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June 5, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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June 5, 1997

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7 Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, June 5, 1997 AAll 1997 'rvDm 5:00 I 5:30 Nemr INem[] 6 KTVN News[] INows [] 8 KVBC IMen Bohav- O WDW {In stereo) IBad Nows r 8 KRNV Extra (in JAm 8 KWU stereo)[] IHoaywood IOatts' ISdence O KNPB Cmatm= IGuy ICo (in 6 WXYZ UnderRre Istereo)rm Hews Itkm,s t1 KOLO Hem[] ICBS Nero 0 KLAS Moony(In IPead On IDD WTOC Stereo)[] IStereo) [] Hews[] IABC Wkl tOD KTNV w. IRomr, ne g) KAME (in stereo) About [] I Nowohow With Jim t,[] I 1 "Joe' 8:30 Pearl (In Stereo) [] ; Mewsradio In [In Stereo) ; Mews a Pmradio IIn Stereo) (in Stereo) [] Stereo) "el Men Behav- lent Bad Todght Pacific Palisades "RUrk (in stereo) [] Movie: "Bionic Ever After?" (1994) A deadly virus Late Show (in Stereo) [] eatens Steve Austin and e Sommers. [] Jeopardyt Tmlght Show (in Stereo) [K] , JonH Lost weight, Late Night (In Stereo) [] (In Stereo) Tonight Show (In Stereo) [] F/X: The Series "Eye oi Ster Trek: The Next (R) Generation (in Stereo) [] "Bionic Ever ." (1994)A daadly Wus ) Wild Huses" [] ows Nightline [] ace Coach (in Stereo) [] Pearl (in ereo)[] Stereo) [] Late Show (in Stereo) [] 3race toad1 (in ,w Carey Fie Stereo) [] [in stereo) Rock & Roll "The Wik:l Side" (In sieo) [] Amedcam Visions Late 18th-cemtuPj landscapes Chadte Rose (In stereo) Meoilest Destiny; Civil War phaography. [] It.side IAmedcam MoUock  Picture" (In Edition [] I Journal [] stereo) (Part I ol 2) [] Drow Carey IEIten "Joe's Primetime Uve [] Movie: "Bionic Ever After?." (1994) A deadly virus dveatens Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers. (in Stereo) [] Primelime Uve [] Star Trek: Voyager (in Stereo) [] American Visiom PhotoTaltn Jacob A. Riis and  Ashcan paters; Depmssmn-era art and architecture. Mont,d_ SUr Trok: Ooop Space :m :ereo} lW'dh Nine " [] Fre I Cheeni [] I 'q'he Heiress" (in ) KRLR Prince IShow[] :mblereo) I Stereo)[] Stereo)[] 1:30 i Lm Late Show (In News (R) [] Stereo) [] Late Night (in Stereo) [] Later (in Stereo) [] Leoza (in Stereo) NBC News Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later (In Stereo) [] LAPD: Life F/X: The Series "Eye of  the Be=t the Dragon" (R) KIII TurM Uonal & Madly: Real ABC Wodd Nows Now (Jod Night Court Paid News PToFm late Show (In Stereo) [] E Late Late Show (to Stereo) [] CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) Vtnam Vknam Movie: * "Porky's Revenge" (1985) Florida teen- agers match wits with a local brothel owner. er'lf Looks Could eo) [] Untme Murphy I Nows (R) [] Brown [] "Hearta of Darkness- Perry Mason I architecture. {4:30) Movie: ** Movie:  "Ocean's Eleven" (1960, ) One- 15 "Baddaoh" (1956, AMC "(1956) tne paraoopers rob five casinos on New Year's Eve. Western) Richard Wklmad 00Wv, ,:wane CNN Ma.- co,00) A U.. studm po u a btad(to vn a law . COM DSC Theme Id= A-Go.Go E! Long Ago (R) [] Law & Order "Severance" Movie: ,,,t "Long John mecca thz g] Silver" (1954) Lain/IQn9 Uve (R) [] Crossfire INmnroom (R)[] In= Movte:, "Nien From L.JL" (1988) Kath' Paid IPaid ENC ESPN FAM KCNC KMGH KRMA KUSA KWGN LEARN UFE {4:15) Mo: , "Hero Howard IHowlN waters" (R) I"Seomt Senses" (R) Paid Paid "The New Centurions" (1972, Drama) Rookie LA. police dficers encounter danger daily. 