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July 10, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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July 10, 1997

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Letters to the Editor Pahrump'Valley Gazette, Thursday, July 10, 1997 11 Ban horse tripping Several states have banned Mexican horse tripping events at their state level. Sen. Dean Rhodes refused to hold hearings on SB298, a bill to do the same in Nevada this session. His rationale being, it would be better left up to individual counties to do that, also he fears the next step would be someone encroach- ing on Nevada's sacred cow, the rodeo. I can understand his concern as Nevada's rodeos are the only place that unranchlike behavior can be legally prac- ticed without restraint. Rodeo encroachment may or may not be a problem, but if we are to become the United Sub State of Mexico, perhaps some of us should be concerned as to the rodeo's next step, that of instituting Mexican bullfights here.  I understand that Nevada already has some horse tripping ,ents scheduled out where the horses will no longer roam free. Here's hoping that tripping events will not be the disposal method of choice of those intending to do that. Pete Bachstadt Carson City Defending Tomaro According to the newspaper reports dated July 2, 1997, I have to come to the defense of Mr. Bob Tomaro. If' $100,000 was given to the town for construction of a youth center by the county, then that money should only be used for that project. But as usual, since Mr. Tomaro had no emergency the board went behind his back and took the money that was allocated for our children. I think that it was a dirty rotten thing the board did to the community and our children. The Town Board are like thieves in the night and they should be ashamed of them- selves for stealing from our children. I urge all citizens to call their town board representatives and complain. Mr. John Espana Pahrump Thanks for the help We would like to express our sincere thanks for all your help and support given to us from the American Red Cross, Mrs. Imojean Andersen, Big O Tires, Cancer Thrift Store, Tribe M.C., Marion Bechthold and family, and all our close friends, you know who you are. Jaymes, Marion and Debbie Pulse Pahrump Thief steals cheerleaders' fund At the.July 4 festivities the high school cheerleaders held a car raffle to raise funds for uniforms, trips and other purposes. At the end of the night they had reached $345, and someone decided that they had a better use for the money and stole it. What is our town coming to if someone has to STEAL money from cheerleaders? This is a non-profit organization. Besides the fact that we never get support from our school, our parents have to buy us new uniforms every year. They tend to get quite costly, and we are out there trying to help our parents, and someone STEALS from us. Now, not only do we have to raise money to pay for our uniforms, we have to cover the cost of the money stolen. It just would be nice if people considered other people besides themselves, and thought about what they are doing before they do it. Sarah Ames Pahrump Economic future of Goldfield The Goldfield Chamber of Commerce is working on many exciting projects to attract tourism and build the chamber. We need the continued support of our members and the interest and participation of all those individuals and businesses who are interested in the economic future of not only Goldfield, but the entire County of Esmeralda. There are several projects under way now. Senator Mike McGinnes along with Assemblyman Roy Neighbors have proposed a bill in the Legislature asking for a grant of $25, 000 to help complete the Chamber Building (the old rectory beside the Community Center). We hope to make this building into not only a Chamber Building, but a small museum and information center. Another exciting project in the works is a grant with the U.S. Forest Service to beautify the Esmeralda County Historic Mining Park and both sides of US 95 through the business district, and also promoting wilderness recreational opportunities and mining tours. In addition, the chamber will be applying to the Nevada Com- mission on Tourism for a grant to update the Esmeralda County brochures. Your 1997 membership of $20 for this year and your continued support is greatly needed. Thanking you in advance for your interest, we remain Sincerely Yours Goldfield Chamber of Commerce The religious aspect of life, liberty and property The founding fathers of this great and wonderful nation recognized the existence and protection of rights Of life, liberty and property should not only be considered from a political, legal and historical perspective, but a religious one as well. There is nothing more obvious in viewing the history of nations that every nation has some manner of religious creed which forms the framework on which hangs the laws, government, social habits, and institutions of the nation. The religion of the land has a profound impact on the culture, social order, individual rights, and nature of gov- ernment in a nation. It is, in fact, a part of the law of the land. We are compelled to ask how is it that so much corrup- tion, unlawfulness, evil acts, and government encroachment upon individual rights came about in the land? A look back in history shows similar events that have been produced by similar causes, and one of the main ones relates to the religion of the people. The old common law along with the rights of life, liberty and property have eroded away, be- cause the religion of the people have eroded away. In America and other white nations, Christianity was estab- lished as a major pillar in the support of society, justice, and government. The people are in effect the source of that pillar and if the people be debauched, so goes society and government. Many of the founders of America Independence had stated that the people will be secure in their liberties until they themselves become corrupt and lose their sense of virtue and religion. Unlimited submission and obedience is due to none but God alone. He has an absolute right to command; he alone has an uncontrollable sovereignty over us, because he alone is unchangebly good. He never will nor can require of us, consistent with his nature and attributes, anything which is not fit and reasonable. His commands are all just and good. Where tyranny begins government ends. The true design of civil government is to protect men in the enjoy- ment of liberty. All men are naturally in a state of freedom, and have an equal claim to liberty. No one by nature, nor by any special grant from the great lord of all, has any authority over another. All right, therefore, in any rule over others, must originate from those they rule over, and be granted by them. Slavery clogs every sublimer movement of the soul, prevents everything excellent and introduces poverty, igno- rance, vice and universal misery among a people. For men to stand fast in their liberty means, in general, resisting the attempts that are made against it, in the best and most effectual manner they can. When ones liberty is attacked, he is first to try gentle methods for his safety, this failing, the true patriot is one whose purse, as well as his heart, is open for the defense and support of his country, his liberties and his property. History affords no example of any nation, country, or people, long free, who did not take some care of themselves and endeavor to guard and secure their own liberties. God never gives men up to be slaves till they lose their national virtue, and abandon themselves to slavery. So! The foundational principles and documents found in the Holy Bible and the Constitution support that law and governments are to conform to the law and the will of GOd, and not exist to the contrary. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked bear rule, the people mourn. (Proverbs 29:2) Bill Ballew Pahrump I iii ii The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727.5583. ,ee All opinions expressed on the letters page are those of the artist or author indicated. The Gazette reserves the right to edit all letters for length and libel. Furthermore, letters with names withheld will only be published ff a legitimate fear of retribution exists. b i , II