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June 26, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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June 26, 1997

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.- McRae refuses to talk to the press by Mary Ann McNeiU Gazette staff Cam, Cam, Cam. How soon we forget Marty Drexelius and last summer's fire department story. The Gazette pursued the story and that whole episode significantly impacted your fire department and political careers. At the June 17 commission meeting I asked you why you haven't returned my more than 6-7 telephone calls that I have placed to you since I returned to the Gazette. I'm quoting you exactly here, as you replied: "I made a decision that I'm not going to talk to the Gazette. Now that may change." You said this in the same breath that you agreed that I have only been fair and objective with you in everything that I have done. What does this mean, Cam? If I only print good stuff SS)bout you in the future, you will talk to me? Do I have to " Catch you out on the golf course? I haven't been golfing for twenty years and I was never terribly good at it. Or do we have to play games and I have to pursue you? I haven't pursued a man in my entire life and I don't intend to start now. This ain't no way to treat a lady, Cam. I personally don't care whether you talk to me or not, because this political stuff bores me to tears. But, there is a significant amount of the public who want to know, and, you know the guys will have a field day with this. You did this same thing to me 1 1/2 years ago when I first came to the paper and you turned me over to Drexelius for fire department news. We started hearing about some significant problems with the department and printed the stories. You only responded to us when it was necessary to get yourself out of hot water. Was Harley Kulkin right when he said at the meeting that you didn't want to talk to him? Is this what the public elected you to do? By not talking to the Gazette, you're not letting a significant portion of the electoral public know your view of what's going on in Nye County. You know I believe you have done many good things for the town of Pahrump and for the entire county. I watch you work with the public and with the other commissioners and you always seem to be well prepared and have good questions to ask those seeking approval for a project. But when any of you do something that's not so good, as a good journalist, I have to mention that as well. It's called objective journalism, and that's what I try to do. Newspapers don't NEED politicians, so much. Politi- cians need newspapers to keep them in the publics' eye. Not talking to newspapers has always been a suicidal blow for politicians, but maybe you don't care about the '98 elections. Are the rumors I've been hearing true, then? Should I let the public know what I know? But that wouldn't be responsible journalism if I can't check it out with all sources, would it? Letters to the Editor Highwayman or Highway Patrol You tell me. Anybody that confiscates your money with a gun or a badge is a Highwayman. Taking $20,000 from out-of-staters with out-of-state tags doesn't make it right. I say this has gone too far when the cops are taking the property of citizens on suspicion of some law being violate. It's time for the pendulum to swing the other way. Stand up for your fights America, while you can still stand. Ray Mallow Pahump Corporations: man-made unlawful monsters , The word "corporation" is derived from the Latin word icorpus," which means "body." In modern legal parlance, a corporation is an artificial body, an entity which is not natural but which possesses de facto privileges (granted by government bureaucracy) giving it a great advantage over a natural entity. The only natural entity is a person. Corporations need never die. They can theoretically amass wealth forever, and, by this means, corporations or perhaps a single corporation over time can take possession of theentire earth. Perhaps the United Nations, which is a gigantic and growing corporation of sorts, will be the one great corporation which will consume all of the others in the end. Federal and state governments claim to have the author- ity to create these artificial Frankenstein monsters for an initial fee, plus additional fees ad nauseam. Said fees and taxes paid by corporations are always passed on, as price increases, to the consumers who pur- chase the goods and services provided by the corporations. Thus, these unnatural entities never pay anything them- selves but only act as powerful clearing houses for com- merce as dictated by central bureaucracy, acquiring profits with little or no regard for the individual human beings whom they may impoverish and whose natural sovereignty and liberty is subsequently subsumed. Of course, the power of central government grows expo- nentially thereby. The more corporations paying tribute to government bureaucracy, the greater the de facto power, not granted by constitutional law, but nevertheless compound- ing in said bureaucracies. As this occurs, the rights of individuals become officially less important, and private people become in fact quite subservient to the state despite talk to the contrary. The corporate privilege, coupled with other special privi- leges "granted" to the elite, are the tools of global conquest which also are gradually spelling demise for the Constitu- tional Republic of the United States of America along with the Common Law principles of individual liberty which formed the basis for the only free country in the world. The small corporation is certainly not knowingly in on this conquest but merely goes along to get along. Seeing an advantage to be gained and being inherently ignorant of the elemental facts behind this connivance, the average small business owner seeks to be like the big dogs and to avail his or her respective company of special protection and tax advantages. Any detrimental effect which may eventually befall the children and extended descendants of these owners are not faced in the rush to profit, and besides, they may think any such negative results will be displaced by accumulated wealth? Capitalism, when practiced ethically, is nothing more than advanced free-enterprise. But, combine greed driven capitalism with the power to incorporate and you have a most fearful monster indeed. In fact, big-business as a whole and big-government become the same single powerhouse to conquer the common people. Afte r all, government could not grow into a monster at all without financial support and direction from the most wealthy cartel. And then government bureaucracy becomes only a tool of the extremely wealthy from behind the scenes in perfecting their conquest and final hegemony of permanent and complete control over the rest of mankind, Paul J. Miller Pahrump Do your business in Pahrump If the people of Pahrump want a new library, new school, and other projects, why are they not more supportive of businesses in Pahrump? Some will do business out of town even though the products might be of superior quality and available in Pahrump. Doesn't make sense to me. Do your business in Pahrump so it will get the benefits from taxes and provide Pahrumpians with jobs. Jobs mean revenue which translates into taxes for local growth. Ann Nusbaum Pahrump I The Pahrump Valley Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727-5583. 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