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June 19, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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June 19, 1997

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Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, June 19, 1997 AA9 I i TVData g KTVN Igl KVBC O WDIV 6 KRNV F.xta (in Access O KVVU Stereo),T, IHollywoud Kratts' Science O KNPB Creatures IGuy World of Discovery: 6 WXYZ Polar Sears News News 0 KOLO News  ICBS News O KLAS Cosby (In IEverybody- G) WTOC Stereo)[] JRaymond News [] IABC Wld KTNV INews Evening at Pops (Season () WNET Premiere) (In Stereo) Mr. Cooper Roscenne ) KAME I(in Stereo) Fresh Cosby ) KRLR Prince IShowrm Evening at Pops (Season ( WTVS Premiere) (In Stereo) 5:00 I 5:30 6:00 6:30 News [] News [] BS News News Mews 0 NBC.News Mews [] Jeopardy! [] MadAbout IFirad Up (in carolinain Suddenly You(R)[] IStereo) [] Susan[] News [] NBC News Eat. Dateline (In Stereo) [] Tonight ard Copy Mad About . You[] Red Business Newshour With Jim ,rean Report Lahrer govie: **l/z "Late for Dinner" 0991) Bnan Wimmer. ere accidentally frozen for 29 years. 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Outer Umita "Unnatural Star Trek: The Next Outer Umits "Urmatural Wit SelectS" (In Stereo) [] Generation (In Stereo) [] Selection" (In Stereo) [] American Experience: Rock & Roll (R) (In Charlie Rose (In Stereo) Evening at Pops (Season American Experience: Vietnam Stereo)  Premiere) (In Stereo) Vietnam Matlock "The ryl & Madlyn: Real J, BC word News Now Friends  (Joined in Progress) Movie: ,.112 "Late for Dinner" (1991) Brian Wimmer. Night Court Pald INews Two inept fugitives are accidentally frozen for 29 years. hill (In Late Show (In Stereo) [] Late Late Show (In tereo) [] Stereo) News flare show (In Stereo) [] Wodd of Discovery: Polar Bears Vietnam In the I Maicolm & House [] I Eddie (R)[] In the IMefoolm & House[] IEddie (R) [] Being Fawity Served Towers Late Late show (In Stereo) [] Movie: *.I/2 "Late for Dinner" (1991) Brian Wimmer. CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) News (R) [] Charlie Rose (In Stereo) Evening at Pops (Season Premiere) (In Stereo) Mystery{ "Maigret" Movie: **** "A Star Is Born" (1937) Janet Gaynor, Movie: **-* "Cheers for An idol's career falters as his wife achieves stardom. IMiss Bishop" (1941) Strange Extra (In Movie: "The Counterfeit Contessa" (1994, Comedy) Paid Unk' Stereo) [] Tea Leoni, D.W. Moffett. Program "The Black Baywstch "A Matter of Empty Nest dow" (In Stereo) [] Life and Death" (In Stereo) (In Stereo) American Experience: Chariie Rose (in Stereo) II Silent Vietnam Survivors AMC A&E CNN COM DSC El ENC ESPN FAM KCNC KMGH KRMA KUSA KWGN LEARN LIFE MAX MTV NASH NICK Ps SCIR TBN (4:30) Movie: ,P* "Saskatchewan" (1954) TBS MO: *** "C clh . Deaon" Mere Lophidden law & Order "Sisters of secrets ere revealed, r [] World Today [] Moneylina [] Dream On Biography "AI Gore: A Burning Ambition" I PrimeNaws Burdenof Lamj King Live [] [] Proof (R)[] Movie: ** "P.C.U." (1994) Jeremy Piven. Uptight students unite against a dorm's offensive coeds. rravelers"Festivals Movie Next Step adlans" (R) (R) Theme Parks A-Go-Go meaip News Daily TCM TNT USA WGN HBO DSN SHOW TMC Wild Dhovery "Kodiak" (R) Howard Stem Movie: */r* "Amort=m Me" (1992, Drama) Edward James Oknos. , delinquent becomes a crime lord in the Mexican Mafia. 