'R' llIileIi PGATOIW "P'lgforKeef)s"ghwaytHeaven[] Waltons "The Last straw" I:leacue 911(ln Stereo) [] I.tewdi"Kofthe Carson Hit Classi nny( IPead( Ibie:"monicEwXft."Og94)Adaadywus INto[] Lm Show (In Stereo) [] LmLmsi(In Go,donmoUFam hem(R) Stereo)[] Stereo)[] IeamssieveAustinandJaimeSommers.rm J IStereo)[] Jreuniom.(R) ICon(in IO,C,YlBen'.'slPdmU Item[] NimZte I"Y ,U,e'W Ia,' Inoonda LWFn IStereo) I(So)IKtSr I I E,r,.on Incom,ct ,, ITou I .F..,qorm'Tamm ImV'.ioPhoFJa.R=lOFi  Ctadie Rose On Stereo) PmtegalCedifite IPortraitofa PodraJtofa eW'dHorses'r= IAshcanpaimm;pressO'aartanderchitec. ItheGnm Sm'ed Progrm [Fam,y Family LSn!](in Stereo) ' Paid Progrm rooram Paid Program II'roFam Friends  Portrait of a IFaces of Family l Culture tit1 News [] Men Bohav- Tmdght Show (In Stereo) Cheers [] Late Night (in Stereo) [] Later (In Extra (in IJenny Stereo)[] Stereo)[] IJones [] Andy ]Ricki Lake (R) Ultra Fern I Love Lucy INews (R) (in I J Stereo) [] Hometime JHomeme iPaid Paid Paid JPaid "Bathrooms" J"Bathreoms" JProFam Program Proojm IProgram Homicide: Life on the JUnsdved Mysteries (in Sisters "Cdmes and Ms. Street "Snipe': Part Two" JStereo) Demeanors" (In Stereo) [] 1995, Drama) Four JMovte: "The Last Buil' (t996, J"The Wild romance. 'R' prama) Jason Donovan. (in Stereo) 'NR' JC_eeM" 'R' Music Vkteo (In Stereo) Trisha MAX MTV Mosic Vkteo (in Stereo) Life md Tmu of I ime T, me Country 0n NASH On Stereo) ereo) [] NICK "PS SCIR" TBN TBS Sister, Parent Jamie Fox}{ JWayans ,iste (R) [] 'Hood (R) [] (in Stereo) JBro (R) [] rmuma.ER Trauma-ER Killer Wm (R) oen=r, Debt Intimate Porl "Debbie v, et Sweep i ReynokJs S Carrie Fisher" Movie: ** 'lmag Crimes" (1994) A teen-ager in 'Be.'PG'[] MTV (in Stereo) Trisha kark Colic. Hews (in Stereo) [] Wonders of lUltrasci- Weather (R)lence (R) Un= Mysteries (in Stereo) Bad [] Star Trek: Deep Space Roeanne IMartin (in . Nine "Little Green Men" [] (in Stereo) IStereo) [] Trauma.ER ITrauma-ER Killer Vires (R) Movie: . ;'Und the Influence" (1986, Drama) A man's alcoholism eateos his family and I'ds career. Prime Time Ceontry (R) ,in Town" (In Stereo) | Prld lhe Lord I TCM TNT USA WGN HBO DSN SHOW TMC (1985. Fentasy) Mlla J. FroB BoltoW' (1946) Two Movie: *#* 'q'he Se HIt" gids goto work in  Bowy. 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'IV [] 1996,Drama)Amavedck ,"Bio.Dome"(1996.Cmzedy) iI.leroes"(1995, Movie: *** "Crumb" 1994) An intimate portrait d a f Shore. ( I 'PG-13' [] Nebo,s Waker. Drama) Alxlie . (In Stereo) 'R' Pahrump Valley Fireplace & Accessories Featuring TrailBlazer Wood/Pellet/Gas Stoves Full line of Zero Clearmzce fTureplaces & Accessox00es Best Time @:@ TRA IL00LA ZER 7-9 pm Solid Fuel StOVeS 7'51 00106 Mobile ttomes Approved Tesled and proved to UL SAFEYY b-'T, MqD/URDS, and rigid EPA and DEQ EMISSION R.IBSONS. Each TRAIL. BLAZER model has beea cerlified to meet all  safety Id en codes. An indmtrY I,    TRALB HV YEA WARRANTY penpam for your =sisua of depeoda aad omfomb   by o/hers.