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July 17, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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July 17, 1997

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10 Thursday, July 17, 1997 Pahnunp Valley Gazette EDEN --central southwest central Nevada Within the counties of Esmeralda and Nye there exists a tax-funded organization called Economic Development (authority) Esmeralda/Nye counties, EDEN. Whew, that's quite a mouthful. The purpose of the organization is to promote Esmeralda and Nye to prospective businesses and to entice individu- als to consider making a move to our wonderful territory. Sandy Harmon, Tonopah, is the executive director of EDEN. Harmon has taken the organization into the next mil- lennium by designing and instituting a web page on the Internet. It's a great idea but it needs some improvements. My only complaint is that the site is located on America Online, AOL. For years the small community of Tonopah has begged Internet service providers to make the Internet available in Tonopah. No one would take the bait. Well, it is a very small community and a business risk at best. However, through the urging of the good folks at the "Outer Limits" computer store, a company called Sierra Net said, "OK." Tonopah now has a local telephone number for Internet service and the company, Sierra Net, has proved them- selves good to their word. The service provided is excel- lent. Sometimes a little difficult to get into during prime hours m but that, too, is expected to improve. EDEN should be on Sierra Net, not AOL. If we're going to promote this area-- then also reward those that respond. Sierra Net took a risk coming here -- EDEN should respect that and switch services. Unfortunately, it's a money thing. Switching services (Sierra Net came after the EDEN page, not before) and then redesigning the page cost money. I would note that EDEN could well be the future of these two counties. The money should be made available to them. It's an investment in our own future. NORTHERN EXPOSURE by Dave Downing My second complaint with the EDEN home page is the layout. It's kinda shabby. There is an outline of the state of Nevada with Esmeralda and Nye counties empha- sized in yellow. The layout is practically unreadable -- I'd run it with the column but its quality is too poor even for newspaper reproduction. I understand that there are plans in the works to fix this. Other than that they've done a fine job of displaying the area in the cyberworld. However, the thought tickled my mind that I would like to help them describe the area. Here's some selected items from the EDEN page and how I'd do them. The page contains statistics and general information about Nye and Esmeralda County. There's a rather inter- esting description of our location: Over 21,000 square miles in central southwest central Nevada." Huh? Say again? Let's have truth in advertising. To describe the area as 21,000 miles with wide open spaces is certainly accurate. But the federal government owns 97 percent of it -- and a Gun control The right of the American citizen to keep and bear arms is clearly delineated in the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Yet, the federal government, especially the Clinton administration, has waged un- remitting war against the private ownership of fire- arms. As intended by our founding fathers, this right tends to inhibit the government from riding roughshod over honest citizens. There is always a chance that the citi- 'zeus may, literally, fight back, And with millions of guns in private hands, this constitutes a viable, potential threat to ambitious bureaucrats! With the advent of the Drug War and/lie concurrent rise in street crime, many states are enacting concealed carry laws. For the first time in these states, a criminal did not know whether his projected victim might be armed! Much to the surprise of the news media, the handgun murder rate in these jurisdictions dropped sub- stantially. Surveys of criminal felons have shown that they are much more concerned about encountering armed citi- zens than they are about running into the police. In general, police are predictable and constrained...citizens are not! Anti-gun people tend to perpetuate unfounded myths which become part of conventional wisdom. For ex- ample, they say that children are dying every day from handgun accidents. In actuality a child is 6 to 25 times more likely to drown in an unattended bathtub or swim- --- the status quo ming pool. The oft-repeated factoid that guns are 43 times more likely to be used for a crime than for legitimate self defense, is baseless. There are about 1.7 million annual arrests for violent crime and burglary; however, there are around 2.2 million defensive uses with a firearm by civil- ians each year. (In most of them the gun is not fired.) Changing Patterns by RichardReul ililllililllii IIIIIIlYllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIm I1[11111111111 Nor is it common for a gun-wielding citizen to shoot a family member or friend whom he mistakes for an in- truder. Less than 2 percent of fatal gun accidents involve this scenario and the police error rate is 11 times higher! A criminal manages to take a gun from an armed victim less than one percent of the time. Another common factoid is that most murders are committed by previous law-abiding citizens. Roughly 90 percent of murderers have prior adult criminal records. Even in domestic homicides, police have usually been called to the residence several times preceding the crime. The anti-gun