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June 26, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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June 26, 1997

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10 Thursday, June 26, 1997 P- Ataii Gazette Motor Coinpany--a better idea I recently bought anew Ford F! 50 pickup truck. I'm very happy with the vehicle, except the price tag. The price of any new vehicle seems awfully high these days. Chevy fans immediately came out of the woodwork. "Haw, haw, Fix Or Repair Daily," they hooted when told what I bought. M y own kids seem to fight me on this. "Hat, hat, Found On Road Dead," giggled my 28-year-old jerk from Round Mountain. "I don't buy anything but Fords," is my response. My 32-year-old shakes his head at the thought. My daughter thinks Fm nuts. I don't understand it. I've had so ninny Fords over the years I can't count them all. Many were company ears -- when given the opportunity for a choice I would demand a Ford. In the late sixties when Ford was on strike, I waited for countless months with a vehicle (a Ford) that my company started pushing me to replace. "H1 waiting out the strike, I have nothing against Chevies, except that it should he spelled Chevrolay. Or. for that matter, Chrysler. They all make a fine vehicle. I prefer Fords. My mo drives a Mercury which, of course, is a Ford produ"t. My hrother drives a Ford Explorer. Why are my kids so anti-Ford while the rest of us are pro-Ford? se, I, my wife, my brother and my mother all know the story that they don't know. Travel back in time with me to August, 1963. My wife and I were to be married on August 17in Reno. She was in Detroit and I was a low-grade airman at Stead Air Force Base making about $I00 a month. My wife, Margie, bought a 1957 Ford station wagon and loaded it down with what few possessi we had at the time. The station wagon cost  $1700 and that was nearly every y we had. In early August Margie, my brother and mother qed into the Ford to begin the trip to Reno. This station wagon sucked oil to the point that my brother ld pull into a service station and tell the attendant, "Fill'er up and cheek the gas." In Glidden, Iowa, the car just plain crupper out. They pulled into a garage and a mechanic polled the engine and just shook his head. "It'll take a complete rebuild." he told my clan. He was good about it. After learning that we had a target date in Reno. he worked a full 24 hours and rebuilt the engine. It cost $1,000. It completely wiped my wife out of money and my mother had to chip in the majority of the expense. They had just enough to make it to Reno. 00IORTHE00 EXPOSURE by Dave Downing Crossing the plains the car seemed reasonably good except for a constant "pinging" noise. When they reached Gillete, Wyoming, the ping became a "clank-clank-clank." Again the car began to act up further and they couldn't get any speed out of it. Margie was driving at the time and pulled into a service station, "clank-chug-a- chug-clank-clank." A tall lanky attendant, complete with cowboy hat. came up to the driver's window and leaned against the car. "Whatsa problem?" he asked. Margie looked at him and said, "I think I got a louse rod." Cowboy attendant told her to gun the engine and Margiejammed the accelerator to the floor. "Varoum, dank-clank-clank, pause, KA- B OOM ! engine completely blew up with an explosion that had cows 20 miles away shaking their udders. A cloud of smoke rose from the engine that, many years later when Mt. St. Helens blew, Margie told me, "It looked like that!" Cowboy attendant didn't move an inch. He calmly leaned for- ward, spat a wad of chewing tobacco on the ground, took his thumb and kicked his hat back about an inch, turned his head to Margie and said, "Yup, she's loose." My wife-to-be and mother were crying. My brother wanted to borrow Cowboy attendants gun and shoot the Ford. Not knowing what else to do they walked to Gilette's Ford Dealership, Stockmens justice in Denver By Richard Reui The Timothy McVeigh trial in Denver has been a travesty of justice. Orchestrated by the federal government, this trial has ignored pertinent evidence that federal agents were involved in the the wimesses who would tefy that: * A Ryder truck " with Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil, (ANFO), even if -fectly mixed and detonated, could not have collapsed the Murrah Building. There is no evidencethat the truck contained ANFO. * Eight of the building's stnv.:toral col were sheared at the rd flour level bypmfessionallyapplied charges. mmxploded charges were retrieved after the bombing. * At Eiohim City, Okla., where hUmUS government critics ide, Andreas Smea was whipping the residents into an anti- government frenzy. This was a couple of months before the bombing. Strassmeir is aGe citizen and a former intelligence agent. He and his dose friend. y