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June 19, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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June 19, 1997

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Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, June 19, 1997 11 f Ham Radio Operators--unsung heroes How many times have you heard, or read, the following words in a major international story: A major earthquake hqs cut all power and communica- tions virtually isolating Mexico Cio'. According to reports from amateur radio operators the quake has destroyed the center of town, toppling high-rise buildings and trapping people in the rubble... Here's another example: Mt. St. Helens experienced a major eruption this morning after weeks of monitoring and warnings by the U.S. Geologi- cal Society. Communications in the area have been disrupted but amateur radio operators, who have been assisting the U.S.G.S, report major mud flows, toppled trees and a huge cloud of ash... Are you starting to follow my drift? How about this one: Although the government of Somalia has forbidden con- , tact with other countries, amateur radio operators in the .- ountry have relayed word of continued unrest and reports of atrocities... The keywords in all these stories are "amateur radio operators." Just who are these people and how can they seem to communicate with the world when no one else can? This past week amateur radio operators came together throughout Nye County to participate in an emergency exer- cise with other county entities. But while "hams" have had a somewhat low profile in these county exercises they each know the real potential of their chosen "hobby." If disagter ever strikes Nye County these folks may mean the difference between life and death. The county exercise simulated a school bus accident with a vehicle carrying radioactive materials. There were about 14 deaths in the accident and the very real possibility of a release of radioactive material. Hams from Round Mountain, Tonopah, Goldfield, Lida and Pahrump played a role in this simulated exercise. I I NoRTrlr00 Exeosuar by Dave Downing i Ham radio operators, as they call them- selves, constantly prepare for emergency situations. They train, purchase emergency equipment, study everything from first aid and CPR to disaster assessment to complex radio theory. Many can send morse code at up to 25 plus words per minute, or talk to the space shuttle from their home. They do all this on their own time and at their own expense. In fact, under federal regulation they are forbidden to ever charge for their services. Hams gladly accept this personal responsibility. While they take small roles in assisting in county exer- cises, they also take major roles in training for major disasters. Field Day in June is a massive undertaking throughout the country by hams testing their emergency communications specialty. An isolated spot is selected to operate from -- an area with no power, no conveniences. From this spot they are allowed only so many hours to set up a radio station and get it operational. From that point they have 24 hours to contact other stations throughout the world. It may be by "short wave China...the new enemy? high grade Indonesian coal. The only U.S. source for such coal is in the Escalante Staircase area of Utah, which Clinton recently declared a National Monument, thus preventing it from being mined.) On January 31, 1994, Huang was granted a Top Secret Clearance by the U.S. government, without security checks. This was nearly six months before he went to work as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Economic Policy. Changing Patterns by Richard Reul 00I]]IIIIIIIII .............. II111111111]]1 IlllllllllJlll |E||I||||I||I| IEIlIIEllEBIll ............ II IIEIrlllllll I iii!!!iiiiiii::i:iii!iii:::::i:: : ::iiiiii!iii! i During his 18 months at Commerce, Huang attended at least 109 intelligence briefings and reviewed innumerable classified documents. He frequently had Chinese Embassy officials in his office and placed numerous telephone calls to Lippo. It turns out that Systematics, an Arkansas com- pany controlled by Lippo, received and executed a federal contract to construct the Secured Compartmentalized In- formation Facility (SCIF) At Fort Gillem. Ga. This is a highly classified center for the storage ofencryption codes. Huang has left the country and his current whereabouts are unknown. Clinton seems to have almost a contempt for security. He rarely attends his daily briefing. He also dismantled the Coordination Committee for Multilateral Export Controls During World War II, the Soviet Union was our friend and ally. It could do no wrong, and our government gave it almost everything it asked for. Good old "Uncle Joe" Stalin, the Butcher of Russia, was riding high. Gradually our government became aware that our mili- tary secrets were slipping away. The Russian KGB had agents everywhere and had recruited numerous Ameri- cans. They were stealing us blind! The McCarthy era was an over-reaction, but the loss of America' s nuclear weapon monopoly was a bilter fact. It was the proliferation of Soviet satellites and intercontinental ballistic missiles that really tipped it over. The Cold War was on and it lasted for more than 30 years. Finally, in 1991, the Soviet system collapsed. Now the People's Republic of China is on an upsurge. One of the most populous of countries, China has success- fully endowed a brutal Communist dictatorship with con- summate trading skills and a superb economic/political influence/espionage organization. Commencing with Henry Kissin'ger and Gen. Alexander Haig, China has seduced prominent Americans and American commercial interests. More recently it has exploited a perceived vul- nerability in the Clinton Administration --- fund raising for the Democratic Party. Through various routes the Chinese have filled Democratic coffers and received, in return, unprecedented access to the White House. John Huang is a prime example. Born in