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June 19, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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June 19, 1997

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6 Thursday, June 19, 1997 Pahrump Valley Gazette i Tension over sex problems erupts at Payrump schools Someone told me his daughter worries daily. In fact, every morning as she leaves for school. Will this be the day she will be confronted? A better grade for a "hug" or an "A" for a roll in the hay? In fairness to all, no accusation is being made that the entire teaching staff is a group of perverts. However, the barrel has contained too many sex mongers. Our reputation is becoming just too well known and it isn't getting passing grades. Sex with students. A "peek" or a "feel." Stay a few minutes after school and we'H address -- or un- dress m your concerns." sad times. A pathetic situation. This writer almost worries more for the stories m the inci- dents m I'm not hearing about. My real fear is what is under the water, not the tip of the iceberg I've already seen. Moral turpitude is on the line. In fact, being basically ignored. This is moral stabiliza- tion time. Now is the timex Before it's too late! Last week's On Target came on pretty strong related to the Payrump Valley school system and our worse than Peyton Place scenario that contin- ues to plague the entire valley. I make no apology then or now. We are creating and tolerating our own local "sexual holocaust." Time to take off the blinders. Time for action. It's surgery time and we can't worry about how deep we may have to cut! Back during better times when I came into the area to develop Crystal and help create the King- dom this was a very special place to live. It was great to relocate here away from big city crime and the crowds that are part and parcel of life in Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, or any of a hundred other metro- politan areas. Payrump and the entire valley of- fered something of a protective cocoon in which to enjoy life. To raise families and make an honest living on our own little "frontier." Maybe we were all abit naive. Thought Nirvana would last forever. Or, as I stated last week, maybe it is the water. Payrump is growing up but we each seem to be refusing to grow up along with it. After a full week of making this issue a personal priority I'm even more angry and more disgusted. Our beautiful Kingdom is becoming a laughing stock nationally. The entire situation borders on being out of control. Unfortunately, when Geraldo speaks, too many listen. The word is out. Things are bad. I've already challenged that this is the time for action. Now is attention getti_ug time. The school board, as a group, should resign. The town board should follow or at least go into hiding. Nye's commission board needs to invade our valley and demand immediate and most drastic action. I'm not sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. It would appear that school officials just hire anybody to teach and mould otr children. How long has it been since that first local teacher was shipped off to prison for stu- dent sexual abuse? Too long! But the scene hasn't improved. The Robert Paul Spangler ease is in itself beyond belief. Although no part of the school related issue, the Spangler matter only adds to the fear facing Payrump students. Tension everywhere. Double Peyton Place. Creeps, Inc. Hiring individuals such as Brian Lepley shows a complete lack of credibility on the part of school officials. Even a "substitute" teacher should be proven squeaky clean before being allowed inside our class- rooms. As an "HIV" carrier, Lepley should be treated as a murderer. Same as we do street sex workers that carry that death sentence virus. Former coach Robert Wardon would have been lynched had it been an earlier time. We will probably never know everything associated with the true story of former teacher Peterson, now serving his life sentence in prison. If the board just has to hire these types, maybe they need to offer a map to my ranch and a fistful of pleasure passes. At least it might keep these types off our youngsters and their wandering minds and hands where they properly belong. You might think I'm making jest of a serious situation. Wait until we start settling a few sexual harassment cases for the school district. I hate to think what that will cost. A dollar spent now might save thousands tomorrow. Might make sense! Our kids are our tomorrow. They deserve more. And better. In fact, they deserve the best. We seem bent on seeing that they get just the opposite. All local officials and all elected personages must come together soon and put some safety standards into immedi- ate effect. Make getting a teaching job something very very special. Check out every job seeker like I was checked out as a brothel applicant. Or like someone ap- plying for a casino license. Prove that the applicant is beyond reproach. Phone calls to prior employers. Put a looking glass to personal life styles and background. Just .... like we also didn't do with former Nye manager William Offutt. When do we learn? Maybe not until we "Re-call!!!" Last week I warned there was no sign of relief. District Attorney Bob Beckett and Sheriff Wade Lieseke have their work agenda cut out for them on this issue; The dominoes are only beginning to fall, I'm afraid. Concerns of Sodom and Gomorrah are in the air. At the cost and expense of our youth. Parents are beginning to think about a change to other venues. This may not be the place they want to raise their sons and daughters after all. Some may leave. Those of us that will stay may and will have personal scars to treat and try to heal. Student seduction from demented minds using drugs and alcohol and heaven only knows what else. This must stop now and the buck stops with the school officials and their board. The smoldering proves there are still flames. Keep your tack jackets on. It could be a rough road ahead the next severa[ months as more courage is mustered up by others abused. To bring more sordid details to fight. I'm fearful we have had a "touch but don't tell" policy drilled into young and frightened minds. We need an immediate confidential hot line for students to be able to use. Caring ears to direct and to offer help. This takes courage. Just admitting an incident puts the abused youth in peer pressure danger. Some see this as sour grapes or squealing on someone that in others eyes may not be all bad. Albeit sick, weird, or strange. Terri Mueller and Becki Mouser have shared their horror stories with us. With the entire state -- from the legislature up north. The bottom line is that we are as a valley and as a group in serious trouble. This comedy of errors has gone far enough. This is action time. Re-call time. Maybe even Grand Jury inves- tigation time. I clled this a pestilence. And the biggest crime of all is tolerating the pestilence one day longer. Any fur- ther toleration or inaction makes each of us a criminal. Put yourself in the position of a sixteen 3;ear old abused by a sexually marauding teacher. The teacher goes to prison. But how about the student? Could you hold your own head high in that situation? The victim survives but with a lifetime of confusion and crushed self-esteem. Has to stop! Now! Mr. Commissioner. Madam Town Board Member. Honored School Board Member. Mr. School Principal. This is a call to arms! This is a time for caution and care. Extreme caution in who stands daily before our precious children. Care for those we love and have brought into this life. And no patience and zero toleration for any and all who would challenge that care and abuse our youngsters. In all fairness, one last word. Thankfully the bad are still in the minority. We have myriad great and dedicated teachers. God bless these and thankfully we salute each one. My venom and my attack is against the individual never against the institution. Target by Joe Richards from the Kingdom of Nye Whether you hate him or love him, he won't let you ignore him! Where we go from here is up to you. And up to me. it i !ii i i