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June 19, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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June 19, 1997

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12 Thursday, June 19, 1997 Pahntmp Valley Gazette l00etters to the Editor I I Support appreciated A special thank you to all of our friends and family who were so generous and kind when we had our recent fire in Amargoga. We have attended a lot of fund raisers in the past but never thought we would need one. The support from the people that we don't even know has been over-whelming. Sam and I need to list a few of these special people: The Amargosa Volunteer Fire Dept,, the Ambulance crew, the Sheriffs Dept., our neighbors Donna and Wess who let us stay with them while the fire was going. Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church for their prayers and special gift. For Pastor Ron who gave us the support that we so desperately needed. For Smith's of Pahrump for their donation of food. For my children in Teh_n. and Texas and their friends who have prayed and given special gifts. For our grandson, Shawn, who took a week off to help look for things and begin to clean up, and our other grandson, Steven, who lost a lot in the fire but helped save two of our three dogs. To my sister-in-law Cathie for getting so much together so fast, and our dear friend Robert, who loaned us the use of his house for awhile. Most of all to our daughters, Linda and Beth, who worked almost around the clock to get the fund raiser going and then spent the rest of the time trying to find our other dog. Also Kathleen, who helped me more than words can tell. Last but not least, Pat Edingfield, my clients and co-workers for their support and everyone I have forgotten to mention by nanm, especially my mother, thank you again from the bottom of our hearts and we will keep you all in our prayers. Sincerely, Diane & Sam Carey Federal employees---do they really protect us? In reading Doug McMurdo's article on Carver's link to the Freemen, I noticed his use of words such as militant anti- government group, radical anti-government group and violent militia groups. There is no doubt that these individuals are different from most of us, but because they are different, does it make them any more violent or radical or militant because they are anti- government? Have we, that may malign these individuals for being different, really investigated to find out for ourselves fie they deserve this criticism, or do we want to be politically correct and rubber stamp every violent, radical, militant and stitutional act involving gonment employees? I'm not sure what the Freemen are about but I haven't read that they have initiated any violence againsi anyone. The militia organized by citizens in some of the states, claim they are a defensive, constitutional organization to protect the state citizens in case of an invasion by the federal government or others. I have not read where they have initiated a violent attack on anyone. Can the federal employees claim they have never initiated an act of violence on anyone? Government employees are supposed to protect us, but more and more people are coming to the conclusion that they are only there to watch everything even law-abiding citizens do, and to control them, which may include hurting them. The sheriff stated, "l'hese people believe in violence. You never know what these people are capable of." Most of us know what the government employees are capable of. Whether or not these two jerks are Freemen, destroying property cannnot be condoned for the reason claimed, and it's probably not true that they were invited by Dick Carver. Anyone who questions authority on any grounds will be vilified, soit would be to our advantage to always insist on the true facts, not just the word of government employees. Destroying y of others without their permission is a criminal act and they should be punished for it. Wade is bound by his office to incite this man and the DA has access to laws that can put him away without the vilification of certain groups in general terms. It is wrong to generalize when a member of a race is a criminal. It is wrong to generalize when a member of a group or organization is a criminal. Let lamee start with me, Simer, James Lee Pahrump Wasting food at Senior Center I was an eanploye of AARP and was working at the Senior Center in Palmunp. Iquit there because of many reasons, which I won't go into much detail. I will tell you that the.bd cook'was the reason I quit. If you getou her s--t list you don't stand a chance of keeping your job. It is not hard to get on her list. All you have to be is disabled, which I was. I was required to wash walls on a stepladder with my two artificial knees, while two young men who were doing community service stood beside her and watched and she had a smirk on her face. I do not think that was right. Another thing that amazed me was the amount of food that was thrown away. I stood and watched her direct two male kitchen aides throw away numerous four and five gallon buckets of food that was in the freezer. This all could have been put into homebounds' containers or served when she had the same thing on the menu, but due to poor action by the head cook and poor planning and probably no planning all this food was discarded. And I heard that she recently went to another training session at the expense of the taxpayers. Is this what we want our, tax money going to? l'm not surprised that the director didn't do anything about it. Maybe she is afraid of her. I recently heard that the director at the time this happened is coming back to her position July 1, 1997, after a long period of sickness. And is also supposed to retire the end of July, 1997. She'll probably get full retirement benefits, too. Of course the commissioners and the county manager and his overpaid assistant will probably do nothing about it. There should be an investigation for that center and it should be straightened out so that it will be a fun place to attend again. Maybe you would get some of the real old-timers back that quit coming because of the way it is run since November, 1995. Red Coass made a statement in the newspaper that all this trouble started in November 1995. He is correct, but nobody really gave a damn. The commissioners and county manager figured if we ignore it, it will go away. I see by the newspaper that it didn't go away, in fact it must be back big time, by the looks of the Gazette article June t2, 1997. A grave injustice was done to Ralph Schultz and I see he took positive action to clean up the injustice. I guess it cannot be ignored now. I know these attorneys cost quite a bit of money, and I hope the people who are responsible for this have to pay dearly. Name withheld by request Pahrump Concerns for public health and safety I am very concerned about the health and welfare of students, staff of Amargosa Elementary School and of: the public at