Kirk Lyons, have fled to Germany. * Carol Howe, an undercover Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) agent was a resident of Faohim City and knew Strassmeir. She warned her employers that the Murrah building would be bombed on April 19. BATF had scheduled a raid at Elohim City which was coun by the Justice t because "it had bigger plans!" * BATF warned its employees  stay out of its offices in the Murrah building on A 19 and even ved the contents of its files. Later on, several BATF agents approached local doctors and asked them to certify "injus they had received in the bombing." The role of Jones in tho trial has  y suspect. His defense was unusually weak. His vh'Uml admission, during the penalty phase, that MeVeigh was guilty stunned legal experts. MeVeigh has never been permitted to make a public statement.. Backing off for a minute, let us look at the situation as it was in the spring of 1995. The  government was still reeling over its twin debacles of Ruby Ridge and Waco, Citizen militias were springing up all over the country. Aside from a few craekpets, they eaged in totally legal activities but made the government very nervous. Draconian anti-terrorist legis- lation languished in Congress. h' the earlier World Trade Center bombing, the FBI had encour- aged and assisted a group of dedicated, but amateur Arab terrorists to load a truck with ANFO and park it in the basement of the building. Despite the fact thatit had complete control over the situation the FBI allowed the truck bomb to be detonated. Several people died and many were injured but little structural damage occurred. Much to the government's dismay, there was no ground swell of outrage. Suppose. in early 1995, a government clique decided on a more ambitious plan. Bomb a federal building in the heartland of America on the anniversary of Waco, and put the blame on dissidents and militias. Turn public opimon against them overnight. Such a plan would require a fewpatsies. Further suppose that McVeigh and others were recruited for this purpose. McVeigh was ideal...a Gulf War veteran, he was enraged over Waco and had a few contacts with the militias. Probably he was told he was working on a secret government project and was  on making small ANFO bombs. A BATF agent, wl closely resembled McVeigh except for height, was utilized where"appearances' might be required. (This man's face has been caught on news photographs.) The conspirators arranged for explosive charges to be placed on various structural columns of the Murrah building. (Some did not go off.) It is suspected that the Ryder truck bomb contained an explosive considerably more powerful than ANFO. Strassmeir and his handler, Kirk Lyons, were dispatched to stir things up in Elohim City. The conspirators decided that ahigh body count was required and sched- uled the bombing for 9 a.fix McVeigh's final trip from Oklahoma City was carefully orches- trated. His car coed the Turner Diaries - an anti-government treatise, but not illegal - and an alleged letter to a girlfriend. Hehad no girifriends...he was very shy around women. His handler probably Motor Company. Stockmens sent a wrecker to the wreck and brought it in. It would take a few thousand dollars and several weeks to fix they were told. The mechanic at Stockmens was the first to tell the truth. "This is a piece of junk and not worth it." They ended up junking it for $25. The owner of Stockmens (name, I'm very sorry to say, not remembered) saw my wife crying andcame to see what the problem was. He was told the tale of the trip to Reno, all money gone and the world just plain seemed to be going to hell in a handbasket. They tried to put my wife in a brand new 1963 Ford. With many phone calls placed to me in Reno it was finally decided that on the money I was making we simply couldn't do it. It would be impos- sible. Stockmens understood and never put pressure on. Over the next several days Stockmens made arrangements with a local motel to put my entire family up while deciding what to do. They bought my family all the meals and paid the motel bill. My family finally decided that they only had enough money left to buy my wife a bus ticket to-Reno and my mother and brother a ticket back to Detroit. They would miss the wedding. My wife m][ it to Reno on the evening of August 16th u only hours away f J our scheduled wedding. The rest of my family headed for Detroit on the bus. It broke down in Toledo, Ohio. For the next ten years my entire family received a Christmas card from Stockmens Motor Company. Now, Stockmens to this day has never received a nickel from us -- but Ford Motor Company sure has. I believe in that company. My wife and I will celebrate our 34th anniversary this year and, as always, we'll lift a toast to Stockmens and to Ford. One of these days we're going to return to Gillete, Wyoming, and buy a car from