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June 12, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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June 12, 1997

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20 Thursday, June 12, 1997 Pahrump Valley Gazette i li !i!:? - :. - .:..,:-'-: ............ :: ......... ,.:-, :.:-: ::: : : -:'.' .:::"." :-.:-'.,-::'::: : .....................  ...... : .............. : ::: ....................... ::'.:.: .............. : ........... :::. ::::::::::::::::::::: !::::i :!:::::: i ! " [, I :!"/. .i!ii!:!  :::': :? ::] . .:]: :::ii:!i> ':!:: ::! -::::::: "::: :::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::: :: ,.::::i::]::: :::: :: :i: ::- :? :::x:: :.'.:: :, ::::: ::: :::: -!:; :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: !:i:!:: !  I Who would hit a fragile, aged lady'? A thin, vulnerable old man? A monster, right? Wrong. It may be someone who loves her or him Probably a distraught, exhausted relative who cares for the senile little lady, the arthritic, irrational man. A care giver suffering from fatigue, guilt, lack of privacy, deteriorating rela- tionships and general overload may be stressed beyond her ability to cope. "There is never an excuse for abuse," but the potential to abuse is in each of us. Anger, depression, exhaustion and fear can trigger abusive behavior. Trying to care for a loved one who makes excessive demands on your energy and time, who may need diapers and who may not even know you, can challenge an angel. Elder abuse can be as undramatic as refusing to acknowl- edge a need for something as simple as companionship, a warm blanket, or something to settle the stomach. Abuse can be as dramatic as withholding food, hitting or other physical trauma or driving the old person to a hospital or mall and abandoning him. Older victims are often silent victims. Silence is sometimes forced by physical or psychological impairment. By feelings of guilt and shame. By fear of loosing one's only home. By acceptance. One source estimates that over one million elderly people Bishop Veterinary Hospital Tonopah Clinic Dr. Lind will be in..onopah June ilth Front downstairs office .' Belmont St. ,@poinlmenlrdlnlo, Call 482-6453 alter 5 p.m Dr rind will be in every other Wednesday 8 a.m.- 1 p.m.: Dogs, cats and other small animals, including spays, neutering, dentistry, minor surgery, etc. 1:30 p.m.- 3:30 p.m.: Horses, cows, etc, NIGHT CLINIC p.m to 7:30 p.m. Round Mountain: 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Same dates as Tonopah Clinic Auto Service Done - Rite 14 Years Experience General Auto Repair We ld in$_ Fabrication 10% Seniors D00cout Month's Specia00 Lube, Oil & Filter $13,95 $5 Tune.up & Oil change are abused each year by their own children. Most cases of elder abuse are undetected, unreported and untreated. As in other forms of Domestic Violence. the perpetrators are most often family members and are often care givers for the victim. Sometimes, spouses become abusers due to impairments caused by aging. Maude and John were a handsome, affectionate couple. Aging happened. Their Social Security checks provide a bare subsistence lifestyle. Maude had a stoke. John took care of her. She recovered most of her physical abilities, but her person- ality has changed. She is verbally abusive to John, suspicious of everything he does and frequently throws things at him. In frustration, he often retaliates. They can and do hurt each other. They are currently in a counseling program. Trudy's granddaughter, Linda, offered her a home. Living with a family sounded good to the older woman. She would have a chance to get to know her granddaughter better. They had lived in different states and only visited sporadically. Linda convinced Trudy to have her Social Security check deposited in a joint account. Linda's home was small and crowded with Trudy and her things. Linda's husband built a makeshift shack from two by fours and cardboard and moved Trudy into it. Trudy was given less and less food, usually left- overs. Eventually, she was not even allowed to come into the house to bathe because she was too dirty. Trudy hoarded her bottles of water, afraid they, too, would be taken away. The 86 year old woman was too frail to walk to a distant neighbor to seek help. She nursed her sore-covered body the best she could while her pleas for aid fell on deaf ears. Help arrived when a lost motorist stopped to ask directions and drove Trudy to the Sheriff's substation. Eventually, she was flown back to her home state to live with a relative. Florence lived with Millie and George, her daughter and son-in-law. George was unemployed and usually home with Fit while Millie was at work. George repeatedly raped Fit and forced her to perform other "despicable" acts. Fit was humili- ated and ashamed. The 75 year old woman was afraid to tell anyone because then she would have no place to live Eventually, a friend of Fit's convinced the troubled woman to confide in her. The friend contacted help, and Flo was removed from the home and eventually went to live with a sister. Rose and Harry planned well for their retirement. Harry had a small pension to suppler ment his Social Security. They owned their home and had some savings and investments. Rose's daughter, Brenda, was almost grown when the couple, both widowed, mar- tied. Harry thought Brenda was ,Tax& 2 Waste Fees  .re applicable: * Service PCV-Valve, FWD & Vans slightly higher. Not valid with any other oer or combined with senior discount. oJer expires 6/30/97 "Tired of Battling with the Rest? Now Come To the Best.'" 4031 NAVAJO open 8-5 Mon-Sat 7 7-0 77 spoiled, but didn't say much as she was Rose's only child. adopted when Rose was in her forties. Brenda's needs increased as she grew to adulthood, married and had a bab3 son. The couple saw their resources erode as they financed cars, a house, and provided child care for the little boy. There was no end to the younger couple's needs. When Brenda visited, she usually left with one or more pieces of the older folks' antique furniture as well as jewelry and dishes. Rose made beautiful quilts she sold for extra money. Brenda began taking those, too. Harry's sister visited recently and was shocked to find the home furnished with a few odd pieces of furniture given to the couple by friends, an odd lot of dishes from the thrift store and Rose out of medicine because she couldn't buy it until the check arrived on the first of the month. . Rose's concern was that Brenda had not ackr,,:wledged her birthday or Mother's Day. She had called her daughter and been told, "You don't care about me, so why should I worry about you." Rose had been unable to send money for a special school for Brenda's son, now a teenager. This is one of the nicer stories. There are horror stories of elderly people being starved, isolated, stripped of their clothing and possessions, beaten and abandoned. Elder Abuse is more likely to be financial and psychological than physical and sexual, but all are reasons for concem. Older people are often unable to help themselves due to memal and physical limitations. They are frequently forgetful, disoriented and dependent on others for care. The problem is complex. A care giving relative can often become abused by the older person especially where dementia is a factor as it frequently is. Older couples, due to mental impair- ment can be abusive to each other. The good news is there is help. No to Abuse at 751-1118 provides help for elderly abused women and men. They also have a support group for care givers. The Senior Center can also provide referral services, call 727-5008. The State of Nevada strengthened laws to require mandatory reporting and prosecution of elder abuse, neglect and exploita- tion in May 1995. The State also has implemented an "Elder Abuse Reporting System" through its Division For Aging Ser- vices. Nye County and Pahrump have limited resources. Residen- tial care homes, elderly day care and relief for in home care- providers are desperately needed. We need to start by recogniz-  ing the extent of the problem instead of ignoring the elderly. They aren't going away. With more of us moving into middle and old age the problems will only grow larger. We need to find ; solutions now. We can begin by paying attention to our elderly >' neighbors and acquaintances and by having the courage to report abuse. No matter how complex or painful a situation is, we need to know: 'There is no excuse for abuse." PAHRUi,4P 710 S. l-lwy 160 i "Under The Stars" starring ,t V|' Ronald McDonald i Fun, Prizes -//--t B. rin ltour camera [- "")i Friday, Jun[13th Fun begins at 7:00p,m, 29 Cones 7 to 9p,m,