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July 24, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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July 24, 1997

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10 Thursday, July 24, 1997 Pahrump Valley Gazette Which comes first Two weeks ago fellow columnist, and friend, Rich- ard Ruel wrote a fine column about the virtues of smoking in this day and age. I'm rather fascinated by the subject, not so much the subject of smoking but how it seems to dominate over everything else going on in the world. I'm a smoker. Thirty-five years ago, when I started, I never realized that someday I would have to be humble and apologize for that. Thirty-five years ago, if I knew what I knew today, I would never have started. I'll be the first to admit addiction to tobacco. When all those tobacco executives testified before Congress that cigarette smoking was not addictive I nearly fell off my chair. Any smoker can tell you that it is addic- tive, very addictive. We've got troops in Bosnia that may turn into an- other Vietnam. Red China has totally disregarded a voluntary test ban treaty by other nations and continues to set off nukes. You can bet your bottom dollar that they're pointed in our direction. No one is even sure who's in control of the former Soviet Union's nuclear force -- and that's scary as hell. But what dominates the front pages and takes up almost all the time on the network news? Smoking. l Smoking police or nuclear war? in and out of government, will settle for nothing less than smoking prohibition. We went through that once with alcohol and it nearly wrecked the country." Right on, Richard! One of my favorite quotes is, "Those who do I NOaTHE00 Exl;osum00 by Dave Downing not remember history are condemned to relive it." I'm not supporting smoking I wish I had never started. I would strongly support any educational efforts to prevent others from starting this deadly addiction. A smoke-free nation is a great goal. But don't condemn those of us that can't stop. Suddenly, we are the cretins of the world. Something is running amok here. I recently took a trip into California -- the People's Republic. The smoking laws there are strict. I would respect the laws if it weren't for the hypocrisy. Seems half the state of California is shoving powder up their noses. They've essentially legalized marijuana. But G)bd Richard Ruel wrote, "Let's face it! The zealots, both help you if you light up a cigarette in , restaurant! Sn, The Legacy of FDR side chats." In these he lied repeatedly. His biggest lie was that American's sons would not be sent to fight in foreign wars. From 1938-41, Roosevelt secretly made to get us into war with Germany by Richard Reul Franklin Delano Roosevelt recently had a memorial dedicated to him unveiled in Washington, D.C. GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrieh recently called FDR "the greatest president of the 20th century. I would say his place in history is secure." Having lived through the Roosevelt era, let me tell you that FDR was the greatest con artist in the world, far surpassing Bill Clinton. He took office in 1933, in the midst of a depression, but believed we could spend our way to prosperity. He certainly tried. There was the New Deal, the National Recovery Administration (NRA), the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and many other bureaucratic adventures. Some of these were ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, whereupon he proposed to "pack" the court with six additional jurists. Fortunately, congress refused to go along. Prior to the 1938 elections the economy was falter- ing, but FDR had just completed one of his greatest seams, Social Security. Rather than an interest-bearing trust, it was a vast Ponzi scheme where the monies collected went into general revenues and those not needed for immediate distribution were spent. In 1938, FDR attempted a massive purge of Demo- cratic Congressional candidates who did not support his policies. He laid the foundations for the vast, self- perpetuating Federal bureaucracy. His hold on Ameri- can voters was through his immensely popular "fire- lend-lease to Britain, an outright gift of war material to a belligerent nation. FDR idolized e Soviets, recogniz- ing them in 1933 after Stalin's purge of the Ukraine. He had visions of the U.S. and the USSR splitting up a post- war world. Lend-lease was followed by convoy escort services calculated to enrage.German submarine com- manders. But Hitler did not 'ant a war with America and refused to rise to the bait.,.)' j:! . At this tme there was t large and influential America First organization vho was following President Washington's admonition to avoid foreign entangle- ments. Its members Were treated as traitors by the FBI. Finally, in December 1941, FDR managed to induce the Japanese to s tke Pearl Harbor and withheld infor- even the bars will be affected. Many of them have voluntarily gone to non-smokimg. Ever been to the Los Angeles Basin? You can smoke two packs of cigarettes there without ever lighting one up. That's more serious than their stupid smoking