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July 3, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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July 3, 1997

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The great UFO caper--Roswell and Rachel Something crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico, in July, 1947. The U.S. Army-Air Force stated that they had the debris of a flying saucer. That much is fact. The next day the Air Force retracted their previous news release and stated that the debris was actually that of a weather balloon. The Air Force has since retracted that statement and said it was actually a specially designed balloon that was part of a top secret project called Project Mogul. Now, in a new report, the Air Force clarifies the so-called small bodies that were sighted in the area of the crash. They say they were dropping small human models. Sort ofa 1947 version of crash dummies. You don't really have to believe in UFOs to find all of this interesting. This week thousands of UFOlogists and skeptics will descend on Roswell to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the crash. There are many, many credible witnesses that claim they have seen, or in someway been involved with, the goings-on in Roswell of 1947. It's pretty hard to look at these witnesses and call them all nuts. On the other hand, there is not one -- not one  piece of hard evidence to be offered up. According to those who reported this incident, airmen from the 509th Bomber Group near Roswell were ordered into the desert and, on their hands and knees, cleared the debris field. Hard to believe that one of these airmen wouldn't stuff a piece into his pocket. There is a direct link between Nye County and Roswell. Those who believe such things say that the dead bodies and remains of the flying saucer eventually wound up at a top secret installation here in Nye County. The installation is referred to as "Area-51." It was a little over a year ago that this newspaper ran a NORTHERN EXPOSURE by Dave Downing special edition on the "Extraterrestrial High- way." This highway runs from Tonopah to Alamo. The key feature along the route is Rachel. There are only two things to be seen in Rachel, the Little A' Le' Inn owned by Pat and Joe Travis and the Area 51 Research Center operated by Glen Campbell. Both of these are quite fascinating. The Little A' Le' Inn is a restaurant/bar (pretty good food, by the way) and also sports a lot of books, pictures and other memorabilia on UFOs. It is a fun place to visit. The Area 51 Research Center is operated to expose the operations at the secret base. Glen Campbell has never gone on record as believing in UFOs, though he doesn't necessarily discount the possibility either. He is primarily an activist that doesn't believe in government secrecy. Last year the state of Nevada officially designated the route through Rachel as the "Extraterrestrial Highway" and participated in a dedication ceremony the likes of which no other highway has ever seen. The governor, lieutenant governor, movie stars and writ- ers dedicated the highway and a special time capsule that is currently located in front of the Little A' Le' Inn. There was a huge contingent of media on hand and the event drew inter- national recognition. The movie stars were all from the film Independence Day and they placed various artifacts from the movie into the time capsule. The capsule is scheduled to be opened in the year 2050. This was all done in fun, of course. But the highway is there. Rachel is there. The base appears to be real. Roswell is real. The events? Let me tantalize you with the following paragraph lifted from the curremediftonofPopularMechan- ics magazine: & Suspecting there was more to the Roswell story;, Popular w Mechanics undertook its own investigatn to learn any thing new had emerged in this 50-year-old techno-mystery. After interviewing witnesses who had seen and handled crash-site debris, and reviewing documents that were still classified when the GA O undertook its investigation, we have concluded that there really was a crashed disc, dead bodies and a secret that could have been politically deadly to presidents Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower. I encourage you to pick up a copy and read the "rest of the story." Unintended Consequences - a review by Richard ReM "Unintended Consequences" by John Ross is a tremen- dous novel, all 861 pages of it (in hardcover). Embracing the years from World War II to the present, it takes you deep into the American gun culture...people who buy, sell, collect, shoot and work with firearms. These are responsible citizens from all walks of life, well- educate technically sharp and reasonably affluent. They do not fit the image of beer-swilling hunters who shootup road signs! Th casl of charact :is rih arml di versified t -,There is Irwin Mann who, iti the Warsaw ghetto, organized a resistance that held offthe German army for 27 days and nights and then escaped. * Max Collins was an American sniper who, as an advance agent on D-Day, took out a German general behind their lines, * Walter Bowman was an outstanding flight instructor at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. His son, Henry, a geologist, becomes central to the story. * Ray Johnson is a lawyer who becomes an African hunter and guide and then returns to tbe states. * Curt Behnke is a photo engraver and a superb gunsmith. * Allen Kane is a firearms dealer and an ammunition expert. * Cindy Caswell is a girl who, at age 18, is kidnapped off a Chicago