them. We couldn't do it this time but next time  we'll be heading there. I promise. What my darling three General Motors kids don't realize is this simple fact: If it weren't for Stocbnens and Ford we wouM not have been married on August 17th. That would have changed the time- line and they wouldn't be here today. So now what do you think of Ford dear kinder? removed the rear license plate and gave an anonymous tip to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. He was armed but meekly surrendered his gun to the trooper stopped him. He appeared astounded when the trooper told him about the bombing. A poster with his sketch just happened to turn up at Highway Patrol HQ. McVeigh has now been convicted and sentenced to death in a federal court for the murder of the federal agents "who died in the bombing. The State of Oklahoma is waiting to try him for the murder of the civilian victims. Meanwhile, Oklahoma State Rep. Charles Key has collected more than 13,500 siglaamres on a petition to convene a County Grand Jury. This body would conduct a detailed investigation of the bombing, including possible federal complicity. Likewise. another group of more than 300 Oklahomans has retained Johnny Cochin to sue the federal government over the wrongful deaths of their relatives in the bombing. They maintain that the government had foreknowledge and could have prevented it. With the suppression of the defense evidence, the results of McVeigh's trial were totally predictable. The emotional testi- mony of the victims was turned against him and the government conspirators were home free [ I wonder what that jury in Denver would have done if they had been allowed to hear the supressed evidence and hear McVeigh tell what really happened to him. My guess is that they would have been totally outraged that a government they trusted could have planned an operation that took 168 innocent lives and wounded hundreds...just to create a fictional terrorist threat[ The government could not stand such exposure. This is why the cover-up has been so brutal and pervasive and even includes Gov. Keating of Oklahoma. It is why the Murrah building was so hastily destroyed. It explains why at least two citizens have died mysterious deaths for refusal to cooperate with the feds. A nameless government bureaucrat said it well a few decades back about the U-2 overflights of the Soviet Union: "A government has an inherent right to lie to save itself!" But international relations are oaeothing and domestic altlse is another. Our government exists to serve the people and not to kill and maim them. If it can be proven that government agents planned and executed the Oklahoma City bombing, they ant/, their superiors should be tried for murder in the firs degree a receive appropriate punishment. Justice requires no less. One thing leads to another. This is one of the things a guy runs into and learns when he takes off following the paths of Serendip- ity. Had another exampleof at ffds morning. In a previous column I had mentioned the reaction of a l'rammingbird when he was checking out one of my bits of art nonsense and where ifI couldn't sell it I could always turn it into a 10-foot-tall hummingbird feeder. So anyway, 1 was up at the hardware store picking up some more rolls of duct  course of clothing Not to mention creating works of art, 1 see on the shelf a couple of hummiird feeders and the price wasn't tonb, sh, a  nce a as this was before we grocery shoppiag (if it had been ard I was a good buy keeps bragging on how they're controlling inflation, citing a modest two or three percent raise. What neither of them bother to mention is this modest raise is on top of last year and the years before. Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes It worked Out just right when we got home. By the time Ditto had brought in all the groceries and put them away I had finished reading the inactions and de- cided how and where I was going to hang the feeders./11 she would have to do is to mix up the sugar water nectar solution. I can't do everything. I hung one of the feeders right in front of our greenhouse front room windows where we, or rather I, could sit comfortably drinking my coffee and smoking my pipe as I wait for the birds to show up and the other as a concession to Ditto near the outhouse. another good wildlife viewing area. I'm kinda wondering and maybe worrying a little as I think these hummingbird feeders are the first up here in this end of town becanse we sure are getting a lot of action with the little critters lining up to take turns feeding. I don't want to end up with a lot of overweight hummingbirds on my hands. Might have to replace the nectar solution with one of them diet colas. I would write more, but I see more birds showing up and I want to make sure the table is all set and they wash their hands before eating. Have a good one.