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July 17, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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July 17, 1997

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) Calling all parents Nye County School District -- Board Members -- take notice ! This is directed to any parents that have children in our school district, and of course the school district: I really am very confused about our school district. After all, it is our tax dollars that is paying the school board, administrators, and school teachers, is it not? Yet, when you as parents, run into problems that definitely need to be looked into, the school district will NOT give any options to you or be willing to tell you what steps you could take to get the matter taken care of, or to possibly get it resolved. In my experience, the one thing that the school district is good at telling you is, "you can file a complaint!" Why is it you can NOT get ANY direction from our district? I know speaking for myself and my wife, whatever the situation is, to put it in a picture form, the school district is a pinball machine, and parents that are questioning the district, or individual teachers, are the ball in the machine. Rather than taking the time to correct whatever the problem is, its easier for the district to bounce you around, to all sorts of other individuals, and pass the buck. While in the mean time the students in the district's eyes are forgotten about. Please you tell me, who's getting hurt here the most? In working with numerous other parents recently, there are specific parents who have indeed challenged the school district, and yes indeed they were pinballs in this situation. One would easily gather an opinion, that the district will stop at nothing, to cover up certain actions, and other events, rather than take responsibility and correct the situation. Which would include going to a expensive law firm, (with yours and my tax dollars) to defend themselves, for their past actions. Even though in the end, it is found that yes there are state, and federal laws that were broken, and there were numerous violations, not only in the past, but currently. The district is in violation! If a parent wants to continue to due-process, again the school turns to the law firms (again with our tax money) the procedure begins where the parent is sent legal documents from the law firm, which I might add is very intimidating, to the parent. Not only because they get this served to them, from a law fh-m, but not being able to afford council. They feel totally alone and they have to follow certai.-, criteria and fax lots cf&,iiici,/afion bet.nude lr3ust pln'l mai]l, eil you know, if you do not have some kind of proof you sent the school district something, and it's something the school district does not want to deal with, or talk about, "it conve- niently gets lost." Or you plainly get told, "I don't show any record we ever recdived it." Not only the intimidation factor, but the disruption in the family's home is devastating, because of the additional stress, long hours on the phone, hours typing etc. As it gets close to the actual hearing date, the lawyer then arranges a phone conference and agrees to all the parents complaints and admits their error's, (trying to take the wind out of the sails of the parents, so to speak) which means now the parents do not have anything to take to due-process, because the district has tried to manipulate an agreement. Why loes a parent have to go through all this? When in the beginning, all the school district had to do, was simply sit down with the parents and go over the discrepancies, that the parent had to bring up, and take care of it right then and there? Why all this additional stress and strain and intimidation from the school district, not to mention the waste of money on law firms that could have been used for more books and school supplies or even let's say repairs, and supplies for the restrooms? Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, July 17, 1997 11 alert! -- -- -- - Guest Editorial Could this be, one of the results of the school board, maybe, not holding public meetings at a practical time, so the average working parents can attend and know more what's going on in the school distri? According to the NAC ( Nevada Administrative Code) the president of the school board elects a time for the meetings to be held! I have heard things like, we do not want to have to pay overtime. Furthermore from what I read in the NAC, all board members get paid so-much per school board meeting. So where is the overtime? Could it be, it should be worded, make the meetings at the convenience of the president, and the rest of the board members? Is it that the school board might not want everybody to know what is truly going on? I don't know what you think, but it really makes me kind of curious. The thing that really makes us curious is, how many parents are really aware of just what your children are getting and not getting in school? How many parents have had concerns of how their children are being belittled, insulted, and slandered, every day by their teachers? How many parents have had their children's band instruments stolen or damaged at school and nothing has been done about it? I know we can not afford a new instrument, or have to pay for repairs, on a regular basis. How many special education students have been tested properly? How many special education students have been pulled out o.f our school system, because of parents feeling like a pinball in this machine? Let's take a look at hygiene, why is it that our daughters can't have any privacy when they have to take care of their personal needs at school, because there are not any stall doors, in the restrooms? when is the district going to start keeping the bathrooms like they keep them in the new school district office? You know little things like, soap, paper towels, toilet paper, sanitary dispensers in the ladies room, sanitary rings for the toilet seats, not to mention of course clean walls, floors, and sinks? Why is it the children can not properly wash their hands after using the restroom, or before they eat lunch, or just plainly, during the day? Doesn't it make you wonder? I guess the other question is, how many parents were not aware, that their children are not able to practice proper hygiene? Or that the restrooms were in the shape they're in. And by all means, let's not forget, "no hot water." Is it a wonder why there are a lot of parents here in Pahr!mp at :-nt t hv tb.. whqle school board replaced? We, as parents believe that if people, that are in citarge ,f children are not doing the job they are supposed to be doing, then by all means, "lets get some folks that will." The only way that there will be any change, when we see there are problems with our school district, is if people "STAND UP and BE COUNTED!" If our children are not being tested properly, getting the full opportunity, to be educated prop- erly, slandered, belittled, or someone is constantly tearing down their self-esteem, to where they begin to think, I might as well not try, because I can't learn anything, or do anything, let's get some changes done! Let's stand up and be counted, and show our children, YES, WE DO CARE! "To The Nye County School District" 1. Why haven't you offered to replace, or repair, my daughter's instrument? 