street by Mafia thugs and served as a sex slave for a mob boss. Her spirit never broken, she ultimately kills a sex partner forced on her and escapes. * There is Arthur B. I. (Bad Influence) Bedderson, scion of a rich Missouri family, who is a weapons instructor to police departments. * Alex Neumann is an honest and dedicated FBI agent. * Wilson Blair is an ATF supervisor whose criminal actions bring on the wrath of the gun culture. * Harrison Potter is aretired Suprerne Court Justice who has by Richtrd Reul ilii!i!!. the ear of the president. The story details the enactment of gun control legislation after the repeal of prohibition and the creation and growth of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF). It cites the lust for power of this agency, its assumption of police authority and its increasing lawlessness. Real events such as Ruby Ridge, Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing are worked into the plot. Ultimately the BATF plans and executes simultaneous, illegal raids against the homes of Kane, Bowman and another arms merchant. They have finally hit people whose patience has been exhausted and are capable and willing to fight back. The results are catastrophic to the BATF and to the members of Congress who have supported them. Their oppo- nents use clever maneuvering, high technology and utter ruthlessness against them. The climax is fantastic! s novel is replete wi technical inform0xio abom various guns and shooting teehniqes!batit,vgr deaets, The United Statos is one of only three countries of the world that allow private ownership ,of firearms. (The other two are Israel and Switzerland.) But Congress and the execu-e tive branch:have severely erodc, d the Second Amendmentto our Constitution. The situation described, in this novel could develop sooner. than we think. This hook should give a severe case of indigestion to those in Congress, the BATF and Handgun Control Inc., who would take away this right. As an acknowl- edged member of the gun culture, I could not agree more. This is a first novel by John Ross. He is an investment broker and a certified persona!protection instructor, living in St. Louis. He normally shoots upward of 20,000 rounds per year! Brian Buckingham has ordered this novel and it should . soon be available at the Oasis Book Store. How to make your own windchlmes How you can do the same is go to the silverware drawer and find yourself a fork (that's the one with tl]e four tines that is used to hold stuff on its way to your mouth when you're in mixed company and can't use your fingers, not that it matters when you're at home), four table kiaives, all the same length- I I Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes --and a spoon an,thyou're ready to I j start. First, you take e fork described ......... earlier, drill a small hole in the handle and one in the wide part of the fork above where the tines are. Purpose of these small holes will be explained later when you go to assemble the chimes You could use duct tape in case you don't have a drill. Now, bend the tines in four different directions at right angles to each other. You can always bend them back if the wife raised too much hell when she sees you doing this. Now, I think that possibly some of my offspring have inherited some of my characteristics. When they come to visit they bring me all kinds of goodies they have acquired, or maybe they were on their way to the local landfill and thought maybe I would find a use for whatever it was. Ditto is thankful that none of them have large trucks. Some of the stuff is pretty neat and even Ditto had to approve on one item they brought. A set of wind chimes. Now these weren't like ot-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-th wind chimes---glass, shells metal rods, etc. They were made from common household items and when we saw them we were instantly taken. At first when I saw them I had the thought that here was something that I could make a buck or two on. Might still.. But in the meantime, I will share what they are with you and maybe you can make your own. The nice part about this is that most households already have all the materials to make these unique wind chimes. What some unknown artist had done was to take some common table silver ware, knives, forks and spoons. Drill some holes and do a little bending; use a little string and they had themselves a set of windchimes. drill small holes in the blades of the four table knives. Then lastly, a hole in the handle of the spoon. Now you're just about ready to start assembling. All you're gonna need now is some good string, or even better yet, gais, is some of that expensive nylon fishing line your husband bought. Tie one end of the string to one of the fork tines and the other end into the hole you drilled in the knife blades; do this with all four knives. Kinda keep them all the same length. Then do the same with the spoon, letting it hang down between the knives. swh oj that ifi t' The nice thing about thi ole pr ect is t doesn' work out all the utensils can be returned to the kitchen silverware drawer and nobody will be the wiser. So what if the spoon has a hole in the bowl! Most of the folks I know dribble stuff down the fronts of their shirts even with intact spoons. Another option, if you don't want to get caught using the everyday silverware, is you could use some of that expensive stuff people lay on you as wedding presents. It just sits around m9st of the time locked up in a fancy box and if questioned about the holes, you can always blame termites. Have a good one.