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May 22, 1997     Pahrump Mirror
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May 22, 1997

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Letters to the Editor Pahrump Valley Gazette, Thursday, May 22, 1997 1-3 To Mr. Herb Galley: In response to the letter that was written May 16, 1997, in the Pahrump Valley Times, that was addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Couture. I, John S. Espana, am here to tell you that you, Mr. Herb Galley, don't have any clue what the special educa- tion issue's are. Because last year my granddaughter was a student at the Rosemary Clark Middle School, and you had to be reminded on many occasions that you were not in compli- . ance with your own state mandates. Not counting the federal mandates that apply to all special education stu- i ts- would be happy to challenge you to a public debate at your convenience concerning the special education state and federal mandates. I have, in my possession many documented violations that occurred last year and this year. I can and will produce these documents to the school board and the administrators at anytime upon their re- quest to prove to the public that you are very uneducated when it comes to the special education mandates. I have offered on many occasions to help the adminis- trators and the staff of the school district to receive the proper education on this matter. But the school would rather ignore this. I have spoke with Mr. Marshall Forstot concerning this issue and told him how to receive this education. That is available through Gov. Bob Miller's committee on the Rights of the Disabled Students of this state and country. Last year (you) denied me access to my granddaughters's records on many occasions. I know that the statement Mr. and Mrs. Couture's made in their letter to the local papers are true and correct because, you, Mr. Herb Gailey, tried to pull this tactic on me and my wife on several occassions last year. Mr. Herb Gailey is the RoSemary Clark Middle School principal and has been there for the last couple of years. Thank You Mr. John Espana Kudos to the Common Grounds I just warned to say how much I have enjoyed the time I have spent in the Common Grounds Care gourmet coffeehouse. Since it opened, my family and I try to take a little break there for an hour or so from our rash of errands every week. It is so peaceful there. At the cafe, soothing music strokes my cares away. Delicious coffee (I always get the Caffe Mocha) warms my insides and delights my taste buds. I mean to try their iced coffee and ice cream sodas for the summer. While I sip my coffee, I play games with my daugh- ters. They have chess, checkers, cards, backgammon, Chinese checkers and puzzles available for our amuse- ment. There are also books and newspapers to read. Internet access should be available soon. The atmosphere is friendly and comforting, the restrooms are clean and spacious (important to me) and he food is good, too, Besides coffee, they also have ice cream, salads, sandwiches and soups. Outside there is a very pleasant patio area with tables sporting large, cool- ing umbrellas. For a retreat from a too busy world, a pleasant spot to wile away the time until the movie next door starts, or to wait for the play at the high school, I can't recommend a more satisfying place than the Common Grounds Cafel Margaret Anderson Death Valley, Calif. Documented Evidence. In response to Mr. Gailey's letter of May 16, 1997, we also would like to clarify several issues. First of all, it is NOT illegal for us to discuss our child, her education, or lack there of. But it is illegal for Mr. Gailey to do so. Had Nye County School District NOT violated state and I I federal laws (which is illegal), we would not have been forced to bring these matters to the forefront to warn other parents. Let it suffice to say that "the student" has NOT, contrary to Mr. Galley's statement made any progress in three years at Rosemary Clarke Middle School. Yes, Mr. Galley your teachers have given "good marks," however, they CANNOT even compare to the actual testing results. In fact, you sir, are in contradiction of your own superintendent's response dated 04-02-97. In this re- sponse, Mrs. Harge states, (and we quote)" Your percep- tion of *********academic growth the last three years has been one of disappointment. Dr. Forstot indicated that you have not been given any evidence of growth. In fact, there is some indication that ***** may have re- gressed academically." We were given documented evi- dence in test scores by NCSD to-prove that our child has regressed in all areas. Perhaps, Mr. Galley, you should get your facts straight. Unless, you are challenging Mrs. Harge's and Dr. Forstot's findings. We believe that it is important for everyone to know that, Yes, you did refuse the records and you refused to sign a paper stating that you were denying access. The only "fashion" I behaved in was being adamant that you were breaking the law. No, Mr. Galley, you did not "show me the door," but you certainly offered to. You failed to mention in your letter that the records were not released that day, and you failed to address your refusal to even allow reviewing of the records. You do not mention that on 03-04-97, in a meeting with Mrs. Harge, she corrected you regarding the records. You also failed to address how it came to pass that our child was not tested in your school as required by law. You do not address the fact of the state and federal violations, or that the taxpayers have to fund an independent evaluation due to the fact that no ,Aesting was done in YOUR school for the 1995-96 school year. Do you dispute these facts sir? The only "member of the team that refuses to collaborate" is Nye County School District, more to the point it has, and continues to be Rosemary Clarke Middle School. In fact the district, and your school is, as of the date STILL in noncompli- ance of state and federal regulations. This has forced us to file due process with the State Department of Educa- tion. The only harm that has been done to our child has been the damage incurred in her three years at RMCS. We do not expect perfection Mr. Galley, but we do expect NCSD to be in compliance with the laws and do right by the children. It is because of the imperfections, past and present, that has forced the tax payers to fund "at a cost of about $10,000 a month in attorney fees" for non- compliance. This is a quote from Dr. Forstot addressing the board. This article was in the Pahrump Valley Times dated 01-15-97. These imperfections have, and still are, leaving the district liable for state and federal fines, and open to litigation. ALL at the taxpayers expense! In your letter you state parental rights to records and you invite readers to come to you for answers regarding "special education in general, and other issues." First of all, you sir, are no expert. Why would someone come to you for answers, when you in your own words, had to "find out from the district's special education director" answers regarding records and special education? It seems to us that the readers should go to the source, which is Dr. Forstot. In closing, we have to say that an RCMS special education employee told us that our daughter was not tested. This turned out to be true. The same employee also stated that none of the students in special education were tested for the 1995-96 school year. This information may be erroneous, but then again, it may be true. We implore all of the parents to check this out. Ask to see the K-TEA testing for that year. This test will be done in your child's own handwriting. You are entitled to a copy of this, it's the law. Parents may obtain copies of the laws by calling the I I II U.S. Department of Education (206) 220-7880, this is for the federal laws. For the state laws contact the Nevada Department of Education at(702) 687-9200. Mr. & Mrs. Couture Pahrump child's name withheld by parent's request In support of public safety It's no secret that the Town of Round Mountain is a big supporter of public safety, particularly the NCSO. Our resi- dent deputy and his sergeant are extremely dependable, and do more than their share to help make us feel safe in this remote area of Nye County. Dick, I was able to see some documents you shared with Mr. Muller that supported your concern that law enforcement costs the county approximately $481 per year, per citizen. I prefer to break that down to a per day cost for providing such excellent service. And I can't think of a single person, from my community to our sister community, Pahrump, where the need is so great, who isn't worth $1.32 a day. The Round Mountain Town Board goes on record to support NO CUTS in public safety. Read into the Smoky Valley Town Board record by Joni Eastley Smoky Valley supports sheriffs On behalf of Round Mountain Gold Corp. (RMGC) and our employees who reside in Big Smoky Valley, I appreciate this opportunity to address several concerns raised recently in Big Smoky Valley regarding the current budgeting cycle and potential reduction in services. The primary concern of RMGC is the rumored consider- ation to significantly reduce the number of deputy sheriffs assigned to Big Smoky Valley due to a reduction in the budget for the sheriffs department. I can't speak to the credibility of the sheriffs budget, the efficiency of the department, or the needs and quality of service elsewhere in the county. How- ever, as the general manager of Round Mountain Gold Corp. and a resident of Round Mountain, I am very familiar with the public safety needs and issues in this region. In my opinion, Sgt. Ray East consistently provides excellent service with the meager resources available to him. In recent years, I'm told the normal complement of deputies in this patrol area was four. A bit over a year ago, as RMGC was preparing to begin construction of a $64 million mill complex requiring a peak construction workforce of some 230 people, the sheriff's department suggested a fifth deputy in the region for the duration of the construction project would be prudent and requested RMGC pay the wages. We agreed and began to pay the wages. The fifth deputy was never assigned; in fact, allegedly due to budget constraints at that time, the comple- ment of deputies was reduced to two some eight or 10 months ago and remains at two today. RMGC stopped payments after several months. In my opinion, public safety in the region has generally been preserved during this period of reduced ser- vice, but perhaps only due to the commendable volunteered, non-compensated supplemental coverage provided by Joe "Pappy" Paul and Craig Barber. As an aside, but a significant one, our two resident deputies are responsible for patrolling an area that encompasses nearly 9,000 square miles and includes Round Mountain and Big Smoky Valley, Manhattan, Belmont and Monitor Valley, Little Fish Lake Valley, Sunnyside and Railroad Valley, Hot Creek Valley, and West Stone Cabin Valley. In addition to those areas, East also has supervisory responsibility for Gabhs, Ione, Berlin and the Yomba Reservation. Big Smoky Valley is a pleasant and peaceable place, likely to some extent due to the effective deterrent provided by the resident deputies in the past. RMGC will find the means to protect the company's assets and employees in the workplace regardless of services provided by the county. Our concern is for the well-being of employees during their off-duty time and for the general population. The absence of a reasonable level of law enforcement would likely lead to unacceptable living conditions here just as it would anywhere else in this country with similar size of population. In closing, I thank you for your time and this opportunity to express our concerns. As a representative of the largest taxpayer in the second largest county in this nation, I again ask you to seriously consider the public safety of Big Smoky Valley. Yours very truly, Steve C. Mueller General Manager, Round Mountain Gold Corp.