2. why haven't you offered to pay or replace damaged or stolen instruments of other children? 3. why have you not taken appropriate action on com- plaints filed with you on Herb Gailey and Mrs. Bonnie Ludwick? 4. How many complaints from parents do you need to collect before you feel it is time to act on them? 5. I have requested you, and now openly,and publicly, for a hearing on past and present complaints against Herb Gailey and Bonnie Ludwick, to answer the many complaints put before the board, that thus far has not openly been addressed! Will I ever get an answer? 6. Are you saying to the taxpaying parents in this commu- nity, in our school district, here in Pahrump, that slander, harassment, and defamation of character to a student by Nye County School District employees is condoned by the board of trustees and the state? 7. How long are you going to allow complaints, (of all types) to go on? 8. How long are you going to ignore the county, state and federal violations committed, by Nye County School District employees, before you step in and do something about it? 9. When are you going to acknowledge the many county, state, and federal violations in special education programs, put before the board many months ago by other parents? 10. When are you going to address the many student records and violations that you currently have? 11. why is our tax dollars paying for an attorney, or big law firm, when a case is being dealt with, and the attorney calls this parent and the attorney feels pressured, from this parent, the attorney can openly say to the parent, and I qtlote, "Why don't you go F*** yourself." How much tax money did this attorney get paid, to give another tax paying parent,an order, such as this? 12. Does it not seem strange when simple parents like us, that can not at all afford a law firm, or just a simple attorney, and yet our own tax dollars are being used to hire law firms by the school district to fight legally against ourselves? You tell me what's wrong with this picture? 13. If the school district is indeed found guilty of their actions and their blatant disregard for following the county, state, and federal guidelines, why should the tax payers, of this county have to pick up the tab? Doesn't it make sense that the people found guilty should be responsible to pay the law firms from their own pockets? 14. When a parent requested in writing, to the school district office, for a copy of the Nye County School District Board policy manual, and receives it in four to five days, without any restrictions at all, then another parent requests the same thing, and is told, "you may have a copy i f, you pay " ; cents per page, Why ? (1) Can the school ask for this amount, when you can get copies anywhere lr " town, for seven to eight cents a copy? (2) Why does one parent get charged, and the other doesn't? It is my under- standing that the taxpayers paid to have that information made up in the first place. Why do we have to pay again and again and again? I guess we could add extortion to their credits! What do you think? To all parents who have these or other discrepan- cies: Send certified letters (complaints) to the board mem- bers, at their homes. Addresses can be obtained through the school district office, or I will be glad to forward them to you. (751-0316), otherwise, they will never get them (speaking from experience). Be inquisitive! Cheek your childs file's, all their files, there is more than one file! Believe me! It's time to make this school district accountable in all areas for their actions and take responsibi!ity! All these are past .and present experiences by my family and friends! The Larry Beckner's and other friends Ingredients for a livable Nevada by Sen. Harry Reid If one had to name two things which are critical to the ' future of Southern Nevada, water and energy projects would probably rank at the top of the list. From Boulder Dam to the Nevada Test Site, the Silver state has grown and prospered due to these investments made in our economy by the federal government. Due to shrinking budget dollars and growing environ- mental concerns, we aren't going to be building any more huge water works or resuming above-ground tests at the Test Site. There is still a critical need for federal involve- ment here in Southern Nevada to help us manage our growth and diversify our economy. This year I became the ranking memler, the top Demo- crat, on the Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Sub- committee. This committee oversees the budgets of the Department of Energy. The Bureau of Reclamation and the Army Corps of Engineers. For the past few months we have been hard at work on our bill for fiscal year 1998. This week we voted it out of the Appropriations Committee and I anticipate it will pass quickly out of the Senate as well. I am reasonably pleased with what we were able to secure for Nevada in this bill. Not only were we able to negotiate close to $24 million for water projects across the State but we also directed more than $160 million towards supporting programs at the Ne- vada Test Site. I am committed to making NTS one of the premier science centers in the West for both private and governmen- tal endeavors. I was able to include language and funds in this bill for projects like land mine remediation, anti-terror- ism programs and first responder disaster training. We also steered $30 million toward the subcritical test program and $50 million for work on projects involving hydrogen. After the New Year's floods in Northern Nevada, I pushed hard to fund flood control studies in Northern Nevada, including $250,000 for an early warning flood control plan for the Reno/Sparks area. But our flood concerns don't just end in Northern Ne- vada. If El Nino is as bad as it is predicted to be, we could be looking at some serious flash flooding in Southern Nevada as well. We have close to $21 million appropriated for work on - Guest Editorial the washes and channels in Clark County, with $20 million going towards the Tropieana and Flamingo Washes. This should help us to avoid damages and destruction once the rains begin falling in the mountains. The other major Southern Nevada water project which we funded in this bill was a $3.375 million Las Vegas desalination pilot program. This came as a result of a bill that I helped pass at the end of the 104th Congress which authorized Clark County to study the feasibility of recover- ing and reusing shallow aquifer groundwater that is trapped by underlying clay on the desert floor. Most of this water is currently flowing back into Lake Mead or flowing into the sewer projects. We must not be afraid to support new technologies or spend money on scientific research and development. The future of Southern Nevada lies in finding new ways to solve old problems. My goal on the Energy and Water Committee is to ensure that we have the resources we require to meet the challenges of the next century. If We can hold the $200 million worth of projects we have secured in the FY 1998 bill when we meet with the House this fall, we should be offto a very good start.