bias of the news media remains at around 81 percent. Most newspeople, it seems, do not own guns, huge pan of it will land you in jail if you step on it. We could describe those areas as "free room and board." They make mention of cable TV available in all com- munities. I would add, "when it works." They also make good mention of our wonderful weather. "Average rainfall in north is 4.97 inches, less in south." Again, let's have truth in advertising. I would add, "The bad news is it all falls in one day washing away entire towns." Almost half of the web page is devoted to the Tonopah airport. (By the way, according to the EDEN page there are some major changes coming to that airport). Now, I would offer pilots the experience of a lifetime. "Enjoy your first visit to Nye County with an exciting adventure. Skip the Tonopah airport and set down in Area 51." EDEN makes mention of the hot air thermals and how gliders and sailplanes are using them near the airport. It does not mention that these are actually generated in the vicinity of the courthouse and are the result of Nye County politics. I could go on and on helping the EDEN folks out but I suspect if they catch sight of me they'll lock the doors. Seriously, I support any effort to attract business to our area. It truly is a beautiful place to work and play. Sandy Harmon is known throughout the community as a hard worker and he's done a good job taking us into the new millennium in the high tech environment. I congratulate EDEN for recognizing this and acting on it. There is no doubt the Internet is the wave of the future. If you'd like to visit, EDEN's address is: http:// members.aol.com/nvEDEN/index.htm. distrust them and their users and are only too willing to spread these factoids. The Clinton administrationpushed through a law ban- ning many types of semiautomatic assault rifles. This was based on appearance alone, the weapons involved were functionally identical to various hunting rifles. It has long been the practice to deny gun ownership to ex-felons. This made sense when the felonies involved were violent crimes. But the Drug War has produced many ex-felons whose only offense has been the posses- sion of marijuana. The administration is using this to undercut the right to bear arms, Likewise, the Laughtenberg Amendment, sneaked through Congress, retroactively and permanently bans firearm possession for anyone who has had a misde- meanor conviction for domestic violence! Blatantly unconstitutional, this affects millions of citizens whose only offense might be slapping a spouse or child in an emotional moment. Many police officers are affected, Finally, there is the Brady Law, which forever and retroactively bans gun ownership to anyone who has ever been committed to a mental institution, no matter what the circumstances. It seems that the administration and the anti-gunners are taking away the 2rid Amendment right piecemeal...when they can't do it by frontal assault! Author's Note: Most of the statistics quoted herein were drawn from "The Great American Gun De- bate," by Don Kate.s and Gary Kleck. That one-second adjustment could change your life Did you set your clocks? No, Fm not talking about the dumb ritual we are supposed to do twice a year when some unknown somebody says we have to. Sometimes I go along with and other times, no. Why bother, as all I would have to do is ,alt six months and the rest of the world has caught up with me or is sitting there waiting for me. Anyway, on July 1, you're gonna have to reset your clocks by one second. I'm not sure which way but to some people, usually bosses and wives with a hairdresser's ap- pointment. Others like doctors and lawyers could care ls. In the case of the former, you could show up for your appointment late and you would still be early. A lawyer returning your call sometime in your lifetime is a rare oocurence unless you owe them money. What has brought about the need for this drastic time change business is that the world has been turning too slowly according to some guy in Paris who is director of the International Earth Rotation Service. This organization decides every six months whether the world needs to add or subtract a second. In the old days, they use to flip up a coin to see which way to go. But that was Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes before the use of atomic clocks which came into use in the time telling busi- ness back in the 50s. Only drawback these clocks had was the lead shielding made them a bit heavy for wristwatch use. You gotta remember this was in the days before digital. Something I stay away from as I never know which number is coming up next. And let's say it jumps a few numbers, how are you going to tell? So if you got all that straight ,we will go on. Did you ever wonder why at some times of the year you're really sharp when at others kinda draggy? Where in February. you get a lot more done than in August. According to the scientists, the earth takes one or two-milliseconds longer to rotate on its axis in Febuary than it does in August, and here all along I thought it was because it was colder in Feburary and you had to keep active to stay warm and in August when it was too darn hot, the only time that speeded up was the remaining days of your vacarion. All ready I am feeling the effects of the time-change, even though it hasn't happened yet: sorta like the jet lag flyers experience. So I think I will go take a nap and allow my body to adjust Have a good one. The previous article was researched and prepaired by Slim. The Gazette assumes no responsibility if you're late for work.