companion receied two years ago. Perhaps a friendly phone call to the librarian to voice his or his companion's displeasure with the late notice would have cleared the matter up. I was the former librarian's paid assistant for two years and an unpaid volunteer for the past 10 years, so I know a little about the running of the library. I don't think Brent is aware of the numbre of books the library loses from its collection because friendly phone calls and simple late notices many times are not enough to get the books returned. This can add up to quite a monetary loss to the library. Brent, you can still ask for special books and information. Our new librarian makes every effort to fill all requests. You only have to ask. Many books are donated to the Amargosa Library, some with older copy dates. All books added to the library's collection are considered new books, no matter what the copy date, and are placed with the new books in hopes that someone will be interested and read them. Yes, there may have been more brand-new books in the past, a member of our community donated most of the best sellers on a monthly basis. This generous lady is no longer living in the valley. There have been a lot of changes at the Amargosa Library in the past couple of years and all have been for the betterment of the library. There is even a computer center for those who are not fortunate enough to have their own personal computer system. Our new librarian, Michelle DeLee, has come up with many new ideas to make it easier for people to find the books that interest them. She has worked many extra unpaid hours to provide better service. Our former librarian, Mrs. Newhouse, made many sacri- rices to devote her energies to bettering our library. Mrs. DeLee is certainly following in her footsteps. I hope Brent and his comapanion visit our library often. Maybe they both can be "favorite customers" again. Shirley Hoerster Amargosa Valley Attention shoppers! I am speaking for the Pahrump Chamber of Commerce Marketing Group. We would like to help the consumer and understand their needs and wants. The average business owner is trying everything possible to offer great service, great prices and more selection for Parhumpians. But when people don't shop locally and keep that $1 here, it makes it hard to keep great prices and selection. It has to do with buying power. If we don't sell a lot of products, there goes the good sales and selections. Please understand, Pahrump, we want to bear from uyou so we know what your needs and wants are. But in return, all we ask is to give us a try and shop locally. Write back to editor with your suggestions. Patricla Cox Pahrump A paper's mission Content of the two most recent issues of your paper have prompted me to write. As you may expect: I am not prompted to write because of what I like. I'm not asking that you print my letter, but that you consider my views yourself. It is, of course your privilege to print it, as it is your privilege to edit it. In the July 10 issue of your paper you carried an editorial by Brent Mathewson of which two-thirds were devoted to criticizing the Amargosa Public Library. You may be think- ing that if this irritated me, I should take it up with him since it was an "editorial comment" rather than an opinion of the PV Gazette. I should and I will; Brent is my neighbor and we do discuss things from time to time, but I have no control over him; you do. Brent has his own agenda, but you are in the business of selling newspapers, so I want to make one point to you. Tearing away at other people and their work is not the business newspapers are in. Your readers are not interested in personal squabbles even alluded to, much less drawn out, over 15 column inches. One function of a newspaper is to build community. I see nothing in Brent's column suggesting how we might build a stronger library. If he had suggestions to make, the librarian, or perhaps the librarian, and some of the board of directors would be an appropriate audience, not all your subscribers and readers. If this makes sense to you, perhaps you wll suggest it to Brent the next time he submits a column in which he attacks or needlessly criticizes a fellow citizen. Joe Richards, who writes the "On Target" page of your newspaper appears to have followed Brent's lead in the succeeding issue (July 17). He devotes another 15 column inches to slur and innuendo against someone, against whom he clearly holds a grudge. This neither entertains, builds community, or sells news- papers. I suspect that you have less control over the content of Joe's writing than you do over Brent's, but please point out to him that using his column to tear down and intimidate a fellow citizen and, especially a former associate at the newspaper office, does not win for him admiration in the community or more loyal readers. From our brief introduction, I'm convinced that you have a lot of newspaper experience and a very mature approach to your job as publisher. Please try to extend some of this wisdom to your editorialists. Trevor B. Doiby Amargosa Valley The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727-5583. BOO All opinions expressed on the letters page are those of the artist or author indicated. The Gazette reserves the right to edit all letters for length and libel. Furthermore, letters with names withheld will only be published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists.