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May 29, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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May 29, 1997

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Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, May 29, ]997 AA15 TVData O KTVN News[] News[] CBSNews News[] Real'IN(in Cops(In Nanny(In iPearl(In Movie: "The Rockford Files: A Biesslng in News]] Lste Show (In Stereo) [] Late Late Show (In News(R)[] Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Stereo) [] ,Stereo) [] Disguise" (1995, Drama) James Garner. (In Stereo) [] Stereo) [] O KVBC News[] News[] NBABasketballPleyoffs:Cha lpip Game i -i Houston Newsradio MenSehav. Jeopardy! Wheelof IRealTV(in News[] Tonight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Later(In Roets or Utah Jazz vs. Chica o Bulls or Mlami Heat. [] (tnStereo) Bad [] Fortune[] [Stereo)[] [] Stereo)[] Later (in Leeza (In Stereo) NBC News Newsradio Men Behav- NBA Basketball Playoffs: Ch lpipGame 1  Houston News Tonight Show (In Stereo) Jenny Jones (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Nightalde (El WDIV i(InStereo) Bad RockelsorUtehvs.Chice oBullsorMlamiHeat.[] i . [] IE]I KRNV News [] NBA Basketball PlayoffsChampip Game1  Houston INewsradio Men Behav. Ent. Hard Copy Inside News [] ight Show (In Stereo) Late Night (In Stereo)[] Later (In Rockets or Utah Jazz vs Chiceo Bulls or Miami Heal. [] : i(In Stereo) Bad Ton ght [] Edt on[] Ton Stereo) [] Extra (in Access Hard Copy !Mad About Simpsons Simpsons Party of Five Party of Five "Hitting F/X: The Series "French Star Trek: The Next Married... LAPD: Life F/X: The, Series "French KVVU Stereo)[] Hollywood [] iYou[] (InStereo) (nStereo) ntervento (InStareo) Bottorn" (R) (In Stereo) [] Kiss"(R) Ganeration"EnsignRo" With ontheBeat Kiss"(R) Business Newshour With Jim Lights, Camera, Auction Lights, Camera, Auction Chadie Rose (In Stereo) American Visions (in tD KNPB Report Lahrar [] Stereo) [] Grace Coach (In Drew Carey Ellen "Bowl, Primstime Live [] News Nightline [] inside Amedcan Politically Matlock "The Fortune" (In To Be Caryl & Madlyn: Real ABC World News Now O WXYZ Under Fire Stereo) [] (In Stereo) Baby, Bowl" Edition [] Journal [] Incorrect [] Stereo) (Part 1 of 2) [] Announced Friends [] (Joined in Progress) [] News News ABC Wid Pkts Jeopardyl Wheel of Grace ;coch (In Drew Caray Ellen "Bowl, ; Primetime Uve q News Nightiine [] Politically Night Court Paid INem 0 KOLO News [] Fortune [] Under Fire Stereo)  [In Stereo) Baby, Bowl" Incorrect [] Program I 0 KLAS News [] CBS News News [] News [] EnL Inside Nanny (in Pearl (In Movie: "The Rockford Files: A Blessin 9 in News [] Late Show (In Stereo) [] toight Late Late Show (In Tonight Edition [] Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Disguise" (1995, Drama) James Garner. (In Stereo) [ Stereo) [] Nanny (in Pead (In Movie: "The Rockford Files: A Blessing in News Late Show (In Stereo) [] Hard Copy Late Late Show (In CBS Up to the Minute (Joined in Progress) ([I) w'roc Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Disguise" (1995. Drama) James Garner. (In Stereo) []  Stereo) [] News [] ABC Wld News [] News [] Home Coach (In Grace Coach (In Drew Carey Ellen "Bowl, Primetime Live [] News [] Nightline [] Politically Highway Murphy [News (R) [] KTNV News reprove. Stereo) [] Under Fire Stereo) [] IIn Stereo) Baby, Bowl" ncorrect [] Patrol Brown [] I t WNET State of New York American Visions Late 18th-century landscapes Charlie Rose (In Stereo) Rock & Roll (In Stereo) [] Interest Theater American Experience: American Experience: Other Angels (R) reflecting Manifest Destiny; Civil War photography. [] Cafe "Art" Talk Vietnam Vietnam ) KAME Mr. Cooper Roseanne Roseanne Married... Star Trek: Deep Space sentinel (In Stereo) [] Star Trek: Voyager (In Strange Extra (in Movie: * "Another You" (1991) Richard Pffor. A Perry Mason IIn Stereo) (in Stereo) With Nine "Equilibrium" [] Stereo) [] Universe Stereo) [] con artist makes profitable use of a pathological liar. Fresh Cosby Roseanne Cheers [] seinfeld Roseanne Sentinel (In Stereo) [] Star Trek: Voyager (In Matlock"The Hucksters" Martin (in J Baywstch (In Stereo) [] ) KRLR Prince Show [] (in Stereo) l'he Beard" [ 'It's a Boy tereo) [] IIn Stereo) [] Stereo)  i UniverseStrange (inEmptYstereo)Nest Three'Scompany w'rvs Alligatr! American Visions Late 18th-century landscapes Being Keeping Up edligatorl American Visions Late 18th-century landscapes Chariie Rose (In Stereo) Humanities Marketing reflecting Manifest Destiny; Civil War photography. [] Served reflecting Manifest Destiny; Civil War photography. [] o][..I ,_= ! II =gK] -''-' E ll=lll, J" (4:00) Movie: 'k'*V2 Remember Movie: *** "Demetrius and the Movie: *,/r "Hercules" (1959) Steve Reeves. The Perils- Perils- Perils- Perils- Perils- Perils- Perils- Perils- AMC "Hercules" (1959)'G' WENN [] Gladiators" (1954) Victor Mature. mythical strongman labors for the woman he loves. 'G' Jungle Jungle Jungle Jungle Jungle Jungle Jungle Jungle Biography "Mate Hari: American Justice "Death 20th Century "Detectives Law & Order "The Blue Biography "Mata Hari: American Justice "Death 20tb Century "Detectives Law & Order "The Blue Movie: **'Jr "The A&E The Seductive Spy" (R) Row Women" (R) jof Death (R) Wall" [] The Seductive Spy" (R) Flow Women" (R) of Death" (R) Wail" [] Cormorant" (1993) Prime News Burden of Larry King Live [] A, merican Edge CNN/Sp Moneyline NewsNight Showbiz wsNight "" ........ CNN [] Proof(R)[] "AltemativeUniverse" Illustrated Today[] Update llh Larry King Uve (R) [] Overnight tCNH/S:!Crosefire New== I!llU!;: (R) [] [] Movie: .k, "1 Love You to Death" (1990, Comedy) An Galtagher: The Daily Show Dream On Dream On iseturday Night Live Host: Dally Show Movie: *'kh "The Ratings Game" (1984, Comedy) A Paid Paid COM eduiferous lout survives numerous attempts on his tile. Bookkeeper (R) iChe W Chase. [] (R) trucking magnate becomes a Hollywood producer. Program Program Travelers "Heritage Days: Movie Next Step Wings "The Flying Tank" Wild Discovery "Tiger, Discover Magazine Warrior Island: "Korowai" Wild Discovery "Toer, Discover Magazine Warder Island: "Korowal" DSC Beaufort, S.C." (R) Magic (R) (R) IR) Tiger" (R) "Seoudty" (R) Tiger" (R) "Security" (R) (R) Guide to Summer Movies Gossip (RNWs Daily iTalk Soup INight Stand Howard Howard Melrose Place "St. ralk Soup Night Stand Howard News Daily Paid Paid Paid Paid E! (R) (R) Stem Stern (R) Valentine's Day Massacre" 'R) Stern (R) (R) Program Program Program Program (4:00) Movie: *'Jr* Movie: ,-*.k "Yanks" (1979, Drama) Richard Gare. An American Movie: "Madame Soosatzks" (1988) An eccentric Movie: 'Jr** "American Me" {1992) A detinquent Movie: ,,h "Punchline" (1988, ENC "inside Moves" (1980) soldier falls in love with a British woman. 'R' [] llano teacher takes a student under her wing. 'PG-13' Ieoornes e crime d in the Mexican Mafia. 'R' [] jComedy-Drama) Sally Field. 'R' [] "-'i  ............. ,: :';:  :, lRa,  ............. : ESPN .;   lX;tao!umi (e IOist (r) Carol Carol Carol Movie: **'k "Grease" (1978, Musieal) John Travolta. Disparete Hawsii Rye-0 It.00 Club ithme stomes Carson Carson Paid Paid FAM Burnett Bumett Burnett summer lovers meet again as high.school seniors. (In Stereo)   Clanslcs Classics Program Program I Late Late Show (in Gordon Ellintt First-love News (R) Paid Paid KCNC CBS News News [] Nanny (in Poad (in Movie: "The Rockford Files: A Blessing in News [] Late Show (In Stereo) [] Stereo) rm reunions. (R) Program Program Stereo) [] Stereo) [] Disguise" (1995, Drama) James Garner. (in Stereo) [] Jeopardy! Wheel of Grace Coach (in Drew Carey ]Ellen"lvl, ]Pdmetime Live  News [] Nightiine !inside Politically American Persona] Rolonda Caryl & Merilyn: Real KMGH [] Fortune[] UnderFire Stereo)[] (Instereo) ]Baby, Bowl" I ]Edition incorrect[] Journal[] Power Friends[] Newshour With Jim Going Places (R) (In American Visions Late 18th-century landscapes One Foot in Being Chariie Rose in Stereo) Paralegal certificate Portrait of a Portrait of a Portrait of a Faces of KRMA Lahrer [] Stereo) (Part 1 of 8) [] reflecting Manifest Destiny; Civil War photography.  the Grave Served Program Family Family Family Culture [] KUSA News [] EnL NBA Bael! Pl,Offe!:=1 INewsradio News [] Men Behav- Tonight Show (in Stereo) Cheers [] Late Night (in Stereo) [] Later (In American Extra (In Tonight Stereo) Bad [] Stereo) [] Telecast Stereo) [] Home Home =Sister, To Be Jamie Foxx Wayans News (In Stereo) [] Star Trek: The Next Star Trel(: Deep Space Martin (In Riold Lake (R) Ultra Fern I Love Lucy News (R) (In KWGN Improve. Improve. Sister (R) [] Announced (in Stereo) Bros. (R)  Generation [] Nine "The Visitor" [] ,Stereo) [] Stereo) Wonders of Ultrasci- i History of Rock 'n' Roll History of Rock 'n' Roll Wonders of Uitrasol- History of Rock'n' Roll History of Rock'n' Roll Hometime: Hometime: Paid Paid Paid Paid LEARN Weather(R) ence . [(R) (Part 4 of l0) (R) (Part 2 of t0) Weather(R) ence(R) (R) (Part 4 of l0) (R) (Part 2 of lO) Playhouse Playhouse Program Program Program Program Golden Golden Supermar- Debt Intimate Portrait "Audrey Unsolved Mysteries (In Movie: "A Kies to Die For" (1993) Ten Matheson. A Homicide: Life on the Unsolved M tsteriea (In Sisters "Rivals" (In LIFE Girls [] Girls [] ket Sweep Hepburn" (R) Stereo) psychology professor is entangled in a murder case. Street "Thrill of the Kill'' [] Stereo) Stereo) [] Movie:, "American Cop" (1995, Movie: ** "Club Paradise" (1986, Movie: .* ':,Friday the 13tb - A New, Movie: ,k* "Kids in the Hall Brain Movie: 'k'k-* "Cold Comfort Farm" Movie: ,,,k, "The Last Boy Scout" MAX Adventure) Daniel Quinn. 'PG-13' Comedy) Robin Williams. 'PG-13' [] Beginnin 9 (1985) John Shepard. R [] Candy" (1996, Comedy) David Foley. 'R' (1985, Comedy) Kate Beckinsale. 'PG' :1991, Drama) Bruce Willis. 'R' MTV Music Videos (in Stereo) Beach MTV (In Stereo) Real World Jenny Singled Out Loveline (In Stereo) Adult M2 (In Stereo) Music Videos (In Stereo) (in Stereo) McCarthy [In Stereo) Videos Life and "times of Bob Pdme Time CounW Billy The Road (In Stereo) Dallas "Bail Out" (In Dukes of Hazzard "Shine Prime Time Country Billy The Road (R) (In Stereo) (Off Air) NASH WilLs (In Stereo) Dean, Vlotode Shaw. [] Stereo) onflazzard Mou" Dean, V'orla Shaw. lID NICK HeYln Stereo)Arnoldl I []Odd Couple "Password"Odd Couple I []Odd Couple []Odd Couple l []lOdd Couple el0dd Couple I []lOdd Couple []Odd Couple NewhertBb Rhode JoannieDream of ove Lucy I .... Seaquest DSV "And Forever Knight "The ghtinge (R) (In Stereo) Quantum Leap "Leap of seaquast DSV "And Forever Knight "The ghtinge (R) (In Stereo) Paid Paid IPaid Paid SCIR Everythin 9 N" [] Games Vampires Play" [] Faith -- August 19, 1963" Everythi Nice" (R) [] Games Vampires Play" [] Program Program IProgram Prram Behindte ]CrolloA. Predous JackVan Pralse the Lord [] Jerry Jesse FullGespal ]BannyHinn Dave IMyfoa Praise the Lord [] TBN Scenes[] IDlarJr. Memories mpe Sevelin Ouptantie I-- Rnever ]Munrne Movie: ** "Footloose" (1984, Drama) Kevin Bacon, Loft Singer, Movie: ,,5 "Rashdance" (1983) Jennifer Baals, A Movie: t "The Hollywood Knights" Movie: ** "Back to the Bt" (1987, Comedy) TwolLeave It to Gomar TBS Small-town teens fight lor their right to dance, woman welder enjoys a nighttime dencin, i career. (1980, Comedy) Fren Drescher. former beachniks return to their old California haunts. IBeaver Pyte, USMC Movie: ,,k'k "Best Foot Forward" IMovie: ,*-k* "Two Glds and a Seller" (1944, Comedy) Van Movie: ,k, "Meet the People" (1944) A musical star Movie: .k.k "Sing Your Movie: ,k.* "Flying High" (1931, Movie: "So TCM (1943, Comedy) l.ucille Ball. Johnson. A singing sister team vies for the love of one seNiceman, mingles with the public to improve her acting. Worries Away"(1942) Comedy) Bert Lahr. Long Latty" Movie: .k.k..k "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" (1967, Western) Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Movie: ,k.k,k "Crazy Horse" (1996, Drama) The Movie: 'k'k* "Geronimo" (1993) Joseph Runningfox. Movie: .*.** "Geronimo" (1962, TNT Cleat. Three violent, determined men vie for a $200,000 treasure. IOglals Sioux chief repels threats to his reservation. ]Based on the lite of the famed Apache war leader. Western) Chuck Conners, Kamala Davi. Murder, She Wrote "Jack Movie: "An Unexpected Family" (1996, Drama) A Silk Stalkings "Maid Renegade "Second  ]Acapulco H.E.A.T. "Code USA and Bill" (in Stereo) [] career women must raise her sister's young] chikJren. Service ' (R) (In Stereo) [] Chance" (in Stereo) []    IName: Assassin" Sister, To Be Jamie Foxx lWayane News (in Stereo) [] Buffy the Vampire Slayer In the Heat of the NigM Simon & Simon "Simon Paid Movie: ,.k "JacqueUne Bouvier Kennedy" (1981, Biography) WGN Sister (R)[] Announced (In Stereo) Brco, (R) "Prophesy Girt"[] "Intruders" (In Stereo)[] wilhot Sinon" Progcam Jaclyn Smith. The pre-onassle years of the former first lady's life. I i I ilil=lP 'ue "e' =r-'+l=t ] [ / [ / (4:30) Movie:, Movie: ,.k "French Kiss" (1995) An American Movie: ,k.* "Eye for an Eye" (t996, Drama) A vicious Comedy Hour. "Eddie s [] mJders [] Movie: .k,*.k "Multiplicity" (1996) Scientifically HBO "Ladybugs" (1992) [] woman orosses paths with a smermy French thief. [] sociogalh is stalked by a revenge.driven mother. 'R' [] Gdffin: Voodoo-Child" [] created dapcates complicate a man's life. 'PG-13' [] Chip'n' ]GoofTroop Flash torkslsons Movie:*,k"Pee.wes'sBig Muvie:'k'-k"summertimeSwitch" Uovie: ,-,., "Ham/ and the Hondermns" (198_0 Movie: ,k,, "The Monksy'$ Unole .... Pee.wee's DSN Dale , Forward[] (InStereo) Adventure (1985) Pee-wse Herman. [] !(1994, Comedy-Drama) Jaso Weaver. acemptdp, afamlllterarunsintol;igfoot.1;'G' (1985,Cornady)Tomn/K.[] My." (4:15) Mevte: "Shadow of Movte: *.* "Funeral In Bedin" (1967) British agent Movie: **.x. "GoidanEye" (1995, Adventure) James Muvie:,k"JuryD.uty',995, Poltergal=t:TheLogacy Movle: .P* "Cemetery Mon" (1995, SHOW Chlna" (1991) John Lone. mustsneakeRusdandefeotoroutofBedin. BondkwedesRusslatorelrievestolerweaponcodes. Comedy) Pauly Shore. PG.13'[] Adea@hthouse.(R)[] Horror)RupertEverett.(InStereo,)'R'[] TMC (3:35) Movie Mo,v:  "Butch Cassldy and the Sundance tMovle: ,k "American Stray=" (1996, Movie: ,* "The Winner" (1998, Movie: ,k "Showgirls" (1995) Erp.abeth Baddey. An Movie: * "Mirage" (1995, Suspense) Kid (1969,Westem)PeulNewman.'PG IComedy)L,kePerry.(inStareo)'R' Drama)vincantD'Ondrlo.'R' ambitious dancer makes a bld for Las Vees success. EdwerdJamesOimos.(inStereo)'R' Pahrump Yalley Fireplace & Accessories Featudng TraffBiazer Wood/Pellet/Gas Stoves Fall line of Zero Clearance Fireplaces & Accessories Best TZme 4F:400 to Call LAZER 7-9 pm Solid Fuel Stoves 751-0106 Tested and approved to UL SAFETY STANDARDS, and rigid EPA and DEQ EMISSION REGULATIONS. Each TRAIL- BLAZER model has been certified to meet all applicable safety and environmental codes. An industry leader, combined with the TRAILBLAZER FIVE YEAR WARRANTY program for your assistance of dependable and comfortable heating unsurpassed by others.