large because of serious environmental pollution occurring at the Ponderosa Dairies on Mecca Road in Amargosa Valley. The dairy is dumping untreated sewage openly onto the surface and in areas where it causes bacteriological and nitro- gen contamination of groundwater. Additionally, they are breeding enormous batches of flies in raw sewage being dumped on the ground surface. I am convinced that in a short while these factors will be a direct threat to all of the wells in the local area, and the school and the community will have to pay for clean up treatments in our own wells before water can be used. Why was it over a year before the state appointed someone to the regulatory position for permitting this kind of business? Why is it that seven months after the appointment there still has been no permit issued while this dairy continues to openly pollute our groundwater? The waste water being dumped on the ground is 30 to 60 times stronger than domestic waste water, yet individual citizens must comply with regulations. This must be in violation of the Federal Clean Water Act and EPA regulations. There certainly is no source point or well-head protection occurring because there are no lined lagoons or treatment facilities. I demand to know why EPA, Region IX is ignoring the fact that the state and the county are not complying with permit regulations. Public and private citizens are convicted for know- ingly polluting. Who is responsible for this growing environ- mental disaster? What is being done with dead animals from this dairy? Are they burying 18-20 animals a month on their site? Is this legal?" What standards are being met? Are the dead animals being buried in the inadequate dump off the highway in Amargosa? What will this do to pollute water? Will children continue to be exposed to dumped syringes and veterinary waste from the dairy? Will taxpayers be expected to pay for improved facilities at the dump to accommodate this company who shows no regard for the community by continuing to pollute our water with nitrogen and foul our environment with flies? This dairy is owned by a California-based company. What are the regulations in California? Why have they moved just across the border into Nevada to do their business? Gayle Crane Amargosa How about a nation of Manchurian Candidates? There is a movie over 30 years old. It is "The Manchurian Candidate." The stars are Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey and Janet Leigh. As the plot goes, American soldiers are captured by the North Korean military during the Korean War. Then they are mentally conditioned, using a breakthrough technique which makes them fully programable to accept any order without their own knowledge or agreement and without the normal ethical limitations which restrain response to hypnotic sug- gestion. One soldier is thus programed to later coordinate with enemy agents in place within the U.S. in assassinating a presidential candidate: This will clear the way for a candidate secretly controlled by the communists to win the nomination. The above and what follows is, of course, quite outlandish -- quite without precedent. Yet, so was the invention of a single bomb which could blow up an entire city, technology which landed men on the moon, and flying machines which can carry hundreds of people across the oceans and around the _ world in a few hours. Additionally, there is also television, refrigeration, automobiles, computers, vaccinations and cures for various diseases, as well as lasers, electric power, fire and the wheel. At about the time of World War II and perhaps even earlier, it was disco*ered that, utilizing skillful technique, certain narcotics could be introduced into a subject, volunteer or otherwise, and then hypnotic conditioning applied by the controller could achieve absolute obedience from that sub- ject. The aforementioned limitation inherent in the human psyche, commonly called a conscience, dictates just exactly how far a person will go or allow himself to be directed. Subjects of narco-hypnosis are "freed" of this failsafe. They can be directed to do anything. The Central Intelligence Agency and many other major agencies of our and other governments today possess the knowledge to apply this powerful weapon. I have considered that by utilizing narco-hypnosis, both Oswald and McVeigh could have been deliberately created fall-guys to take the rap and divert further investigation away from the respective incidents which they were tied. In the case of Oswald, does anyone actually believe that, miraculously, this one fellow alone was able to learn the route of the President of the United States weeks or months before it was used? Is a massive conspiracy not certainly proven by the fact that the results of the great official investigation of the assassination of the president have been "officially" sealed from public view for 75 years? Okay people, are you learning yet? Everything about McVeigh is too easy, too pat, too conve- nient. P.T. Barnum, the famous circus owner, said, "There is a sucker born every minute." Let us not be among them. Compare the powerful defense mounted by the lawyers of O.J. Simpson with the mediocre drivel produced by McVeigh's lawyer. Whatever the goal of McVeigh's legal defense, it was not to obtain acquital. Who was the prosecution? You are correct again if you said the federal government. Can any thinking person believe that there is no directed order behind the gross trend toward centralized control in America and the world? Is it not likely that a considerable group of very wealthy and very powerful individuals nation- ally and internationally would collaborate to tremendously magnify their individual power into a collective force un- equaled in history, i-Iuman nature is what it is. When crimes are committed by small-fry the guilty are jailed, but what about conspiracy and treason committed by those at the visible top and the invisible mega-wealthy bankers  behind them pulling the puppet strings? Don't be so amazed. After all, we live in Pahrump, where young, healthy school teachers simply drop dead in their homes and the "officials" who make inquiry into the matter 1 fail to fir/d a cause of death. And, lest we forget, the consensus of "official" bureau-  cratic activity county-wide continhes to promote ir, crease in i its own size and power despite the will of the majority of voters to the contrary. Surely, "Manchurian" agents aren't living in our county but higher up they very well could be active. Lower on the bureau- cratic ladder the "officials" seem merely to emulate the success- ful big fish at the top in federal and state political offices. . I Paul Miller Pahrump The Pahrump Valley ' Gazette corrects mistakes. Errors should be brought to the attention of the newspaper by calling 727-5583. OOO All opinions expressed on the letters page are those of the artist or author indicated. Furthermore, letters with names withheld will only be published if a legitimate fear of retribution exists.