'R' [] 14:15) Movie:  "The ng il" (1983)'PG' Card Carol Bumett Burnatt Madon Brando. A Korean }.[] Biography % Gore: A Burning Ambition" (R) NeNight Drnem On Saturday Night Uve [] pse to Man (R) Melrose Place "Blind Edward James Otmos. Movie: **/2 "Saskatchewan" rthe Dozen" Movie: Western) (1950, Comedy) "Sayonara" Law & Order"Sisters of re#  in American Wife" L.orry King Live (R) [] Overnight [1993) i Paid learns his new lover is a to Man (R) Great Fighting Machines of Worlcl WerII (R) : **.1/ "The Gdftors".(1990, Paid" IPaid Movie: */2 "Bulletproof" (1988) Gary Busey. An ex- cop is hired to recover an American supertank. 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'PG' INetm Calls" (1995) Jim Cerrey. [] Icom00) Damon Wayans. 'R' [] (1995, Drama) Scott Caan. 'R' ScottiSh reDe rallies nis countrymen against England. (in Stereo) 'R' [] Sp.s(In ; IU2 Raw (R) Beach MTV (In Stereo) Road Ruiea IMega-Done IOddvilie, ILoveline (in Stereo) IAdult M2 (in Stereo) IMuaic Videos (in Stereo) b'ele0)|(in Stereo) (In Stereo) I(In Stereo) ImV(R) I Vids Today;s Country Lee ROY IPrime Time Country (In Monday Night Concerts Io=="swan song,, (in o.= of,d e Prime me Cou.W (R) Iu0y Nigh.t Concerts I(O. Air) Parnell. (In Stereo) IStereo) [] I(In Stereo) IStereo) New Dukes' (in Stereo) In Stereo) [] I(R) (In Stereo/ I Tad[] IMap/Tyler ick Ven Bob Moore [] /ke Nawhart Quantum Leap (in Stereo) [] Praise the Lord [] Benny Hinn Movie:  V.I, Warahawski (1991, Mystery) A child Movie: * "The Super" (1991, Movie: **  The Beat of Times (1986, Comedy) A hires a detective to find her father's murderer, A catious slumlord is fuced to live in his seeking lost honor, iPvle. USMC Movie: *,Pk "Mala and Female" (1919, Comedy) Thomas Malghan, Movie: **, "Traffic in Souls" (tgt3, Movie: ***V2 "Sadie Thompson" (1928) Silent. A Movie: ** "Queen Kelly" (1929, Silent. Su-istocrats and their servants are shipwrecked. Drama) Matt Moore, Jane Gall. prostitute finds herself tom between two lovers. Drama) Gloria Swanson, Waiter Byron. New Adventures of Robin Hood (R) La Femme Nikita "Nikita" La Femme Nildta "Friend' i-am Paid Paid [Program Prod'am IProgrsm Movle:**/z"LittleHeroes (1991, : Paid Drama) Raeanin Simpson. Program ** "Eye for an 19) Sally Fief. [] :Return- ;baggy" Movie:*RY Punchlina'(1988)Anambitiouscunic. 'Almost housewife. 'R' [] 'ou" (1984)] * "Dead :onny" 'R' Movie: ,P/rh "Something to Talk About" (1995) A Comady Hour, "Eddie stirs up trouble at the family horse farm. Griffin: Voodoo Child" [] Movie: "The sha99y DOg" (t994, Movie:** "The Ugly Dachshund" Comedyl Ed giey Jr.. [] (1966, Comedy) Dean Jones. ,'= 'Once In a Blue Moon 0995, FantasyAtMovle: In Hie Father'e Shoes' (1997, IMovie: k Jumanji (1995) Robin Williams. A plans to build his own spacecraft. 'PG' IFantasy) Robert Ri'chard. Movie:  "Unla'ung Heroea" (1995, Andie MacDowelL 'PG' [] ENJOY OUR SCRUMPTIOUS BAR MENU Join us for A Mini Buj00et served 3:30pm- til 9:00pm Homestead &Thousandaire 727-4474