laws. Despite 35-years of smoking my wife and I hiked all over at 8,000 feet. While it exhausted us, I noted that we were quite able to keep up with the "youngsters" that were taking the same paths. Before long we'll have the Smoklng Police crashing down doors and taking otherwise honest citizens to jail. Where will this nonsense stop? I keep hearing all the health freaks warning us against eggs, milk, hamburg- ers, etc. Will the next attack on us be in the form of Cholesterol Police? I don't like what's happening. Look, this is a serious issue. But somehow we've lost our perspective on more serious issues. We're using the smoking issue to mask the problems we really don't want to think about. Perhaps the Clinton Administration has found a subject that helps keep their other problems on the inside pages? I suspect that is a very great part of the anti-smoking rhetoric coming from our nation's capitol. Good article, Richard. It's about time someone jabbed back. mation to its commanders that might have enabled a state of readiness. It is still not clear how a concurrent declaration of war against Germany occurred, but we were soon in a two-front war. FDR and Winston Churchill were in bed together and America first collapsed.. FDR's conduct of the war includes both kudos and brickbats. To his credit, he turned his generals and admirals loose, in most instances, to seek military victories. His opposition to a proposed capitulation of the German generals on the Western Front was unfor- givable, as was his insistence on Unconditional Surren- der! FDR's slavish communion with the Soviet Union laid the foundation for the cold war. At one point he Had the official, engraved plates for the printing of U.S. currency delivered to the Soviets. His halting of Patton's army to allow the Soviet troops to catch up at Berlin was treasonous at best. Some of the forced, postwar repatria- tion of Soviet citizens sentenced many to death. All in all, FDR was a politician, a con man and a president who lived in tumultuous times. His decisions caused the deaths of millions of Americans and count- less others. The historians have apparently decided to elevate him to sainthood, I, for one, am not sure it is justified. Authors Note: Some items herein were taken from an editorial in the Barnes Review, which suggested this column. Writing nonsense and some such This is another one of them notes on notes bits I do a lot of time. It really serves two purposes. It gives me something to write about and makes a dent in all the loose scraps of paper that seem to fill up my pockets which, if I don't check them before putting these clothing articles in the dirty clothes, are kinda hard to read after they have gone through the wash cycle. Here's something to think about and I will be doing some more checking into when I go over to the Califor- nia coast to the, Art in the Redwoods show this summer. It seems that there is a thriving coastal industry springing up where divers are harvesting sea urchins and shipping them to Japan. Actually, they ain't ship- ping the whole sea urchin just the gonads. Which don't take up as much space. I had to take someone else's word for this as I have never been that hung-up on urchin anatomy. To those not familiar with this word and can't find their dictio- / nary, this being in the case of a sea urchin, a nautical version of Rocky Mountain oysters. f If this continues, there soon won't be 9y more / urchins. Now I'm wondering what will Japan's next target wiU be? On the way to the coast I will be passing through a lot of the agricultural areas of California. Living here in the high desert, it's kinda refreshing to see all the crops Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes growing in the fields I especially like the sight and smells you en- counter as you pass by a field of polyester in midsummer. And then there's the vine- yards with their wine tasting rooms, which I have found ain't a good place to visit if you're driving and gotta be somewhere else at a certain time. Maybe what I could do is leave a few days early. Ditto might not be going with me on this trip as she's all hung up on her new writing career with the Gazette. I keep telling her she should do as I do. Just write a bunch of stuff that doesn't make sense and send it down. By the time we got back nobody will have remembered what it was just as long as she had the names spelled right. Last note. The one before it was about "Outhouse on fire and I was next in line" I can't remember what this was all about. I was down at one of our local government offices paying my water bill and someone in this office had brought in a fish bowl filled with guppies. I guess, in an attempt to add a little action to their surroundings, this was right after I had gotten down a lunch consisting of some leftover anchovy pizza. I don't think I made a hit with the staff when I speculated how guppy-flavored pizza would taste. By the way, be on the lookout for a bunch of stuff that I am writing to cover the time I'm gone. It's got every- thing from sex to espionage in it and even I ain't sure how it will end as I haven't written the finish yet. Have a good one.