China, and for a time a member of the Taiwan Air Force, he was a former vice-president of the Lippo Group. This is an Indonesian cartel which has extensive joint ventures with Chinese government organizations. (One of these ventures was radio," satellite communications, microwave, digital com- munications, etc. Their abilities to operate under the most severe conditions are traditional. Another exercise, SET (Simulated Emergency Test), is conducted annually to test their abilities. The SET exercise is usually conducted in October and involves hams through a region. In Tonopah the test is usually coordinated by the Bishop Amateur Radio Club. Most Tonopah hams are also affdiated with the Bishop group. Large scale emergencies are planned out for these tests such as a major earthquake or volcanic eruption. These types of emergencies would likely knock out power, phone service and all communications. The hams plan for just such an event to ensure that their commu- nications remain intact. There are a variety of ways to facilitate communications when there is no commercial power. Batteries, generators, solar panels to name a few. In this area generators are given special consideration since they may fail in a volcanic erup- tion. The huge ash clouds will clog filters in a matter of minutes, so special precautions need to be taken with genera- tors. Amateur Radio operators spend years studying the prin- ciples of radio and communications technical theory. There are seven classes of licenses issued by the Federal Communi- cations Commission from "novice" to "extra" class. Ham clubs offer free study classes to anyone interested in becom- ing involved in this hobby. Hams are, indeed, the unsung heroes of society. Next time you see the special Nevada amateur radio license plate, know that there goes a friend of the community. (COCOM), an international arrangement to prevent the export of military high-tech. The British and the French were furious. Shipments of militarily-sensitive hardware and soft- ware to Russia and China have been accelerating, particu- larly through the Department of Commerce. This year, super computers capable of building sophisticated nuclear guidance systems were shipped to the China Academy of Sciences and to a Russian nuclear weapons lab by Califor- nia-based Silicon Graphics. These sales were based on an "understanding" that the technology would be used for environmental purposes. There is considerable evidence that a secret partnership exists between Chinese agents and Russian military intel- ligence. Interception of U.S. satellite transmissions and breaking into U.S. computers are shared for the mutual goal of destroying the United States, If that were not enough, there are the hackers. Two Dutch hackers success- fully tapped into U.S. defense computers during the Gulf War and learned the precise locations of troop deployments.They then attempted to sell this information to Saddam Hussein, who turned it down because he thought it was a U.S. trick! And so history repeats itself. We have a president, who is either a dupe or a traitor, giving a potential enemy the means to destroy us. Hopefully, exposure of Chinese tactics will awaken Americans to the inherent dangers involved. I, for one, do not believe an outcry will be forthcoming. Author's Note: Significant portions of this column were abstracted from an article by Timothy Maier in Insight Magazine. They used to call me," Hummingbird" The Hummingbird. That's what one of my nicknames used to be back in the days before I learned that working wasn't much fun and that there were easier ways of making a living. This writing and art business being one of them. How I got the handle of Hummingbird hung on me was, one day one of my bosses saw me standing around, apparently not doing anything, which was probably true. And like all bosses, he had to make an issue out of it. He goofed when he asked me what I was doing. To wit, I replied, "Working." This set him back somewhat as he said that he had been watching me for quite awhile and hadn't seen me moving. A fact which he called to my attention. I left him standing there with a perplexed look on his face as he pondered my explanation for my apparent lack of motion. That being I was like a hummingbird moving so fast he couldn't see me moving. What brought up this trip down memory lane was some- thing that took place yesterday. I had just about gotten done with one of my latest bits of aluminum art nonsense and had taken it outside in the yard to better view it from a different angle. It's kinda hard to get a proper perspective of what I had Slim Sez by Slim Sirnes intended to be a 10-feet tall light- house when it's laying on its side. The reason it was laying on its side was the ceiling in my studio is still only six-and-a-half- foot high. Something I keep forgetting when I get involved in one of my projects. To me it looked pretty good. A 1 O-foot tapering column of multi-colored woven aluminum strips. But it still lacked a little something. Looking around my collection of art trea- sures, I found what I thought would really top it off. I had made a big bird with a three-foot wing span which unfortu- nately wasn't snapped up by the art world. All it took was a couple wraps of duct tape to affix this and my new object de' art was complete. So anyway, I was standing out there (actually I was sitting, but standing sounds more appropriate) admiring my latest creation. When here along comes a hummingbird, looking for whatever turns hummingbirds on. Flowers, insects or other hummingbirds. Then it spots this multi-colored monstrosity right in its flight path, goes into hover mode while it tries to figure out just what it is. Eventually, after buzzing around it a few times deciding that it wasn't edible, threatening or female, it lost interest and left. Hey, this made my day. If it could fool a hummingbird maybe it will fool some buyer. Now, I'm looking to buy myself a hummingbird feeder or maybe I will turn this into a 10-foot-tall hummingbird feeder. Have a good one!